Kris' fat stack of apps

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  1. We've been messing around apping for dumb stuff this whole time and need to catch up fast.
  3. Key: KeikoMystere
  4. Name: Kris Lanscale
  5. Skills: Meteor Combination, Gentle Fist Style, Alien Transformation 2
  6. tldr for Meteor Combination: Kris evolves Volleyball Fist to a bigger, better combo.
  7. tldr for Gentle Fist: Kris seeks to bring angry brutes down with a gentle style indicative of his peaceful ways.
  8. tldr for AT2: Kris feels that there is no choice but to attain further strength with the dragon bone implanted in his arm given current circumstances. It brings him great pain that there is no other option but to fight, but fight he will.
  10. Reasoning for Meteor Combination:
  11. Kris already knows Volleyball Fist and it is one of his most reliable and consistent attacks. Adding on Meteor Combination to his combo-centric moveset is purely logical, and serves as an indication of his evolution as a fighter. Slamming his foes with these big punches, kicks and tail-strikes will help him respond to hardier targets.
  13. Reasoning for Gentle Fist Style:
  14. Kris is a gentle soul who, despite diving deeper and deeper into the world of battle, still wants peace above all else. By learning how to strike at people in such a way that it strips them of their anger and will to fight, perhaps he can indeed bring a peaceful resolution by force. He is not one to brutally beat opponents to death, but when faced with that intent, he must seek to diffuse it and redirect it into his victory, so that he may show others that there is indeed a better way.
  16. Reasoning for Alien Transformation 2:
  17. Kris mastered his first invocation of the dragon's power he placed within his arm and now seeks to improve it further, even if the transformation will cause him great physical pain and incredible exertion just as his first transformation did. After learning about how things are going poorly on Oasis, as well as the current state of affairs on his home island, he feels further motivation to dive deeper and tap into the strength of the long-dead dragons.
  19. The last attack on the Kommandant's forces resulted in extreme losses, and he learned the hard way that his first dive into the dragon's power wasn't nearly enough. The fight against Helga nearly cost him his life, and he learned shortly after that Nabe and Lottus were gone for good and he would never, ever see them again, dying at the hands of yet another demon and former friend Saul. This pains him greatly, and it also brings him nothing but despair that the one he once considered his friend won't be brought back to his old self in time to see his dying adoptive mother before she passes.
  21. Ultimately, Kris wishes to be a positive impact on the world, and the fact that demons and friends-turned-enemies stand in his way drives him to greater lengths to attain more strength in the ultimate contradiction: the boy just wants to be a scientist, but he's forced to fight, unless he wants to sit around and hear more about his friends dying, or eventually be taken by Herr Kommandant and conscripted into her army by force.
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