MGE Side III Ruins of the Great Tree

Jun 12th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Ruins of the Great Tree
  2. Lalala~♥ La~♪ Ufufu♥ Pushing their way through the foliage that blocked their path, our Miran expedition team arrives at... what’s this! Never before seen ruins!
  3. ... Jeez, don’t look at me like “What’s this all of a sudden?”♪ When we get there, you’re supposed to act surprised and go “Oooh~!”♥
  4. These Ruins of the Great Tree are the largest ruins in the “Great Sea of Trees”, which takes up almost a third of the island of Mira... Or rather, I suppose it’s more accurate to say there are a number of ruins scattered about, and this ruin is the largest of them♪
  5. In the age of the former Demon Lords, the people of Mira used to live here in the ruins of the Great Tree, worshipping the spirits, so, although most of it is already in ruins, the old, former town of Mira from the age of the previous Demon Lords is also spread out within these ruins.
  6. Most of the ruins in Mira are comparatively small, but here, there are lots of big ruins that make you think “There must be treasure slumbering within!”♪
  8. Ufufu, now you seem interested♥ How about we stroll around the ruins a bit before we eat? It’ll be good exercise♪
  9. This place, completely untouched by human hands, is just like “the stage of an adventure drama”, isn’t it? It’s no wonder the adventurous spirit is stirring in my heart♪
  10. Actually, for a long time after this place was abandoned, and until Mira became a monster realm, it was considered a “forbidden land”, that is, it was a place that even the people of Mira never set foot in.
  11. Nowadays, the spirits usually live together with everyone in the town of Mira, but in the past, this place was thought of as a sacred land where the spirits lived.
  12. Oh, look, over there, those ruins made of red brick you can see in the distance are the “Ruins of Flame” where Ignis are worshiped, and in a similar fashion, there are ruins of water, earth, wind, and fire enshrining each of the four great elementals in various parts of the Great Sea of Trees, and that’s why the legends were so prevalent♪
  13. Therefore, there are still many places around here that the people of Mira have never visited, ufufu, and there are still all kinds of “mysteries” left♪
  14. For example, there are still many things we don’t know about the vast ruins of this great tree... There are owl-shaped statues of all sizes dotted around the ruins, and furthermore, although there are ruins where the people of Mira worshipped the four great elementals all around this area, this ruin here is the largest one, see? What did they worship here, and why was it created?
  15. However, the people of Mira these days aren’t all that interested in such things... It remains mostly untouched, and currently is just used as a tourist attraction for visitors♪
  16. In fact, we greatly welcome adventurers and scholars that properly research such things to daringly investigate them and live in Mira... Ehe♪
  18. Oh, that’s right, this may be a tourist attraction, but this place is also used for another purpose... ufufu♪
  19. These ruins are also used as a place for the monsters and men of Mira to secretly rendezvous...♥
  20. Ufu, don’t look like you’ve been tricked♪ Besides, we’ve already walked so far in that no one would notice if you raised your voice, and no one will come, ufuufufufufu♥
  21. Haa, it’s no use... That’s no good, me, you have to, have to wait until nightfall, y-you’re a song maiden after all...
  22. But, I’m a woman before I’m a song maiden, and if, on the other hand, you can’t stand it any longer, then it’s another story!
  23. I won’t have to attack you, if you attack me...♥ Ahh, someone help~♥... Huh? You actually can’t stand it any longer? Payback for earlier?... T-that’s, I...♥
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