Felicia's Story

Dec 7th, 2017
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  1. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. Part One: I'm a Mercenary
  3. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. Felicia: Uooooooooooohhh! Sorrrryaaaaah!
  5. Akira: Amazing...!
  6. Meiyui: She is pushing it back by herself...
  7. Akira: She's pretty strong! That Felicia girl...
  8. Meiyui: ...They are coming this way.
  9. Witch: Jyagigi----!!
  10. Akira: Let's move, Meiyui! ...That's okay with you, right? Nanaka.
  11. Nanaka: ...Very well. Then, I'll leave it to you Akira-san and Meiyui-san, while Kako-san and I support.
  12. Kako: Y, Yes!
  13. Meiyui: Then, let's go.
  14. Nanaka: I would like the two of please hold Felicia-san back.
  15. Akira: You're right... that's going a bit too far...
  16. Meiyui: Understood.
  17. Akira: Alright, let's go!
  18. Kako: ...Ah, um...
  19. Nanaka: What is it?
  20. Kako: I'm sure this might sound strange to you, but...
  21. Nanaka: ...Don't worry about it.
  22. Kako: ...I'm feeling a bit uneasy...
  23. Nanaka: ...Fufu, you have a tendency to worry, don't you? Kako-san.
  24. Kako: I, I'm sorry...
  25. Nanaka: That's fine. Please treasure those instincts of yours. Besides... today, I'm of the same opinion.
  26. Kako: Eeh!? Nanaka-san, you too...?
  27. Nanaka: It looks like we're pushing it back, but I can't say that this a particularly good situation. Mitsuki Felicia...the mercenary magical girl...
  29. Witch: Jyagigi--!!
  30. Felicia: Oraaaah! And with a clang clang bang!
  31. Witch: ZushaaaaaaaaaAaAaaa---!!
  32. Akira: From over here too!
  33. Felicia: Ah!
  34. Akira: Haaaaaah!
  35. Meiyui: It's connected... Haii!
  36. Felicia: Hey!
  37. Akira: Now, we're gonna defeat it in one go...
  38. Felicia: You guys, wait a second!
  39. Akira: W, What is it!?
  40. Felicia: Don't get in my way!
  41. Akira: In your waay? We were just fighting it with you...
  42. Felicia: Just me is enough! Don't butt in without asking!
  43. Meiyui: We have come to this battlefield too. That is why it should be obvious, that we are here to fight.
  44. Felicia: None of that stuff matters--! I'm more than enough!
  45. Akira: More than enough...!?
  46. Meiyui: Having strength in numbers is a good thing. That is common sense.
  47. Felicia: If I fight it, then it's easier on you guys too, duh! That's not a bad deal at all, is it!?
  48. Meiyui: We do not know if you can defeat it by yourself or not.
  49. Felicia: Haaah? Are you underestimating me!?
  50. Akira: Hold it! Its attack is heading this way!
  51. Witch: Zarizari...
  52. Felicia: I, I...will smash the witches 'til there's not even a single one left!
  53. Meiyui: ! Akira, you better get away!!
  54. Akira: Uwaah, crap...!
  55. Felicia: EAT THISSSSSSS!
  56. Akira: Daaaaah!
  58. Nanaka: ......So? In the end, what happened?
  59. Meiyui: The witch's attack came towards us. Akira faced towards the witch and tried to defend herself. Then, Felicia came from behind Akira and...
  60. Akira: She didn't care that I was there and just attacked the witch! With a powerful blast that sent everything around it flying with a whaaam!
  61. Felicia: ............
  62. Kako: And that's how Akira-san got caught up in the blast...
  63. Akira: Well, I got away with only a few scratches but if I realized it even a second later... It's because of you, Meiyui. You saved me.
  64. Meiyui: I protect my friends. That is common sense.
  65. Felicia: ...........
  66. Nanaka: ...Do you have some kind of counterargument?
  67. Felicia: ...No, I'm sorry that was my bad! I just got a little ticked off... Well, when I become like that then the blood rushes to my head, you see...
