Jul 14th, 2016
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  1. Prologue:
  3. Roman calls you to the command room to tell you he’s detected another Singularity forming in a Japanese territory, though this time it’s from an age much further in the past, when Japan was not yet dominated by the Age of Man. Because of this, there’s no telling what sort of stuff you’ll encounter since you’ve never Ley Shifted that far back, so he tells you to be ready for anything.
  5. >Roman: “Will you still go?”
  6. >Protagonist: “Of course.”
  7. >Roman: “Good answer, that’s really reassuring.”
  8. >Fou: “Foou! Foou!”
  9. >Mashu: “Fou-san is coming too, so we’ll have the strength of a hundred men!”
  10. >Roman: “Haha, as Mashu christened him, he’s Chaldea’s Lucky Animal.”
  12. First time in a long while they’ve remarked on your habit of bringing Fou along for shits and giggles. I suppose this logically takes place before America. In any case, off you go.
  14. Chapter 1: “The Three(?) Companions.”
  16. In the tale of Momotaro, the titular main character befriends a pheasant, a talking dog and a monkey on his way to fighting the marauding Oni at Onigashima. That’s what the three event CEs are.
  18. You Ley Shift into an island close to Honshu (probably Megijima, the real island usually associated with Onigashima) and Roman reminds you caught sight of this island back in Kyoto, due to the screwed-up geography. Mashu gets ready to survey the place, but suddenly stops, wondering if it wouldn’t be better to ask someone who knows more about Japan.
  20. >Ushiwakamaru: “Huhu, since this time the battlefield is Japan, it’s no wonder I was selected. I may be inexperienced in monster slaying, but if it is a young Japanese warrior you need, none would be better! If there are no ships, then I shall leap with my feet! This humble Ushiwakamaru has heard of my Lord’s plight and hastened to come!”
  22. Incidentally, she uses a pretty archaic reading for “Japan.”
  24. >Ushi: [Bashfully] “Well, to tell you the truth, it was Fou-dono who skilfully lured me here. I couldn’t get that mizu youkan…”
  25. >Roman: [Thinking] (Ah, so that’s why there was mizu youkan in the Coffin…)
  27. Yes, he lured her there by leaving shoving bean jelly paste in the pod and closing it on her.
  30. Ushi’s feeling pretty good about joining this time, and Mashu asks her if she thinks there’s anything curious about your surroundings. She answers that the shape of the island is really strange, and wonders if it might not be one she once heard about.
  32. >Mashu: “So it’s strange after all. It has the shape of something you might find drawn in a picture book.”
  34. Roman interrupts to tell you he’s detected multiple unknown signature of monsters dancing and playing about the island, and you are suddenly approached by some of them.
  36. >Ushi: “Truly bizarre my Lord, they are the very image of an Oni!”
  38. They suddenly attack.
  40. >Ushi: ”Eh, how lacking. It may be an Oni, but its head will still roll if you cut its neck.”
  41. >Fou: “Fouuu…”
  42. >Ushi: “Yet, they really are creatures out of the ordinary. Oni possess much greater strength than humans and act with much greater greed. Truly unsightly creatures. Luckily there aren’t many of them, but the problem is…”
  43. >Mashu: “Yes, the abnormality in this island is slowly becoming clear. An island shaped like one out of a fairy tale, filled with menacing Oni. Based on this information…”
  44. >Protagonist: “…this must be Onigashima.”
  46. Everyone wonders how this is possible, since Roman says this island does not exist in any records and Ushi confirms it wasn’t there during her brother’s era either, which leads Roman to conjecture it must have been manifested by someone.
  48. >Mashu: “A place of this size?”
  49. >Roman: “It might be unexpected, but it is said in myths that Japan was created by a god. Do you know the story of the Amenonuhoko? It was an object with the power to create islands. Well, that’s a story for another time, but the point is it was an island that did not exist in human records.”
  50. >Mashu: “So we’re dealing with something with the power to manifest illusions from fairytales into reality…”
  52. Roman says it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but tells you to be careful.
  56. Roman says that the source of the Singularity appears to be within the island, on its central peak, and Mashu remarks on how the steep cliffs would make it really hard to climb.
  58. >Roman: “By the way, Ushiwakamaru-kun, do you know this legend in detail? It only became popular long after your age after all.”
  59. >Ushi: “Yes, please do not worry. This Ushiwaka made sure to study properly at Chaldea. Onigashima’s story of course, but also Kobutori Jisan, Shita-kiri Suzume, The Quarrel of the Monkey and the Crab, the Thief Ninja Jiraiya and so on. I love them all!”
  61. She gives you a brief summary of the Legend of Momotaro, which is what I mentioned before, and mentions how Momotaro befriended the three animals in exchange for sweets.
  63. >Ushi: “Ah, if my lord is Momotaro, I would then be the dog then. I’m a dog person after all. Cats won’t listen to orders, but dogs are faithful to their master. If it were your order, I would line the severed heads of the Oni throughout this coastline with no complaints.”
  64. >Roman: “…it doesn’t sound like a joke when Ushiwakamaru-kun says it… and she’s a genius when it comes to warfare…”
  65. >Fou: “Fou! Fouuu!”
  66. >Ushi: “Ah, Fou-dono wishes to be the dog? Hmmm, certainly… he does fulfil some requirements… But I will not lose! We shall see which of us is better at working like a dog! Let’s go!”
  67. >Fou: “Fou!”
  68. >Mashu: “Ah, Ushiwakamaru-san and Fou-san took off running.”
  71. You let them take the vanguard and trail behind, but stop as you see she’s found something and runs back.
  73. >Ushi: “My Lord! I came to report, there is someone collapsed over there!”
  75. You end up finding the red-head kid.
  77. >Roman: This is… a Servant signature.”
  79. He’s surrounded by Oni, so you first jump to dispatch them. You keep fighting although there’s assloads of them, and the kid wakes up mid-battle.
  81. >???: “You are…”
  82. >Protagonist: “We’ll talk later!”
  83. >???: “I’m not sure, but I see you are fighting the Oni to help me… Then… though exhausted in mind and body and I’m no good right now…”
  84. >[He attacks one of the Oni]
  85. >Mashu: “He defeated it by himself! How…!?”
  86. >Ushi: “A small blade… no, a kunai. A strike with the maximum speed and minimum movement… You, who are you?”
  87. >???: “Sorry, I have no name but… well, I am Fuuma Kotarou. Or rather, I am the Fifth Generation Kotarou.”
  89. He says that he wants to help even though he has no experience in demon slaying and Ushi welcomes him, even though she says his dainty appearance and shy demeanour don’t really inspire much confidence.
  92. >Ushi: “Wow! Another kunai right between the eyes! What amazing accuracy, Kotarou-dono!”
  93. >Kotarou: [Blushing] “A…. yes. You look cold, but you move with such amazing lightness too.”
  94. >Ushi: “Hahaha, to worry about me even amidst this battlefield! I’ll trust my back to you, Kotarou-dono!”
  96. I think he means her lack of clothes, which she just finds funny. Ushi is excited about meeting a ninja since she’s never seen one before.
  98. >Ushi: “I was shown similar things by the Tengu, but meeting the real thing in person Is something else! I wonder if Aniue would be pleased if I were to learn more about your kind. You must definitely teach me later!”
  99. >Kotarou: “Uh…. No way… no good at… teaching people … ah, you are?”
  100. >Ushi: “My apologies. I am called Ushiwakamaru.”
  101. >Kotarou: “Ushiwaka… ah, the Minamoto warrior. I don’t like warriors… but… the Minamoto… are different.”
  103. Mashu then interrupts as there’s another wave of Oni, so you fight them too, but after a while everyone starts to panic as the Oni just keep gushing forth endlessly. Kotarou apologizes for dragging you into it, though you just tell him that it’s your fault for not retreating in time. Roman then tells you to look for an opening.
  107. Ushi is annoyed at the lack of a clear enemy leader since she says it’s basic to try and cut down the head in these cases.
  109. >Ushi: “Were my lord to command me, I would dive between a thousand warriors to claim the neck of the enemy general.”
  110. >Kotarou: “Can’t help it if there isn’t one. The problem is just numbers.”
  111. >Protagonist: “You have a countermeasure?”
  112. >Kotarou: [Parting his hair to show his eye] “Can’t be helped, there’s no point in keeping it hidden this late in the game. Ushiwakamaru, Girl in black, and that person there. I am a stray Servant, summoned by fate unto this land. I am neither your enemy nor your ally, but I shall bare my trump card, my Noble Phantasm, before you. [Smirking] As I make my way through this world by virtue and honour, Fuuma Kotarou will show you his devotion and respect. This is not our sacred Mount Ashigara. This is not where our ruffian subordinates run with speed that defies the eye. Fuuma, not as the leader of the clan but as a single companion, will entrust to you the secrets of his most forbidden technique.”
  113. >Protagonist: “…so?”
  114. >Mashu: “Senpai, this is a serious scene! He’s trying to summon up his courage even though he’s shy!”
  115. >UshI: “My Lord, this is serious, Kotarou is having a cool scene!”
  116. >Kotarou: [Flustered] “Uhm, can I continue?”
  117. >Fou: “Fou.”
  120. >Kotarou: “Then, once again. Master-dono. My Noble Phantasm will summon the Fuuma thugs… my subordinate’s spirits. At the very least, they should not be defeated by these monsters. If they cannot exterminate them, at least they will be a diversion. Think of this as a chance for a sudden reversal of luck. At the signal, I shall unveil my Noble Phantasm.”
  121. >Ushi: “I see, it’s like a smokescreen. But that is only temporary. In order to sever an army of this size, we still need a great deal of firepower.”
  123. At that precise moment, everyone gets distracted by a sound like a horn and a revving engine.
  124. >Mashu: “Something is approaching with an enormous strength! It’s from… up on that cliff!”
  125. >Kotarou: “That is…”
  126. >Ushi: “That is!”
  127. >Roman: “It… jumped from that cliff!?”
  128. >Fou: “Fou!”
  130. >Kintoki: “Yo, I was lured by the stench of Oni, and this guy got in the mood. What a GOLDEN PARTY. Ahh, as I thought, it’s the General from Chaldea!”
