Bloodborne All Bosses (Patch 1.04)

May 28th, 2015
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  1. These notes are intended as a detailed set of instructions for Bloodborne All Bosses on Patch 1.04. The particular path to follow is outline fairly explicitly, and it usually means you should run that way, because enemies won't aggro you, or there is an item pickup. The notes cover every pickup required to do every boss. Some extra pickups may exist along the way, in case you're a pussy.
  3. Bloodborne All Bosses
  4. Patch 1.04
  5. Written by: Allakazzaror (
  7. - Start a new game, offline mode.
  8. - Start Military Veteran.
  9. - Make a funny face.
  11. Wake up in Iosefka's Clinic
  12. - Head towards Central Yharnam Lantern.
  13. - Pick up 4x Blood Vials along the way.
  14. - Pull the lever to lower the ladder, and pick up 2x Blood Vials.
  15. - Climb up the ladder, light the Lantern, and warp back to Hunter's Dream.
  17. Hunter's Dream
  18. - Choose Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol.
  19. - Warp to Central Yharnam.
  21. Central Yharnam (Father Gascoigne, Blood Starved Beast)
  22. - Equip Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol.
  23. - Head to the right from the lantern and drop off on the left to pick up 4x Molotov Cocktails.
  24. - Head down the stairs and then straight forward.
  25. - Go up the stairs on the right side of the road, through the gate and pick up 2x Blood Vials.
  26. - Roll through the boxes and barrels in the corner up to the left, and drop down to the dog cages.
  27. - Kill the doggy on the left, break the box and do the skip to the bridge before Father Gascoigne.
  28. - Kill Father Gascoigne, using a combination of transformation attacks, parry/ripostes and Molotovs. Save 2x Molotovs.
  29. - After the boss fight, open the gate and climb up the ladder.
  30. - Open the chest and pick up the Blood Gem Workshop Tool.
  31. - Open the big door and light the Cathedral Ward Lantern.
  32. - Head to the left, towards Blood Starved Beast.
  33. - Pick up the Hunter Set behind the graves to the right.
  34. - Pick up 8x Blood Vials taking the fork to the left.
  35. - Proceed through the plaza, along the left side, up the stairs, through the door and across to the other side of the building.
  36. - Talk to Alfred for 3x Fire Paper.
  37. - Turn around, go back through the door and turn left to pull the lever to open the tomb, pick up 1x Madman's Knowledge while you drop off the ledge to the left.
  38. - Go down a bunch of stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, turn right and go down the hallway to pick up 3x Pungent Blood Cocktails
  39. - Open the door to Old Yharnam
  40. - Go left after the door, turn right across the bridge, then do the skip down to the bridge before Blood Starved Beast.
  41. - Across the bridge, turn left and go down to the end of the road to pick up 6x Beast Blood Pellets
  42. - Turn around and go left at the bridge, then proceed to Blood Starved Beast.
  43. - Immediately when you enter the graveyard, pick up 2x Bold Hunter's Marks to the right. Then head down to the Blood Starved Beast fight.
  44. - Kill Blood Starved Beast using a Beast Blood Pellet, Fire Paper and throwing Pungent Blood Cocktails into the corner of the room. Use transformation attacks to build beasthood to about 50%, then R1 mash, remembering to keep BSB distracted with a Pungent Blood Cocktail. Use a Bold Hunter's Mark after he's dead.
  46. Cathedral Ward (Vicar Amelia)
  47. - Head up the elevator from Cathedral Ward, use 1x Madman's Knowledge on the way up. Send it back down at the top.
  48. - Head down the Healing Church Workshop, to the Abandoned Old Workshop.
  49. - Pick up the Umbilical Cord and the Doll Set.
  50. - Continue down the Healing Church Workshop, then up the elevator to Cathedral Ward. Put the Hunter Set on on the way up.
  51. - Head to Vicar Amelia.
  52. - Pick up 6x Blood Vials.