  68. Nanaka: So even your allies get hurt?
  69. Felicia: ..............
  70. Akira: Just try imagining what it's like to get caught up...geez...
  71. Meiyui: That aside, Akira, you do have a tendency to get caught up in things.
  72. Akira: Uu... (I can't refute it...)
  73. Felicia: ...But we defeated the witch! Right? Right?
  74. Nanaka: ...That's true.
  75. Felicia: What decided it was my attack! Right? Right?
  76. Nanaka: ...That's also true.
  77. Felicia: Se---e! How's that!
  78. Akira: That and this are two different things!
  79. Meiyui: Correct.
  80. Felicia: ...Ugugu...
  81. Kako: Felicia-san, why do you hate witches that much...?
  82. Felicia: ...'Cause it's the duty of magical girls to defeat witches.
  83. Kako: But in your case, I feel like that's not all...
  84. Nanaka: ...Well, that's enough.
  85. Felicia: R, Really? Then, for today...
  86. Nanaka: This is farewell.
  87. Felicia: Alright, let's disperse!
  88. Nanaka: No, just you.
  89. Felicia: ...Aah?
  90. Nanaka: Mitsuki Felicia-san. We won't be fighting with you.
  92. Nanaka: We won't be fighting with you.
  93. Felicia: Haaaah~!? Now wait a second! We defeated the witch, didn't we!?
  94. Nanaka: That alone isn't enough.
  95. Felicia: Why!? Why isn't that a good thing!?
  96. Nanaka: A win is a win. But, what about the situation? You did not work well as a team member at all. Not just that, but you even put an ally in danger...'
  97. Felicia: Gu...
  98. Nanaka: You are strong. I'll admit that. But, you do not belong with us. ...Does anyone have any objections?
  99. Akira: ..........
  100. Meiyui: You do not think of your friends. There is no need for us to discuss this.
  101. Kako: ...Um...I...
  102. Felicia: ...Fine, fine!
  103. Kako: Eh...?
  104. Felicia: In other words, we're going to say good-bye with this one battle, right? If that's the case, then that's enough...
  105. Nanaka: I'm sorry. That's how it's going to be.
  106. Felicia: ...Fine by me! Don't you regret it! I won't fight with you guys anymore, got it!? If a strong witch appears and you regret it, don't look at me!
  107. Nanaka: ...If such a time comes, then we will reconsider it.
  108. Felicia: No way-! I'd refuse--! Hm--ph!
  109. Nanaka: My, it looks like I really hurt your feelings.
  110. Felicia: SHUT UP---! ID---IOT ID-----IOT!
  112. Akira: ...She left.
  113. Meiyui: Partings make up too much of our life. [1]
  114. Kako: ...Nanaka-san. I'm a bit worried about her...
  115. Nanaka: True...she's so dangerous that it certainly does make one worry...But, it's also certain that if we fight together with her, it'll only expose us to danger...
  116. We can't team up with Felicia-san the way she is now...that's final.
  117. Kako: Is You're right... (Felicia-san...)
  119. Felicia: That Nanaka chick! I thought from the first time we met that we weren't compatible!
  120. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  121. Part Two: Where's the Witch?
  122. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  123. Felicia: Dammit--! What's with her!?
  124. Kyuubey: Are you talking about Tokiwa Nanaka?
  125. Felicia: That's right! Even though I defeated the witch! Geez, seriously... Ahhh---!
  126. Kyuubey: What's wrong?
  127. Felicia: I forgot to collect my reward...
  128. Kyuubey: Shouldn't you go back and get it?
  129. Felicia: There's no way I can do something that embarrassing now...
  130. Kyuubey: ...I guess that's what you'd call "saving face". It's not easy being a human, is it?
  131. Felicia: Kuu~...I don't have much money left... I can't eat till I'm stuffed...
  132. Kyuubey: You should go get some food or money then.
  133. Felicia: ...I just tried to though.
  134. Kyuubey: You should start from a place that has a lot of it.
  135. Felicia: I---told-----you---! And I did once before, too! I'm not gonna steal or anything! That's what I decided!
  136. Kyuubey: ...I see. Personally, it would cause me problems if you collapse out of starvation though...
  137. Felicia: I--know! I'm gonna go find my next job! ...But anyway, how am I supposed to find work...? Should I save magical girls who are about to be defeated by a witch and ask them for money...?
