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  1. Gumiho
  2. Okay, let's do this!  irst give me an Int + Commerce roll for the first pone.  And for the second one who is her.
  3. Shinjo Kurosawa
  4. Kairi, his cousin
  5. She fixed his face so he said he'd find someone worthy of her
  6. 3int no commerce is 3k3 unskilled I believe, so no explodes
  7. Gumiho
  8. Right!
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa
  10. (6.)
  11. Gumiho
  12. Oof
  13. Well.  You have no idea where the tea is but you heard of an elderly woman who has a tea booth that seems quite nice.  A Daidoji Fubuku -- a grandmotherly like woman in her 8-s.
  14. Shinjo Kurosawa
  15. The Unicorn had probably wandered for a long, long time. Other than at a tea house, where did one get tea? He never went shopping or anything, that would be absurd. Not in pristine condition, but still clean, he approached a booth that seemed to signify there would be tea inside. This was uncharted territory, so he was a bit apprehensive. He would try to seek out the owner of this establishment. How to shop? He stood outside of the booth awkwardly for a minute trying to figure this out. Maybe he would make a noise? Would knocking be rude? He ribbed his horse, and it clopped twice on the floor loudly with it's front right hoof. By the way he brought his horse to the market because shopping alone, gasp.
  16. Gumiho
  17. There was now a horse before a small stall where a woman who seemed ancient was slowly but surely adding coals and tending to the fire.  She turned and squinted at the sight of the horse as hobbling closer to check that she was seeing what she was.  "Do... does... the horse drink tea?"
  18. Shinjo Kurosawa
  19. "Only on formal occasions." He didn't skip a beat. Was he serious though? Maybe. Who could tell with the Unicorn? "But he does not buy any. However, I am willing to buy some, if you have any for sale." Oh God what kind did Kashiro tell him to get? Krab leaf? Gotta dig up that pastebin real quick. He peered at the old woman. "Do you sell top quality tea leaves here?"
  20. Gumiho
  21. (( Roll me Awareness+Etiquette TN 20! ))
  22. Shinjo Kurosawa
  23. (19!)
  24. Gumiho
  25. "Are... you implying that I would sell improper leaves." She asked, hesitating and giving a fragile frown. "I would like to think that I serve the best quality available."
  26. Shinjo Kurosawa
  27. His eyes widened. "No no no, I would never say that." Aha! So he did find the best quality tea leaves. The Kami, rest in peace their long gone selves, must be smiling on him. "I am merely trying to find the best ones, to brew for an acquaintance of mine who is very particular about his tea." He bowed his head, slightly trying to be sincere.
  28. Gumiho
  29. (( Roll me that sincerity! ))
  30. Shinjo Kurosawa
  31. ((which trait is sincerity, although I already know it's unskilled))
  32. Gumiho
  33. (( Awareness ))
  34. Shinjo Kurosawa
  35. ((20!))
  36. Gumiho
  37. "Well... if they are particular about their tea, perhaps I could help." She seemed to accept the apology.
  38. Shinjo Kurosawa
  39. Blasted Koshiro didn't actually mention which kind tasted the best, just that temperature and timing was important. "He preferred tea flowers." He blurted out. Yes, Koshiro definitely seemed to perk up during that part of the conversation. Actually, you know, this was as good a time as any. "And I would be much humbled, if you could teach this one," thank you Chiaki, "on how to make it most proper." He bowed his head again, and the horse seemingly did as well. Excellently trained, the best, okay.
  40. ((also kuro knows how to make tea but it's shitty and definitely not invigorating, he's not a complete failure as a samurai))
  41. Gumiho
  42. The look the woman gave him could almost be described as the debate if she was talking to someone who could be described as simple.  "What family are you from, samurai-san?" She asked, hobbling over to add another coal to the fire.  "Unicorn, no doubt.  Your horse has the same manners.  Maybe a little better.  No wonder you aren't married."
  43. Shinjo Kurosawa
  44. Ouch. His pride. The Unicorn bit his tongue, he already knew he was a roughneck but old lady chiding could pierce even heavy armor. "Shinjo family, my family is not the most prestigious." He admitted. "It is not a good time for me to get married." He would say that quickly. A bit too quickly.
