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  1. I'd like to get -q'd I told someone to "Google" first and provided them with the answer "Lynx" and a Wikipedia page on the browser. I was told that it's wrong by chu and didn't do it again but said its my opinion they should Google first because there are many resources and documents on this problem of finding a text only browser. He then AFTER he spoke to me decided to +qk me.
  3. This is opinion and he refuses at a polite request to remove the +q. The following is a message from him trying to get me to leave #ubuntu-ops because I'm calling out this is opinion. Not rules trouble!
  5. "[02:18] <+bazhang> not so."
  6. "[02:18] <+bazhang> iToast, if there is nothing further, please exit the channel"
  8. I've forwarded him a pastebin copy of this message.
  10. Thanks - iToast on IRC
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