  138. ...........Hm? ...Basically, magical girls are looking for witches...If that's the case, then if I go to where a witch is, then there'll be magical girls there...! Alright, that's it!
  139. Kyuubey: ...What do you mean?
  140. Felicia: Basically, if there's a witch then there'll be magical girls there too! And then, those magical girls will be trying to defeat the witch! That's where I have the chance to make a deal! what I meant!
  141. Kyuubey: ...Anyway, you're saying that you're going to look for magical girls, right?
  142. Felicia: Well, that's basically what I mean! Alrighty, guess I'll be going--!
  144. Felicia: ...........Nn...!? Here it is! It sure is close...okay...All that's left is to wait a bit for someone to come defeat the witch...
  146. ~ 1 Hour Later ~
  148. Felicia: ...Fuaaaah~...I'm bored...Hm? ...Yeah...I can still sense it. Geez! Someone show up already...! I'm so bored now that I...Nn!
  149. Asuka: Ahh!
  150. Sasara: This is...a soul gem...isn't it...?
  151. Felicia: That's right! You two are magical girls, right?
  152. Asuka: ...Yes we are, but...
  153. Felicia: I'm a magical girl too!
  154. Sasara: I am...too.
  155. Felicia: two are going to defeat the witch, right?
  156. Asuka: Yes, well...
  157. Felicia: Want me to help?
  158. Sasara: Eh?
  159. Asuka: ...What do you mean?
  160. Felicia: If I'm around then you can definitely defeat the witch! ...In exchange, I want you to pay me back.
  161. The currency'll be the grief other words, I'm a mercenary!
  162. Sasara: ...Ah...
  163. Asuka: Payment...mercenary...Ahhhh--!
  164. Felicia: By the way, my name is...
  165. Sasara: Mitsuki Felicia.
  166. Felicia: Right, Mitsuki Fe...wait, eh--? How do you know my name...?
  167. Asuka: ...We must decline your offer!
  168. Felicia: ...Heh? W, Why--!?
  170. Felicia: Now wait a second!
  171. Asuka: No, we will not wait. Excuse us.
  172. Felicia: Wait! I'm telling you, wait!
  173. Sasara: ...What should we do?
  174. Asuka: ...Then let me say this one more time. We must decline! This is the second time! Farewell!
  175. Felicia: And I'm asking why!? What's your reason!? And how'd you know my name...!?
  176. Sasara: ...Haa...Nn--, just tell her already!
  177. Asuka: ...Then allow me to answer!
  178. Felicia: O, okay...
  179. Asuka: You are Mitsuki Felicia-san, the one who works as a mercenary, right!?
  180. Felicia: I told you, I am!
  181. Asuka: ...I've heard rumors about you from other magical girls. You are fairly selfish and ignore the fact that you cause trouble for those around you!
