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  1. You're not sure how long it's been since she left you here. You might have a better idea if the days were anywhere near the same length as the ones back on Earth. You think you've narrowed it down to about a forty hour rotation, because you sleep once each two-sun day and once each five-moon night. Still, it must have been months because you've changed. You've had to.
  3. After that night on your porch back home, she threw you in a cage and had her way with you whenever she pleased. She gave you water but there was no food on board you could eat, though she tried to feed you too. You grew weaker and weaker, and she lost more interest in you, and one day seemingly grew sick of you and threw you on a random planet, naked and weak with hunger. You could barely register the oppressive heat of the jungle before she dumped you in the mud and threw a huge knife between your splayed legs. You tried to stand but the gravity was too powerful, and in your weakened state it took all your strength to drag yourself up and survey the situation.
  5. You're not sure how the hell you managed to survive but you've grown strong. Climbing trees desperately in search of fruit gave you the muscles you needed to move. Fending off saber-toothed horrors and carnivorous giant slugs nurtured your primal instincts. Hiding your scent and your shape, you gained the cunning necessary to hunt the local prey for your daily meals. Now you're covered head to toe in their skin and bones, painted with blood-red and purple clay to blend in with the local flora, and still carrying that massive knife in a sheath fashioned from the chitin of some horrible centipede creature, sharp as the day it nearly clipped your manhood off.
  7. Suddenly, a vaguely familiar sound is heard off in the distance. It's not one of those octopus-elephant things. Not a screaming slug. Not even a rock-hurling monkey thing. No, this is louder, more distant. More... mechanical.
  9. You climb a tree to get a better view and see her ship tear overhead, stopping suddenly without so much as a lurch, landing in the same clearing you've used as a reference point these long months. So she didn't abandon you. Or maybe she forgot you were here, and just got hungry.
  11. Silently, you descend the tree and draw the knife. You approach the clearing with all the skill and cunning you've developed over the months. You're stronger now, perhaps stronger than her, and able to move invisibly despite the lack of strange technology. You approach the ship, still hot from re-entry, its landing gear making the mud steam. The door's already opened, the familiar alien light and strange mist pouring out into the night. You sit, silent, hands on the knife, waiting for her to show herself. There's no way in hell you're getting home, but maybe, just maybe, you'll get some revenge. Your heart pounds. Your muscles grow tense. Sweat trails begin to appear on your mud camouflage. Where is she?
  13. Soon you decide on a change of plans. You creep forward in the brush, moving from cover to cover, waiting to make sure all is silent before you move on. Eventually, you're right there, right in front of the door. You look up, look around. You see footprints in the mud. She's definitely left. Maybe an ambush would be better. Something doesn't feel right, but you see no other way. You creep into the small ship... and immediately realize your mistake.
  15. It slams shut behind you, and you understand how stupid you've been. As that familiar clicking issues from the empty air in front of you, you lash out in anger, slashing at the shimmering in front of you. She moves out of the way, but not quick enough, and the tip of your blade slices just barely into her abdomen. The glowing green blood splatters on the ground as you drop the knife, her fast slamming into your stomach and then against your head. You hear a series of electronic beeps as the world spins around you, and feel the ship lurching off the ground. You hear another series as you sit up, and see the creature literally appear in front of you, light-limned irregular patches of her flesh seemingly spreading out nothingness. As her body nears complete visibility you realize that save for her wrist-mounted cloaking device she's completely naked.
  17. The patches slowly merge together, revealing that mottled green skin stretched taut over powerful muscles. She grabs the bracer and slides it easily off her wrist, tossing it behind her without a care for where it landed. She's visibly aroused, her alien nipples erect, the strangely alluring cleft between her legs pulsing and twitching, swollen and darkened. Her hand wanders down to her groin and she caresses herself as she looks you over, one hand on her wide hips. Her mandibles twitch as she lets out a soft clicking growl, a husky, damp sound.
