Mar 22nd, 2017
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  1. >You are not anon
  2. >You are a normal Drake
  3. >Well not exactly
  4. >A normal drake should be safe in his cave right now and not running like a a lunatic in a fucking forest pursued by some wood wolf or whatever it is
  5. >They attacked you as soon as you enter this cursed place, you manage to wound some of them but they were so many and too coordinate to let you have a chance against them
  6. >Except the ones you received on your right wing, your scales did a good work to protect you from the bites howerver
  7. >You managed to escape the fight and distance them
  8. >You check behind you and see only the dark depth of the forest… no more ravenous wooden dog
  9. >You stop your race in a litle glade and catch your breath
  10. >You smirk proudly
  11. «Seems like I outrun them»
  12. >A sigh escape your mouth when you realize your current situation
  13. «A good news... at last….»
  14. >Normally you could have slay them easily with your strengh and dragon breath or at least flee the combat with your wings
  15. >But you are hungry, thirsty, tired, your wings are broken ... You don't know where you are, you lost your armor and chiefly you are desperate
  16. >You need to calm down
  17. >In the corner of your eyes, you see a tree trunk lying onthe ground
  18. >And despite the fact you are in the most dangerous forest you have witnessed
  19. >You sit on it and close your eyes
  20. >‘Whatever happens you take 10 seconds to pull yourself together‘
  21. >You breath in and breath out, breath in and breath out, breath in and breath out…
  22. >Although you start to feel better, you can’t ignore the sadness dwelling in your heart
  23. >A tear roll down on your cheek… and another one… and another one… and anoth-
  24. >’Wait what ?!?’
  25. >Quickly you open your eyes and look at the sky
  26. >It’s full of dark cloud who greet you with raindrops
  27. >You feel like you’re about to explode
  29. >In answer to this, a lightning descended from the storm and hit the tree close to you
  30. >Shocked you stare at it, until it collapsed on the ground
  31. >You have to move your ass out of this damnable forest before it kill you
  32. >But right now you’re too scared to move, your legs are shaking like hell
  33. >However, another lightning hit takes you out of your trance
  34. >You shake your head and start running deeper in the forest
  36. >You pursue your quest into this nightmare
  37. >It must be 11 pm now and the storm don't seem to soothe
  38. >The downpour and this gusts of wind slow down your progression in this jungle, and your only light source come from the regular lightning
  39. >If you encounter a predator, you will not be able to flee this time
  40. >A part of you just want to give up...
  41. >Yeah that what you are going to do, just lay down on the ground and let the mud cover your dying body
  42. >You don't have a purpose anymore, you just want to sleep, stop feeling...
  44. >And then you see it, the end of the forest... and a house!
  45. >You can't believe what you see, a house? like that? in the middle of nowhere?
  46. >A spark of hope light up inside your heart while you run toward the cottage
  47. >You can't contain your excitement, you are no longer in this hell made of tree, and maybe you will find someone who will be able to help you
  48. >You take a last look of the forest who is now behind you and stick out your tongue
  49. "Looks like I'm not dying tod-"
  50. >You don't have the time to finish your sentence, your right feet slips on a puddle and you lose your balance
  52. >Is the only thing you manage to say before your head crashes on a random rock
  53. >You lay on the ground and your vision begin to blur
  54. >you touch your forehead and the last thing you see is your right hand covered of blood until consciousness failed you
  56. >You are Fluttershy
  57. >And right now you try your best to calm your friends
  58. "Don't worry, everything gonna be alright, Rainbow Dash said the storm will stop in a few hours"
  59. >But a new lightning is enough to put back the chaos among your animals
  60. >The squirrels started to eat the sofa for some reason
  61. "No no don't do that... plea-"
  63. >You and your pets stood still
  64. "Wh-what was that?"
  65. >You look out the window and you see something red lying down in your garden
  66. "Oh dear, a pony has been caught off guard by the storm, we have to help him!"
  67. >Your pets stare at you puzzled while you walk toward your door
  68. >Barely open, a gust enters in the room and most of the animals went to hide behind furniture
  69. >You place your hoof in front of your eyes and try to see something despite the tempest
  70. >Two of your dogs jumped outside and ran towards the dying body and began to drag it
  71. >You're waiting for your two friends to enter in the house before you close the door and take a proper look on the one who need your help
  73. >Back to our protagonist
  74. >And right now you're in heaven
  75. >Yeah that's it, the fall kills you and you're now relaxing on your cloud
  76. >But something was wrong... Something was bouncing on your chest?
