Untitled (Bloodborne, EQG, Alone in Equestria)

Feb 28th, 2017
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  1. >The night stretches on as you walk through the desolate town.
  2. >The streets were damp with blood, filling the etches of stone in intricate patterns.
  3. >There is very little sound, save for your own breathing and the creaking of your leather overcoat.
  4. >It was quiet.
  5. >Earlier in the day, these streets had been filled with ravenous townsfolk.
  6. >Their endless hunt was what gave the road beneath you it’s crimson dye.
  7. >At the moment, everything was silent.
  8. >When you first arrived, the crazed shouts of those madmen had nearly driven you to your breaking point mentally.
  9. >But that was then.
  10. >Now, without their fervor, their familiar cadence calling for your life you were more on edge than ever.
  11. >Your grip tightened on your weapons for comfort as you keep your eyes sharp on your surroundings.
  12. >The lanterns decorating the front of now desolate homes gave your serrated cleaver a wicked glint as you walked.
  13. >It had been the first weapon you had obtained upon entering this accursed city.
  14. >It still felt as heavy as it did back then, but you had grown accustomed to the weight.
  15. >The same was true of the long blunderbuss in your left hand.
  16. >The multitude of creatures that stalked you seemed resistant to the damage you might expect from such a gun.
  17. >It was still a useful tool, however, as the force of the blast still stunned them.
  18. >More than once had the silver bullets from your left saved your life.
  19. >Learning the timing was one hell of a learning curve.
  20. >And the failures you had suffered had been painful, to say the least.
  21. >But in the end, it had been effective.
  22. >It was one of the skills that made you the hunter you were.
  23. >And hopefully, one of the skills that would save you from the mess you were in.
  24. >The eerie silence continued as you mused to yourself.
  25. >You turn on your heel, walking back down the street for the tenth time now.
  27. >Your eyes narrow in irritation.
  28. >What was taking your partner so long?
  29. >He had said he had one little thing to see to in Yharnam and then you could continue towards the college.
  30. >He had insisted on going alone and that he would meet you again here
  31. >That meeting in The Dream wouldn’t work
  32. >You owed your partner a lot.
  33. >He wasn’t much newer to this whole hunter business than you, but in spite of a rocky beginning you doubt you would have made it this far without him.
  34. >You’d probably still be crying in The Dream, waiting for this nightmare to end.
  35. >That didn’t change the fact that he could be annoyingly tight lipped and cryptic at times-
  36. >A soft noise against the pavement grinds your thoughts to a halt as you turn towards it’s source.
  37. >Doing it’s best to blend into the night and keep it’s form low and quiet, a beast had begun to stalk you.
  38. >It gave a low growl as your eyes met it’s own, though it continued to crawl slowly at you.
  39. >Your heartbeat began to quicken.
  40. >These beasts, scourge beasts he had called them, held a special place in your heart.
  41. >Once of fear, now of intense hatred.
  42. >You walk calmly at it, keeping an eye on the distance between you as you closed it.
  43. >Before, you had been too scared to even remotely deal with these bastards.
  44. >It’s gruesome appearance.
  45. >The white fangs decorating it’s fearsome maw.
  46. >It’s dead, hollow eyes that even now shined in the moonlight.
  47. >But now, you noticed certain other little things.
  48. >The muscles in it’s back legs tensing as it prepares to leap.
  49. >The blind spot to it’s side that opened up as it snapped that horrible jaw forward.
  50. >The sound it made as your cleaver dragged long and viscerally along it’s side, adding to the blood in the streets.
  51. >The subtle fear in it’s eyes as it recognizes you as the predator you were.
  52. >There was still a bit of fear on your side as well.
  53. >But moreso, there was elation from the successful strike
  55. >You continue to step around the creature in its vain attempts to devour you.
  56. >Even with it’s frightening visage, this monster had been driven mad by the evil that consumed this city.
  57. >It’s animal instinct only seem to take it so far
  58. >It’s attacks were honestly pretty pathetic
  59. >Though maybe that was partially due to your own transformation?
  60. >You weren’t infected with the scourge like it was
  61. >But you were hardly the same scared little girl you once were.
