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  1. I gave a player Rizanalt everything I had (spyglass, scupting wand, farwalking amulet, sleeping powder and everything else) because they are useful items and someone might as well have them. While doing school work I went to work killing myself. Realized quickly that there are time limits on suicides and decided to use the guards. I didn't notice at first but some folk were getting hostile concerning the death tab. I couldn't see how it could be affecting people so continued simply telling folk to ignore it, don't worry everything is cool, directing them to a GM, etc. Insults were thrown around, I stayed civil, and I was shown the small toxic part of the community but that is alright.
  3. Ekin stepped in, we talked shortly about what I wanted, he told me I couldn't have the GDPR due to Canadian laws, he offered to scramble the account (everything random, lost forever). Realizing this was the best I was going to get for what I wanted I took the offer given which I am thankful for.
  5. [21:40:52] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds, 980. That's 4635 days, 6 hours and 37 minutes ago.
  6. While I haven't played straight all this time I have had an amazing experience. Can't wait to see it on steam and hoping the best for Wurm.
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