  53. - Quit out as soon as you skip the cutscene for Amelia. This glitches her AI so she does nothing. Use a Beast Blood Pellet and a Fire Paper. Use transformation attacks to build beasthood up to about 75%, then R1 spam. Touch the skull at the end of the fight.
  54. - Light the Lantern and head through Cathedral Ward to the Forbidden Woods.
  55. - Pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards behind the Brain Slug.
  56. - Pick up 1x Tempering Blood Gemstone (2) and 1x Antidote
  57. - Say the password, drop down and head through the Forbidden Woods.
  58. - Pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shard
  59. - Light the Lantern and warp back to the Hunter's Dream
  61. Hunter's Dream
  62. - Sell the Doll set, buy 3x Molotov Cocktails and some Blood Vials from the Blood Vendor.
  63. - Buy 16x Blood Stone Shards from the Insight Vendor.
  64. - Upgrade Saw Cleaver to +4 and equip the Tempering Bloodstone Gem (2).
  65. - Kill the Doll and mash X as she is dying to skip her dialog.
  66. - Level up 17 Vitality, 25 Strength
  67. - Warp to Forbidden Woods
  69. Forbidden Woods (Shadows of Yharnam)
  70. - Head through the forbidden woods. Throw a Molotov Cocktail at the Shadow Squirrel for 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  71. - Do the jumpy-jumpy skip and drop down. Roll through the wall.
  72. - Pick up 4x Beast Blood Pellets behind the Werewolf.
  73. - Continue through the Forbidden Woods, past the Snake Head Man.
  74. - Follow the patch along the right wall to pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  75. - Drop down and follow the cliff to pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  76. - Follow the path along the cliffside to pick up 1x Twin Blood Stone Shards, and 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards behind the Snake Head Man.
  77. - Continue down the hill and drop off to the left to pick up 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  78. - Run away from the Giant Snake Balls and down the path.
  79. - Where you see the giant peanuts on the right side of the path, turn right and drop off the cliff to land by the Giant Pig before the Shadows of Yharnam.
  80. - Head through the Fog Gate and kill Shadows of Yharnam. Kill the one that shoots fireballs first, using transformation attacks. Then kill the one with the Stretchy Katana, also using transformation attacks. Then kill the one with the Firey Katana last, by attacking him once, waiting for him to dodge, then attacking again. His AI will loop.
  81. - Head to Byrgenwerth, light the Lantern and warp back to the Hunter's Dream
  83. Hunter's Dream
  84. - Upgrade your Saw Cleaver to +6
  85. - Dialog skip the Doll, level up 20 Vitality
  86. - Warp to Byrgenwerth
  88. Byrgenwerth (Rom, The One Reborn)
  89. - Head to the fireball shooting centipede and quit out. Load back in and jump off his tail, into the water, into the Rom fight.
  90. - Hit Rom to start the fight. Then kill off the first wave of little spiders. Near the end of the little spiders, use a Beast Blood Pellet and kill the remaining spiders with transformation attacks. After all the spiders are dead, attack Rom. Manage your stamina so that when he tries to teleport the first time, you can hit him with 4x R1's and a fully charged R2. This will interrupt his teleport. Follow the same strategy again and you can kill him without Rom teleporting. If you fail to interrupt the first teleport, you should probably just kill all the spiders. If you fail to interrupt the second teleport, you can probably get in on Rom and finish him off.
  91. - Approach the Lady in the White Dress, and teleport to Cathedral Ward.
  92. - Head down the stairs to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village.
  93. - Run past the lantern, down the stairs and past the snipers, and bell ringer.
  94. - Drop off the staircase to the right and pick up 3x Bolt Paper.
  95. - Pick up 1x Blood Stone Chunk
  96. - Drop off the side, through the window and drop into the cell to pick up the Upper Cathedral Key.
  97. - Make your way back to the Amygdala and go down the stairs, dodging the laser on the way.
  98. - Light the Lantern, then kill the Shadow Squirrel with 2x Molotov Cocktails and 1x R1. Then head to The One Reborn.
  99. - Go down the giant staircase in front of the Blood Skulls in a Chest, and through the big gate.
