(FR) Rainbow Dash is best pony according to this Anon (A-)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day oh boy here w-
  2. >you're interrupted by a knock at the door
  3. >god dammit it always starts with a knock in these things
  4. >open the door expecting quiet tree
  5. >fuck your dinosaurs
  6. >it's actually Rarity
  7. "Oh hey Rarity, what brings you here?"
  8. >"Anonymous I want to know why you keep treating poor Fluttershy the way you do"
  9. >oh hell this should be interesting
  10. "Rarity I've already told you why, and yet none of you girls believe me except Rainbow Dash"
  11. >"Of course darling, this is Fluttershy we're talking about, you can't really expect me to believe she could do something like that can you?"
  12. >it's precisely why she keeps getting away with it and why it might be funny if it weren't your meat she was after
  13. "Hold on one second Rarity I want to show you something"
  14. >you retreat into your home and return a moment later with a pair of your dirty underwear
  15. "Observe" you say as you toss them into the air
  16. >suddenly a yellow blur rushes past and the underwear disappears
  17. >"Oh dear... was that?"
  18. "Yep, never fails, last week I tried a month old sock and the same thing happened. She has a problem Rare."
  19. 1/2
  21. >before Rarity could respond a voice grabs your attention from the air
  22. >"Hey Anon, hey Rare, whats goin on?"
  23. >Rainbow Dash
  24. >R:"Oh hello Rainbow Dash I was just talking to Anon... about"
  25. >she stops cold when she sees Dash flutter up to you and give you a peck on the cheek
  26. >R:"Wait, you two? Is this why you've been acting the way you have towards Fluttershy?"
  27. "One of them Rare, but the thing with Fluttershy has been going on for a while before this."
  28. >RD:"A little too long if you ask me, I didn't believe it at first until I had to rescue Anon here a couple times from her."
  29. >Rarity looks contemplative for a moment
  30. >R:"I see, I guess somep0ny should have a talk with her, and I believe that may very well just be me."
  31. >Rarity turns to head back into town, but you stop her
  32. "Thanks Rare, you might not be best pony, but you're certainly OK in my book."
  33. >she smiles a little and says "Thank you... I suppose, now if you'll excuse me."
  34. >as she trots off Dash turns to you with a huge grin
  35. >"Now that Rare is gone what say you and I give this a try?"
  36. >she pulls out a book that reads "Fun With Minotaurs: Adult Only"
  37. >there's a reason you love this mare
  38. >"By the way, you said Rarity may not be best pony, who is?"
  39. >you smirk at her
  40. "Who do you think Dash?"
  41. >she grins and giggles when you pick her up and head inside
  42. >you spend the rest of the afternoon [spoiler]cumming inside Rainbow Dash[/spoiler]
  43. >today you suck at feels and maybe comedy too
  44. 2/2
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