The Invaders In My Room - 24

Apr 15th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) Cartoonist FMC's Boyfriend (???)
Yoon Soo Lee [?] (FMC) Writer MC's Girlfriend (???)
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend
Neighbor [N/A] (RH) Painter [?] [N/A]
[N/A] (Douche) Manager [N/A]

Chapter - 24 Thanks to ClownFreak

Douche stands just beside FMC with a creepy look.

Douche: You slept with him, don't you? Kang Woo Hyun (MC) is your first love right.
Did you have sex every day? Did you have a very sweet moment with him? You must remember that time.

Douche whispers in her ear.

Douche: What do you think? If you can't remember him, i can help you in his place.

Douche grabs her breast, she panics.

Douche: A funny story might just pops up, don't you think?

FMC: Don't... Don't do this.

Douche kisses her neck.

Douche: If you stop writing and want to run away, I'll have to do this.
It's my job to help a writer who can't write, right?

He uses much strength in his hand who grabs her breast.

Douche: What do you think? Do you want to take a break?
Can I help you?

FMC gets up furious and pushes back Douche also dropping the laptop on the ground.


FMC is scared because she may have broken the notebook, Douche stands up.

Douche: HAHAHAHA ~

He raises his hand, FMC is getting ready to take a hit.

Douche stops and smiles.

Douche: I think this is too much of a joke for you. Sorry, sorry! I'll not disturb you anymore an leave you alone.
The door opens only from the outside so don't think about running away.

He turns around, goes to the bed and grabs his vest.

Douche: Hey don't have any wild idea, the intercom doesn't work.

He takes FMC's cellphone.

Douche: In the meantime, I will keep this with me until you finish your work.
Well then.. I'll come back tomorrow morning so I'm leaving.
I'll check your work every day from now on. Miss Writer.

Douche leaves and FMC collapsed picks up the laptop.

FMC: {Woo Hyun...}


MC's house in the morning

MC and RH Neighbor are lying on MC's bed. RH opens slightly her eyes.

RH: Mhh ~

RH looks at the person lying next to her, she realizes that it's MC and freaks out.


She gets out of bed and stares at MC.

RH: Ugh, why are you here?!

MC: Ah ~

He rubs his nose because of the blow he just took.

MC: It'd rather be me to ask you this question. You don't remember what you've done yesterday?
Do you know what you did when you came to my house?

RH: Yesterday...
Wow, wait a minute. Come to think of it, yesterday..

She starts to remember last night.

FB of last night

She recalls going to MC's house with a bag full of bottle and having a wild sex with him.

Back to present

RH is all shy.

RH: Did.. uh.. Did we do it?..

MC rubs his head..

MC: Yeah, I told you so many times to stop it.. But we still do it at the end..

RH: {Oh fuck ~ I did it again..}

MC: Besides, you also puked yesterday! You've throw up on my face!
Do you know how much time I've spent to clean our clothes and the blanket? I've done that until dawn!

RH: {So, that's why..}

She stares at her shirt then looks around and sees the drying laundry.

RH: {So he did it alone..}

She takes a cute and shy pose.

RH: Can I put on my panties..

MC: Is it really important now?


They gaze at each others.

RH: Hehe.


They start eating their meals.

RH: As expected. It's not the same taste than what I do at home. It's been a while..

MC: {This is the place where i eat with her (FMC) usually. But where the hell did she goes? Still not coming back.}

{No, am I glad that you didn't come back yesterday?}

MC starts to remember last night, he imagines FMC coming back and storming in the house

FMC: How dare you to do that behind my back?!!!

MC: {If I think about her catching me in this situation, I'm sure...}
{Ugh? Why would I care about that? What if I get caught?}
{She isn't even my girlfriend, so why?..}

RH: What's happening to you? Didn't you say that you wanted to come to this place?

MC: Yesterday, I was in that kind of situation, would you've any appetite?

Reference to when she puked on him.

RH: Come to think of it.. When I was with you.. What would've happened if your girlfriend found out?
Right! There's my hanging in your room!

MC: It's okay, she's not really my girlfriend.
It's more like.. I'll describe it more like an open relationship. Ah, do you know about sex friends?

She blushes.

RH: Oh I see. It's like that.. You've this sort of relationship with her..

RH: {What was that? I didn't think it was like that.. You seem to be the perfect lover..}
{Not so long ago I wanted to stop thinking about starting a relationship..}
{But.. If it's you, I'm not your girlfriend but your sex friend..}

RH: You're right, I think it's better to have this sort of relationship.
By the way, I'll now concentrate my effort into painting.
So, I look forward to your future lecture, sir!

MC: Ah, yes..

In a car park

XGF fingering herself in her sport car.

XGF: Oh!..

She climax.


She looks at her hand all wet and grabs her phone.

XGF: {Doing this in the car, it's not the same excitement..}

The screen of her mobile shows a picture of her and MC.

XGF: I'm definitively not satisfied with this.


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