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  1. Black Metal:
  2. >M8Л8TХ [M8L8TH]: Russian/Ukrainian Black Metal with a distinct folksy RAC influence. Their latest album has a wonderful blend of clean and harsh vocals.
  3. >Nachtgeblüt: Argentinian Black Metal/Neoclassical crossover project of Eviigne. Previous albums had some classical pieces metallicized, but "Dying Echos of a Past Forlorn" highlights Eviigne's talents as a musician.
  4. >Campo de Mayo: Another project of Eviigne. The music here is much harsher and more direct with fiercely anti-communist lyrics and songs glorifying the regime of Jorge Rafael Videla, infamous for putting communist dissidents on death flights.
  5. >Kristallnacht: Their entire discography on one album. Raw French Black Metal with plenty of harsh tremolo picked lines. Pretty standard.
  6. >Dub Buk: Highly folksy Ukrainian Black Metal with foot-stomping riffs, gang shouts and flutes.
  7. >Grand Belial's Key: A US NS Black Metal classic. Not only one of the most intentionally hilarious Black Metal bands, but also one of the most intentionally hilarious NS Black Metal bands. Anti-Judeo-Christian lyrics with plenty of potshots at Jews and Jesus.
  8. >Fanisk: Another US NS Black Metal classic. Epic keyboard-driven passages and walls of tremolo craft a fantastic atmosphere transporting you to somewhere beyond space and time.
  9. >Absurd: All their classic tunes rerecorded for a new generation. Those who found their earlier work childish, raw and amateurish will appreciate the dedication from the new band to polish the old tunes into something quite powerful.
  10. >Der Stürmer: Harsh Greek NS Black Metal with members active in Golden Dawn. Plenty of fast, furious, tremolo-picked power chords and feral shouts.
  11. >Veles: Polish NS Black Metal classic.
  12. >Graveland: Another Polish NS Black Metal classic. Slow, epic passages crafting an atmosphere of Viking warriors charging into battle with lyrics influenced by Ron McVan
  13. >Teмнoзopь [Temnozor]: Russian Folk/Black Metal crossover. Pagan lyrics and epic passages with clean and harsh vocals.
  14. >Pantheon: USNSBM concept album. Much of their discography sucks, but they struck gold once with this concept album.
  15. >Spear of Longinus: Australian NS Black Metal with a distinct old school influence. Hellhammer and Celtic Frost fans will enjoy this. Loads of lyrics of Nazi mysticism and Hinduism.
  16. >Genocide: Thrashy Chilean Black Metal.
  17. >Sombre Chemin: French Black Metal with an RAC undercurrent. Imagine early Absurd with Burzum-like atmosphere.
  18. >Totenburg: Triumphant, but fierce German Black Metal that packs quite a punch. Like later Absurd with more aggression and thrashiness.
  19. >Peste Noire: National Anarchist Black Metal with a very faint folksy influence. Plenty of feral vocals and blast beats with tremolo picked lines from hell.
  20. >Aryan Blood: German Black Metal influenced by old school Heavy Metal. Worth it for "To Build an Empire" alone.
  21. >Mjölnir: Unique German Black Metal with melodic and symphonic influences that craft a distinct atmosphere. Think old Lucifugum mixed in with Bathory, Enslaved, and Nokturnal Mortum.
  22. >Naastrand: When traditional French folk songs discover Black Metal. Very unique and quite powerful.
  23. >Wolfnacht: "Night of the Werewolf" is the best thing they've done. Everything else is rather mediocre Darkthrone worship, but the debut has some Absurd influences.
  24. >Thunderbolt: The Polish lovechild of Emperor and Dissection. The atmospheric interludes are implemented nicely, rather than feeling superfluous. In a word, tasteful.
  25. >Bannerwar: Greek Black Metal with bright tone elevated by a of the guitar melodies, a symphonic regalia of the pianos and keyboards, and a bloodied rasp of its front man. Energetic anthems bearing a semblance to Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse, though not strikingly so. Don't expect much RAC influences. Even their cover of Blue Eyed Devil's "Eternal Fight" sounds grim
  26. >Nokturnal Mortum: Can't leave your past behind, boys. Nokturnal Mortum rightly earned respect from Metal subculture for their grim and epic melodies. This album has a thick, dark, murky guitar tone and symphonic synthesizer pieces that convey a rich and elaborate feeling as the synths make up most of the main melodies and rhythms on here.
  27. >Naevum: Nordic Black Metal featuring Nekrosoldat of Nordvrede. Music here is much less explicitly NS and more aggressive, but the theme is definitely there. Very grim and harsh.
  28. >Xenophobia: US NSBM notable for its frontman formerly active in the NS scene and currently doing time for arson. Very much influenced by the latter portion of the Norwegian scene, but still original and epic.