  131. >Mashu: “It’s Kintoki riding in full spirits! Ah, I mean, Mr. Golden!”
  132. >Ushi: “Eh, Kintarou? Where, Mashu? I can’t see anything save that brute all decked up like a foreigner…”
  133. >Kotarou: “That is… Sakata… Kintoki…?”
  134. >Mashu: “Yes, you might not believe it, but this is Golden-san. We were surprised the first time too! Ah, but today it’s a bit special…”
  135. “Roman: “Y, yeah, where did he get that sparkling metal bike!?”
  137. >Kintoki: “Sharpen your ears and listen! This is my sole and only companion! An accelerator that can leap past a hundred villages! A jet engine that would not be stopped by a hundred bears! Definitely--- Definitely Gooooolden! This is the model famed throughout Ashigara! HYPER ULTRA DANGEROUS GOLDEN BEAR I!”
  138. >Protagonist: “H… how cool!”
  139. >Kintoki: “Ahh, so you get it then, General!”
  142. >Roman: “Ah yes, you’re an idiot after all, Kintoki-kun. But that’s besides the point, look at the situation please, you’re not a highschooler happy to have just gotten his license!”
  143. >KintokI: “I’m an adult, I tell ya! The permit is huge! …bah, OK OK, no need to say it, Mad Doc. I got it since before I jumped off the tea house in the cliff.”
  144. >Roman: “Mad Doc? Me?”
  146. He then starts guffawing at the Oni since they look ridiculous.
  148. >Kotarou: “That is really… Sakata… Kintoki…!”
  150. >Mashu: “Laughing like that is something bullies do! The kids looking will be sad!”
  151. >KintokI: “Ah… no no, I can’t make kids cry… sorry, I got a bit…I just started laughing when I saw those guys. They kinda reminded me of something from when I was a kid…”
  153. Then you are attacked by the Oni who got sick of waiting.
  156. >Kintoki: “It ain’t the time to hug my stomach laughing. I don’t get why I was summoned differently than usual, but I got work to do! There’s no need to deal with that now, that’s what this rider suit is telling me. GOLDEN. A GOLDEN faster than the wind! Then this is simple! Time for some Oni Extermination! General, Shield Miss!”
  157. >Mashu: “Yes! The Kintarou riding in full spirits, it’s your time to shine!”
  158. >Protagonist: “We’ll break through using Golden’s Noble Phantasm!”
  159. >Mashu: “Very well, Senpai. Kotarou-kun, please!”
  160. >Kotarou: “Y… yes! My immortal ninja, Come forth! IMMORTAL CHAOS BRIGADE!”
  161. >Kintoki: “Wait wait, that’s…”
  162. >Kotarou: “Ah… sorry, does it sound weird..?”
  163. >KintokI: “That Noble Phantasm has a really cool name! You got some good taste! If you got some GOLDEN into it, it’d be perfect!””
  164. >Kotarou: “Eh… uhm, thanks…”
  165. >Kintoku: “I won’t lose then! I’ll give you a good memory, you Oni bastards! With the speed of the gale, fast as lighting! Sparkling GOLDEN BODY! My Sacred Steed, this is my Bear I! Come over who ever will do so, climb on if you want, but be warned there are no breaks! I will guide you to the depths of hell!”
  169. 2)
  171. You finally escape by climbing up a cliff, with Kotarou apologizing again for having dragged you into that. Since you can take a break, Roman uses the chance to ask Kotarou what he was doing collapsed on the beach. He answers that he’s not sure: he was summoned for some reason, but although he doesn’t know by whom, he says that it must be because he has a connection with Oni.
  173. >Kotarou: “The Fuuma’s secret art… is known as Oni transformation. That’s why our legends are mixed together with them.”
  174. >Mashu: “You become Oni?”
  175. >Kotarou: “I can’t right now… that Noble Phantasm has been sealed. But… there are Oni here before my eyes. If I could observe and study them, I might be able to release… I thought. But trying to get a closer look was a mistake after all… The called in a new swarm and I ended up trapped…”
  176. >Roman: “So that’s how you ended up like that.”
  178. He’s embarrassed about asking for help surveying the island, but Kintoki tells him not to worry since he ain’t about to turn his back on a lost child.
  180. >Kintoki: “And I got to see some HOT ninja arts in return! You’re FANTASTIC as expected from your looks!”
  181. >Kotarou: “Ahhh, if Kintoki-dono says it, then I am grateful…”
  183. Roman thanks Kintoki for his help as well, and laughs it off, saying you should get back on topic and try to figure out what’s going on.
  185. >Mashu: “Why is this island here? Why are the Oni multiplying in such numbers? There’s mystery on top of mystery…”
  187. Roman asks Kintoki and Kotarou if they will assist you, and they both agree, Kotarou because he’s indebted and it’s a good chance to try and study the Oni for his technique, and Kintoki because [One Piece-sounding nakama bullshit speech with racing motifs.]
  191. >Ushi: “…”
  192. >Kintoki: “And it ain’t like I can overlook evildoers, can I? I got a national image to keep. If Kintarou doesn’t hunt Oni, what’s he gonna hunt?”
  193. >Ushi: “…”
  194. >Kintoki: “What’s that stare I’m feeling!?”
  195. >Ushi: “Y-yeah, it’s me, my apologies! I’m just moved to meet Sakata Kintoki in person! ”
  196. >Kintoki: “Ah, you know about me?”
  197. >Ushi: “Yes, there was my great ancestor… Minamoto no Yorimitsu and the Four Heavenly Kings! Kintoki-dono’s exploits were enormously brave, and were later passed on as the brave feats of Kintarou of Ashigara. I read all about it in Chaldea!”
  198. >Kotarou: “…”
  199. >Roman: (Kotarou-kun nodded quietly.)
  200. >Ushi: (I was surprised by the golden hair and foreigner getup, but it’s no different than being rebellious. It’s that, you know, that. Like a kid going through puberty and suddenly having a rebellious phase against his mother.)
  201. >Kintoki: “Oi, it’s true that me and the General rampaged about, but don’t give me that look. Besides, to say the General was your Ancestor… you’re a Minamoto?”
  203. As a reminder, “General” is what he calls you, but also how he refers to Yorimitsu.
  205. >Ushi: “Yes! Father was Yoshitomo, Mother was Tokiwa and of course my Elder Brother was Yoritomo! I am called Ushiwakamaru!”
  206. >Kintoki: “Ahhh, I see, I see! W-wait, don’t get so close! And don’t go jumping up and down either!”
  207. >Ushi: “Ah, sorry, I just got excited.”
  208. >Kintoki: (This girl’s armour is too SPARKLING! She’s a Rider, isn’t she!? A Rider! Is this the usual getup for the later-generation Genji clan!? It’s completely visible, her lower back and… her underpants too!”)
  209. >Mashu: “Kintoki-san’s face has gone red and he’s turned away. The hairstyle might be different and he’s riding a bike, but he’s acting the same as always.”
  211. Roman then tells you to start collecting intel and you fight an incoming Oni patrol.
  215. >Protagonist: “Kotarou-kun sensed them before you, doctor.”
  216. >Roman: “At the same time! It was at the same time! I’ve got a time delay here so I’m at a disadvantage!”
  218. A shade slips by, and Kotarou thinks to himself that he felt someone watching, and then you split up, with Kotarou and Kintoki going to explore while you go investigate up the cliff.
  220. You make it up the cliff so you can get a bird’s eye view, and Ushi says she can see what looks like the central plaza of a village where human and Oni are gathered, and it seems the Oni use the humans as slave labour.
  222. >Ushi: “The Oni are swinging whips around and shouting orders… seems they understand human speech. The prisoners are digging a big hole and carrying dirt and wooden logs…”
  224. Mashu says she’d like to set them free if possible, but that you’d just end up getting surrounded from all sides again.
  226. >Kotarou: “Indeed, releasing all those people isn’t realistic right now. If we continue climbing this island, we should find their leader, so that’s probably the best way to go about it.”
  227. >Fou: “Fou?”
  228. >Protagonist: “Don’t sneak up behind me like that!”
  229. >Kotarou: “Ah, sorry… I’m a ninja so…”
  234. He’s there to report on his findings, and says he’s identified the village as a workshop and found a path further up. However, the path is barred by three gates guarded by Oni, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid them. The Oni are way stronger than the normal ones and each holds the key to their door. In addition, each one is accompanied by a bodyguard. He doesn’t know more because the Oni he interrogated to get this information escaped after that part.
  236. >Ushi: [Smiling] “Haha, so you did not feel like chasing it and killing him. Kotarou-dono is so kind. If it had been me, I would have pursued it and made it regret it ever tried to escape.”
  237. >Kotarou: “…well, I had no time.”
  238. >Roman: (Ushiwakamaru says such heartless things with a smile and Kotarou-kun is so calm about it… Japanese heroes look kind, but they’re real scary underneath…)
  239. >Protagonist: “He’s a ninja, so it can’t be helped.”
  240. >Kotarou: “No, I’m sorry, it seems I was sloppy after all. I should have dealt with it properly…”
  242. Some Oni suddenly come at you, probably lured by the one he let escape, so you fight them off.
  246. It’s about time for Kintoki to re-join you, so you’re all waiting for him. He’s late, and Kotarou wonders if he shouldn’t have done Kintoki’s share of scouting as well given the noise his bike makes, but then realizes that Kintoki would have just gone recklessly riding around either way. Roman laughs at his straightforwardness, though he says the bike also has the advantage of mobility, so he shouldn’t worry.
  248. >Kotarou: “Wait, shh. Roman-san, is there a signal nearby?”
  249. >Roman: “Precisely, Kotarou-kun. Though I’m sure it’s not Kintoki-kun”
  251. You hide at Mashu’s suggestion and peek on a few Oni passing by.
  253. >Oni 1: “Oh man, I’m tired… so strict, it’s like hell in here…”
  254. >Mashu: “They just left work… seems they can speak as well. They appear slightly higher-ranked than the small fry, probably middle management…”
  255. >Oni 2: “Making human work ain’t fun… they slack off the second you take your eyes off ‘em.”
