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CielsAura Aug 19th, 2012 182 Never
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  1. So, lets break this down. Pokemon I believe should be uber and why:
  3. Terrakion
  4. Volcarona
  5. Tornadus-T
  6. Genesect (hasn't been thoroughly tested but Ill offer my two cents)
  9. Terrakion: Terrakions move to ubers is almost self explanatory. Its Close Combat/Stone Edge STAB is only resisted by a few RU pokemon and one UU in the form of claydol. While you can say thats a 'counter', those pokemon are not at all viable in a true OU setting. Terrakion possess the means to Absolutely decimate its "counters" in one form of the other, Banded Terrakion can 2hko Donphan and Tentacruel with Close Combat and Stone edge respectively. SD with rock gem Ohkos Gliscor and banded or SD terrakion 2hkos Skarmory. There are a few other uncommon sets out there that do carry the means to decimate things like Scizor. Focus Sash with SD is becoming common, if Scizor or Breloom is at low health, They can both BP or MP and then all of a sudden get hit in the face with a close combat, or bring terra in on something to threaten it out, SD on the switch as they bring in a full health scizor to sponge a hit and revenge kill and its the same story. Slowbro can wall the choiced variants yes, but again, SD terrakion is now becoming more common since there are even more scarfers now, Thundurus T, Genesect, Keldeo and a few others have allowed Terrakion to adopt the Sub/SD set even more often. Dont make the mistake in interpreting it as Im saying Terrakion is unbeatable, it isnt, just like Excadrill wasnt unbeatable. Its just the fact that there is no true counter, it either forces you to go on the defense, lest you lose something, or you have to let something die to bring in a mon to kill it. You may say "oh, but dont you always have to go on the defensive to a threat?" No you dont, heres some examples, a scarfed rachi comes in, what do they normally carry, Iron head, U-turn, Ice Punch, and Zen Headbutt? Then on the rare occasion fire punch to handle ferrothorns? You can safely bring in scizor on a u-turn or Iron head and maintain your offensive prowess. Terrakion is another story, you just cant bring in something to take a CC or Stone Edge and expect to maintain that offensive pressure, because even if your mon lives, they are going to take a MASSIVE amount of damage. So again, its either go on the defensive or let something die. A side note is that yes, terrakion hates priority, aqua jet, bullet punch, mach punch.. yes those are there, but again, you cant bring anything in that carries that in safely, it ties back in to the above point.
  11. Volcarona: You may wonder why volcarona deserves ubers materials, but its quite clear when you think about it. Yes, it hates rocks, but getting a rapid spin off in todays meta isnt difficult at all. So thats not neccessarily a solid argument. First off, it has arguably the best boosting move in the game in the form of quiver dance, and it has one of the best abilities in the form of flame body, cripping any physical revenge attacker. It has a unique typing and movepool allowing it to hand a large majority of situations, and its signature move, Fiery Dance, allows it to boost its SpAtk even HIGHER while it demolishes your team, allowing you even less of a chance of coming back. You may say, oh, rain stops it! No. No it does not. Volcarona now has access to giga drain, demolishing politoed, keldeo, jellicent, vaporeon, tentacruel, gastrodon etc. Tornadus T has a chance of stopping it, but again, Volcarona is known to carry HP rock to handle the flying dragons and flying types in general. Heatran does an amazing job at walling volcarona UNLESS that volcarona is specifically carrying HP ground. if its +1 I understand Scarf terrakion is its main check, but anything past 1 quiverdance and Terra is as good as dead and it does hate aqua jet.. but nothing really carries aqua jet anymore, save Azumarill and Ferraligatr and those are rarely seen. You could argue gyarados, but again, HP Rock. So Volcarona is sort of like the special version of Terrakion except for the fact that it does have a glaring rocks weakness,but it isnt afraid of priority like BP, Mach Punch, and it will burn those and Espeed users unlike Terrakion.
  13. Tornadus-T: The original Tornadus was a staple for most Rain teams, its CS hurricane was even more deadly than the therian form, but it was also balanced with that immense power. It had a worse ability, its 112 speed was amazing, but still it was threatened by Starmie and other fast mons like Alakazam and Dugtrio that could threaten its more fragile defensive stats. It also didnt have super power and had to rely on hammer arm which didnt ohko Ttar unlike a LO Superpower from Tornadus T. The original Tornadus was threatened easier, it was more fragile to priority, and rocks had a meaningful impact on how useful it was in play which balanced out its unbelieveably powerful Hurricane.....Tornadus T took that all away, its base 121 speed means all its checks are gone. Regenerator means LO and Stealth Rocks dont even matter much, its extra bulk will allow it to survive even better to priority moves and the gift of superpower means that without a chople berry, Ttar is dead. Its Hurricane, with choice specs or life orb, is still powerful enough to 2hko a vast majority of the meta game, nothing STILL does not want to take a hurricane unless its name is jirachi or Rotom-W (Even then, Rotom is hit pretty damn hard, around 37 percent to specially defensive one, id say heatran here too, but superpower does around 70 percent). So it still has the power, it has a better ability, a better movepool, its speed tier is ridiculous.. only outsped by scarfers (It outspeeds timid scarf magnezone still) and jolteon. Its clear why this thing should be uber.
  15. Genesect: Ill admit, this has only been in play for a short amount of time, but from what Ive seen, its ridiculous, its offenses are very good, its bulk isnt too shabby and a base 99 speed isnt awful. Id argue that it stay OU...but its ability that really pushes it over the edge. If youre running a scarf set, when you switch in.. youre automatically getting a +1 to either attack or SpA effectively giving you a Choice Specs or Band boost along with the extra speed... It also has a RIDICULOUS amount of coverage, it can run Tbolt/u-turn/Flamethrower/Ice Beam all on one set, it can even run blizzard or thunder in weather! Thats just complete overkill, the only solid checks are Blissey/Chansey (Im not sure how much U-turn does to them but Im sure they dont appreciate it), Gastrodon and Heatran...thats about it. And that to me screams overcentralization. Theres a problem when youre going to start being forced to account for a single pokemon. Unlike scizor, where Donphan, tentacruel, Skarmory, Gliscor, Defensive politoed, are all valid ways of stopping scizor, it has a lot of options to be walled by, the pokemon on this list have zero walls, or a very very few amount. It'll be interesting to see if there are other viable ways of really stopping it, because again, its steel/bug typing gives it a large amount of resistances and a fire weakness... last time I checked, there was no fire priority.
  17. The pokemon on this list, plus already banned ones, like Thundurus, Excadrill, Garchomp, can almost form their own tier in between ubers and OU. The current metagames defensive walls just dont have the means to stop these powerhouses. I think pokemon, as time goes on, are getting less and less balanced. It really says something when there are things deadlier than Mence and the Lati twins (all three were considered too powerful for last generations), are still allowed in OU. The way the metagame is makes it seem like Garchomp would be fair game now, and when the metagame is leaning in that direction, it tells me there is something very very wrong.
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