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  1.     new query[MAX_STRING_MYSQL];
  2.     mysql_format(MySQL_Connection, query, sizeof(query),
  3.     "INSERT INTO `samp_fractioncars` (ID,Model,Fraction,Color1,Color2,Siren,Respawn,RespawnCd,Parked,ParkedCd,Destroyed,Health,RepPrice,World,Pos_X,Pos_Y,Pos_Z,Pos_A,Towed,Plate) VALUES ('%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%d','%f','%d','%d','%f','%f','%f','%f','%d','%s')"
  4.     ,FractionCarDBSize, model, fraction, color1, color2, siren, respawn, respawncd, parked, parkedcd, destroyed, Float:health, repprice, world, Float:posdb_x, Float:posdb_y, Float:posdb_z, Float:posdb_a, towed, plate);
  5.     mysql_tquery(MySQL_Connection, query);
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