  62. >You get a cut in here and there, taking your time with the fight.
  63. >It was serving as a decent distraction while you waited, and no other nasty seemed to be nearby.
  64. >After a while, you decide to stop toying with your prey.
  65. >You distance yourself from the beast before standing completely still.
  66. >The beast does not let up on it’s attacks, jumping for you once more.
  67. >Calmly, you lift your blunderbuss to bear and squeeze the trigger.
  68. >The wall of pellets dazes the creature, causing it to halt.
  69. >You waste no time in stepping forward while it’s distracted before reeling back your fist and driving it into the monster’s flesh.
  70. >Warmth surrounds your arms as you grab and twist before ripping your hand back and knocking the creature away.
  71. >The sudden eviscerating attack showers your coat in a spray of blood as the beast’s form crumples to the ground.
  72. >Holstering your gun to your back, you give a few pats to your jacket with your left hand to shake most of it free.
  73. >You barely even regard it’s corpse as you continue your walk with a sigh.
  74. >Honestly, what was keeping him?
  75. >Did he get caught off guard and killed?
  76. >You smile at the thought of him cursing back in The Dream as he traveled back to one of the lanterns.
  77. >You stop walking for a moment as you look up at the moon.
  78. >It was comforting that in spite of how alien this place was, at least that one detail was the same as it was in Canterlot.
  79. >Your mind, with nothing else to focus on, begins to think back on the moment that your involvement in this nightmare began...
  81. “Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?”
  82. >You are Sunset Shimmer.
  83. >And your eyes never left the lonely boy sitting at the end of his lunch table as you talked.
  84. >”You mean you haven’t heard?”
  85. >Rarity was the first to speak up.
  86. “No, did something happen?”
  87. >”Yeah, something happened! He turned into a huge jerk out of nowhere!”
  88. >Rainbow suddenly huffed, surprising you.
  89. “What do you mean?”
  90. >”Well darling, Anon used to have friends. But for some reason, a few weeks ago he began to drive them all away.”
  91. >”More like for no reason! Seriously, I already tried to ask him what the deal was but he just brushed me off! ME!”
  92. >Dash spoke with the righteous indignation one would normally save for sworn enemies.
  93. >You nervously look around the table.
  94. “You sound awfully upset...Did you, um, have a history with him?”
  95. >She blinks.
  96. >”Oh, what? No! I just talked to him that once. BUT. I’m friends with Derpy, who used to be one of his friends.”
  97. >Rainbow scowls as the cracks open her milk carton.
  98. >”Poor girl was in tears after Anon snapped at her one day. She was the one that stuck around the longest.”
  99. >Ok, wow.
  100. >This seemed a lot more complicated than at first glance.
  101. >Still, you frowned.
  102. >”Anyways, why point it out Sunny?”
  103. “It’s just...Why would someone just do that to their friends? It’s not normal.”
  104. >”Heck if I know. Maybe he’s going through some stuff and needs some space. Doesn’t excuse the things he sa-”
  105. >Rainbow cuts herself off as she notices Anon walking by after he emptied his tray.
  106. >Up close, you could tell immediately that something was wrong with him.
  107. >He looked like he hadn’t slept in days.
  108. >He had deep, dark bags under his eyes which were heavily strained.
  109. >His movements were sluggish, and your suspicious were punctuated with a long and slow yawn as he exited the cafeteria.
  110. “He looks worn out.”
  111. >”Seriously, why do you care so much?”
  112. >Rainbow asked, confusion clear on her face.
  114. >You frown.
  115. “Well, if we can do something to help shouldn’t we? I feel sorry for him.”
  116. >That, and you felt like you hadn’t given back enough to this school to make up for your “reign of terror”.
  117. >You didn’t say it out loud, since you knew the girls would insist you had done enough.
  118. >”It’s a nice thought, darling, but I think I have to agree with Rainbow for once. Besides, it’s rude for a stranger to poke so deeply into personal business.”
  119. >Rarity made more sense than Rainbow.
  120. >Maybe trying to help Anon was overreaching a bit.
  121. >After all, you had barely even noticed him before.
  122. >...Oh Celestia, what if he was one of the kids you had bullied?!
