The meaning of digital destruction

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  1. infspire destroys segue
  2. typhon has set topic: s t r e e t  t a c o s
  3. lockie has changed mode: +t
  4. harminov
  5. imagine telling incessantly repeating to people in a chat room that you've "destroyed" them
  6. 13:14 typhon
  7. Basically playing the "you are the weakest link" lady nonstop.
  8. typhon
  9. bigDplaya you have a specific bum in mind there my guy?
  10. harminov
  11. i mean, it could be cool
  12. fr33d0g
  13. look, its batman and robin
  14. 13:14 fr33d0g
  15. :)
  16. harminov
  17. if it had some layer of irony
  18. harminov
  19. or self awareness to it
  20. harminov
  21. instead of just some dope declaring victory and no one agreeing
  22. fr33d0g
  23. victory!
  24. harminov
  25. a big male ass usually means a lot of muscle
  26. typhon
  27. In Infinity War, Captain America beats up Captain America and comments on how his own ass is nice.
  28. harminov
  29. the ass muscle is the biggest muscle in the body i think
  30. harminov
  31. most physical feats are underpinned by the ass muscles
  32. typhon
  33. You guys familiar with that Japanese cannibal?
  34. typhon
  35. Issei Sagawa.
  36. harminov
  37. fr33d0g - did you get licks in school ?
  38. typhon
  39. He goes on at some length about biting into, cutting, and eating his victim's butt.
  40. fr33d0g
  41. harminov, are you discussing males asses?
  42. harminov
  43. yeah kind of
  44. harminov
  45. getting paddled
  46. infspire
  47. harminov: The speech in a community is both a reflection of the speaker, and the community.
  48. harminov
  49. on the male ass
  50. infspire
  51. Do you agree?
  52. fr33d0g
  53. did you like it?
  54. typhon
  55. He killed this lady in France, ate her, then due to some mix of international standards and Japanese domestic law, he got to go free.
  56. infspire
  57. harminov: You have misinterpreted my speech act.
  58. infspire
  59. Your misinterpretation is reasonable, though.
  60. harminov
  61. stop asking me dumb shit questions, sir
  62. infspire
  63. Okay.
  64. harminov
  65. rely on your own rhetoric or shut the fuck up
  66. infspire
  67. harminov: I destroyed you for 24 hours.
  68. lockie has changed mode: -t
  69. fr33d0g
  70. anyways, yes harminov, i get in an hour a day at least.
  71. fr33d0g
  72. bigDplaya is a playa
  73. infspire
  74. I am literally clowning on this room every time I saw "destroy".
  75. infspire
  76. And you missed that.
  77. infspire
  78. Thinking it was a piece of non-ironic communication.
  79. infspire
  80. That is ironic.
  81. fr33d0g
  82. tap tap.........   tap tap tap
  83. infspire
  84. I am the smartest person in this channel by a reasonable amount.
  85. infspire
  86. You can count on all of my non-silly chat as being impeccably accurate and profound.
  87. infspire
  88. If you miss its meaning, look deeper.
  89. infspire
  90. I can, of course, precisely articulate all the nuances of my "destroy" speech.
  91. infspire
  92. 1. It's common to use escalation programs when dealing with undesirable behavior, as they seem to reasonably balance due process with accountability.
  93. infspire
  94. 2. I am using an escalation program when dealing with people's chat in #philosophy
  95. infspire
  96. 3. I like Star Trek: The Next Generation. I enjoy when that piece of art uses Yellow Alert, Red Alert, etc.
  97. infspire
  98. 4. That art is a reflection of escalation programs that are useful in real life
  99. infspire
  100. 5. I am applying a modified form of this artistic construct to chat in #philosophy
  101. infspire
  102. 6. The primary definition of "to destroy" is in relation to shared reality, e.g. taking an object and decomposing it into parts such that its original, essential function is lost
  103. segue has left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
  104. infspire
  105. 7. There are alternate bases upon which we can found meaning
  106. infspire
  107. 8. For example, historical, grand, meta-narrative meaning is found in works like The Iliad where the hero does obvious works against challenging, forces that would frighten typical men
  108. infspire
  109. 9. New paradigms of art have been explored, for example Ulysses by Joyce which turns the Iliad structure on its head by watching an ordinary man go through ordinary challenges of life while giving it the same significance as with gorgons and legions of brave soldiers facing our Odysseus
  110. infspire
  111. 10. With (9) in mind, I am using "to destroy" from a person meaning, especially when coupled with the nature of digital socialization, as opposed to historical, face-to-face encounters -- the world in which "to destroy" was defined
  112. infspire
  113. 11. In this digital world, I have the ability to wipe a person out of existence in my internet life by ignoring their chat or blocking their videos, or muting their tweets
  114. infspire
  115. 12. This channel features a large amount of emotional insecure people who cannot manage their internal state, instead blaming others for the impulses they feel
  116. infspire
  117. 13. One manifestation of this insecurity is the frequency and intensity of how some words trigger the troop (an allusion to baboons)
  118. infspire
  119. 14. I am currently engaging in a form of indirect humiliation of that practice by obviously altering my words to indicate the disdain I have for that cognitive-social pattern
  120. infspire
  121. 15. All of this has been present in my awareness since the first time I said "I've destroyed X."
  122. infspire
  123. harminov: I am the smartest person in this channel by a large amount.
  124. infspire
  125. Trust in that.
  126. jiggawatz
  127. i got a kitchen sink faucet replaced, it was leaking, i just got the bill, $576.  AFTER he installed it, Delta faucet, he said btw this model has a particular quirk, if you dont shut it off dead center it leaks all day long
  128. infspire
  131. Sabeena has joined (sabeena@
  132. infspire
  133. 16. It's funny to me to equate the act of "destroying" in this channel to the right-wing propaganda rhetoric you see across social media in which they "destroy" -- non-ironically -- people with opposing views. From the history of philosophy, these people are operating in the role of the sophists of Socrates' day, and their behavior is very much 'nothing new under the sun', but for so many humans who do really val
  134. infspire
  135. ue sociology or philosophy, they think they're getting a good education about How Things Are from these Youtube videos.
  136. fr33d0g
  137. long winded fellow.
  138. 13:36 infspire
  139. 17. From a Buddhist conception of mind, especially if you consider solipsistic versions, the mental activity in my mind is not different than "what's going on out there", and so mindful acts "to destroy", in the traditional sense are not distinct from 'I will no longer give you my attention.'
  140. infspire
  141. who don't really value*
  142. infspire
  144. Sabeena
  145. Hi.
  146. infspire
  147. Hello, Sabeena.
  148. 13:39 infspire
  151. fr33d0g
  152. ccp
  153. infspire
  154. 18. To equate certain social moves with destruction -- a reference to the more fundamental physical layer -- is an interesting commentary on the central role of social interactions in the lives of humans, both for psychological stability, and literal ability to survive, either by sharing food, or acquiring currency in modernity
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