  77. >You slowly open your eyes and see a little bunny waving at you
  78. >You straighten your body and analyze the surrounding
  79. >No you aren't dead, you're in a bed... in a room...
  80. >Of course the cottage! Now you remember it
  81. >The owner of this house should have find you and saved your ass
  82. >Your attention get back to the bunny who seems happy to see you
  83. >You consider at him for a moment, you aren't tired anymore but you're still pretty hungry...
  84. >In fact he seems very delicious... Maybe just one bite?
  85. >As if the animal read your mind he points with his pawn something on your left
  86. >You turn your head and spot a bowl fill with some sort of soup
  87. >You stare at the bunny who was expecting your reaction
  88. "Th-that's for me?"
  89. >In answer to this, he simply nods at you
  90. >You slowly take the bowl with your claws and inhale the content
  91. >Vegetable? meh, you'd rather eat some fresh meat but it isn't the time to be picky
  92. >You take a first sip and savour every drop
  93. >And in fact, even for vegetables it was delicious
  94. >You devour your meal and appreciate the feeling of being full
  96. >You wanted to thanks the rabbit but he wasn't here anymore
  97. >You analyze once more the room and spot something interesting on the wall... a mirror
  98. >Despite the pain in your legs you get up off the bed, you want to look at yourself
  99. >And well you aren't disappointed
  100. >Bloody hell, you look terrible, months of roaming have ravaged you
  101. >You're skinny as fuck, you're scales usually bright are now gloomy, even your eyes have lost their color
  102. >Your body was covered with some spots of dried blood and mud, plenty of scars are here too, fresh wounds however have been bandaged
  103. >You touch the one on your forehead as you remember your fall...
  104. >Fucking random rock...
  105. >Your savior did a amazing job, you owe him your fucking life
  106. >Well time to check your wings... but you think you already know how they look like
  107. >You begin to spread them and the pain at the base of both wings tell you it isn't good at all
  108. >Ignoring your suffering you pursue your effort until you reach your maximal wingspan
  109. >Well, it's not bad... IT'S FUCKING TERRIBLE!
  110. >Too many holes are decorating the membrane of your wings
  111. >There is now way you could fly with this soon
  112. >You take a last look at your reflection in the mirror
  113. >It seems you came back from the dead...
  114. >And that's what probably happened
  116. >"You shouldn't do that"
  117. >You spin in the direction of the voice and stare at a yellow quadruped with a pink mane
  118. >You can see the bunny on her back too
  119. >"I-I mean, spreading your wings like that, they're still broken, y-you know"
  120. >You slowly fold your wings on your back while thinking about the creature in front of you
  121. "You are a pony, right?
  122. >You spot her wings on each side of her back
  123. "A pegasus more exactly?"
  124. >"y-yeah"
  125. >You remember to read a book about them when you were a kid
  126. "So am I in Equestria?"
  127. >She doesn't respond to you but you don't really need it
  128. >She shakes like a leaf... You're scaring her obviously dumbass
  129. >Maybe you should change the subject
  130. "So I assume you're the one who save my life back there"
  131. >"Well... yeah..."
  132. >You slowly walk toward her and lower at her level
  133. >And then you did something you have never done before
  134. >You hug her
  135. "Thank you so much, without you... I will be dead by now"
  136. >She seems to relax a bit
  137. >"Oh it's nothing, I love taking care of animals... I-I mean everyone"
  138. >You break the hug and chuckle a bit at the embarrassment of your new friend
  139. "Anyway, I owe you one"
  140. >She indicate you the bed
  141. >"Well maybe you should get some rest, you have still a lot to recover"
  142. >The idea to return in your paradise seems good to you
  143. "I guess you're the doctor"
  144. >You start to walk toward the bed
  145. >"Oh and my name is Fluttershy, what's yours?"
  146. >You stop your walk and can already feel the sweat forming on your face
  147. >You keep your back turned and simply say
  148. "Hope... Call me Hope"
  150. >You're Hope and you're relaxing on your bed
  151. >It's the middle of the night and you're staring the ceiling in the dark, thinking about your situation
  152. >How long have you been wandering since you left your homeland? 3 months? Maybe more
  153. >You kinda lost track of the time during your exile...