  123. >Their faces had started to blend together over the years.
  124. “You’re right, Rarity...But I’d still like to at least try. After all, what harm could there be in just asking?”
  125. >Rainbow scoffs.
  126. >”Don’t say we didn’t warn you. He was pretty nasty before, and he only looks like he’s gotten worse since then. Who knows what he could do know?”
  127. “Oh, you’re just being dramatic! We’ll talk to him after school, what’s the worst that could happen?”
  128. --------
  129. >”Seriously, fuck off. I’m not going to say it again.”
  130. >You cringe at his vulgarity as Anon trudges past you, Rarity and Rainbow through the school grounds.
  131. >The soft grass was trampled underneath you as the three of you followed him closely.
  132. >Your initial greeting hadn’t gone well.
  133. >Due in small part to Rainbow bashing heads with him almost immediately.
  134. “Anon, I just want to talk!”
  135. >”Right, like how Rainbow Cunt over there wanted to talk last week? More of this shit is the last thing I need right now.”
  136. >”What did you just call me?! You little-”
  137. “Rarity, can you handle Rainbow please? She’s not helping.”
  138. >Rarity just nods before taking a scarf from her purse and wrapping it around Rainbow’s mouth.
  139. >A bit too quickly and deftly for your liking.
  140. >Those movements were definitely practiced.
  141. >Scary.
  143. >”You think shutting her up changes anything? How many times do I gotta say it before you understand?”
  144. >Anon suddenly swung around and leaned down to meet you face to face.
  145. >”I. Do. Not. Want. To. Talk. To. You. Fuck. Off.”
  146. >You could feel your eyes tearing up as Anon began to storm off.
  147. >This couldn’t end like this!
  148. >You could see it in his eyes, he was so full of pain!
  149. “Wait, Anon!”
  150. >You run to him and reach out to grab his shoulder.
  151. >When your hand makes contact with him, you feel his entire body tense up.
  152. >What happens next is a bit of a blur.
  153. >You just barely saw his own hand reaching up to yours before you were flipping through the air.
  154. >Along the way, your hand had grasped Anon’s backpack, causing some of it’s contents to go spilling with you.
  155. >You hit the ground with a loud THUD.
  156. >Rarity gasped.
  157. >”Sunset! Anonymous, how could you?!”
  158. >You were in a bit of shock from the sudden turn of events, but you still managed to look up at Anon.
  159. >His eyes had widened, and his hands were shaking.
  160. >”Oh, shit...I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-...She, she surprised me!”
  161. >”Mmphm, mphmpmh, MMPHH!”
  162. >Rainbow made angry noises through the scarf.
  163. >Anon didn’t notice, however, before he began to sprint away.
  164. >Rainbow started to chase after him, but ended up tripping on one of the papers his backpack had let out.
  165. >She ate the dirt much harder than you did.
  166. >Now that the shock was wearing off, you didn’t feel that bad.
  167. >The points of impact hurt, but at least it happened on grass.
  168. >What hurt more was the gravity of what just happened hitting you.
  169. >Anon just threw you.
  170. >To the ground.
  171. >”I simply cannot believe it! What could have possessed him to do such a thing?!”
  172. “I’m...I’m starting to think you two were right. Anon’s...A lost cause.”
  173. >Even as you said it, your heart started to ache.
  174. >He had seemed sorry as he left, but his walls were much larger and stronger than you originally thought.
  176. >”Bleh! I told you, Sunny! Anon’s gone completely mental!”
  177. >Rainbow fights past the scarf now that she was untended by Rarity.
  178. >You frown.
  179. “No, I....I won’t give up!”
  180. >”Sunny, are you kidding me? Anon just sent you flying just for touching him!”
  181. “I don’t think he meant to, Rainbow. He seemed just as surprised as we were.”
  182. >Rainbow just shook her head before standing up.
  183. >”You’re crazy, Sunset. Just leave it be, at least for a bit. I doubt he wants to see any of us after that little show.”
  184. >She reached her hand down to help you up, which you accept.
  185. >The rustling of paper catches your attention.
  186. >A few stray sheets were floating gently around, skimming the ground as the soft breeze pushed them.
