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  1. video::ITexture *eyehole_texture =
  2.         gamedef->getTextureSource()->getTextureRaw("eyehole.png");
  3. if(eyehole_texture)
  4. {
  5.         const video::SColor color(255,255,255,255);
  6.         const video::SColor colors[] = {color,color,color,color};
  7.         core::rect<s32> rect(0,0,500,500);
  8.         driver->draw2DImage(eyehole_texture, rect,
  9.                         core::rect<s32>(core::position2d<s32>(0,0),
  10.                         core::dimension2di(eyehole_texture->getOriginalSize())),
  11.                         NULL, colors, true);
  12.                         }
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