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  1.                     Warlock
  2. Things I miss when not playing:
  3. - Slightly higher damage reduction from Soul Leech/Demon Skin if talented.
  4. - Soloing rare (the star mobs, not the dragon framed elites, which are doable but not efficient doing solo) mobs with relative ease.
  5. - Transmogs.
  6. - Rotations of 2/3 of the specs. Destro, while a little slow, has a really fun build/spend rotation. Demo's rotation is really fun, although not very mobile as it relies on procs to move, and I'm not a fan of the talents Soul Strike and Demonic Strength and how they give no feedback pressing them.
  8. Things I dislike/hate
  9. - Having to do a 3-5 step ritual every time you die. Summon pet, healthstone, put down circle, put down gate, sometimes summon.
  10. - Ramp. Aff has to wait for agony to get to max stacks. Demo has cast times on everything but one ability. Destro has slow casts and you have to build up to get to those slow casts.
  11. - Mobility. Circle is nice, but sometimes things or people are on top of it, rendering it useless. Burning rush is nice, but it kills you. Gateway is a nice group utility, but has a long cooldown. 2 out of three of those are talents.
  12. - Being the summon bitch. Getting whispers/messages asking for summons or cookies or to put down Gateway gets old.
  13. - Multi-dotting. When you pull it off, it's pretty satisfying, but pulling it off is a feat in itself. It's not as simple of putting dots on everything, you have to know how long they might live, whether you should put a dot up at all, spread UA's, should you use Seed or not, it's a mess, and it's not fun. On the flip side, outside of multi-dotting, the Affliction rotation is boring, and all you're doing is refreshing dots or waiting on darkglate to come up, which leads into the next point.
  14. - For Affliction at least, a metric fuckton of your dps is from Darkglare, and outside of that window, you feel like you don't do any damage.
  15. - PvP. It feels like you're always locked down, unable to cast anything, and sidelined to just pressure people instead of blowing them up.
  17. Mage
  18. Things I miss when not playing:
  19. - Portals. While not a huge benefit, it is nice not having to think about what portal route you need to take to get where you want.
  20. - Upfront damage. By that, I mean not having to wait 10+ seconds to have your damage top out. Being able to switch to an add that spawned and feel like you're contributing.
  21. - Not having a pet. Even with Water Elemental, which you can talent to not use like MM hunters, it's like Warlocks Imp. You can essentially set and forget the bastard. Arcane has a 'pet' too but it doesn't work like a pet. It's locked to your body and doesn't have a pet bar.
  22. - Simplicity of the rotation. Sure, they can be somewhat complex, but they let you observe the fight more instead of staring at bars. They also keep you on your toes, never knowing when something might proc. It's not nearly as bad as BM Hunter at the very least, I'm not instantly bored of Mage's rotations.
  23. - Being able to control mobs. I can lock them in place, slow them, Sheep them, and then if needed hit Cold Snap and do it all again. All Warlock can do is Fear one mob, and if talented, another for short duration. I guess you could Seduce one too, but that requires Summoning your pet and having it channel on the mob, removing it's damage from the encounter.
  24. - The non-damaging tools. Freeze, Slow, Invisibility that drops threat/lets you run past mobs, Ice Block for 100% invulnerability to a lot of mechanics, which can be used twice in a 1min windows with Cold Snap if Frost.
  25. - Mobility. Shimmer is the best. You can Shimmer (Blink) while in the middle of casting any spell (including things like Hearthstones). Blink itself is also baseline on all 3 specs, and all 3 specs have access to class specific mobility talents as well as Shimmer.
  26. Things I dislike/hate
  27. - Soloing can be a little harder if you get in a tough situation, but with all the tools Mage has, most of the time you can get out of it or survive. It's almost never a problem.
  28. - No heals. This one I almost didn't add, since Warlock's heal is pathetic now and not worth using. Again though, it's almost never an issue with your Barriers and clever use of your toolkit. There's also Azerite traits you can use on a World gear set to accomodate for that.
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