  100. - Run a serpentine path, dodging bloody spears and enter a room on the right side to pick up 1x Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5) behind the giant dog.
  101. - Run a serpentine path, dodging bloody spears and enter The One Reborn Fight.
  102. - Kill The One Reborn with a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper. 3 R1's to his right side will stagger him. Then do transformation attacks to his staggered torso until he stands back up. Then move to his back legs to avoid the explosion, and R1 spam his hind legs.
  103. - Touch the corpse of Mikolash to enter the Lecture Building.
  104. - Light the Lecture Building 2nd Floor Lantern, and warp to Hunter's Dream
  106. Hunter's Dream
  107. - Dialog skip the doll, level up 25 Vitality and 16 Skill.
  108. - Upgrade Saw Cleaver to +7 and equip the Tempering Dam Blood Gem (5)
  109. - Warp to Lecture Building 2nd Floor
  111. Lecture Building (Mikolash)
  112. - Open the door, then head straight to the shadowy door on the 2nd floor. Open it to enter the Nightmare of Mensis.
  113. - Quit out before the Shadow Squirrel, then kill it with any of your remaining Molotov Cocktails and R1 spam for 3x Blood Stone Chunks.
  114. - Head across the bridge, up the hill, and through the room with the spiders on the ceiling.
  115. - Go across the bridge, dodge the Hunter, and head down the stairs.
  116. - Head up the elevator, and at the top of the stairs, wait for the dog-bird to fall out of the cage and pick up 1x Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5).
  117. - Enter the Mikolash fight. Mikolash likes to run away from the direction you approach him, so try to guide him where you want him to go. Use 2x Beast Blood Pellet (one per phase) and 1x Bolt Paper (first phase) to kill him, and transformation attacks to build up beasthood until about 50%, then R1 spam. Between the first and second phase, pick up 8x Blood Vials on the right side of the staircase.
  118. - After Mikolash is dead, ascend the tower and light the Lantern above.
  119. - Head to the shortcut elevators. Up the first set of stairs to the right by some bird-dogs, pick up 2x Blood Stone Chunk.
  120. - Ride the broken shortcut elevator down. Halfway down, roll through the open window. Proceed through the first section past the Brain Hugger, then into the second section. About halfway through the second area, pick up 1x Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5). Then use a Bold Hunter's Mark.
  121. - Warp to the Hunter's Dream.
  123. Hunter's Dream
  124. - Upgrade Saw Cleaver to +8.
  125. - Equip the three Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5)'s. Equip the round gem into the crescent slot.
  126. - Warp to Mergo's Loft: Middle
  128. Mergo's Loft: Middle (Mergo's Wet Nurse)
  129. - Head up to a bunch of sets of stairs, then an elevator to get to Mergo's Wet Nurse
  130. - Kill Mergo's Wet Nurse with a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper. Use transformation attacks throughout, for their longer range. You can stagger her out of all of her attacks, but try to stagger her out of the purple smoke that summons a duplicate.
  131. - Listen to the baby cry while you wait for the Lantern to show up. BabyRage.
  132. - Warp to Hunter's Dream.
  134. Hunter's Dream
  135. - Warp to Yahar'gul Chapel
  137. Yahar'gul Chapel (Darkbeast Paarl)
  138. - Follow the same beginning path as going to The One Reborn, except when you get to the big room, go down the staircase one floor.
  139. - Exit out the hole in the wall in the back of this floor, to the Darkbeast Paarl fight.
  140. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet to kill Darkbeast Paarl. Do 1 R1 then 2 transformation attacks on each leg. When Paarl gets staggered, move to the next leg.
  141. - Light the Lantern and warp back to the Hunter's Dream.
  143. Hunter's Dream
  144. - Warp to Central Yharnam
  146. Central Yharnam (Cleric Beast)
  147. - Follow the same path as going to Father Gascoigne, but turn right when you get to where you would drop down to the dog cages.
  148. - Go across the courtyard, up the stairs and turn right.
  149. - Attack the enemies on the stairs to get them out of your way. Then go straight down to Cleric Beast.