  256. >Oni 3: “You can correct that with a bit of whipping though. Gotta lead by example with our sturdiness.”
  257. >Oni 1: “Honestly, we’d complete the castle faster if we just did the work ourselves. We’d have finished in two days if the boss had ordered us to do it. Then we could go to the red-light district and get friendly with some courtesans…”
  258. >Oni 2: “Gahaha. Alright, I’m hungry time to eat!”
  259. >Oni 3: “Don’t tell me you brought some boxed lunches.”
  260. >Oni 2: “Course not! I just plucked the head off that old man we were using and took his innards!”
  264. Ushi asks you if you want to order her to kill them, but you tell her to hold back a bit. Roman suddenly detects a Servant signature, and Raikou shows up.
  266. >???: “What are you doing, you bastards? To kill an innocent old man… no doubt, you are deviants of the worst kind.”
  267. >Oni 1: “Who are you!?”
  268. >???: “My blade bears no blemish. As swift as the heavenly thunder. As shining as a snowflake. Its gentleness bestowed by heaven is as the falling rain. This is a criminal execution, be consumed by this pain and die!”
  270. Everyone shits bricks as she starts killing the Oni effortlessly, and you decide to jump out and help.
  272. As the battle ends, Mashu and Roman note that Raikou’s spirit body seems strange and has some really high parameters, similar to those of a Phantasmal Beast-ranked spirit. He asks Ushiwakamaru about the Tengu who raised her for reference on what Japanese monsters are like and she shrugs, saying that she can’t really talk much about her teachers (it sounds as if she’s refusing to divulge their secrets) but that the mystery spirits and such from Japan are roughly like the ones from the west. Some have hidden from the human world and some are like curses born out of humanity, and the Oni are the latter, like a curse born of human deeds.
  275. >Roman: “A creature born without any proper ecosystem, yes, I see… wait, now’s not the time for a leisurely chat! Turn the camera towards that pretty woman! Listen, those are precious brea-No, I mean, that’s a valuable witness!”
  276. >???: “Oh, where is that voice coming from? A delicate and cautious one, who in spite of their timidity faces all with logic and reason… I can feel that kind of personality.”
  277. >Protagonist: “Who are you?”
  278. >???: “I am merely an armoured warrior who happened to pass by. I thank you for your assistance, people of an unknown land. Your clothes are strange, so how have you ended din this island? No boats should have come yet… ara? Ara ara? Who is this cute little warrior?”
  279. >Ushi: “Mi... no, I am Ushiwakamaru. It was admirable how you killed those Oni so swiftly, and your swordsmanship is rather strange. Surely you must be a famous warrior.”
  280. >???: “Well… fufu…” [Petting petting]
  281. >Ushi: “Eh, uhm, that…”
  283. She tells you not to mind her, since you just crossed by chance as you were both going about your business. She says she hopes you may meet again and then excuses herself.
  285. Roman tells you to stop her, but Kotarou refuses, saying it’d be discourteous against someone with regal posture.
  287. >Mashu: “She had a curious demeanour, but she felt like a magnanimous, motherly woman.”
  288. >Ushi: “Humm… that person…”
  289. >Protagonist: “You know her after all?”
  290. >Ushi: “No, I’m sure this is the first time I’ve met her. But her aura seemed familiar… her scent…
  292. She can’t remember, so she shrugs it off, and Kintoki finally shows up.
  295. >Kintoki: “Sorry I’m late, Bear I got into a good mood and we ended up going way farther than planned.”
  296. >Kotarou: “Kintoki-san… you are safe… welcome back.”
  298. He realizes you’ve been fighting, so Ushiwakamaru tells him what happened.
  300. >Kintoki: “A warrior woman showed up?”
  301. >Roman: “Yeah, something like a mixture of ridiculous swordsmanship, ridiculous breast size and motherly vibe.”
  302. >Kintoki: [Surprised] “…eh?”
  303. >Mashu: “Yes, she had a slender figure in spite of the armour and looked gentle… or it was more like glamorous… anyway, she acted like a gorgeous beauty. I thought she’d be a famous warrior but…”
  304. >Kintoki: “…that’d be… no, can’t be…”
  306. Roman asks him what’s up, but he just brushes it off. You explain the new intel to him, and he gets psyched up since beating the shit out of strong enemies is easy and straightforward. He tells you a bit of what he saw, which is just more humans being forced into labour by the Oni, and then you take off for the first gate.
  309. 3)
  311. >Ushi: “Incidentally, my Lord. Thanks to my lord’s virtuous personality in place of sweet dumplings, you have gained Kotarou-dono and Kintoki-dono as our reliable companions. We talked about this when we first arrived, but shall we discuss how to assign roles once more? I think it would improve our fighting mood if it’s decided properly.”
  312. >Protagonist: “Ah, Momotaro’s companions.”
  313. >Ushi: “Exactly. As far as Oni Extermination goes, this would be the greatest honour. To begin with, I would of course be the Dog…”
  314. >Fou: “Fouu! Foufou!”
  315. >Ushi: “Ah, that’s right, I am still in the middle of my contest with Fou-dono…”
  317. She tells you to decide instead and then asks Mashu what role she wants.
  322. >Mashu: “Eh? Me? I don’t mind…”
  323. >Roman: “Mashu’s also got the faithful dog thing going on, doesn’t she?”
  324. >Ushi: “Oh..?”
  325. >Fou: “Fou…?”
  326. >Mashu: “Doctor, please don’t say needless things! I don’t need any role myself!”
  327. >Ushi: “So Mashu-dono is one with no desires. Well, then, next is the Pheasant.”
  328. >Kotarou: “?”
  329. >Ushi: “Looking at Kotarou-sono, he might havesome bird-like features. The hairstyle and colour, more or less. Would the role of the Pheasant be satisfactory?”
  330. >Kotarou: [Smiling] “A bird… that’s nice. If you think I’m okay, I don’t mind.”
  331. >Ushi: “Ah, a quick reply. Alright, the Pheasant is decided. Next is Kintoki-kun.”
  332. >Kintoki: “Stop, Ushiwaka. Stop.”
  333. >Ushi: “(…he sees he’ll be given the monkey’s role!?)
  334. >Kintoki: “My name is GOLDEN. Call me GOLDEN, will ya? We’re fighting together now. We’re companions already, companions! You don’t have to use my full name. You think so too, don’t you Kotarou?”
  335. >Kotarou: “Ah, yes… GOLDEN... has a nice ring to it. But then, Ushiwakamaru-dono, what about giving Kintoki-dono the role of the Monkey? You wouldn’t expect there’d be a monkey as strong as this. If there were, Japan would be destroyed. Something like the future Nikko Edomura from the end of the century.”
  337. I have no bloody clue what he means by that last sentence. Nikko Edomura is a theme Park in Japan that has monkeys walking about, but it’s still not clear what he means nor why he is angry about it.
  342. >Ushi: “Uhm, yes, that’s true… but doesn’t Kotarou-dono seem like he’s seething with anger?”
  343. >Roman: (Yeah, his eyes turned scary when talking about Kintoki-kun…)
  344. >Ushi: “Though Kotarou-dono has a point. The role of Taro would be more fitting for Kintoki-do… eh, GOLDEN-dono. But Momotaro should be our Master. We’d have double Momotaros…”
  345. >Kintoki: “The Monkey’s role then? Yeah, sure. We’re both raised in the mountains, so there’s not much difference.”
  346. >Protagonist: “I thought you wouldn’t like it.”
  347. >Kintoki: “Nah, don’t you know how strong monkeys are? The ones in my mountain were ridiculously tough, like bears. They could even wrestle with me.”
  349. He then goes on a long-winded explanation of what these “monkeys were like”, their strong thick arms and fur and how they banged their chests like drums.
  351. >Mashu: “Uhm, that’s not a monkey… could that have been a mountain gori…”
  352. >Roman: “What kind of ecosystem was that mountain you were raised in…?”
  353. >Ushi: “So there are such things living in the mountains, I see. I ought to study more. In any case, the role of the Three Companions has been decided! We can now proceed with the Oni Extermination. Let us go, my Lord!”
  357. You arrive at the Green Gate, where you find the gatekeeper Oni. You are about to fight it when Roman reports a Servant signature and Mashu remembers there was supposed to be a bodyguard too.
  359. >Kojirou: “…ah.”
  360. >Mashu: “…”
  361. >Kojirou: “Can we talk a bit? There’s something I want to ask you.”
  362. >Protagonist: “Sure.”
  363. >Kojirou: “I, Sasaki Kojirou, have had the gleam of my secret blade requested by the Oni to serve as bodyguard, because ‘swallows are pheasants are both birds, so they’re pretty much the same’. It was such a randomly put together reasoning… no, let us say such a daring reasoning. So my humble One Star self has been hired as an assassin to kill that demon bird that shoots light beams from its beak.”
  364. >Roman: “…”
  365. >Kojirou: “So where’s the pheasant?”
  366. >Ushi: “Here.”
  367. >Kotarou: “Hello.”
  368. >Kojirou: “That’s a person! Where can you see a beak!?”
  369. >Mashu: “Don’t get angry!”
  370. >Kojriou: “I am angry! I may be a hermit but it’s not like I have that much free time! Ehh… compared to the swallow from that day… that’s just a hoodlum with a bird-like haircut! Bring out a falconer, or maybe some Heroic Spirit with some relation to birds!”
  373. >Kotarou: “Uhm… sorry, shooting beams from the beak is… I am Fuuma Kotarou, I have the role of the Pheasant. I can do shadow copies… and use Tsuchiikazuchi’s arts… uhm…”
  374. >Kojirou: “Eh, Fuuma Kotarou? The ninja clan that comes after the Iga and Kouga? Ahhh, my bad. I have no complaints fighting the head of the Fuuma. Good name too: Kotarou, Kojirou, at the end of this battle between such similar names might bloom a new friendship.”
  375. >Kotarou: [Scowling] “Nothing’s gonna bloom. From now on, I’m a Kojirou-killer.”
  376. >Kojirou: “But we’re both from Japan!”