  19. You sit transfixed for but a moment as she towers over you before you remember the knife. You lunge for it without getting up. She kicks you back onto your back, squatting over your body and gripping you by the jaw. You struggle under her, stronger than you were when first you met but still not quite strong enough. She seems to admire your fight and growls in approval. She sits atop you, the heat radiating from her dripping-wet groin easily felt through your simple loincloth of reptile skin and alien tree fronds.
  21. She pulls your shoulders forward, grinding against you and gripping you tight in a crushing one-armed bear hug. You can barely breathe, but as she smothers you in her firm, large breasts you can feel yourself growing hard in spite of everything. You feel her move her hand up to your head, gripping the back of it like a vise. She pulls you back a bit and twists your neck slightly to the right, overpowering your attempts to resist. With her free hand she grabs her breast and lines up one of her erect nipples with your mouth, prodding your lips with it. You keep your teeth clamped shut, but she persists, pushing her way into your mouth. On an angry reflex you bite.
  23. She roars loudly and squeezes your head, claws digging into your scalp. She snatches the knife up from the ground and presses the blade gently against your face. You freeze instantly, knowing full well how impossibly sharp it is even after months of hacking through lizard hides, tree branches, even the occasional small rock. Gently, she glides the edge of it against your skin, as if to remind you of what it can do. She leans in, mandibles spread, and licks away the blood trickling down your cheek, savoring it. Again, she guides her nipple into your mouth, and this time you relent.
  25. The salty nub of firm flesh has an earthy, metallic taste to it, wreathed in an alien musk you can't describe. Her powerful grip on your head strengthens as you lick and suck on her, trying your best to please her and keep her calm. From the corner of your eye you see her gingerly place the knife down just out of your reach. She purrs as you slowly reach up and grab her other breast with your free hand, squeezing and kneading it as a plan hatches in your head.
  27. She throws her head back and resumes her grinding, keeping her body weight off of you as her heat and wetness begin to bleed through your loincloth. It's getting hard to concentrate, but you keep an eye on her face as you lean ever so slightly to reach for the knife. You wrap your fingers around the hilt as she begins to press harder against you, clearly enjoying herself. This is it. You go for it.
  29. The blade is a blur in the air as it arces towards her neck. You don't even see her hand as she snatches your wrist, stopping the point just as it begins to press against her flesh. She holds you there, struggling, pushing ever harder, watching her thick skin dimple under the pressure. You open your mouth to bite her again and she presses against you even harder, forcing your mouth open as she rolls off her feet to put her full body weight against you. She holds your hand right where it is and locks her legs around you, grinding harder and breathing heavier. You realize with some degree of horror that she's getting turned on by this.
  31. She forcibly twists your wrist in her grasp, pressing the edge of the blade against her throat as she squeezes you between arm and legs. You see her glowing bright green begin to bleed out over the edge as she groans and growls, her groin getting ever wetter. You can feel your heart pounding in your chest.
  33. Suddenly, she stops, unwrapping her legs from around you. She lets go of your head and stands, holding you up by the wrist. Pain shoots through your arm as she holds you there like a ragdoll, the fingers of her free hand stroking herself with relish. She hurls you across the ship. The wind is slammed out of you by the wall and your vision flashes bright white. Coughing and holding your head, you struggle to sit upright and notice her coming towards you, knife in hand.
  35. Violently, she shoves the knife down into the floor directly in front of you. The blade slices through the plating of her own ship as if it were butter. Those rocks you cut were nothing to this thing. Your arm was weaker than it was sharp. You hold your pounding head and watch with fascination as she squats down over the knife, vaginal lips spread by two fingers, and penetrates herself with the handle. She rises and falls with a slow rhythm, never breaking eye contact with you. She huffs and puffs, her now-familiar clicking purr rising in a crescendo.
  37. You feel your cock pressing against the loincloth, sweat breaking out on your forehead. For the life of you, you've never been so turned on. She licks her mandibles, the bizarre sight of her tongue penetrating the exterior of her mouth somehow seeming... inviting to you. She fingers what seems to be her clitoris with one hand and raise the other to you, beckoning.
