DS2 Any%

Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. Dark Souls 2 Any% also has a tutorial video that is mostly up to date, this and other useful info can be found at:
  3. - Start Explorer, Life Ring
  4. - Unequip all unnecessary gear (such as clothes) to speed up stamina recovery
  5. - Pick up and equip the binoculars in the left hand
  6. - Light the bonfire and start talking to Emerald Herald before running away
  8. # Shaded Woods
  9. - Binoboost to the gate to Shaded Woods
  10. - Parrywalk the infected hollow behind the door to the left and use the out of bounds to skip around the gate. Do 7 jumps into the stairs on the back side (fastest possible is 4 into the stairs and 3 out, but 5-2 is more consistent)
  11. - Light the crossroads bonfire
  12. - Pick up the golden falcon shield behind the flexile sentry
  13. - Binoboost to the Shrine of Winter gate
  14. - Parrywalk the infected hollow and use the out of bounds skip to get to Aldia's Keep (One jump onto the hill or the stairs, then 11 jumps into the branches). Make sure to run into a three on the right side to load the items in Aldia's Keep. Jump if the area does not load as you clip over the gate.
  16. # Aldias Keep
  17. - Head up the stairs on the left and through the gate
  18. - Punch a painting on the left hiding a Dragon Acolyte
  19. - Parrywalk the Dragon Acolyte to go out of bounds and skip Guardian Dragon (jump once on the platform after the last ogre for the correct height, running into the doors while waiting for the ogres still moves your character forwards)
  21. # Dragon Aerie
  22. - Pick up the Dragon Tooth (going close to the dragon can bait an attack early, the bonfire here is a good safety bonfire)
  23. - Either:
  24. Drop down and do the aerie jump (lining up with the binos or jumping left while binoboosting) and run back towards the last dragon
  25. to pick up a Soul of a Great Hero
  27. Run past the first dragon and over the bridge. Pick up the Soul of a Great Hero by the 2nd and 3rd dragon (doesn't require duping
  28. but is about 8-10 seconds slower overall)
  30. - Head towards the shrine
  31. - Get the Ashen Mist Heart from Big Papa Dragon while using the Darksign
  32. - Warp to Majula
  34. # Majula
  35. - If you only have one soul, dupe it by starting to pop it in the menu, hit l1, r1 and then drop it as quick as you can. Pick the soul back up and equip it so you can pop it while talking to Emerald Herald. If you have two souls, pop both at once.
  36. - Level up 27 STR, 10 DEX (for beginners I advise 25STR and 9VGR to potentially survive a hit from Giant Lord)
  37. - Head towards Forest of Fallen Giants
  39. # Forest of Fallen Giants
  40. - Parrywalk of the first hollow and do the out of bounds skip to get to Memory of Jeigh (5 jumps)
  41. - Equip the dragon tooth while running towards the memory (I typically have it unequiped while attempting to parrywalk for a lower equip load, however you can parrywalk even with it on)
  42. - Binoboost through the Memory of Jeigh to get the rolling head to hit Giant Lord (saves around 12-15 seconds, but is not consistent)
  43. - Apply aromatic ooze to the Dragon Tooth while Giant Lord does his opening attack
  44. - Tickle Giant Lords feet with the Dragon Tooth
  45. - Darksign and Warp to Shaded Woods (if you darksign quickly you can still get the souls from Giant Lord, for new players this can be used to for example level VGR for safety, but does lose a considerable amount of time)
  47. # Shaded Woods
  48. - Parrywalk the first infected hollow after the stairs on the left to skip Shrine of Winter (if you fail the parrywalk, running back towards the stairs and waiting a bit causes the other aggroed enemies to go away). Jump onto the ledge above the cave to load the area.
  49. - Run close to the first royal soldier when running past to make sure he aggros.
  50. - Pickup the Holy Water Urns and wait for the royal soldier here.
  51. - Parrywalk of the first Royal Soldier and do the out of bounds skip to get to the Throne of Want. Stick to the right, a fair distance from the mountain walls so that you do not hit a killbox. The load trigger is near a visible bright spot.
  53. # Throne of Want
  54. - Make sure to have aromatic ooze, witching urns and holy water urns equiped
  55. - Go to the left edge of the boss room, block one hit from watcher (on the correct attack) and strafe left to make her fall off
  56. - Binoboost away from defender and apply ooze
  57. - Whack Throne Defender with your Dragon Tooth (One R2 first, then double R2 as he will stagger each time). If you have 27 strength here you can consistently replace an R2 with a witching urn.
  58. - Freeze Nashandra with the Holy Water Urns (Nash Glitch, most recent setup can be found here: )
  59. - Whack her with the Dragon Tooth, throw a witching urn after each double R2 (do this a total of 4 times, might require 5 with less strength or if the aromatic ooze runs out too soon)
  60. - Break the two hand so your binos are active in your left and hit yes to use the dark sign as soon as the victory achieved screen appears (if you do it earlier you will warp out of the boss room, which you don't want)
  61. - Run towards the edge to trigger the end credits
  63. # Celebrate
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