  182. Felicia: Whaa!?
  183. Sasara: So if we pair up with you, it'll be a huge hassle!
  184. Felicia: Ngaaah!?
  185. Asuka: On top of that, you'll demand an extremely high payment!
  186. Felicia: Haaaa!?
  187. Sasara: So that's why they say that if we meet, it's best not to team up with you...
  188. Asuka: That's how it goes. Now excuse us.
  189. Felicia: ...Wait.
  190. Sasara: ......
  191. Asuka: ............Excuse us...
  193. Sasara: ...Geez, what is it already--!?
  194. Asuka: We told you, we're not going to team up with you...
  195. Felicia: Those rumors are lies! Lieslieslies! They're all lies---!
  196. Sasara: Well, after actually seeing you like this really makes me think that they were true, but...
  197. Felicia: What's that supposed to mean!?
  198. Asuka: Then, are you saying that you'll make sure to value teamwork and pay attention to your surroundings?
  199. Felicia: Heh? ...Well, uh, I guess for the most part...
  200. Asuka: ...Sounds like a lie.
  201. Felicia: But extremely high payment!
  202. Sasara: Yes?
  203. Felicia: I've never taken anything like extremely high payment from anyone!
  204. Sasara: Then, how much are you asking for?
  205. Felicia: 1000 yen!
  206. Sasara: Eh!?
  207. Asuka: 1000...yen!?
  208. Sasara: (...That's a lot more money than I expected...)
  209. Asuka: (...If that's true, then isn't that too cheap...?)
  210. Felicia: That or a grief seed! No one's ever gotten in a fight with me over this!
  211. Sasara: ...Nn~ well, that might be true if it's 1000 yen...
  212. Asuka: Anyway! ...I don't believe you.
  213. Felicia: Why!?
  214. Asuka: ...For starters, could a person with rumors this bad about them really be strong?
  215. Felicia: ...Wha!? WHAT DID YOU SAYYYYYYYY~!!!?
  218. ~One Hour After the Three Girls Met~
  220. Felicia: H, How's that!?
  221. Sasara: This is...
  222. Asuka: A grief seed!?
  223. Felicia: That's ri---ght! How's that!? I defeated it all by myself!
  224. Sasara: I thought that you went flying off somewhere after that and yet...
  225. Asuka: You defeated the witch before us!?
  226. Felicia: There were familiars too but I defeated them a--ll by myself! How's that!? I'm not weak at all am I!?
  227. I'm strong! I'm Kamihama's strongest mercenary! Nyahahaha! Now, what's it gonna be!?
  228. Asuka: Kuu! It seems you really are as strong as you say...
  229. Sasara: ...But you know
  230. Asuka: Eh? What's wrong, Sasara-san...?
  231. Sasara: No, see...since that happened...
  232. Asuka: ...Oh--! You're right, you're right!
  233. Felicia: Nn? What do you mean?
  234. Asuka: ...We now know that you're capable.
  235. Felicia: Y, Yeah!
  236. Asuka: But, since you defeated the witch, it's no longer necessary for us to hire you. To be fair, that also means there was no point in us being here either, but...
  237. Sasara: That's how it's going to be.
  238. Asuka: Now then, once again...excuse us.
  239. Felicia: .............................Wha...wha...WHAT WAS THIS---!!?
  242. Felicia: Dammit--! They screwed me over! It feels like they just made me fight.
  244. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  245. Part Three: Memories of Hatred
  246. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  248. Felicia: Daaaaaw---man! Daaaaaw---manDaaaaaw---manDaaaaaw---man! What's with this!? UGAAAA--aaaaaaAAAHH!
  249. Kyuubey: You're going on a rampage.
  250. Felicia: How could I not go on a rampage after all this!? Those two screwed me over!
  251. Kyuubey: From what I've heard I don't think they did, but...
  252. Felicia: That's not true! That's not true, not true, not true! UGAAAAAAAAAAAA-----AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  254. ???: Um...
  255. Kyuubey: ! ...You're...
  256. Kako: H, Hello...
  257. Felicia: ...Nn? Ah---! You're that chick that was with Tokiwa Nanaka!
  258. Kako: I'm Natsume Kako... about the other day, um...
  259. Felicia: W, What're you here for!?
  260. Kako: N, No, I was just passing by and then I heard a voice that I thought I'd heard before so I...
  261. Felicia: Why do you remember...?
  262. Kako: ...I've been worried about you, Felicia-san...
  263. Felicia: Worried...
  264. Kako: How should I say this? Felicia-san, uh...I, I was thinking, I wish you could get along with everyone else!
  265. ...If you're with us for a longer amount of time, I think that we'll be able to understand each other's feelings.
  266. What you need to do is get along with the people around you, instead of getting into fights with them...
  267. Felicia: ...What'd you mean you're worried!?
  268. Kako: Eh...?
  269. Felicia: I don't remember needing someone as weak as you to worry about me! Anyway, you're just here 'cause Tokiwa Nanaka told you to or something, right!?