  150. - Kill Cleric Beast with your dick at this point. If you're a girl, slap him with your tits. You're seriously way too overpowered for this fight. Honestly, don't even waste a Beast Blood Pellet. Pick up 10x Quicksilver Bullets after he's dead. Then light the Lantern and warp back to Hunter's Dream.
  152. Hunter's Dream
  153. - Dialog skip the doll, level up 25+ Skill, buy Blood Vials from the Blood Vendor, and Bolt Paper from the Insight Vendor.
  154. - Warp to Forbidden Woods.
  156. Forbidden Woods (Umbilical Cord & Cainhurst Summons)
  157. - Head across the bridge and follow the path straight.
  158. - Turn right when possible, and drop off the small ledge.
  159. - Run straight across, then follow the path to the left.
  160. - Follow the path as it turns right and through the gate.
  161. - Roll across the barrels to get behind the house on the left, and pick up 6x Beast Blood Pellets through the wall on the left.
  162. - Go back out the gate and turn right. Follow the path upwards, past a house on the left, past the dog cages, then turn left into the caves.
  163. - Go straight through the caves down into the swamps. Basically run straight through here into another cave, with 2 really long ladders that lead up to the graveyard by Iosefka's Clinic. Climb them. (zzz)
  164. - When you get to the top, go through the open gate, down the stairs and climb the ladder in the small courtyard ahead.
  165. - On the roof of the building, run straight across and into the open door.
  166. - Turn right inside the door, open the door and pick up 1x Cainhurst Summons.
  167. - Turn around and go the other direction from the door you entered. Turn right and open the door.
  168. - Go up 2 sets of stairs, and kill Iosefka for 1x Umbilical Cord.
  169. - Use Hunter's Mark.
  170. - Warp to Hunter's Dream.
  172. Hunter's Dream
  173. - Warp to Cathedral Ward.
  175. Cathedral Ward (Celestial Emissary, Ebrietas)
  176. - Head up the elevator to the right.
  177. - Ascend the tower across the bridge, and use the Upper Cathedral Key to enter Upper Cathedral Ward.
  178. - Climb up the stairs and go across the long bridge, past the Lantern. Up the next staircase, turn left before the big gate and go up the staircase.
  179. - Kill the Scythe guy at the top if he stands there pointing at you.
  180. - Go through the door to the right, then turn left and go through the next door. Go down the central staircase, to the back left corner of the room, and down the hallway.
  181. - Use a Bolt Paper to kill the Brain Slug before the ladder. Then use that same Bolt Paper to kill the Brain Slug who drops the Orphanage Key.
  182. - Run downstairs, through the big door, and up the stairs to the left. Go across the bridge, and enter the Celestial Emissary fight.
  183. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet and a Bolt Paper to kill Emissary. Let the aliens come to you and use transformation attacks to kill them. Then hit Emissary with 2 R1's, then he will dodge backwards. Then do 4 more R1's and he will die while he is transforming. After he dies jump through the glass window and head to Ebreitas.
  184. - Go through the upper floor of the Cathedral and down the elevator to reach Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.
  185. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet and then do 1 R1 then 3 transformation attacks. Then apply your Bolt Paper and circle Ebrietas counter-clockwise. Use transformation attacks to max out your beasthood, then R1 spam. Hit her head when possible, and you can kill her before the starts screaming. After the fight, use the Lantern to warp back to Hunter's Dream.
  187. Hunter's Dream
  188. - Warp to The Grand Cathedral
  190. Grand Cathedral (Witches of Hemwick, Martyr Logarius)
  191. - Head out the Grand Cathedral and turn right at the bottom of the first staircase outside.
  192. - Head into the tunnel and past all the snipers, then open the door to Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  193. - Follow the left wall through the zone until you reach the Fatty with a Brick. Run past him and turn right. Head through this area, up the bridge and through the barn.
  194. - Climb up the ladder to the second floor of the barn and out the back, across the roof.
  195. - Jump off to the area with the dogs down below and run up the hill ahead to the right.
