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  1. Raisin: Soooooo… wutchudoin? “smiles”
  2. Happy:  “writing absentmindedly” Preah can read the thing Historian found underground and I’m making a game out of it.
  3. Raisin: Wait. WAIT! Preah can read what? Historian found what? What?
  4. “Happy points at one of the many ship’s wreckage stuck over the icy floor, at the distance”
  5. Happy: Those are weapons. They used to fight each other over them. Preah said there were a lot of strategies and things and I had her write me a list of the things and draw them. I want to know how the ships used to battle each other.
  6. Raisin: So they used to murder each other with those things and you think that could be fun?
  7. Happy: Is that weird?
  8. Raisin: That’s weird. You are weird. Oh well. As long as its fun.
  9. Happy: As long as its fun?
  10. “scribbles hard and fast on her notepad, then drags Raisin by the arm into sitting next to her”
  11. Happy:  Ships are big and amazing and have a lot of things. But, actually, they were really predictable. There wasn’t much they could do. Remember when we tried to imagine how a fight between Preah and White would go? We couldn’t do it because they can do so many things. BUT, ships have no arms, or legs; they just fly slowly.
  12. Raisin: Hold it right there, I think I get it. Is this the same as that, but with ships?
  13. Happy: Yes and no because it will work.
  14. Raisin: I’m not going to stop you, but I’m quitting after the first hour next time.
  15. Happy: Remember what we did back then? We just argued over where they would move, why, and how. There was a lot to consider because of what they could do. There’s isn’t much ships can do, so it will be like a million times faster than that.
  16. Raisin: And fun?
  17. Happy: And fun.
  18. Raisin: Hmmm… how do you know it will be fun?
  19. Happy: Trying to figure out how I know its fun is how I actually make games.
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