  270. Kako: Y, You're wrong! I was just...!
  271. Felicia: Shut u---p! Go away!
  272. Kako: No way...
  273. Felicia: If you're not gonna leave then I'll go, dammit--!
  274. Kako: Ah...
  275. Kyuubey: ...............
  278. Felicia: .......(Dammit...) .......
  281. Kako: I, I was thinking, I wish you could get along with everyone else!
  284. Felicia: ........(...She wasn't a bad person...maybe I went too far.) ......
  285. ......Ahhh--geez!
  288. ~ Several Days Later ~
  290. Asuka: Why did you suddenly show up!?
  291. Felicia: No, I'm telling you to wait!
  292. Sasara: Don't tell me, you're not here to fight us, are you...?
  293. Asuka: The other day, that was completely your...!
  294. Felicia: It's fine! I don't care about what happened the other day!
  295. Sasara: ...Then, what do you want from us?
  296. Felicia: ...Once again, I want you guys to hire me. That's why I went looking for you girls.
  297. Sasara: What!? ...No, no, we don't want to...
  298. Felicia: I won't cause you trouble, okay!?
  299. Asuka: ...What made you suddenly decide to do this?
  300. Felicia: ...No, well, a lot of stuff happened... Besides! Unless I get work I can't even eat after all!
  301. Sasara: ...That being said...
  302. Asuka: ...Understood. Let's make a contract.
  303. Felicia: Seriously!?
  304. Sasara: Asuka! Wait a second, are you serious!?
  305. Asuka: ...Your straight and honest feelings came through to me. I'll sympathize with those feelings.
  306. Sasara: ...Haaaa~ ...You see, when Asuka gets like this she becomes single-minded and frank...Roger. It's fine with me too.
  307. Felicia: Yes--! ...Um, u, uh...thanks...
  309. Sasara: ...Must be around here.
  310. Asuka: Seems that way.
  311. Felicia: Al--righty, then I'll do a thorough search around here...
  312. Asuka: Let's refrain from acting alone here. We still don't have a firm grasp on where the enemy is located yet.
  313. Felicia: But! ...Ah! ...Okay...
  314. Asuka: ...Sasara-san.
  315. Sasara: ...I know. When the enemy comes out, I'll hold it back.
  316. Asuka: And that'll be when we strike, understood?
  317. Felicia: Y, Yeah!
  319. Kyuubey: ...It seems like you've been searching for me, right? Natsume Kako.
  320. Kako: Yes... Um... There was something I wanted to ask you...
  321. Kyuubey: ...Is it about Mitsuki Felicia?
  322. Kako: ...You saw right through me, didn't you?
  323. Kyuubey: Yes, considering what happened the other day.
  324. Kako: I wanted to know more about her...about Felicia-san...
  325. Kyuubey: Is it necessary for you to learn those things? Why are you asking?
  326. Kako: ...I can somewhat sense it. That there's something dangerous in her heart...
  327. Kyuubey: ...........
  328. Kako: As if it were my own, my heart feels uneasy...That's why I'm worried! About Felicia-san!
  329. Kyuubey: ...It's possible...that your hearts are sympathizing with each other.
  330. Kako: ...Sympathize?
  331. Kyuubey: You could even say they're resonating. Anyway, it's possible. It's possible that your "feelings" are colliding...
  332. Kako: Our feelings are...
  333. Kyuubey: That might be why Mitsuki Felicia reacted that way towards you. Your feelings are rocking against each other...maybe. At most it's nothing more than a possibility but that possibility might connect to a new fate...