  30. Heavy Metal:
  31. >RaHoWa: A sore subject, but George Burdi sure tried his damndest to channel Peter Steele. This album is pure Type O Negative worship with some awesome songs and terrible songs. The best are "Man Against Time," "Hall of the Heroes," "In the Fires of 1945," "The Last Battalion" and "God Is Dead". The cover of "The Snow Fell" is great, too.
  32. >Honor: Epic Viking Metal with plenty of charging riffs and passages similar to Manowar and Graveland. The English version is superior to the Polish version, so track that one down. For some reason, the Polish mastering is horrible.
  33. >Fortress: Incredible Heavy Metal from down under. NWOBHM-influenced Metal with an epic heavy ballad "Southern Birth, Northern Soul"
  34. >Warlord: NWOBHM-influenced Metal from Skrewdriver guitarist Steve "Stigger" Calladine. Anti-Islamic "Jihad Joe" will make you crack a smile and "The South Will Rise Again" will make you unfurl your Rebel Flag.
  35. >Excalibur: Czech Metal legends. Later albums go into Death Metal territory, but the debut has epic Metallica-influenced riffs and plenty of headbanging sections in spite of the awkward English.
  36. >Buldok: Similar to Excalibur, but much more influenced by Dokken and Manowar, making the album sound surprisingly American. The Czech songs are better, but "Mission Spandau" has this saxophone section that always makes me smile.
  37. >Spirit of 88: Heavy/Groove Metal solo project of a German musician. Catchy riffs in spite of the awkward vocals.
  38. >Bomber: German Motörhead-influenced Heavy Metal from drummer/vocalist Kalle. Plenty of catchy riffs and feral vocals.
  39. >Estirpe Imperial: Spanish Metal legends with Iron Maiden-esque riffs and patriotic lyrics.
  40. >Kontingent 88: French Heavy Metal/Hard Rock with thoughtful lyrics and epic riffs. Easily my favorite out of all these.
  41. >Moлoт [Molot]: Their finest effort. Aggressive RAC-influenced Folk Metal with riffs don't relent for a moment. The flutes thankfully compliment rather than dominate like so many of their contemporaries.
  42. >Battlecry: 100% Dio worship. Truth be told, this isn't half bad for something so derivative. The riffs are aggressive, the vocals are competent and there isn't a truly dull moment. Songwriting leaves much to be desired, but the performance works.
  44. Thrash Metal:
  45. >The Raunchous Brothers: When The Mentors discovered Teutonic Thrash. "Faggot Bolshevik" alone is quite a statement.
  46. >Mudoven: if the Cro-Mags were racist, they'd be Mudoven. Solo-project of Vaginal Jesus guitarist Jim Crow, a purported veteran in Massachusetts hardcore underground. "Back to Africa" and "Green God" are classics.
  47. >Bound For Glory: American RAC legends who fully underwent metalmorphosis on "The Fight Goes On." Every album after is just as great, but the songs here rule. "We've Got Your Number," "Doctor Marten Dental Plan," "Our Voice Is Stronger" and "Welcome" are testaments to the band's fury.
  48. >Death's Head: Australian Thrash Metal with a distinct Hardcore influence. Perfect for moshing.
  49. >Durandal: Slayer fans rejoice! French Thrash Metal with riffs distinctly influenced by Slayer and other American Thrash legends. The whole album is the best France has to offer.
  50. >Frakass: The French Nationalist version of The Exploited. Moshable riffs and a great vocalist to boot.
  51. >Ultimatum: A lesser version of Frakass. Riffs are still good, though.
  52. >In Tyrannos: Slayer-influenced Metal project of German legend Daniel "Gigi" Giese. Loads of lyrics about the Freemasons, WWI, the Jews, 9/11 and other great topics abound.
  53. >Iron Youth: Greek Thrash Metal. Everything else they produced is mediocre, but at least they got it right here.
  54. >Squadron: RAC legends go Thrash here. Plenty of Hardcore-influenced riffage, but "Death Before Dishonour" will make you want to mount your horse and charge straight into battle.
  55. >Кoppoзия Meтaллa [Korrozia Metalla]: Vulgar Russian Thrash legends. This album is when the band started to let it slip they aren't exactly tolerant. "K.K.K" gives some obvious hints, and the anti-Arab song from the following album would solidify their political stance.
  56. >Кoлoвpaт [Kolovrat]: Even more explicit racist Russian Thrash. The playing here is very tight and the music has great production values to boot.
  58. Death Metal:
  59. >Arghoslent: American Death Metal with thrashy heavy riffs similar to those of Manilla Road. Loads of lyrics about slavery, conquest and, of course, the Holocaust.
  60. >Berserkr: American Death'n'Roll/Groove Metal with incredible production values. Fans of Entombed, '90s Sepultura and Pantera will enjoy this.
  61. >Vaginal Jesus: Hilarious Grindcore with a Seth Putnam connection; hilarious lyrics and nasty riffs abound.
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