Don't let humans walk around naked 2

Oct 10th, 2018
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  1. >"This is kind of dumb."
  2. "Oh don't be like that, Anonymous. Now be a dear and lift your arm please."
  3. >Anonymous let out a long suffering sigh
  4. >The big stallion was seated in the middle of your shower, naked as you were
  5. >Water was raining down upon him, giving his pinkish skin a marvelous wet sheen
  6. >You were standing behind him, a loofa held aloft by your magic
  7. "Come on, you silly stallion," you said, nudging his side. "Lift that arm."
  8. >It took a few more pokes, and another sigh from the stallion in question, but Anon eventually did lift his arm
  9. >You immediately began scrubbing it, humming as you did so
  10. "There we are. We'll have you shining like a diamond in no time."
  11. >Your hips bucked gently
  12. >You attempted to be quiet, but your hooves skidded against the shower flooring
  13. >Thanking, the sounds of the shower masked the sound
  14. >"Are you sure you ponies do this kind of stuff?" Anon asked, looking over his shoulder at you
  15. >You gave him a smile
  16. >The shower was hot enough that you were positive he wouldn't find your red face amiss
  17. >The various shampoos and soaps that you had littered around you also masked your scent
  18. >But not his
  19. >Oh Celestia, nothing you had did
  20. >It wasn't the smell of dirt or filth
  21. >It was an exoticating aroma that left you tingling
  22. >Better than any perfume, better than any charm that those colts in Canterlot came up with
  23. >It took a considerable amount of willpower not to let out a less than ladylike whimper
  24. >Leaning forward, you rested your muzzle on Anonymous shoulder, inhaling deeply
  25. >Shame on Twilight for keeping this away from you for so long
  26. >You were the one to reveal it to her, and there she was hogging him all to herself
  27. >If you didn't completely understand the desire to keep this stallion very, VERY close to hoof, you'd have been furious
  29. "Of course, darling. Communal bathing is very important to us ponies," you said. "Earth ponies more so than unicorns or pegasi, since their lack of appendages and magic makes cleaning their entire bodies difficult, but I can assure you that it's still done with us unicorns."
  30. >It was only a partial lie
  31. >Unicorns, and ponies in general, did bathe with each other regularly
  32. >But if one were to be knit-picky they would have said that members of the opposite never bathed together, as it was seen as indecent
  33. >Unfortunately, nopony in this bathroom of yours was to pick over details like this
  34. >Anon looked over his shoulder at you
  35. >You smiled at him even as you felt your marehood clench
  36. >A shiver ran up your body as your tail twitched
  37. >Thank goodness you were in a bath, otherwise you'd have made quite the mess of yourself...
  38. >"Huh, well, I'll take your word for it," he said, raising his other arm so that you could clean it
  39. >It took you a moment to do so, as you were in the middle of a particularly rigorous orgasm
  40. >"Thanks for helping me with this whole fitting in stuff. Twi's been doing her best to help me but sometimes I kind of want to give her a couple hours to herself, you know? I don't want her to feel like she's babysitting me."
  41. >You giggled breathlessly, allowing your eyes to cross as he looked away
  42. >Oh there was something truly marvelous about this
  43. >Anon wasn't touching you, he didn't even know what his scent was doing, but here you were draped over him as you came
  44. >Again, and again, and again, and again
  45. >A small part of you felt bad about the whole business
  46. >A gentlemare should see to the stallion's pleasure before indulging herself, but you would take the stain upon your honor just this once
  47. >You could return his "kindness" on a later date
  48. >Such an undertaking would take time however
  49. >Time and much planning
  50. >You nuzzled Anonymous's cheek
  51. >With another breath, the tingling was already returning
  53. "You're very welcome, d-dear," you said. "Not lets get you finished then, shall we. Afterwards, if you're comfortable, you could give me as washing as well."
  54. >Anon looked back again and smiled
  55. >It was the sort of smile that made those green eyes of his light up
  56. >A primal urge welled up in the core of your being
  57. >To push him to the ground
  58. >To take that cock of his--which had been teasing you all morning, hanging out as is was--into your mouth until it's girth forced your jaw apart
  59. >Then you wanted to run him to ruin
  60. >Ride him until your muzzle couldn't so much as twitch
  61. >But you resisted
  62. >Somehow, you stayed your hoof as you felt a hand give the top of your head a pat
  63. >A little demeaning to be sure, but you weren't about to chide him for it
  64. >"Thanks, Rare. I think I'll give that a shot," he said as you began scrubbing his back. "When we get to that though make sure to tell me if I'm scrubbing any bad places. Don't want you getting uncomfortable."
  65. >The heat was already growing in your groin
  66. >You silently panted, your chest heaving
  67. "W... Worry not, darling. I'll... be sure to... t-to tell you the moment... I'm--"
  68. >Your eyes narrowed as your lower half tensed
  69. >Oh by Celestia's mane this colt was lucky you weren't the sort to force an issue...
  70. "--uncomfortable."
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