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  1. Extramundane: What happened to your look?
  2. Extramundane: o-o
  3. FallenDivinity: lol i chaned a lil
  4. Extramundane: Are you okay?
  5. FallenDivinity: yeah
  6. FallenDivinity: was stressing
  7. Extramundane: Why.
  8. FallenDivinity: my gf broke up with me
  9. Extramundane: Oh.
  10. Extramundane: I'm sorry to hear, Shey.
  11. FallenDivinity: its ok now
  12. Extramundane: You sure?
  13. FallenDivinity: shes a immature bitch
  14. Extramundane: /me he hugged her
  15. Extramundane: I'm really sorry.
  16. FallenDivinity: <3
  17. Extramundane: <3
  18. FallenDivinity: what you do today
  19. Extramundane: Wish you'd be around more.
  20. FallenDivinity: i will startin today
  21. FallenDivinity: my account was on hold
  22. Extramundane: Oh.
  23. FallenDivinity: lol
  24. Extramundane: I had asked Kayla and she told me it might've been because you started college.
  25. Extramundane: I started too, it's kicking my ass.
  26. Extramundane: lol.
  27. FallenDivinity: lol
  28. FallenDivinity: wyd
  29. Extramundane: Just with you.
  30. FallenDivinity: :)
  31. Extramundane: Aw.
  32. Extramundane: You look really hot.
  33. Extramundane: I'm sure I'm not the first to point that out.
  34. FallenDivinity: tysm
  35. Extramundane: np love
  36. FallenDivinity: :)
  37. FallenDivinity: your the 1st i took that as a good thing from the others i called pigs lol
  38. Extramundane: pigs?
  39. Extramundane: lol
  40. FallenDivinity: lol
  41. Extramundane: But yeah, love the whole sexy cowgirl vibe.
  42. FallenDivinity: you look nice too
  43. Extramundane: Oh.
  44. Extramundane: Thank you love.
  45. FallenDivinity: :)
  46. FallenDivinity: your either staring at me or a deep thinker lol
  47. Extramundane: Haha.
  48. FallenDivinity: lol
  49. Extramundane: Quite the psychic aren't ya.
  50. FallenDivinity: lol
  51. Extramundane: Mhm.
  52. FallenDivinity: i major in ssychotic reading jk lol
  53. Extramundane: z
  54. Extramundane: hot
  55. FallenDivinity: lol
  56. FallenDivinity: <3
  57. Extramundane: /me he pecked her cheek
  58. FallenDivinity: mmm
  59. Extramundane: sorry.
  60. Extramundane: you're just super cute.
  61. Extramundane: heh.
  62. FallenDivinity: i liked it
  63. FallenDivinity: lol
  64. Extramundane: mm. i'm glad.
  65. FallenDivinity: :3
  66. Extramundane: heh.
  67. Extramundane: nice butt.
  68. FallenDivinity: ty lol
  69. Extramundane: np
  70. FallenDivinity: lol
  71. Extramundane: heh.
  72. Extramundane: Oof.
  73. FallenDivinity: there you go
  74. Extramundane: Well.
  75. Extramundane: You have my attention.
  76. FallenDivinity: :)
  77. Extramundane: mm.
  78. FallenDivinity: <3
  79. Extramundane: /me he rubbed her asscheek
  80. FallenDivinity: mmmm
  81. Extramundane: mm...
  82. FallenDivinity: oof
  83. Extramundane: LOL
  84. FallenDivinity: lol
  85. Extramundane: ah perks of being vip
  86. FallenDivinity: ikr
  87. Extramundane: Stop changing your pic.
  88. Extramundane: I liked the one you had.
  89. Extramundane: ;p
  90. FallenDivinity: which one
  91. Extramundane: the dp you had.
  92. FallenDivinity: ill try to do one close to that
  93. Extramundane: Yeah?
  94. FallenDivinity: yeah  lol
  95. Extramundane: mm.
  96. Extramundane: you say lol a lot
  97. Extramundane: z
  98. Extramundane: thought I was bad
  99. FallenDivinity: ikr
  100. FallenDivinity: how is this one
  101. Extramundane: heh.
  102. FallenDivinity: lol
  103. Extramundane: Maybe try to take out the background.
  104. Extramundane: But I do like it.
  105. FallenDivinity: im tryin fin the pants i had on in the last one
  106. Extramundane: mhmm
  107. FallenDivinity: yuh
  108. Extramundane: /me he spanked her
  109. Extramundane: heh
  110. FallenDivinity: ooh
  111. FallenDivinity: ;3
  112. Extramundane: lol. ;p
  113. FallenDivinity: lolz
  114. Extramundane: lolies
  115. Extramundane: z
  116. FallenDivinity: haha
  117. Extramundane: If you keep being this cute, I'll need to ask you out on a proper date despite knowing you just got out of a relationship.