  377. >Kotarou: “Shut up. I may be apathetic, but there’s three things I won’t forgive. One is people who fail to properly maintain their weapons. Another is subordinates who send away merchants who are making home deliveries. And the last one is people who rank the Fuuma after the Iga and Kouga! You have stepped over the line! As the Fifth-Generation Fuuma head, I will fight that strange sword of yours!”
  378. >Mashu: “His anger seems to be coming from some sensitive, selfish issue, Senpai!”
  379. >Kintoki: “What awesome vigour, seems like he really got into the Pheasant’s role now!”
  380. >Kojirou: “Oh. Rather than the tiger’s tail, I seem to have stepped on the bird’s feathers. It’s a bit regrettable, but that’s okay. The conversation is over, we will stake our lives from now on. Then, Kotarou-dono, I will give you some advice in return for my verbal slip. This huge Oni’s name is Kazekoshimaru and he claims to be the incarnation of speed. You will not beat him in speed.”
  382. Kintoki takes that as a challenge for his bike, though Mashu tells you to prepare accordingly to fight someone with those skills and you get to it.
  384. 4)
  386. After the battle:
  388. >Kojirou: “…Splendid.”
  389. >Mashu: “We… we did it. That Oni had an incredible amount of stamina, but we finally beat it!”
  390. >Kintoki: “Ya got careless, spindly samurai. This Bear I ain’t just got speed, the power and technique are GOLDEN-class too!”
  391. >Kojirou: “Hu… I was beaten by a mechanical horse and a ninja bird.”
  392. >Ushi: “Don’t forget the faithful dog with broken brakes!”
  394. Oh God, it’s infecting them, even Ushi is using vehicle metaphors now.
  396. >Roman: (At least she finally said it herself!)
  397. >Kojirou: “As expected, losing myself in that loveliness was my defeat. No, maybe it’s just the dago from the tea house on the ridge was just too delicious… Here is a haiku: ‘Blue summer, acting lovestruck on the beach, Martha-dono’… Impossible. Impossible, huh.”
  398. >[Kojirou disappears]
  399. >Roman. “The bodyguard has been dispatched. Graceful ‘til the end.”
  401. You then take the Oni’s key and cross the first door.
  405. 5)
  407. You reach the ramshackle dwellings where the human captives live, apparently kept with the bare minimum necessities they need to subsist. Roman mentions that they were probably brought over from the mainland but that there’s not much you can do, since you can neither prepare a rescue ship nor do you have enough manpower to set up a rescue operation, so you better stick to trying to solve the source of the Singularity.
  409. Kotarou says that even if you set them free, the Oni would just end up dragging them back, and Ushi remarks on how everyone around looks completely sunk in despair. She says she’d like to interrogate at least some of them, and then they see one man walking towards them.
  411. >Roman: “Eh? That… that’s…”
  412. >Benkei: “Ahh, Master-dono and Yoshitsune-sama, what a coincidence, muho.”
  413. >Ushi: “…Who are you!?”
  414. >Benkei: “Hahamuhaha, what are you saying? Have we not met countless times in Chaldea? Muho. Benkei, I am Musashibou Benkei.”
  415. >Ushi: “Are you really ‘that’ Benkei? If you’ll go that far with this… I can’t allow myself to lose face in front of everyone as your Master. It would have been fine to let the Benkei thing stay as is so… I’ve been purposely avoiding the issue, Kaizon---”
  416. >Benkei: [Seriously] “I am Benkei. Benkei.”
  417. >Protagonist: “You’ve been doing muscle training or something?”
  418. >Ushi: “Yes, that’s it! Benkei, you’ve bulked up!”
  419. >Benkei: “What are you saying? Benkei has been robust of build from the start, muho.”
  421. Kintoki then challenges him to sumo wrestle while Kotarou humbly offers to be the referee.
  423. >Benkei: “I would love to match my strength against the great Sakata Kintoki! It is more of a blessing than Benkei deserves.”
  424. >Mashu: “It’s Benkei-san for sure, but… he seems more powerful than usual somehow.”
  426. Roman then interrupts and tells them that he first wants to hear what Benkei’s doing there.
  430. >Benkei: “Where the Master is, the Retainer is as well. I have of course come to aid Master-dono and Yoshitsune-sama.”
  432. He first appeared higher up in the island and was searching for you, and since he couldn’t find you, he started wandering around to see if you were somewhere else.
  434. >Ushi: “…”
  435. >Benkei: “Ah, please do not worry. I have no interest in being the Dog, Monkey or Pheasant. I am but Yoshitsune-sama’s weapon, please use me as you wish.”
  436. >Ushi: “Alright, if it’s a disposable weapon, there’s no problems. I still have some reservations, but I’ll let it go.”
  437. >Roman: (Pretty cruel with everyone except your Master, Ushiwakamaru-kun…)
  439. Kintoki is just hyped to have more people and Benkei returns the sentiment, but then he says that although he’d love to deepen their bond through wrestling, there’s a better opponent coming closer. Roman shouts that there’s an Oni patrol coming, and you all get ready to fight.
  441. >Protagonist: “With Benkei with us, we have the strength of a hundred men!”
  442. >Benkei: “I was once called Oniwaka, the Oni Child! I shall show you my rampage will not lose to an Oni! If these demons have ears, let the prayer to Buddha reach them. Namu.”
  444. “Namu” is the first part of “Namu Amidha Butsu.” Think of it roughly as the Buddhist “Amen.”
  449. You beat the Oni, but all the prisoners still look completely devoid of willpower to escape or resist, so Mashu says that you have no choice but to beat the enemy leader while Kintoki scowls at them in disgust.
  451. >KintokI: “If we had time, I’d go and instil some GOLDEN fighting spirit to each of them one by one. No, first is breakfast. You gotta have some gasoline to burn if you gonna have fighting spirit. I ain’t Big-Brother Tawara, but I can at least make some riceballs myself.”
  452. >Kotarou: “Kintoki making riceballs? THE Sakata Kintoki can cook!?”
  453. >Kintoki: [Flustered] “W-what is it? If it’s just riceballs anyone can make those if you’re a man. I might look like this, I was raised in the house of a great Samurai general. Every morning they’d lay out an amazing spread on the table, even though I wasn’t very good with that. I was always nervous about my manners at those time, riceballs are enough for me after all.”
  454. >Kotarou: “Ahhh, I know, I know! I’m fine with simple breakfast too, but my subordinates would always bring out some weird elaborate stuff.”
  455. >Kintoki: “Right!? I wanted to hurry out and go play, but you couldn’t eat rice at your leisure like that!”
  456. >Roman: “Huum, these two would make the mothers of the world cry with their tastes. Anyway Kotarou-kun, it’s fine that you’re getting along with Kintoki-kun, but is that alright? You’re the head of the Fuuma. Is it okay for an outlaw to make friends like him?”
  457. >Kotarou: [Blushing] “Ah… hum… well… but if it’s Kintoki-kun…”
  458. >Ushi: (Alright, alright… there’s no room for me in a chat between young men.)
  460. You then move on, but just before you go, Kotarou feels someone looking at you again, which you see is Raikou eavesdropping with tearful eyes.
  463. 7)
  464. Before reading this one, take a second to read the summary of this play:
  466. You approach a place that looks like a checkpoint, and Kotarou suggests stopping.
  468. >Ushi: “Hey, muscled-up Benkei, you came down from a village past here, didn’t you? How did you pass this thing?”
  469. >Benkei: “Ah, it’s really embarrassing, but I did not actually pass through the checkpoint. I lost my footing and fell down the cliff. Turned out to be a lucky blunder since I could then make it to the village where everyone was, but it really is embarrassing. I would have died were it not for my buffed-up physique. This Benkei has been shown the light despite my advanced age: Muscles are greater than wisdom!”
  470. >Ushi: “Yeah, this isn’t Benkei no matter how you look at it… Oh well, there may be worth in letting him loose at least once. At least there won’t be any need for pity when it’s time to cut him down.”
  471. >Benkei: “Hahaha, if it’s Yoshitsune-sama, the cut will be splendid! This Benkei will work even more diligently then!”
  472. >Kintoki: [Worried] “…hey, General. I’m just asking but… did the later-generation Genji really become so scary?”
  473. >Protagonist: “Well, Ushiwakamaru is a genius…”
  474. >Ushi: “Please, my Lord! I’ll be embarrassed if you praise Ushiwakamaru like that in front of everyone.”
  475. >Roman: “It’s easy to guess how much trouble that unilateral devotion must have caused Ushiwakamaru’s brother…”
  480. The conversation turns back to how to proceed, since you can’t exactly take Benkei’s route in reverse. The Heroic Spirits can probably climb, but they’d be in trouble if they were attacked by Oni in the middle of it, so that’s a no-go too. You can’t burst through either because although the guards are much weaker than in the big gates, their numbers are much greater so you’d end up swarmed.
  482. Kotarou then suggests tricking the guard so you can slip by the gate, creating a disturbance on the other side and having Kintoki use the diversion to mow down the lot with his bike.
  484. >Kintoki: “So I’d be the last one to show up? Ah, that’s just like a GOLDEN HERO!”
  485. >Protagonist: “Let’s do it!”
  487. Kotarou then excuses himself for a bit and comes back disguised as an Oni.
  489. >Mashu: “What an amazing disguise! As expected from a ninja. Is this also part of the Fuuma’s arts?”
  490. >Kotarou: “No, this is simply an extension of regular makeup skills. This kind of stuff isn’t dificult at all. The Fuuma’s secret arts could even take on the strength of a real Oni… nevermind, now’s not the time.”
  492. He then asks to tie your hands in a rope and you move towards the checkpoint, pretending that you’re prisoners he’s escorting.
  495. >Oni: “Halt! What are you doing?”
  496. >Kotarou: “Gigigi! Great Oni-dono’s orders! I’m bringing in these new prisoners. Let us through!”
  497. >Mashu: (Even the speech is perfect!)
  498. >Oni: “I didn’t hear anything about that.”
  499. >Kotarou: “Must have been an error in communications. Come on, I’m running late. Go ask about it later.”
  503. The Oni shrugs and says it’s okay, but that he should at least inspect the humans first.
  505. >Oni: [Looking at Benkei] “Strong male, should be good for work. A monk? We could use someone to help smooth over the humans’ worries.”
