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  1. Fulfilling expectations 100cp
  2. Kids can be clumsy, unsure of themselves, but can find determination when they feel there actions help their friends or bring pride to their parents. Your ability to act and accomplish something skyrockets when you are doing it on behalf of someone else. This power only works when there is a clear way this action helps another and you are determined to accomplished them.
  4. The Bigger they are the more room there is to play in 200cp
  5. It's a common feeling for kids to be dwarfed by the world around them. This feeling is only worsened by the presence of giant monsters and robots that call this particular earth their stomping grounds. However being used to being underfoot has given kids and their monsters an idea most adults wouldn't think of. What if we got inside the problem?
  6. Kids can travel up or in giant monsters to deal with the problem, or perhaps even help there favorite giant monsters when they get in trouble. To a kid and his pals a Kaiju is more of an adventure setting than a single entity to deal with. Full of air passages, dangerous pits full of acid to cross, and potentially filled with human sized enemies such as antibodies or parasites.
  7. A slimy dungeon crawl with the goal being the monster's weak point, such as its heart or brain.
  9. While this is something that most kids may try in your case this perk helps the experience and allows you to try it in other Jumps. You and your allies seem to just have the best lucky avoiding large monster steps, the scratching claws of a monster trying to get the gnat on its back, and seem to be able to hold on far better than you should. The innards of monsters also become more like a living place with organs to climb, antibodies to fight, and dangers to avoid. You can also access this living world far more easier, monsters seem to enjoy swallowing you whole, or a wound in its side may be the doorway your searching for. You also seem to know just what you need to do in order to attain your goals and what you may need to survive. If a monster's innards are naturally poisonous for example, you may be able to acquire suits to survive it easier, or the poison seems reduced enough to be a possible thread, but not an outright suicidal action to try.
  11. A kind of Magic 400cp
  12. To a kid, love and friendship takes on a magical quality, a quality expressed and taught to many kids throughout the world. To you this power is quite real and can be used to power mystical effects. But beware, to use this power is to stretch the very fabric of those same relationships you call upon. You can produce a variety of magical effects by focusing on things you have a personal connection too. Calling upon your love of your monster to heal him or reduce the effects of other's harmful magic on him, to make his powers and abilities a little stronger and more potent. You can call upon the friendship or love people have for you or you for them to repel attackers or magics used it against you. You could use this power to protect yourself or others from mind control be it magical, technological, or just about anything else. Expel possessing entities and cause demons to flee.
  13. Items of personally significance may enhance or produce other effects as well. An object of great attachment may provide stronger protection or even harm enemies attacking you, actually sacrificing such an item may produce a miracle of substantial value. Sacrificing a keepsake of your parents you haven't seen in centuries of jumping may be enough to lift a curse on an entire kingdom or bless it to make it a paradise of green life in the middle of a desert. Put once destroyed you feel just a little bit hollowed out, and the memories of your parents become less real, or harder to remember.
  14. It is even possible to extend and amplify these effects by uniting a group of friends or perhaps even a group of people with a strong sense of community. In this case everyone would have to hold hands and focus on the thing they call upon or the task they wish to accomplice. These effects are similar to the ones you produce yourself, but on a far larger scale. A family of group of friends may focus a magical attack on an powerful monster, or a community holding hands may cause a kaiju to leave the neighborhood alone or even come back the way it came. Or even be used to make enlarge your monster to kaiju size to fight an enemy.
  16. Using this power is draining both physically and emotionally for yourself. A short burst of energy or a magical effect or two is doable, but prolonged usage or a very powerful effect will leave you tired and in need of rest and sleep. Endurance perks may help a little, but this effect will cut though them just like a drawback would, and would leave you needing rest. Calling on the power of others though there connection to you also drains them and their connection to you. Short bursts wouldn't noticeable effect them but too much and while they do not know why become irritated or upset with you. Sacrificing a bond completely may be doable, but such a person would hate you and never really know why. But it would be a herculean task to reforge said bond, no matter how many perks you have to help. In cases of weakening a bond it can be repaired and strengthen with time and effort.
  18. Monster Hero Power Activate! 600cp
  19. When you believe in someone, that power can be a force to be reckoned with even more so with the mystical bond between a child and his monster is strengthen with it. This is a huge burst of magical power that enhances your monsters attributes and abilities tenfold, though only temporary. This power boost is quite potent, healing wounds and even somewhat expanding their abilities. This power only lasts for a brief period of time however, no longer than 10 minutes and it will take up to a days for it to be ready for use again. The power naturally selects your monster but if you are separated from him or don't use him in later jumps the power is semi-autonomous and will pick a suitable substitute from nearby allies. The power makes its own decisions, picking the person who needs it the most or is the best person for the job.
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