  39. Still unsteady, you crawl forward, wondering what the hell is wrong with you. You tremble as you come closer to her, hypnotized by the motion of her dark, swollen lips dragging against the ridges of the knife's hilt. She rises off of it completely and sits back away from it, crawling backwards on hands and feet. Still purring, she leans back and digs her claws into her crotch, spreading herself wide. Her throat constricts as she speaks in broken English:
  41. "Taaaay kiiiiiiit."
  43. You untie your loincloth, knowing damn well she's not talking about the knife. You couldn't pull it out of the floor if you tried, and frankly it's been a long however much time you were trapped on a hellish jungle world. The scaly piece of dried skin drops on the floor, still wet with her juices.
  45. The moist air feels warm against your quivering erection. You stand over her, stroking yourself lightly, then kneel down in front of her. Before you can do anything she draws you in closer with her legs, then reaches down and grabs you with one hand. Her claws stroke gently against your skin she guides you into her swollen wet hole.
  47. She's warm inside. Very warm, very tight. You wince and inhale sharply as she squeezes you with her powerful muscles, wrapping both arms and legs around you as you thrust in to the hilt. She grabs your head again and mashes you into her breasts. Her whole body is warm now. You feel her squirm under you as you thrust again. You can hear her strange alien heartbeat as you press your ear against her chest. Two big thumps, little thump, one big thump, little thump, repeat. You time your thrusts to the rhythm of her heart, throwing every ounce of your strength into them, surprised at your own eagerness.
  49. Her claws dig into your skin and rake down your back. She's moaning now, that clicking quality to her grows becoming more and more erratic. Her walls squeeze your cock with an intensity no human woman could ever manage. Suddenly, she wraps her arms and legs around you completely and squeezes tight, roaring aloud and pushing you over the edge. You erupt inside of her, groaning and gasping for air, thrusting all the way through your climax. Waves of pleasure wash over you, and you think you could get used to this.
  51. You lay on top of her and try to catch your breath. Nothing happens for a moment as you feel yourself grow limp and pop out of her, and all of a sudden that knife seems a hell of a lot more relevant. YOu push yourself off of her, only to have her grab you by the throat and stand up, your seed dripping out of her. You walk along with her, clawing at her grip to try and free yourself, as she saunters over to the ship's console with a spring in her step. She taps a few buttons and blood-red alien writing appears in the air before her. She taps her chin with a finger errantly, then taps a few more buttons on the console and drags you back over to the trophy case at the rear of her tiny ship that serves as your prison. You feel your heart sink as you hear the force field flare into life. Dejected, you sink to the floor and try not to cry.
  53. You wake up, uncertain how much time has passed, to see her walking over to the cage again, fully decked in combat gear. The ship shakes and you feel your stomach forcing itself up into your chest. You stand up, glaring at her, only to be nearly knocked off your feet a moment later as the ship lands. She walks over to the door and opens it up. The biting cold of snow and wind erupts into the ship.
  55. She looks down at her wrist, tapping buttons on her bracer as she approaches you. The force field disappears and suddenly you don't like where this is going. To your relief, she reaches above your head and grabs a large spear gun, a heavy animal skin of some kind, and what looks to be a collapsible net. You sigh as she turns, but she stuffs the gear under one arm and grabs you by the neck again.
  57. As you're tossed out of the ship you begin to understand. You catch the animal fur she throws at you and immediately wrap it around yourself in an attempt to stave off hypthermia. She draws the knife and throws it last, after tossing the gun and net at your feet. You glare bitterly at the ship as it leaves, then gather up the supplies and stagger towards the cave she was merciful enough to land by. So this is how it's gonna be.
  59. As you begin slicing off long strips of the skin to fashion into footwraps, you wonder if she'll leave you one of those damn plasma cannons a the next planet she drops you on.
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