  506. >Oni: [Looking at Fou] “That’s an amazing catch! It’s some mystic creature like a Tsuchinoko...”
  507. >Oni: [Looking at Mashu] “This one’s a soft-looking female. Should at least be able to prepare food for the humans.”
  508. >Oni: [Looking at Ushi] “......wait. This one’s weird no matter how you look at it! What’s with that shameless appearance!? Doesn’t look like she could do the slightest bit of work. Can’t seem like she could do the girls’ work either. And yet she looks so shameless! Did the Great Oni really tell you to bring this bunch through!?”
  509. >Kotarou: (…crap!)
  510. >Benkei: “Ahhh, sorry, Oni-dono! I might just be a poor prisoner, but I want to ask. Does the girl really have such a shameless appearance?”
  511. >Oni: “Eh?”
  512. >Benkei: “I’m a monk with years of discipline on my back, so I honestly can’t tell. So someone else might…”
  513. >Kotarou: “What are you saying? There’s nobody who’d…”
  514. >Oni: “Ehhh… but…”
  515. >Benkei: [To Ushi] “And yet you let yourself be seen, you depraved sex maniac! I will not allow you to entrap these Oni. Dangerous, too dangerous! Therefore, I will exterminate you!”
  516. >[Benkei smacks her head]
  517. >Ushi: “Ow!”
  518. >Mashu: (Ushiwakamaru-san took a good punch to the head!)
  519. >Benkei: “Extermination complete. Namu. There shouldn’t be a problem with these depraved ones like this right? Then, excuse us.”
  520. >Mashu: (He’s dragging off the unconscious Ushiwakamaru-san… Wait, were now inside the Gate!)
  521. >Oni: “Waitwaitwait! I told you all to wait!”
  522. >Kotarou: “The gate is fragile from here. Triggering a false fire alarm and destroying the facilities should send everyone into chaos and cause friendly fire. [Takes off his disguise] Send the signal to Kintoki-dono!”
  528. >Kintoki: “That’s the signal, time to cut loose! Kotarou, let it burst! Use that super cool Immortal Golden Brigade Noble Phantasm to cause mayhem!”
  529. >Roman: “Name’s a bit wrong there…”
  530. >Kotarou: “Alright! Aiding Kintoki-dono is an honour for the Fuuma! Immortal Golden Brigade!”
  531. >Roman. “He went along with it!?”
  533. He actually says the name in kanji as usual, he just changed the ruby spelling, which is the one that’s actually said out loud.
  535. With that signal, the plan proceeds and you push through the checkpoint.
  538. Later on…
  540. >Mashu: “Good work everyone, especially Kotarou-kun.”
  541. >Kotarou: Ah, no, it wasn’t just me. We all worked together.”
  543. Then everyone turns to Ushiwakamaru and Benkei.
  545. >Ushi: “The time’s finally come. Hey, Benkei, sit there and hang down your head.”
  546. >Mashu: (Ushiwamaru-san is reaching for her blade! Senpai, please stop her!)
  547. >Protagonist: “Believe Ushiwaka.”
  549. Not entirely sur why your line is written in Katakana, but in this case it seems to denote that you’re speaking robotically/nervously.
  551. >Benkei: “Hahaha, I see. How nostalgic.”
  552. >Ushi: “Eh?”
  553. >Benkei: “It’s Kajinchou, Kajinchou. It’s just like that time. While heading for Hirazumi and about to cross the gates of Kaga, Yoshitsune-sama was questioned by Togashi. I read from a fake donations ledger and reluctantly punched Yoshitsune-sama.”
  554. >Ushi: “You speak of kajinchou? You ‘know’ of the tears of that demon-like Benkei?”
  555. >Benkei: “Of course, I ‘remember’ it. This body, this soul, this devotion are real. If in any part I am in error, it’d be fine to sever whatever it may be.”
  556. >Ushi: “…hah. He left a weird kind of virtuous deed, that blockhead.”
  558. She decides to let it go, and Roman nervously suggests you all just move on ahead.
  560. >Roman: “I understand your feelings, Ushiwakamaru-kun, but…”
  561. >Ushi: “I am not angry. I recognize that we managed to pass through thanks to Benkei. But still, I still have some questions. Like, why has Benkei gotten so strong in this island?”
  565. 8)
  566. As you keep moving forward, Ushiwakamaru keeps wondering about Benkei’s inexplicable power increase and one of you wonders if he took some strange substance (as in magic steroids) to achieve it.
  568. >Benkei: “Haha, you must be joking. As I am pledged to Buddha, that is something I would never do. Though I have drunk the tasty tea of that tea house.”
  570. He says the tea house is after the next gate, near the village where he first appeared, and that it’s a colourful prosperous place. It sounds like a good place to gather information, so everyone starts talking about stopping there to rest later.
  572. >Ushi: “Alright. Truth be told, my throat is a little dry.”
  573. >Benkei: “Oh, that’s not good. Oh, that reminds me, I kept some of that tea in my canteen, so here. Please take it.”
  574. >Ushi: “Oh, how thoughtful. Thank you.”
  575. >[Ushi drinks it]
  576. >Ushi: “Guhguhguh… ah, what a strange taste… it really is delicious…… [Face goes red] …hiccup.”
  578. >Mashu: “Eh!? Ushiwakamaru-san, what is it?”
  579. >Ushi: [Smiling normally] “What are you talking about, Mashu-dono? I am perfectly fine. Alright, let’s continue toward sour destination… oh, my Lord, look. There’s a Jizo statue by the road. There must still be humans who hold their faith left here.”
  580. >Mashu: “Your face looked a different colour for a bit but… she’s normal now.”
  581. >Ushi: “…”
  582. >Mashu: “No… she’s staring intently at that Jizo by the road and stopped moving… what…?”
  583. >Ushi: “E… Elder Brother!”
  584. >Mashu: “!?”
  585. >UshI: “This... this Jizo’s face… is that of Elder Brother!”
  586. >Mashu: “Really? It looks like a normal Jizo to me.”
  587. >KintokI: “It looks like a standard Jizo to me.”
  588. >Kotarou: (Nods)
  589. >Ushi: “That’s because you don’t know Elder Brother! This smooth skin, that stone-like appearance, that particular presence… also the expression! No doubt, it’s just like the face Elder Brother had when he looked at me!”
  590. >Benkei: “If Yoshitsune-sama says so, it must be so.”
  591. >Ushi: “for something this precious to be found in this place, this surely must have been be a famous sculptor! But this is Onigashima, its value is probably not known here. It’s amazing it has not been destroyed by the Oni. I must definitely protect my precious Elder Brother then. Heave-ho.”
  593. She takes the Jizo and starts lugging it around under her arm. Mashu wonders if it’s alright and Roman says that there’s probably nobody who’ll claim to own the thing anyway, though he also starts to wonder about her behaviour.
  595. This gets interrupted as an Oni suddenly shows up.
  599. >Ushi: “An enemy! What a good opportunity!”
  600. >Mashu: “Eh, why?”
  601. >Ushi: [Smiling drunkenly again] “Because I will offer its severed head to Elder Brother of course! I’ll secure this Elder brother, then offer him the head of the enemy general as proof---! Uhhh… hii… so many! If I offer a mountain of freshly-severed blood-dripping heads, Elder Brother will praise me for sure! [Making a scowling face, probably imitating Yoritomo] ‘Again! How dare you Yoshitsune! Go back to the battlefield before Masako comes yelling for a divorce!’”
  603. Seems Ushi thinks Yoritomo was praising her when he used to yell like that. This is probably not the first time she got the idea to offer him a pile of severed heads.
  605. >Mashu: “Master, it seems Ushiwakamaru-san’s in complete and total error!”
  606. >Kintoki: “Dunno what to do with the heads later, but for now it’s the same as usual. Time for more Oni Extermination!”
  609. As you kill the last few Oni, one of them attacks Ushiwakamaru, but she dodges and counters it by leaping around. However, the head of the Jizo statue ends up falling and rolling off, so she kills the Oni in a rage and ends up chasing it around still yelling about it being her brother.
  611. >Mashu: “It’s rolling like a riceball… wait, ahead is… a Traditional Japanese Personal Agricultural Compost Production Facility…”
  612. >Kotarou: “It’s a tank for holding feces.”
  613. >Benkei: “And it fell inside it.”
  614. >Kintoki: [Tearfully] “Jizo-sama… ahhh, well, that’s how it is… Even if you are Jizo Bosatsu, you could not save yourself…”
  616. Ushi comes back.
  618. >Ushi: “…”
  619. >Mashu: “She looks troubled as expected…”
  620. >Ushi: “Alright, let’s go, my Lord.”
  621. >Roman: (She threw away the torso!)
  622. >Mashu: “Ahhh, but… is it okay…? Your brother…”
  623. >Ushi: “Hahaha, what are you saying Mashu? My perfect Elder Brother doesn’t do things like going to the toilet. Therefore, that head could not be his.”
  624. >Mashu: “Ahh, seems that within her, Ushiwakamaru-san has deified her brother to such extremes.”
  625. >Ushi: “Alright, let’s go on to the next gate. Eh…? Ah, it’s okay. Elder Brother is everywhere. [Red faced] If I take a good look, that bare rook there is also Elder Brother. This pebble is also Elder Brother. The colour of the sky is Elder Brother. Ufu… so many Elder Brothers…”
  627. And so you go on…
  630. 9)
  632. You reach the second gate and Roman warns you about another Servant signature nearby.
  634. >Tamamo: “Yeees, just as you expected! I am the beauty waiting at the second barrier! The reliable fox miko who’s borrowed some of the offering wine, the slightly-tipsy beauty Tamamo-no-Mae!”
  635. >Kintoki: “Ah! You’re that fox from a while ago!”
  636. >Tamamo: “Ah, Kintoki-san. You’ve manifested riding a nice-looking toy this time. Ahhh, how nice is it for men, they’re so simple. Rather than worrying about subtleties of the heart, you’re happy with practical pleasures. Yes, yes, so cool, sure.”
  637. >Mashu: “What is it? You seem rather sulky… and your eyes are a bit glazed.”
