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  1. The demon slayers aren't all that racists towards demons ihabiting humans, you'd expect them to be at the very least
  2. highly concious of nezuko. Would make for more interesting storty. Might change later on (?)
  4. The magic system is ass, yet another system where there are only flashy move to kill demons. There seem
  5. to be some rules governing the magic system but whether they're not one time rules is yet to be seen.  (?)
  9. Ep. 1
  11. Minor issues with dialogue, rather than being a thing held between two characters it felt like a script
  12. conveying information to the viewer, happened around three times and it wasn't done in the worst way possible.
  14. The first fight felt dragged out due to there being too much information being said to the viewer, introducing
  15. the guy saving the brother from her sister before the fight even took place and showcasing his motives
  16. and giving us an uderstanding of what these demons are.
  18. The way the beginning of a useless character becoming a badass was handled just fine, gives him a strong motive
  19. to purse power and shows his willingness to do so, while showing even though he is useless he can still to do something
  20. to surprise the opponent.
  22. Ep. 2
  24. The first scene begins with the script showing that the mc is a good character that won't take anything for free,
  25. the scene is given a comedic flavour to it that's nowhere being funny, either drop it or make it actually funny.
  27. Nezuko gets smaller but her choker doesn't seem to change in size
  29. Continuation to the mc becoming a badass from a scratch, the story would be given an additional flavour if his
  30. clumsiness had a price attached to it, in the show the only that had happened to him for still not having good enough
  31. agility is him just getting beat up, which of course is an extremely small price. Making so the price is bigger the
  32. mc would be given an additional motive to purse power and it'd make the audince relate more to him.
  34. Ep. 3
  36. Mc is a pleb that doesn't know that the cities are so advanced, so him knowing what the word 'cell' means should
  37. be accompanied with a question with what the hell it is.
  39. The training was said to be lethal. The sole reason as to why it was done was to show that the training is nothing
  40. to be taken lightly, which conflicts with many scenes that were presented where mc is being beaten up but is shown in a
  41. comedic way, which isn't all that funny but that's beside the point.
  43. In a fight scene the mc blocks an attack with his pommel, the time it took for the enemy attack didn't indicate that
  44. he hadn't had time to block properly. (2x)
  46. Ep. 4
  48. When two demons were fighting each other the mc wasn't decissive whether to attack them or run away, even though
  49. he had a thought to do something during that period. One of the ways to make something like that work is by doing so
  50. that the mc had lost something due to his indecisiveness prior to the fight but because he grew so strong him not being
  51. decissive enough doesn't bring any pain unto the mc.
  53. The big moster asks what year is it but after that he talks about an event that had happened 47 years ago.
  55. There's no logical reason as to why there should be a monter had eaten dozens of people, the difficulty should be as one of the
  56. randoms said at two or three people being eaten. It had been done so the mc is shown as a badass
  58. Ep. 5
  60. The mc runs away from a demon even though it is so weak that it cannot destroy a bunch of medium sized branches instantly
  62. They were supposed to survive 7 days in the forest, the show had only implied that only one night had passed. The mc had
  63. even said that it's a tactical advantage to go to the side where the sun will break first, and as previously it hadn't
  64. been shown in action, only partially though, he did get there but it'd be better if the sun was shown rising above the
  65. horizon.
  67. Ep. 6
  69. The random holding his girlfriend during the fight isn't scared for shit, him deciding to run away would make for an
  70. interesting twist in the fight.
  72. Ep. 7
  74. Mc had no idea what the hell to expect from diving underground. I'd expect hesitation coming from him considering it's
  75. literally demon territory. Has mc indecidivness resolved just like that ? Additionally the demon had stated that it
  76. should be hard for him to breathe underwater, and from demon's perspective his agility is utter shit there, the best
  77. tactic to take here would be delaying tactic, make him simply suffocate, though it's possible that the demons are
  78. just dumb. Also, the entrance to the swamp has been left wide open for the mc to jump into. Why sudden change of behaviour
  79. from the demons, but also even though they have the ability to control the portals to the swamp they suddenly just don't
  80. cut off his escape route ?
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