  45. Gumiho
  46. The woman slowly plucked out a few leaves of tea, some of this and some of that. She added a few rose petals to the mixture and took out a whisk that moved quick after she poured the water despite her old bones. "Unmarried and childish." She stated knowingly but placed the cup in front of him anyway to drink.  "Such is the age where there is not a grandmother to make proper arrangements for their children."
  47. Shinjo Kurosawa
  48. He blinked, but gently took the cup from her. She had needled him and made the tea? A woman who could multitask was quite skilled indeed, he had nearly missed it. While he wanted to protest that he was, a man, and not a child, he tried to take her remarks on the chin. Respect for your elders, he had been taught, thanks Grandfather. "Arigato," the murmur would escape his lips into the hot liquid. Before he drank though. "My grandmother passed away long before this war, I must have been doomed from the start." With that, he would take a long slow drink of this flowery looking tea.
  49. Gumiho
  50. There was a sweetness to the flavor, just a touch of honey and somehow the aroma and the taste was of... wildflowers? Roses?  The kind one would smell when riding over the open fields and tasting the wind as fast they could in a freer time than before.  "Tea is a journey. Each cup has a purpose and a place for its blend.  The leaves and the plants come from the earth in the same way that we are tied to our land. A good tea, child, tastes like home and can soothe the soul more than any geisha can hope to do." Her voice was equally gentle and sharp as she looked over him.  "Thankfully I have no granddaughters to be obligated to settle for something as... raw as you.  Hopefully when you come for lessons later we'll see if we can turn this sow's ear into a silk purse."
  51. Shinjo Kurosawa
  52. The steely eyed samurai closed his eyes and let the tea flow through him. This was practically heaven. While he'd been trapped within the castle walls, this took him back out to the fields, just riding along and living his life and remembering all the good times with- His mind came to a screeching halt. That was the past, there were no more open prairies, no more her. Just castle and the ever growing threat that encroached upon their lives. Man did tea hit hard, like getting punched in the face by some thug on the steps. "I am not worthy of marriage." He was a bit calmer when he said that, less jumpy like a deer. Unrefined, like she said. "But my cousin is a different matter. She is a star in the darkness here, a real woman of culture." SIGH, he would probably need to work on that after he blasted Koshiro away with the tea. "She deserves a great man to take care of her in these unsure times." Yeah let's avoid his marriage and talk about her love life instead.
  53. Gumiho
  54. "A child does not speak of marriage in any meaningful sense." The Daidoji woman chided.  "Ay... This is what my ancestors send me.  I pray and I pray and instead of going to meet my family once more I get a clumsy child with bad posture and a horse.  You'll bring me a sample of your poetry and hers"  Fukubu waddled her way over towards some paper to wrap up some leaves.  "And you will take this tea.  "And make sure it is written in whatever proper handwriting they manage to teach you on the plains."
  55. Shinjo Kurosawa
  56. The samurai stood, if he was not already. Man look at the tea-time. His eyebrows knitted together. "Wait, why do you need my poetry..?" He didn't even know it, that he was a poet. The white haired man did, however, gladly take the tea and carefully stored it into his pack. Did she want payment for this or was this a gift? Coin or daimyo? What was shopping etiquette? His hands dug into the satchel, fumbling about for what little money he had in case she was about that life. He was gonna have to have someone else write his poem for him, if she hated his form she was going to loathe his calligraphy. His horse tapped the floor impatiently just outside of the stall, as if it were checking a sundial.
  57. Gumiho
  58. "...Blessed ancestors." She sighed as she shooed him away before he reached for his purse.  "Return when you have that poem written."
  59. Shinjo Kurosawa
  60. The Unicorn would gracefully swing into his horse's saddle, the only graceful thing he's done today. But he got his tea. The Phoenix would be so proud. "Thank you again," wow he didn't even know her name, had to look up the cheat sheet for this, WOW it had nothing. He was gonna leave it at that, he's uncouth anyways. "And I will return..!" With that, he reared on his horse and rode away, the Rokugani equivalent of that guy revving his motorcycle before leaving anywhere.
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