  638. >Kintoki: “What’s this, Fox? You’re with the Oni now?”
  639. >Fox: “Ah, you need one? You need an explanation?”
  640. >Protagonist: “I can sort of guess…”
  642. >Tamamo: “I… I… I had always been waiting! It was unfair for Nero-san to be the only one! A grand stage made only for myself!”
  643. >Roman: “Eh?”
  644. >Tamamo: “Onigashima! It’s Onigashima! A pure Japanese-like stage! If you speak of Onigashima then you speak of Momotaro, if you speak of Momotaro then you speak of the Three Companions… Therefore! The-re-fo-re! HOW WAS I NOT GIVEN THE ROLE OF THE DOG!? These! Look at these ears! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!? Could there be anyone more fit for the role than me!? If there is, bring them out!”
  646. The “do you understand” is in English.
  648. In short, she got pissed off about her lack of screentime and forced her way into Onigashima, then got drunk at the tea house everyone keeps bringing up.
  650. >Kintoki: “As usual, you’re just devoted to your own desires! Go play somewhere else!”
  651. >Tamamo: “This is something that the Protagonist-like Kintoki-kun would never understand!”
  653. So everyone gets ready to fight. Tamamo warns you about the Oni’s resistance to Arts as Kojirou did, and then you go at it.
  656. 10)
  657. >Tamamo: “All I wanted was more screentime. Something like a new Noble Phantasm, or a new skill, or a new Craft Essence, or a new pair of clothes…”
  658. >Kintoki: “That’s way too much!”
  660. >Ushi: “Tamamo-no-Mae-dono, I understand your feelings, but I am the Dog this time around. The reason is that Tamamo-no-Mae-dono is older than my Lord, so rather than one of the companions, it would fit you best to play the Mother waiting for him to come hom-“
  661. >Tamamo: “Ahhhhh! I don’t wanna hear that! I don’t wanna hear about anything age-related! Wait, I hear…? Is that the voice of Heaven? It says ‘Who says Onigashima is over? If you do not give up, there’ll be a second or third Japan section’ …yeah, no. Don’t hold your breath… uhhhh…”
  662. >[Tamamo vanishes]
  663. >Mashu: “In any case, we have won… even if a lot of stuff happened…”
  664. >Kintoki: “Way too much happened. She’s really weird this time.”
  665. >Kotarou: “Could it be she had been drowning her worries in sake?”
  666. >Kintoki: “Sake…? Wait, can’t be…”
  667. >Roman: “What is it, Kintoki-kun?”
  668. >Kintoki: “Ah, it’s nothing, I was just talking about how sake was forbidden while riding Bear I.
  669. >Roman: “Ah, how admirable! You really follow the rules!”
  670. >Kintoki: “It’s ain’t anything great, I’m the hero of the kids after all. Sake’s for when you’re an adult, and you should go back home on foot after drinking. I am a machine-riding Rider, but I’m a monster even without Bear I. A biker shouldn’t cause problems to others with his clumsiness.”
  671. >Kotarou: “A drunk driving extermination campaign.”
  672. >Mashu: “A wonderful educational statement.”
  674. Kintoki is basically both frames of the “And knowing is half the battle. The other half is violence” meme. Anyway, you take the key and move on.
  677. 11)
  679. You walk through the upper village, heading for the tea house mentioned before, and Mashu remarks on the atmosphere being a bit weird. Kotarou and Kintoki notice the scent of sake growing thicker the more they walk, and Roman mutters about getting a sense of déjà vu.
  681. >Shuten Douji: “Yes yes, welcome welcome. Doesn’t matter whether you’re Oni or human, please don’t hold back if you’re thirsty. Hey, Ibaraki! You help bringing in customers too.”
  682. >Ibaraki Douji: “Ughh, why do I have to smile ingratiatingly to humans? Hey, Shuten, do I really have to do this…?”
  683. >Shuten: “Eh? I’m working diligently, so you can’t slack off. I’ll be lonely if you do.”
  684. >Ibaraki: “Uhh…”
  685. >Oni: “Ehhh, excuse me, but I heard you could drink some really tasty sake here…”
  686. >Ibaraki: “Ku-kuhaha! You have done well to come here, little Oni! Here you can drink sake so delicious it will inebriate your very soul! Savour it so gratefully you shed tears of blood!”
  687. >Oni: “Guh… goho… ababahihihihiiii, another one please!”
  689. Ibaraki’s idea of customer service is to greet them like a videogame last boss. Kintoki shouts angrily at them, but Shuten just calmly greets you and wonders what took you so long while Ibaraki recognizes you from before.
  691. >Protagonist: [To Ibaraki] “You look smaller.”
  692. >Ibaraki: “Ugh, it’s… I’m tired, so I’m taking a break. Ahhh, the situation is crazy. Anyway, It’s not like I’ve reformed or anything, we are still enemies! Especially if that man is here!”
  693. >Kintoki: “Heh, that’s my line, Ibaraki. Wanna continue from before?”
  695. Kotarou interrupts and asks who they are.
  697. >Kintoki: “Ah, that guy… eh, girl, is Ibaraki Douji. The one next to her is Shuten Douji.”
  699. Ushi and Benkei are shocked to hear those names, and Benkei chastises himself for not recognizing who they were, since he just thought they were regular tea house attendants.
  701. >Kintoki: “Anyway, Shuten, Ibaraki! What did you make this island for!?”
  702. >Ibaraki: “…eh?”
  703. >Shuten: “See, didn’t I tell you?”
  704. >Ibaraki: “Hu. Hu. Kuhahahaha! You are a fool, a fool Kintoki! We are your sworn enemies! We have no reason to answer such ques-“
  705. >Shuten: “We have nothing to answer. After all, we have no connection to this island.”
  706. >Protagonist: “None?”
  707. >Ibaraki: “Shuten! Could you not answer so obediently!?”
  709. Then there’s a pun I’m not even going to try translating: Shuten mocks her habit of playing high and might, but she uses the word ツボ to refer to the stuff she does to amuse herself, which Ibaraki misreads as 壺 (vase), so she asks Shuten to not bring ceramics into the matter. Mashu then corrects her and tells her Shuten meant 対象 (subject matter). All of these are pronounced the same.
  711. >Ibaraki: “…ah, is that so? You have a nice smell for a human, it ain’t bad. You’re called Mashu? Not a bad name, it has ‘demon’ (魔 – ‘ma’) and ‘sake’ (酒 ‘shyu’) in it.”
  713. Mashu asks them once more if they have nothing to do with this and the Oni, and Shuten replies that they really don’t and that the Oni there are not her kind. The island just showed up one day out of nowhere so Ibaraki and her went there partly to sightsee and partly to destroy the whole place and everyone in it, since it was shabby and an eyesore.
  715. >Protagonist: “So why are you running a tea house?”
  716. >Shuten: “I thought it’d be interesting. Simply rampaging around is boorish, especially when the enemy is these repulsive Oni.”
  718. Turns out the two sneaked into the treasure warehouse (Ibaraki is apparently a pretty good lockpicker) and found an “interesting cup” inside. They poured some sake in it to try it and the taste brought back some memories, so they decided to wait.
  720. >Shuten: “It wouldn’t be good to destroy the island on our own, wouldn’t it?”
  721. >Ibaraki: “Yeah, Shuten started babbling about how ‘it’d be best to wait for Kintoki’ and so on.”
  722. >Shuten: “Ibaraki, be quiet.”
  724. While Shuten doesn’t know what’s going higher up, she planned to eat everyone in the lower levels in order to have a banquet to accompany the sake, which launches Ibaraki into a cackle about how you should fear Shuten’s great scheme.
  726. >Roman: “Yeah, it’s terrifying and all, but back to one specific point: what about that cup? Could that nostalgic taste be…”
  727. >Shuten: “Ah, it’s the cowardly magician’s voice. Yes, it’s as you suppose. It’s another ‘wish granting cup’ like the one at Rashoumon.”
  729. Since they couldn’t spread the drunken mist this time, they set up the tea house to trick people into drinking the magic sake, which mortifies Benkei since they tricked him into breaking his ascetism by passing it off as tea.
  731. >Benkei: “At least it didn’t seem to affect me…”
  732. >Ushi: “No wonder the stuff in your canteen tasted weird. But this Ushiwakamaru won’t be affected by mere alcohol! I am a genius after all!”
  733. >Mashu: “But Benkei-san’s build… and the stuff with the Jizo before...”
  734. >Roman: “Let’s not bring that up again.”
  736. Shuten then suggests teaming up to beat the leader of the island, and Roman suggests that whoever it is might have also been the source of the incident at Rashoumon. Everyone else seems to be edging towards agreeing when Kintoki suddenly interrupts.
  738. >Kintoki: “These two are Oni! We might be fighting the Oni in this island, but I wouldn’t trust my back to these two! Humans might betray you for personal gain some day, but these are different. They’ll stab you in the back for no reason at all.”
  740. Shuten teases him by asking if he’d like to put her on a leash to be sure, but he just shouts that this wouldn’t make any difference.
  742. >Shuten: “Fufufu, though it’d be fun to put a collar on you instead, youngster. Then we could be close companions and walk, fight, eat and drink together… We could do whatever we wanted… like this and that…”
  744. Ibaraki then says she’s hungry, so she’d like to snack on you before destroying the rest of the island. This gets everyone on guard and you jump into the fight.
  748. You continue fighting the two and Shuten is impressed with the difference that having a Master supporting them does.
  750. >Kintoki: “I told you, it’s time to straighten you up! You might be an Oni, but it’s different if you’re linked to a Master! You won’t be able to turn on us if you’re bound by the Command Spell! Your crooked character’s gonna serve the General from now on!”
  751. >Shuten: “Don’t get in the way of my business! Or is it maybe that you’re jealous? Don’t feel bad, I won’t forget about you youngster.”
  753. Then she goes into another double entendre tirade that’s supposed to be about fighting but reads like fucking all night long.
  755. Meanwhile, Benkei and Ushiwakamaru keep fighting Ibaraki, who recognizes Ushi’s swordsmanship as being from the Minamoto. Since they’ve got a grudge against them, she cackles at the chance to get back at her clan and attacks.