  334. Kako: ...I don't really understand but...
  335. Kyuubey: ...Very well. Just this once, I'll tell you. About Mitsuki Felicia.
  336. Kako: Eh... you really will!?
  337. Kyuubey: Her powerful fighting spirit and those violent feelings. Their origins lie in her wish.
  338. Kako: Her wish...
  341. Sasara: Uwaaaah! ...They're attacking! The familiars!
  342. Asuka: Looks like it...let's go, Felicia-san!
  343. Felicia: Al--righty! ...Let's go!
  345. Asaka: ...Whew. Looks like we took care of the familiars.
  346. Sasara: Looks like it...And that means...
  347. Felicia: ...Next is...the witch!
  349. Witch: Zarizarizari...zarizari
  350. Asuka: ! Here it comes!
  351. Witch: zarizarizari@()$!!
  352. Felicia: UooooooooooooooOoooh!
  355. Kyuubey: ...Mitsuki Felicia's parents are deceased.
  356. Kako: ..............
  357. Kyuubey: ...because of her own mistake, you see.
  358. Kako: Eh...!?
  359. Kyuubey: While her mother was cooking, a fire broke out because of a little prank she did.
  360. Kako: ...An, And that's...
  361. Kyuubey: The fire spread throughout the condo they lived in.
  362. Kako: ...Could it be? That's when you, Kyuubey-san...
  363. Kyuubey: ...That's when she made this wish, that 'I want you to make it so what just happened never happened'
  364. Kako: Then, everything went back to normal...!
  365. Kyuubey: No, the wish was granted in a different way. In such a way that "her memories were altered".
  366. Kako: Her memories...were altered...?
  369. Asuka: Guaaah!
  370. Sasara: Asuka! ...Kyaaaah!
  371. Felicia: Ah...! A, Are you okay!?
  372. Asuka: S, Somehow...
  373. Sasara: Same here...But, this might be bad... The magical energy is...
  374. Asuka: ...This witch is strong...!
  375. Witch: Jyagigi@#&*#@----!!
  376. Sasara: Not good...!
  377. Asuka: Ku...!
  379. Asuka: ........! Felicia-san!
  380. Felicia: ...Don't you lay a finger on damn witch!
  381. Sasara: This surge of magical energy...amazing...this much...!?
  384. Kyuubey: In the flames she made her wish while she was confused. That state of confusion changed how her prayers turned out.
  385. As a result, her memories were altered and made into "my parents were killed by a witch".
  386. Kako: H, How horrible...!
  387. Kyuubey: The condo that went up in flames was restored to the way it was, as if nothing had happened. The neighbors had it carved into their memories that her parents had gone missing. But she believes the false truth that...her parents were really killed by a witch. Without even knowing that she herself was the cause, you see...
  388. Kako: ...How cruel...that's too cruel...!
  389. Kyuubey: There was nothing we could do. The results were brought about by her prayers.
  390. Kako: B, But!
  391. Kyuubey: And a hatred towards witches ended up...instilled in Mitsuki Felicia's heart.
  394. Felicia: I'll crush you! Crush! Crush! Crush! Crush! Crush! Without leaving a single witch alive...I'LL CRUSH YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!
  395. Witch: ZushaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaA----!!
  396. Asuka: Ku, Kuu!
  397. Sasara: Asuka! Get back!
  399. Kyuubey: ...Is this enough to satisfy you? As far as Mitsuki Felicia's story goes.
  400. Kako: ...I've heard enough.
  401. Kyuubey: What will you do, knowing this story?
  402. Kako: ......................Right now, nothing...I'll just...keep it locked up inside my heart.
  403. Kyuubey: I think that's a good idea. Even if you told her about memories she's lost, it'll only confuse her after all.
  404. Kako: ...And...
  405. Kyuubey: And?
  408. Asuka: saved me...
  409. Sasara: ...Protecting is my job, after all...So, what about that girl?
  410. Asuka: ...She's over there!
  411. Felicia: ............
  412. Sasara: Hey, are you okay!? ...You're kidding!?
  413. Asuka: What's wrong!? Don't tell me...!?
  414. Sasara: .............She's asleep...
  415. Asuka: Asleep!?
  416. Felicia: Zupiii~...ZZZ...
  417. Sasara: ...Haha! She kinda...right?
  418. Asuka: ...Yes...I give up...
  421. Kako: ...And, the next time we meet I want to tell her something that I didn't get the chance to say before
  424. Kako: Please become my friend...
  427. Felicia: I'll take care of all the witches...I absolutely won't lose!
  429. ==============================
  430. [1]=Apparently a reference to a poem written by a Chinese poet named Yu Wuling Ji.
  432. I offer you the golden flagon;
  433. do not disdain its brimming gift.
  434. Wind and rain await the opening flower,
  435. and partings make up too much of our life.
  437. Translation source and more info here:
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