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  1. [Earth]
  3. The loud roar of the various artificial waterfalls around the massive Tsufurujin dam would be the only thing heard until out of no one a loud whirring sound would be heard as series of powerful sounding explosions would be heard as the sound barrier was broken through multiple times. Anyone looking toward the sky would see a few dozen holes in the cloud cover as several small, metallic objects were propelled so fast through the atmosphere they entered a high, stable orbit around the Earth within mere seconds only leaving behind huge holes in the cloud cover they passed through. Whatever the Truffles were up to they now had orbiting satellites around the planet. As the last of the probes made it to orbit the calm, quiet of the day return.
  5. The various dispersed Tsufurujin forces would be seen suddenly withdrawing in mass numbers toward the dam as well, apparently abandoning their defensive positions around the Rabbit village and near the school.
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