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  1. Welcome to the Mound!
  3. Owner: North
  4. Co-Owners: ItsMyName, ABw34
  5. discord staff: click
  6. Mods: ItsInsanity, GabeJones, Ovalbasher, jeto, canned death, jayden, olivetree, chicken nugger, quicksaber, pain
  7. trusteds: alphawarrior, Xeloro, Boomhauer, neatwar, Dale smitchz, luf, cursedcancer, longfordeath, faux, sprite cranberry, blade1hunter, Warwolf
  9. Rules:
  10. - no 914 killing
  11. (changing classes in 914 to specifically kill everyone)
  13. - no teaming
  14. (d-class + chaos and scps = good)
  15. (mtf + scientist + guards and scps = no good)
  16. (unless guards are going to switch in 914)
  17. (this rule only applies when the game starts to slow down are starts to stall, if its the beginning of the round it really doesn't matter but towards the end it does, and also if mtf and scps team up to kill chaos that's a no no)
  19. - no disarm killing
  20. (if there is a d-class or a scientist who is disarmed and obviously being escorted up don't kill them that's just being a dick, but if there running and disobeying orders then it is fine. Also if you see a d-class or scientist who aren't disarmed but are being escorted out by a horde of your team don't kill them that's also disarm killing, and lastly if they are the last ones left just end this rule will not apply if they are the last one left and you kill them.
  22. - no racial slurs
  23. (saying your black or have a rare n word pass still counts as racism)
  25. - don't be overly toxic or bully
  26. (being salty that you died is ok but just being a dick isn't)
  28. - don't disrespect staff
  29. (if a staff member is abusing than join the discord and report but don't talk back to them there doing a job, instead talk to me North especially if you think a rule or staff is unfair i want to hear your opinion on it, and hecc if you change my mind i might change it)
  31. - don't hack    
  32. (this one explains itself)
  34. Plugins: Smod, multi-admin, better disarming, later join (Late join max time: 2mins)  
  35. We use a 914 change class plugin and a disarmer plugin which changes the faction of the escapee on escape
  36. auto nuke set for: 12.5 mins
  38. come join the Discord! <link="https://discord.gg/aGqtyRy">https://discord.gg/aGqtyRy</link>
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