Kusoplay fetishes

Sakurei May 23rd, 2016 (edited) 516 Never
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  1. List of weirdest/most uncommon fetishes by kusoplay members. Comments/explanation/elaboration in brackets:
  3. platonicSolid: Self-insert as the girl
  4. Sonatina: Landscapes
  5. Zengeku: Laptop exhaust fans
  6. JPS: Holding hands (very lewd)
  7. Chumlum: Cunt sandwich (sitting across each other sandwiching the dick)
  8. Sakurei: Lolidom
  9. Zil: Inflation/forced liquid insertion
  10. trap15: Pedophilia (woman on boy)
  11. cream: Femdom/Petplay
  12. Japow: Gender bend with humiliation/mind control undertones
  13. Dede2hu: Mindbroken tentacle porn
  14. turska: Traps make him the hardest
  15. sunnymilk: Exhibtionism with traps/futas impregnated and humiliated. Better if they're in cosplay (straight and gay)
  16. gus: Touhou WR holder with huge cock
  17. Ratikal: Torture
  18. WSD: Trap Cock vore
  19. Nameschonvergeben: Ryona (getting beaten up)
  20. Lep: earplay and napes (too pure for us)
  21. Gibbileno: Crossdressing/femdom/pegging
  22. GiantCatfish: Urethra and oviduct insertion
  23. extruderx: Graphical user interfaces
  24. yepperoni: Cute pixiv
  25. grayst_: Bloodthirsty Sanae
  26. kits: Straight shota
  27. Esper: Furry barazoku (muscly men)
  28. Vex: Petplay
  29. godzilla: Likes to rape Japow
  30. dongbot: streams
  33. If you want yours to be added to the list, ping/whisper Sakurei/Syaro and confess.
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