  757. >Mashu: “She’s about to use her Noble Phantasm!”
  758. >Roman: “Ushiwakamaru-san is tired and can’t move as fast as before!”
  759. >IbarakI: “Think you can dodge my flaming fists ten times? I’ll count to ten and turn you into bones! Ooeyama Dai Engi!”
  761. The kanji is completely different and she changed the location (Rashoumon->Mount Oe), but the second part can still be read as “Dai Engi”, except now it means “The Source of Great Flames.”
  763. >Benkei: “Yoshitsune-sama! Stand back!”
  764. >Ushi: “Eh-!?”
  765. >Ibaraki: “What splendid devotion! But now it’s for real! One! Two! Three!”
  766. >Benkei: “Ghhu…!”
  767. >Ushi: “What are you doing, Benkei!? I can still move! There’s no need for you to stand firm before me!”
  768. >Ibaraki: “Six! Seven! Eight!”
  769. >Benkei: “Guh… namu.”
  770. >Mashu: “Master! At this rate Benkei will…!”
  771. >Ushi: “Benkei you… you fool!”
  772. >Mashu: “Eh!?”
  773. >Ushi: “You really are a fool! Why do you stand there!? Your wish is to immortalize the fame of Musashibo Benkei! There’s no reason for you to want to die as he did!”
  774. >Benkei: “…!”
  775. >Ibaraki: “This is the end! Nine!”
  776. >[Ushi does… something]
  778. >Ibaraki: “Ah, the count got messed up. The flame was cut in two and that lowered the attack power.”
  779. >Mashu: “Amazing, Ushiwakamaru-san. You jumped from Benkei’s shoulder, spun on the air like a top and cut Ibaraki’s flame in two.”
  781. Boy this sure isn’t a super awkward way to write combat. Ranks up with Arjuna and Karna’s Constipated Face Showdown in retarded scenes that probably would have looked awesome if we had a fucking narrator.
  783. >Ushi: “The Five Secret Stories of Shana-oh’s Wandering Tales. Sakenshyou Tsurara Kezuri. Don’t be so conceited, you lowly Oni thief. This is not the first time this Yoshitsune has crossed an island filled with your kind.”
  785. This is actually kind of a big dead since we didn’t know about any of the other five Noble Phantasms she had until now. There is no more info in the game itself beyond what Mashu described. Sakenshyou (喜見城, though it might also be Kikenshyou or Zenkenshyou) means Joy-View Castle or Virtuous View Castle, and is the divine home of Taishaku-Ten, also known as Indra. Tsurara Kezuri simply means “Icicle Cutting.” A Japanese wiki I found states that this comes from the Onzōshi shima-watari, but I haven’t found a summary of those stories, so I have no idea what’s it about.
  787. >Benkei: “Ahh, Yoshitsune-sama. You have revealed your secret technique for the sake of a lowly person as myself.”
  788. >Ushi: “Eh, it’s okay, If you had fallen, I would have been charred to bits. I was thinking of waiting to save my Lord from a tight spot so that he’d praise me but… well, that’s for another time. Anyhow, Benkei! You reek of alcohol! Go wash yourself at once!”
  789. >Benkei: “Wooooo! That’s right! Best thing to shake of the alcohol is to exercise! This Benkei will fight like a Kijin from now on!”
  790. >Ushi: “Alright. And after that, we’ll go behind a temple and I’ll return you a hundred fold for the hit from Kanjinchou.”
  791. >Benkei: “Yes! Let us wipe out that resentment! As expected you really held a huge grudge for that, Yoshitsune-sama!”
  793. Shuten then jumps back to assist Ibaraki, and you go against them one more time.
  796. You keep pushing the Oni back, and Shuten wonders if it’s time to show her true nature.
  798. >Ibaraki: “No! You cannot show your true form to these humans! If it’s come to this, I will become the Great Oni once more! Shuten, give me the cup!”
  799. >Mashu: “Master, that sake! If Ibaraki Douji turns back to how she was at Rashoumon-!”
  801. >Ibaraki: “I’ll show you, this time I’ll drink twice or thrice as much! According to your fairy tales, the leader of Onigashima is the Oni called Ura, isn’t it? He was over four meters tall! Then behold, I will grow to such height-“
  802. >Shuten: “Ibaraki, behind you! Kneel down, your neck will fly!”
  804. She does, barely avoiding a sword slash.
  806. >???: “Ah, she dodged it. Too bad.”
  808. >Shuten: “I expected you to appear soon enough.”
  809. >Kintoki: “No way, what are you doing here, General Raikou!?”
  810. >Roman: “Raikou… no way, Minamoto no Raikou!? The one Kintoki served as one of the Four Heavenly Kings!? But that’s a woman! A really beautiful woman! With a spectacular body! Doesn’t that differ too much from historical fact!?”
  811. >Mashu: “Doctor, I understand how you feel, but please leave that for later!”
  813. >Raikou: “That’s no good, Kintoki. I’ve always told you to speak courteously when in front of others. Besides… you sound as if you were displeased to find me here, as if I were a burden. [Tearfully] Maybe… maybe that is how you really feel? You will make your mother cry!”
  814. >Protagonist: “…mother?”
  815. >Roman: “That’s a succession of problematic statements!” The most famous mystery-killer of the Heian period, Japan’s renowned monster slayer… to think that is is a woman is already incredible, but what did this that lady just say!? Kintoki-kun, are you her-!?”
  816. >Kintoki: “Of course she’s not my real mother. She adopted me and raised me so I really owe her, but… from the start, she’d be like ‘I am not your elder sister, I will train you as your mother.’ So that’s it, she’s my adoptive mother and also my teacher.”
  817. >Raikou: [Still crying] “Just adoptive… mother does not remember raising you like that!”
  818. >Mashu: “She’s still crying! Kintoki-kun, do something!”
  819. >Kintoki: “Ahghh, I’m not annoyed, I’m not annoyed! Rather, I’m happy to see you again, General Raikou!”
  820. >Raikou: [Smiling] “Ahhh, Kintoki-kun, to hear that you’re glad… Mother is happy too. I’m so glad to see you’re energetic as ever. Even though there are some bugs fluttering around, I’m still happy.”
  822. >Shuten: “The same as always, Raikou. Women who can’t let go of their children are unsightly you know?”
  823. >Ibaraki: “Shuten!”
  824. >Raikou: “I do not feel like crossing words with insects. Be gone, quickly. Criminal Execution!”
  825. >Mashu: “They’ve begun!”
  826. >Kintoki: “Heh, don’t even know if we should join. Don’t worry, the General’s skill is more than enough. She’s got the strength of one hundred… one thousand… no, ten thousand men!”
  827. >Ushi: “That is Minamoto no Raikou-dono… I understand that swordsmanship now. To think the day has come when I’d get to fight beside not just Kintoki-dono but her as well! I cannot be shamed as a member of the Minamoto! Ushiwakamaru is coming forth!””
  829. Shuten sees it’s hopeless and decides to flee after some reluctance from Ibaraki, though she finally relents, has Shuten climb on her back and leaps the hell away.
  831. >Raikou: “If you leave one insect alive, they’ll just keep springing up endlessly. I’ll crush these myself. What about you?”
  832. >Protagonist: “Sorry, we have other stuff to do.”
  833. >Kintoki: “It’s just as the General says, General Raikou… wait, I can’t call you both General. Haven’t called you like this in a while, but is ‘Raikou-sama’ okay, general?”
  834. >Raikou: “I’ll be lonely, but it can’t be help. Though I’d rather you called me Mother…”
  835. >Kintoki: “Let’s leave that for later! You should be prioritizing those two right now!”
  836. >Raikou: “Very well. Then Kintoki, will you give your mother some assistance?”
  837. >Kintoki: “Assistance? What do yo-Hey!”
  838. >Raikou: “I mean giving me some fighting spirit.”
  839. >KintokI: “W-wait, don’t hug me while t-they’re looking---And don’t pat my head at t-the same t-time!”
  840. >Raikou: “Don’t be fussy, you’re at a rebellious age, aren’t you? Ahhh, I see, you’re uncomfortable because your General’s looking.”
  841. >Kintoki: “Anyone would be embarrassed by this! This isn’t a parent’s visiting day! Enough already, Raikou-sama!”
  842. >Raikou: “Then, I’m sorry to part, but we will see each other again, everyone. Please take care of my Kintoki.”
  844. Raikou leaves, and Ushi says she’s surprised to see what kind of person she was, though Kintoki assures her that this is definitely Raikou in mind and body. Then he asks you to pretend nothing happened.
  846. >Roman: “You mean her petting you with tears in her eyes?”
  847. >Kintoki: “Ahhhhh!”
  848. >Roman: “I saw nothing.”
  849. >Kotarou: “I also saw nothing except Kintoki-dono’s gallant fighting figure.”
  851. Then the segment finally ends and you move on.
  854. 12)
  856. You finally reach the red gate.
  858. >Roman: “A servant signature as expected, there’s…”
  859. >Kiyohime: “Red… the colour of passion… the colour of burning fire…”
  860. >Mashu: “Kiyohime-san? Why…?”
  861. >Kiyohime: “’Why?’ What a foolish question. I... wherever Master-sama… no, wherever Anchin-sama is I will definitely appear. I will chase Anchin-sama out of adoration and drive him into a corner as a faithful dog!”
  862. >Roman: “That’s more like a hunting dog than a faithful dog…”
  863. >Kotarou: “The smell of sake… she’s drunk to her heart’s content.”
  864. >Kintoki: “She’s a snake, so her stomach for sake is limitless. This one’s a real berserker.”
  865. >Ushi: “Yes, but by her words, I understand why Kyohime-dono is here.”
  866. >Fou: “Fou, fouu?”
  867. >Ushi: “That’s right, Fou-dono. She is also an assassin aiming for the role of the Dog!”
  868. >Kotarou: “If it were the Pheasant’s role, I’d switch over as much as she wanted but…”
  869. >Kintoki: “That dragon doesn’t care for the Pheasant or Monkey at all.”