  154. >You wanted to explore new lands, defeat fiends and learn about the world and his wonders
  155. >So you just took your armor and say goodbye to dragonland
  156. >And oh boy you weren't disapointed
  157. >You have seen a lot of place, some astounding... Some deadly...
  158. "Plain, forest, swamp, desert, mountains, badlands, waterfalls..."
  159. >You have fought countless of foes, most of the time you won... Sometimes you had to flee...
  160. "Bear, Yeti, giant spider, elemental spirit, reanimated skeleton, wood wolf..."
  161. >The start of your journey was exciting, discover new things everyday
  162. >But after a while, the adventure caught you...
  163. >The lack of proper meals and rest have weakened you
  164. >At the end of the day, you couldn't even fight a bunch of wood dogs...
  165. "You're weak Hope"
  167. >And now you're in Equestria, home of the pony
  168. >You have always heard a lots of tales about them
  169. >They put an importance into the words, friendship, kindness, and selfless
  170. >While the dragon was more interested in the idea of strength, bravery and honor
  171. >You guess both side have their arguments, but you never understood the hate of the dragons against the equines
  172. "Maybe we're just too different"
  173. >So what are you going to do now?
  174. >Stay here a while, you guess, just the time you fully recover from your wounds
  175. >You are pretty seriously injured now, but nothing impossible for your young body
  176. >Every scars fade away eventually
  177. >In a few week you'll get your sexy body back and will be able to go away
  178. >You don't want to stay here forever
  179. >You're in this bed since 3 days and already feel like shit
  180. >You still have to find a way to pay back Fluttershy too
  181. >You close your eyes, you need fresh air
  182. >Tomorrow you'll go out
  184. >You are Twilight
  185. >And you just wake up after a good night
  186. >The book of the eve have left you weary
  187. >But now you are ready to tackle the day
  188. >You jump when you feel your butt vibrate
  189. >A quick look on your rump confirm your suspicions
  190. >A new friendship mission... Great...
  191. >You had another plans for today, but as the princess of magic, you have to bring harmony in all equestria
  192. >You leave your room and take a quick shower before heading to the kitchen
  193. >Your student was here, lazily reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee in her left hoof
  194. "Good morning Starlight"
  195. >"Hi Twilight"
  196. "I will not be able to ensure your friendship lesson this afternoon"
  197. >"What's the matter?"
  198. "Another friendship mission"
  199. >"I guess that explain why all of our friends are in the map's room"
  200. "All of them?"
  201. >She just nod and get back to her reading
  202. >You get out of the kitchen and start running in the direction of the main room
  203. >You hoped to eat something first but you don't want to keep your friends waiting
  204. >When you arrive at the doors, you take a moment to catch your breath and open them
  205. >You enter in the room and see all your friends, Rarity and Fluttershy sit quietly in their throne, Pinkie Pie was bouncing around the table and finally Rainbow and Applejack was on the map and seem to arguing
  207. >RD:"I'm telling you the beam is on the town hall"
  208. >AJ:"Nope sugarcube, I'm sure our cutie marks want to indicate the park"
  209. >RD:"Eh? Are you sure it's not more on the left?"
  210. >AJ:"Hmm, now you say that, I don't know anymore"
  211. >RD:"Gah, this is hopeless, why ponyville is so small on this goddamn map"
  212. >R:"Well darling, all Equestria is on this map, if you wanted Ponyville to be more visible, Manehattan would have taken half of the room"
  213. >RD:"Whatever, we aren't going to hang out in the town and ask everyone if they have a friendship problem"
  214. >PP:"Aww come on Rainbow it will be fun"
  215. "Hey girls, what's wrong?"
  216. >R:"Oh hello Twilight, the problem is..."
  217. >RD:"The problem is the fact we can't see where we have to go"
  218. "I think I have the solution"
  219. >While summoning a magnifying glass, you jump on the table, and start to inspect the spot where yours cutie marks are floating
  220. "Hmm, it isn't in the town... just near the everfree forest... Fluttershy's house?"
  221. >All of you turn toward Fluttershy who hasn't say anything since you are here
  222. >F:"M-my house?"
  223. >AJ:"Discord needs our help?"
  224. >R:"I thought you asked him to stop living with you for a while
  225. >F:"Yes, you are right, he doesn't live with me anymore..."
  226. >RD:"So, who needs us? Angel?"