  187. >You lean down to grab the nearest one, which judging by the footprint on it was the one Dash tripped on.
  188. >You had expected to see maybe a loose homework page, but instead there were these weird symbols on it.
  189. >They were meticulously drawn in pencil without a single eraser mark staining the page.
  190. >Something about them gave you a strange feeling as you looked at them.
  191. >”Darling? What are you looking at?”
  192. >You crumple the sheet of paper.
  193. “Looks like just some loose paper with some doodles on it. Looks like he didn’t lose anything important.”
  194. >”Jeez, you’re still looking out for him? You’re hopeless.”
  195. >Rainbow kicked at a nearby floating page before yelling.
  196. >”AH, I’m pissed now! Let’s go do something to take my mind off that asshole!”
  197. >”Agreed. Sugarcube Corner?”
  198. “Sugarcube Corner.”
  199. >You’d try again tomorrow.
  200. >For now, it was time to get your snack on.
  201. >The rest of the day passes by with the girls as it normally would, though Anon’s actions weighed down quietly on you.
  202. >You doubted even Rainbow had expected that little turn of events.
  203. >Just what was going on with him?
  204. >The thought follows you home as you start to get ready for bed.
  205. >For now, you’d do your best to be his friend.
  206. >Your eyes began to grow heavy as you rested your head against your pillow.
  208. >You have a bit of trouble falling asleep, even with your fatigue.
  209. >Your mind wanders a bit before those markings on Anon’s paper began to fill your mind.
  210. >They were so strange, you had never seen anything like them.
  211. >Though they almost reminded you of some of the old runes back from Equestria.
  212. >Maybe you should ask him about them tomorrow.
  213. >With a final yawn, you let yourself finally fall into your dreams...
  214. >...Only the true feeling of sleep never comes.
  215. >You roll in the sheets of your bed before you notice something strange.
  216. >Your bed is usually a lot softer than this.
  217. >Same with your pillow, too.
  218. >When you open your eyes to investigate, you have to stop yourself from screaming in shock.
  219. >You weren’t in your room anymore.
  220. >Instead, you were in some sort of...doctor’s office?
  221. >The room was only lit by a single lantern on the table.
  222. >There was a thick, metallic smell in the air that churned your stomach.
  223. >You reach out to the side of the small cot you now slept in, which lets you notice your new attire.
  224. >It looked straight out of one of those “period piece” movies Rarity showed you a couple of times.
  225. >A white button down shirt, framed in an earthy brown dress vest.
  226. >The black pants were a bit less formal and more sturdy feeling.
  227. >Well, that was a bit more comforting.
  228. >You must be dreaming, there was no way you’d ever wear clothes this drab.
  229. >You weren’t as obsessed as certain other girls, but you still had standards.
  230. >Moving to stand, you take a few cautionary steps around the room.
  231. >Is this what lucid dreaming feels like?
  232. >Everything’s so real, but you heard that the dreamer still held some sort of control.
  233. >This felt more like your dream was taking you for a ride.
  234. >Even when you focused really hard, you couldn’t imagine yourself back in your normal clothes.
  235. >Other than the strange atmosphere and some doctor tools lying around the room, nothing else catches your interest.
  237. >In the dim light, you barely make out the frame of a door on the other side of the room.
  238. >You walk over and turn the handle.
  239. >Unlocked, nice.
  240. >You push it open, leading into a long hallway.
  241. >At the end of it was an open doorway.
  242. >You could see more light in that direction.
  243. >Must be where your dream wanted you to go.
  244. >This room was much larger than the last one, with about a dozen medical stretchers lining the room.
  245. >Were you in some sort of hospital?
  246. >The cots were filthy, and some of them still had splotches of blood on it.
  247. >That couldn’t be hygienic.
  248. >In the silence of the room, your ears begin to pick up some strange noises.
  249. >It sounded..goey?
  250. >A snap and some chewing sounds were mixed in.
  251. >Was someone eating something?
  252. >You walk a bit deeper into the room, but come to a complete halt as you move past the first set of stretchers.
  253. >There was something else in the room.
  254. >Some sort of...dog looking thing was crouched over something on the other side of the room.
  255. >No, that was too big to be a dog.
