Alma Anal

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  1. "Okay~, but you don't mind if I go first right, Anon?" She doesn't wait for an answer, already she's seized you before you can even blink, her hands deftly disrobing you in well practiced motions. Before you can even mount a protest, she stifles you by burying your face in her cleavage. Nestled in between her soft, pillowy, bountiful breasts, this doesn't seem like such a bad deal but then you feel a finger gently poking your sphincter. A light prod, as if to test your tightness; anticipation causing you to clench even more than before.
  3. "My my~, so tense Anon! you really need to loosen up..." she chides, before withdrawing her finger. Managing to pull your head up for air, you see Alma's predatory smirk as she brings her head closer to yours, her lips getting closer to yours... only to stop centimeters away at the height of your breathless anticipation. All of a sudden, a jolt shoots through you as Alma takes advantage of your moment of weakness, the feeling of two of her fingers inside you bringing both pain and pleasure. Her fingers tickling your prostate making you writhe in her grasp, but every struggle only pushes you deeper into her suffocating breasts. Just two fingers, and you are already putty in her hands.
  5. "You're so cute when you're violated, Anon. I'll be sure to be gentle, wouldn't want to ruin your first time~," as her tail hovers around your rear. From the corner of your eye, you can see the veins darken as it throbs and closes in preparation. Alma draws you in closer, bringing your lips to hers, her tongue meeting yours in a passionate display you've never experienced. She tastes like heaven, your mind going blank with the pleasure even as her tail presses itself against your anus. It enters more easily than you thought it would, because of Alma subduing you with her kiss, though you're certainly feeling the stretch as her tail continues to sink deeper and deeper inside you. Breaking the kiss, Alma withdraws her face from yours, breaking your pleasure induced fugue; all that's left is the massive throbbing tail settling in your rectum. The kind smile Alma had morphs into a sadistic smirk;  It dawns upon you now that the lovemaking is now over, Alma is simply going to ravage you and there's nothing you can do to stop it. The tail begins to slowly inch back and forth inside you now, eliciting a sharp yelp as the pain becomes as real as the pleasure. You know struggling is futile, but you can't help it as Alma continues to have her way with you despite your discomfort, even beginning to quicken her thrusts. One of her hands caresses your cheek and holds your head still as she stares deep into your eyes.
  7. "What a miserable excuse for a man you are, enjoying being violated in such a pathetic way," her other hand cups your scrotum as her tail rapidly stabs deeper into you. "I suppose you have no use for these then..." Its all becoming too much, the role reversal changing you... or bringing another side of you that you didn't know you had.
  9. "What's wrong Anon, you look like you're struggling to say something? It's not to stop, is it? You seem like you're enjoying losing your dignity as a man quite well," an amused slant comes to her features as you struggle through the pain, the pleasure, the love, the abuse, to choke out a few words.
  11. "I... I'm your slave... put my ass to work..."  Alma Elma's smile turns into a grin at the words, and agrees by driving her veiny throbbing tail ever harder and faster into you. The pain, the shame, the emasculation... what does it matter when it feels this good? Even if you were nothing but Alma's fucktoy for the rest of your life, it would be worth it. And with that realization, you finally cum, both within and without, drenching Alma's hand with your male seed.
  13. "What kind of succubus would I be if I tasted the semen of someone who can't be called a man," she scoffs as she flicks it away. It doesn't matter, her tail is still deep inside of you. It's impossible to feel empty with something that big inside you.
  15. "Alright, I guess it's your turn..." she starts but that scenario seems so absurd now. Isn't it more pleasurable to be fucked than to fuck?  Alma satisfied you more than you could ever do for her, she's doing you a favor. Only a fool would give up this bliss.
  17. "...I'm fine," you cut her off while clenching yourself around her tail even more than before. Her victorious smirk is all you need to know that you made the right choice.
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