  118. FallenDivinity: awwh ok
  119. Extramundane: so tone down that cuteness
  120. FallenDivinity: nu i refuse
  121. Extramundane: <
  122. Extramundane: Kayla says she misses you.
  123. Extramundane: she'll get wasted and talk to you later.
  124. FallenDivinity: lol
  125. Extramundane: lol.
  126. FallenDivinity: i am tryin remember how i know her
  127. Extramundane: probably her club maybe
  128. FallenDivinity: gawd its been awhile
  129. Extramundane: mhmm.
  130. FallenDivinity: yaaa
  131. Extramundane: Tell me about your day.
  132. FallenDivinity: anywho imvu said it can be 24 hours to get my account to normal
  133. Extramundane: i see
  134. Extramundane: why is it on hold?
  135. FallenDivinity: yuh
  136. FallenDivinity: cause i was hacked for 2 hours and they suspected something
  137. Extramundane: ahh
  138. Extramundane: gotcha.
  139. FallenDivinity: yeep
  140. Extramundane: sucks man
  141. FallenDivinity: ikr?!
  142. Extramundane: i hate imvu sometimes.
  143. FallenDivinity: ya its their way or get banned
  144. Extramundane: yup.
  145. Extramundane: its really dumb.
  146. FallenDivinity: yes it is
  147. FallenDivinity: jw if we went on a date where would it be
  148. Extramundane: Well, the whole point of the date is for the location to be a  surprise.
  149. FallenDivinity: lol
  150. FallenDivinity: point taken
  151. Extramundane: Yupp.
  152. FallenDivinity: ♥
  153. Extramundane: ^^
  154. FallenDivinity: also your the only man on imvu i actually would date
  155. Extramundane: Why?
  156. FallenDivinity: you catch my eye lol
  157. FallenDivinity: not the horny man that is all around here
  158. FallenDivinity: hard to find
  159. Extramundane: Ah, I see.
  160. Extramundane: Well, I was quite horny when we first met.
  161. FallenDivinity: i bet
  162. Extramundane: and I won't even lie, you just look really hot. Hard to keep myself in check at times.
  163. FallenDivinity: awwh
  164. Extramundane: mhm..
  165. FallenDivinity: :)
  166. FallenDivinity: i put a fit together just to show off to u
  167. Extramundane: Glad you're back, though.
  168. Extramundane: Oh?
  169. FallenDivinity: but its ga
  170. Extramundane: Let me see.
  171. Extramundane: Oof.
  172. Extramundane: kinda big
  173. FallenDivinity: lol
  174. Extramundane: I really like the pants.
  175. Extramundane: brb real quick love.
  176. FallenDivinity: <3
  177. FallenDivinity: okies
  178. FallenDivinity: DM me when back
  179. Extramundane: back.
  180. Extramundane: <
  181. FallenDivinity: yay
  182. Extramundane: thought you died.
  183. Extramundane: ;p
  184. FallenDivinity: lol
  185. Extramundane: /me he pecked her cheek
  186. Extramundane: so, what are you doing?
  187. FallenDivinity: just thinking
  188. Extramundane: about?
  189. FallenDivinity: you actually
  190. Extramundane: oh? what about me?
  191. FallenDivinity: asking you something
  192. Extramundane: mm?
  193. FallenDivinity: do you wanna date on here?
  194. Extramundane: honey.
  195. Extramundane: You just got out of a relationship.
  196. FallenDivinity: ik
  197. FallenDivinity: i hate being single
  198. Extramundane: why.
  199. FallenDivinity: idk always have
  200. Extramundane: don't take gaps between people?
  201. FallenDivinity: i do sometimes
  202. Extramundane: I kind of want to take my time with you, Shey. Get to know you better and all that. We can't date right away, love.
  203. FallenDivinity: okies
  204. Extramundane: I'm sorry.
  205. FallenDivinity: its ok
  206. Extramundane: I'm sure there's a lot of men who'd jump at that opportunity.
  207. FallenDivinity: lol
  208. Extramundane: ...You sure you're okay?
  209. FallenDivinity: yeah
  210. Extramundane: okay.
  211. Extramundane: I mean I'm here if you need someone to talk to.
  212. FallenDivinity: cool
  213. FallenDivinity: :)
  214. Extramundane: okay
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