  256. >It’s limbs were long, and the way it’s body was shaped it looked vaguely human.
  257. >But that was crazy-
  258. >That...what it was crouched over...
  259. >Once you got a better look, you saw what looked like a human hand.
  260. >The sight before you combined with those disgusting sounds from earlier.
  261. >You gasped as you realized
  262. >It...was eating a person?
  263. >Even though this was just a dream, you still felt like you were going to throw up.
  264. >That stench that had followed you from the office was stronger here.
  265. >The blood was starting to stain your every sense.
  266. >Okay, that’s enough.
  267. >You can wake up now, Sunset.
  268. >Everything’s going to be okay, just gotta get up and get ready for school!
  269. >Your breathing gets quicker as nothing happens.
  270. >Then, slowly, the dog-thing’s head begins to rise.
  271. >It’s ears perked up before it reared it’s ugly head at you.
  273. >The thing was hideous.
  274. >It’s fur was matted and filthy with dark crimson splotches decorating it’s hide.
  275. >It’s hollow eyes watched you carefully, eyeing every little detail of your person.
  276. >But what you were fixated by was it’s teeth.
  277. >Still dripping with the ruby red dew of it’s previous meal, it did nothing to hide their obvious sharpness.
  278. >Suddenly, it bounds across the room towards you.
  279. >You scream at the top of your lungs, trying to put the stretchers between you and the ravenous thing.
  280. >It crashes straight into them, distracting it as you run for dear life past it.
  281. >This wasn’t a dream.
  282. >It was a nightmare.
  283. >The sick feeling in your gut subsides as you sprint.
  284. >Even running past the desecrated remains of what was most assuredly once human doesn’t drag it back up.
  285. >Your entire being was focused on getting away from whatever THAT was.
  286. >The next room is smaller, but you barely notice anything about it.
  287. >Instead, you notice the soft light emanating from a door atop a flight of steps.
  288. >Natural light.
  289. >The sun!
  290. >Surely, someone would come to your aid out there!
  291. >You quickly step up the stairs, encouraged by the heavy sounds of claws on wood catching up to you.
  292. >You reach the top and twist the handle of the double doors.
  293. >It was unlocked.
  294. >Your spirits soars with hope before your right ankle erupts in pain.
  295. >Pain you knew was to vivid to experience in a dream.
  296. >You shriek as the monster sinks it’s teeth in before pulling, causing you to fall.
  297. >No,nononono! NO!!
  298. >You grab onto the door as it pulls, but the creature is too strong.
  299. >You claw wildly at the steps as it drags you back down the stairs.
  300. >Your nails tear at the wood before it brings you back into the room and lets go of your leg.
  301. >You push yourself up only for the sight of the creature’s open maw as it rushed for your throat.
  302. >It’s jaw closes and you go into shock.
  303. >You barely feel anything but the warmth of your blood staining your shirt as your vision began to fade.
  305. >At first, darkness.
  306. >Were you really dead?
  307. >That all felt so real, but it couldn’t be possible.
  308. >Was...was this hell?
  309. >Then, your eyes open again.
  310. >This time, the scene is vastly different.
  311. >You awake on the ground, surrounded in a bed of delicate looking flowers and grass.
  312. >Your hands immediately rush to your throat, but find nothing out of place.
  313. >Not even a mark where it’s teeth tore your skin to free the lifeblood of your body.
  314. >You rolled your right ankle to confirm it was still fine too.
  315. >What hadn’t changed was your attire, though it wasn’t stained anymore.
  316. >Flashes of the last moments of your life flooded your mind.
  317. >You reach your hands up to your hair and grab two full fistfulls as you begin to uncontrollably hyperventilate.
  318. >What had just happened?
  319. >Where were you now?
  320. >Was this a dream?
  321. >No...That felt too real.
  322. >Tears began to fall down your face.
  323. >Why?
  324. >How did any of this happen?
  325. >Was this punishment?
  326. >You had done some pretty awful things, but nothing to deserve something like that!
  327. >Why?
  329. >In between sobs, you stand and yell up to the sky
  331. >The grey, misty skies surrounding you don’t give you an answer as you collapse back onto the ground.
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