MidniteW on Liberation Missions.

May 27th, 2019 (edited)
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  3. I feel the cookie cutter feel was present in 4-6. 1 was the smoothest with no forced Internet exploring or heavy fetch quests. 2 seamlessly combined scenario to scenario, with some mini-bosses thrown in once in a while. 3 had your gameplay somewhat modified due to the N1 Grand Prix, and had surprise boss fights due to the plot. 4-6 you could tell exactly what happens by how the story progress, ending with a boss fight that signalizes the end of the scenario. You don't really get the sense of grandeur the first trilogy provided. This might be due to the boss distribution and the need to match MegaMan's forms to them. 6 handled it better with optional version-exclusive Navi fights, but it kinda made the main story fights feel scarce.
  5. While I do enjoy Liberation Missions, the length it provides to an already badly paced game was not welcoming. I've noticed BN5 forced a lot of backtracking because of the theme of a Navi team.
  6. - Return to the area you just liberated, additionally recon the next area for your next liberation.
  7. - Do a fetch quest to continue the story by exploring older areas you don't really need to explore (like the tediously long Oran Mines).
  8. - Find Team Navi. Complete the long dungeon to recruit them.
  9. - Return to the capture area to finally do liberation. Spend as long as the dungeon length to complete liberation.
  11. Repeat that a few times and you got yourself more than enough unnecessary padding. It's even worse in replays because the length starts becoming clear that you wouldn't notice in the first run. 4 at least mixes things up each playthrough due to how the Tournaments work, and even more variation if you trade Navis between versions. BN5DS remedied it a bit since you can do some experimenting with the Party Battle System.
  13. I think it helps out best in its post-game. Usually BN blocks you instantly with another door in the post-game area, but with Liberation Mission it makes the length between each door more enjoyable (also hide the obligatory post-game area virus marathons well).
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