  870. >Kiyohime: “Of course, I have no interest in the frail Pheasant or the vulgar Monkey. The Dog is faithful. Therefore, there is no one better for that role than me, who hates lies. And yet! Anchin-sama has called another woman to take the role! Night after night that bitch barks like a dog pretending to be a good girl in order to be pampered as if doing some shameless game! I will not allow this! Just imagining it is making the flames of jealously spill from my mouth!”
  872. >Ushi: “You misunderstand, Kiyohime-dono! I have certainly taken the role of the Dog, but I have done nothing shameless! If it’s a reward from my lord, the most I’d ask for is being praised and caressed!”
  873. >Kiyohime: “Isn’t that exactly what I imagined!?”
  874. >Protagonist: “Head. Just on the head. Head.”
  875. >Ushi: “Ah, yes. I misspoke. I misspoke.”
  876. >Kiyohime: “As expected, I must take back Anchin-sama and the role of the Dog by force. Come out, Goukimaru! This red Oni is the incarnation of strength. I shall teach you how much I hate lies, but you will not win by force. Prepare yourselves, I will teach you not to call anyone else but me to be the Dog!”
  877. >Kintoki: “I know it’s me saying it, but you have bad luck with women, don’t you general?”
  879. And so you fight.
  881. 13)
  883. >Kiyohime: “Ahhh, how vexing… And yet, this rough treatment… somehow, being treated like a female dog… is happiness…”
  884. >Mashu: “As expected from Kiyohime-san. Just like a berserker, the feeling of beating her is really incomprehensible…”
  885. >Ushi: “I will receive Kiyohime-dono’s burning feelings. We half-heartedly settled on being Momotaro’s companions to perform the Oni Extermination in Onigashima, but I will carry it out as though this were an imperial command. I swear, with Kiyohime-dono’s imagination as nourishment, I will clench that heat tightly to my chest. This Ushiwakamaru will fight splendorous as my Lord’s female dog!”
  886. >Roman: “Hear hear, though try to remove the ‘female dog’ part…”
  888. And then you go up.
  890. 14) This one was translated here, so I’m skipping it:
  894. 15)
  895. The fight is going badly as Raikou/Ushi Gozen keeps pushing you back, and she announces her final blow just as someone interrupts.
  897. >???: “Fufufu, did the sake make you forget, Raikou? I am a tenacious bug indeed. The apex of all critters that survive by feeding off the filth and carrion---That is what we Oni are. I won’t lose to you! Here goes!”
  898. >Kintoki: “SHUTEN!”
  900. Shuten had been hiding waiting for a chance to strike and she manages to wound Raikou, though she’s hanging by a thread herself.
  902. >Raikou: “You are an eyesore!”
  903. >Shuten: “Ahhh, this is too much, huh? I’ll disappear. See you again, youngster.”
  905. Then she says she’ll see him somewhere without that fussy mother of his… or something of the sort. If you notice me being vague whenever Shuten speaks, it’s because her dialect just confuses the shit out of me.
  907. >Kintoki: “Shit! You bastard! You’re an Oni, an enemy, no doubt about it! But that opening you created in your Oni-like way is something I won’t let go to waste, on my honour as a man! Better be watching from down in hell, Drunk Ogre, time to finish it up! This is the Final Lap, let’s go general! Time for the last Golden Drive!”
  910. You beat Raikou at last, with everyone tiredly sighing in relief and Kintoki looking conflicted.
  912. >Protagonist: “We made you do something painful…”
  913. >Kintoki: “Heh, it’s fine, you’re a good General. Don’t worry about it.”
  915. >Kintoki: “Ushi Gozen and the General are the same thing. Splitting them up has been impossible from the start.
  917. Raikou falls unconscious from Kintoki’s last attack, and he says it’s a matter of luck whether the next time she wakes up it’ll be with her personality or Ushi Gozen’s.
  919. >Raikou: “Uhhh, it huts… ah, if it isn’t Kintoki! It’s been so long, I’m glad you’re looking fine!”
  920. >Roman: “’It’s been so long’? Could it be that she…?”
  921. >Kintoki: (She doesn’t remember anything she did as Ushi Gozen! Don’t tell her, it’ll just make her depressed!)
  922. >Raikou: “No… it seems I’ve been a great burden. Kintoki, and everyone else gathered here… I don’t have any memory of it, but it’s clear from what I can see. Because of my weakness, my unsightly true nature seems to have hurt you all… This is not something that can be forgiven, but I apologize nonetheless.”
  923. >Ushi: “P-please raise your head, Raikou-dono! Whatever you might have done, you are a Japanese warrior. You must not show such an appearance!”
  924. >Raikou: “Ahhh, what a cute outfit. Could you be a Minamoto?”
  925. >Ushi: “Yes. I am using my childhood name, but I am related to Raikou-dono.”
  926. >Raikou: “What a fortunate thing. The Genji warriors have tamed my mental affliction after all. I am ashamed, as your ancestor, I should have shown you a more dignified image.”
  928. Benkei and Kotarou tell her not to worry since she looked plenty awesome anyway, and she’s glad to see Kintoki has such good friends.
  931. >Roman: “I can feel the overflowing motherliness through the monitor. It’s making me feel like cleaning up…”
  932. >Mashu: “I didn’t know, so this is what a mother feels like.”
  933. >Kintoki: “Yeah, Raikou-san’s ability to soften people up isn’t half-assed at all. No matter how rowdy they are, she can have them sitting straight with just a word. She’s like a Bodhisattva.”
  935. >Raikou: “I have been such an incompetent mother. Kintoki, please forgive me.”
  936. >Kintoki: “Not my call, this time I’m just the Monkey. The boss is the general over here.”
  937. >Raikou: “Ah, so you’d be Momotaro! I have done such an inexcusable thing putting you through all this…”
  938. >Protagonist: “I’ll forgive you in exchange for a hug.”
  939. >Raikou: “You want me to hug you? Of course, I don’t mind.”
  940. >Mashu: “Master? That was a joke, wasn’t it?”
  941. >Fou: “Fouuu.”
  942. >[Raikou starts to vanish]
  943. >Raikou: “Ah, seems my role is over. But I will not forget. This Minamoto Raikou, as the head of the Genji and as a warrior myself, will return your kindness for sure. Next time we see each other, my sword will be yours. Feel free to make use of me as a Servant; I will obey any type of command.”
  944. >Protagonist: “So about that hug…”
  945. >Mashu: “Master!”
  946. >Raikou: “Fufu, of course, I don’t mind. I’ll promise to hold you in my arms as your mother if you’d like…”
  948. Ushi regrets not getting to talk with her since they’re from the same clan, and also wonders if she’d even stand cheating with a country bumpkin like herself, but Kintoki tells her Raikou is approachable to everyone. Benkei says something I’m not too sure about, but I think he says Raikou would probably turn her blade on any “undesirable lovers” that approached Kintoki, but again, not sure.
  950. >Roman: “Ahh, a hug would be nice… eh!? Kotarou-kun!”
  952. Kotarou starts to vanish as everything ends, and he gives you the usual send-off telling you he’d gladly fight for you again as either a ninja or the Pheasant.
  954. >Kotarou: “…unfortunately, I can’t fire beams from my beak though.”
  956. Kintoki asks him why he was so respectful to him all this time, and Kotarou reveals that the Fuuma village is in Ashigara (Kintoki’s home mountain), so his stories are a local legend for him. Kintoki blushes and wishes he had told him sooner, since he would have tried to look cooler in front of him if he had known he was his kouhai.
  958. >KintokI: “Oh well, it’s good to see my kouhai are raised well! Your Noble Phantasm has a super stylish name too!”
  959. >KotaroU: “Fighting by your side has been an honour. Until next time!”
  961. Roman announces that the Oni Extermination story has finally ended, and you go back home.
  963. 16) Extra section:
  965. >Raikou: Sorry to do this after the ‘they lived happily ever after’ part, but shall we do a bit more?"
  966. >Mashu: “Raikou-san!? Didn’t you leave!?”
  967. >Raikou: “Ah, whenever I forget something, I immediately go back for it even if it’s embarrassing.”
  968. >Roman: “Come back from the Throne of Heroes!? So it’s not self-summoning, but self-manifestation!?”
  969. >Raikou: “I didn’t so much come back as use my fighting spirit. [Heart]”
  970. >Roman: “She stopped her disappearance with fighting spirit… Kintoki-kun, what the hell is your mother…?”
  971. >Kintoki: “Don’t look at me, I’ve got not explanation. She’s just like that.”
  973. >Ushi: “What a self-determining person. Sticking firmly to one’s purpose without considering others’ circumstances, like a Kijin! It’s reassuring to know I’ve inherited that blood!”
  974. >Protagonist: “Well, the body is… a bit different…”
  975. >Ushi: “That’s right, my lord has never seen the adult me, have you? Servants do not age, but it’s not decided I could never become the adult me. Please look forward to that time, my Lord.”
  976. >Benkei: “…? Wait, the adult Yoshitsune-sama’s size is like Raiko-samaaaaaa!!!!!?”
  978. The reading of the word he uses says “size”, but the kanji read “breast power.”
  980. >Benkei: “Guh!”
  981. >Ushi: “There’s no temples here, so let’s finish matters behind that rock, Benkei.”
  982. >[Ushi drags him off to beat the shit out of him]
  985. Turns out the three Great Oni revived because of reasons, so Onigashima won’t disappear until they’re completely exterminated.
  987. Mashu asks why she gave them such power, and she replies that she wanted to make strong enemies so Kintoki would have fun fighting them, and got a bit carried away.
  989. >Kintoki: “Holy… shit.”
  991. Since you’re here too, she decides to use this as a way to test your skills for the whole saving humanity thing.
  993. >Protagonist: “So you’re not going to help?”
  994. >Raiko: “Yes, I’m being mean (Sweet smile). It’s best to weed off the habit of slacking off when you’re young, so undisciplined children must be punished. It’s painful for Mother as well, but bad children should be set right.”
  995. >Protagonist: “You look sweet but you’re really Spartan after all!”
  996. >Kintoki: “Sorry general, I’m repeating myself, but that’s just how Raikou-sama is.”
  998. Anyway, you decide to go along with it and Kintoki seems happy to treat this as a combat amusement park, so you go kill the Oni again. The end.
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