Rapidity (Celerity; Special)

Feb 2nd, 2015
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  1. Rapidity
  2. (Celerity; Special)
  3. This Devotion only exists to modify other Devotions. It takes a Devotion that normally requires a moment of thought and concentration, and turns it into reflex.
  4. Cost: 1 Vitae
  5. Dice Pool: None
  6. Action: Reflexive
  7. When purchasing this Devotion, assign it to another Devotion which requires an Instant Action to use. For example, your character may have .22 Solid Flesh, modified with this Devotion. Rapidity requires Celerity equal to the Experience cost of the Devotion in question. This influences its Experience cost. Rapidity cannot modify Devotions that require more than a single word of speech, or any sort of complicated physical actions to accomplish. The Storyteller is encouraged to review individual purchases of Rapidity for appropriateness.
  8. When activating the Devotion, you may choose to activate Rapidity for an additional Vitae. The Devotion becomes Reflexive if so.
  9. You may only activate one Devotion fueled by Rapidity in a turn.
  10. This Devotion costs 1 Experience if it requires Celerity • or ••, 2 Experiences if it requires Celerity ••• or ••••, and costs 3 Experiences if it requires Celerity •••••. Rapidity cannot modify a Devotion normally costing 6 Experiences or more.
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