  196. - Run past the enemies and into the Witches of Hemwick fight.
  197. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper for this fight. Get behind the first witch and do a fully charged R2 to stagger her, then another fully charged R2, followed by 2 more R1's to kill her. Then R1 spam the second witch. When they are dead turn around and head to the giant pillar out by where the dogs were.
  198. - Skip the cutscenes, and arrive in Cainhurst. Head through the big gate ahead, then follow the left wall to the giant doors. Enter the castle and up the stairs to the left.
  199. - Run through the room with the ghosts, and up the next staircase. Follow this path through the area.
  200. - After the hallway with the rapier guy, go through the door ahead of you and up the staircase in the back of the room.
  201. - At the top of the stairs, turn left across the first bridge. Across the bridge, turn left and jump off the short staircase, on top of the bookcase below, and roll off to the left. Pull the level to reveal the ladder.
  202. - Climb up the ladder and turn right up the small staircase. Go through the arch, then up the stairs to the left.
  203. - Head across the rooftop and drop off to the right. Go across the next rooftop, dropping off to the left twice.
  204. - Walk across this bridge and climb the ladder. Then enter the Martyr Logarius fight.
  205. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper for this fight. Use transformation attacks to build beasthood, then R1 spam. When he charges up for the AOE, hit him a few times, then backstab him to bring him low. Then just finish him off. After the fight, light the Lantern and warp back to Hunter's Dream.
  207. Hunter's Dream
  208. - Warp to 2nd Floor Lecture Building
  210. Lecture Building 2nd Floor
  211. - Head out the door and turn left. Head towards the Giant, and go down the ladder behind him.
  212. - Do a running attack to get Patches off the door, then go through. Open the door at the end of the hallway to head to the Nightmare Frontier.
  213. - Head up from the Lantern and follow the right wall, dropping off 2 small ledges, and one large one into the poison area below.
  214. - Turn right into the tunnel and follow the right wall again, into another tunnel. Use an antidote when you get out of the poison.
  215. - Head towards the tower in the distance, trying to avoid getting Frenzied. Cross the bridge and enter the Amygdala fight.
  216. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper for this fight. Run straight to the fog gate ahead of you and Amygdala will jump. Run into the fog gate, and his head will end up right in front of you. Whack it a few times and you'll be able to riposte him, but DON'T. Instead, roll then do transformation attacks on his head. Finish him off by hitting his arms a few times. After the fight, light the Lantern and warp to Hunter's Dream.
  218. Hunter's Dream (Gehrman, Moon Presence)
  219. - Make sure you have eaten all 3 Umbilical Cords by this point. If you haven't, eat them now.
  220. - Dialog skip the Doll, level up 30 Vitality, 30 Skill or more. Spend all of your insight on Bolt Paper. You should have extra from those Umbilical Cords you ate.
  221. - Eat the 3 Umbilical Cords if you haven't already.
  222. - Head to the flower fields where Gehrman is waiting. Did you eat your Umbilical Cords?
  223. - Use a Beast Blood Pellet and attack Gehrman in the field of flowers to start the fight. Use Bolt Paper as soon as the fight begins. Most of Gehrman's attacks are easily ripostable if you parry the second attack of the combo. Dodge the first attack, then shoot him on the second attack for easy ripostes. Other than that, this fight will just take practice. Also, you remembered to eat your Umbilical Cords, right? Cuz after you kill Gehrman, the Moon Presence fight will start... but only if you have eaten all 3 Umbilical Cords!
  224. - For Moon Presence, use a Beast Blood Pellet and a Bolt Paper. Use transformation attacks to build beasthood, then R1 spam. When he does the red light attack that reduces you to 1HP, attack him to heal yourself. If you run out of stamina, use a single Blood Vial, then keep attacking. That attack is the best for getting in damage. As soon as Moon Presence is dead, and you have acquired the Blood, you may quickly quit out of the game, and stop your timer.
  225. - Submit your run to the SpeedDemoArchives forum and continue being an internet badass.
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