  227. >F:"I assume it must be Hope..."
  228. "Who?"
  230. >You are still Twilight and right now you are confused
  231. >You are on the way of Fluttershy's house and she just finish to tell her story
  232. >AJ:"So you helped a dragon?"
  233. >F:"Yes"
  234. >R:"And she was nearly dead when you find her?"
  235. >F:"Yes"
  236. >RD:"And she is living with you since the last 4 days"
  237. >F:"Yes"
  238. >PP:"And she seems to be super hyper kind?!"
  239. >F:"Well... yes?"
  240. >RD:"I don't know what you are thinking about all of this, but it remind me a lot about the episode with your brother..."
  241. >F:"Oh no no, she promises me that she will leave when she will be healed"
  242. "And you didn't ask her from where she came from?"
  243. >F:"No, I didn't want to be intrusive..."
  244. >All of this looked suspicious...
  245. >A dragon coming from nowhere? Covered in blood? And she was nice? And why did the map was activated?
  246. "Well keep an eye on her until we know what this all about..."
  248. >You reach the cottage and enter in the living room
  249. >F:"Don't forget, she must be a little lost so don't scare her"
  250. >RD:"I know I can be a little impressive but I c-"
  251. >AJ:"Don't worry sugarcube, everything gonna be alright"
  252. >F:"Well, she must be resting in her room, so I will go find her and-"
  253. >PP:"LOOK! THERE SHE IS!!!"
  254. >After you recovered of your heart attack, you check out the view through the window
  255. >And indeed Pinkie was right, you can spot a red figure sitting in the grass
  256. >You open the back door and enter in the garden,
  257. >"Hope" sees you coming and quickly get up
  258. >She doesn't say or do anything, she just standing here while you make your approach
  259. >Judging by her size, she must be a bit younger than Ember and even have the same shape and spikes on her head
  260. >But the ressemblance stop here
  261. >Her red scales shine like a ruby, while her belly, spikes and wings are pinkier
  262. >Despite their conditions, her wings are bigger and her white horns find their base on her forehead and going backward
  263. >Now you are just in front of her and can see something you have never see on a dragon, some of her scale were white. Not a lot, but enough to be visible
  264. >She is staring at you with her deep blue eyes and waiting for you to make the first move
  266. >You are Hope and you are a bit anxious as you see the group of ponies approaching you
  267. >What was their intention?
  268. >Maybe they just want you to leave. They surely don't want you around the town
  269. >Dragon are well know for their... bellicose behavior
  270. >Nonetheless, they don't seem to be aggressive but you can say they were on their guard
  271. >Except Fluttershy and the pink one who is bouncing happily like a kid
  272. >However, the sight of your savior allows you to relax a bit
  273. >She has been nice with you since you are here, maybe everything gonna be alright
  274. >Your look stops on the purple one
  275. >Something was weird with her, she has both a horn and a pair of wing
  276. >An alicorn?
  277. >You always thought they were only two in this world
  278. >But maybe they were more common
  279. >Well it's not like dragon's books are pretty recent or accurate...
  280. >Now they are in front of you and remain silent
  281. >It's pretty obvious they don't deal with reptile of your size everyday
  282. >They stare at you
  283. >You stare at them
  284. >...
  285. >Ok now this is akward, someone had to break the ice before the silence kills you
  286. >F:"Hello Hope, let me present you my friends. So here is Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and here it's Twilight Sparkle the princess of friendship"
  287. >They all greeted you but your attention stay on the last one
  288. >Princess of friendship? What the hell is that?
  289. >...
  290. >Oh shit, she is a princess!
  291. >You bow before her
  292. "I'm honored to meet you Princess"
  293. >She seems to be surprised by your manners but she quickly pull herself together
  294. >TS:"Oh forget formality. Actually I'm not here as a princess but as a... Friend?"
  295. >Ok now you don't understand what the fuck is going on
  297. >TS:"You see me and my friends have the duty to bring harmony in all Equestria by helping the other with their friendship issues"
  298. >She keeps talking about some magical map, elements of harmony and butts shaking...
  299. >You are not sure if you understood the last part...
  300. >You rub your eyes with your right claw, and organize your thought
  301. "So, what you are trying to tell me is, you are here to help me with my friendship's problem because a map tells you to do it?"
  302. >TS:"Yeah that's it"
  303. "I don't want to be rude with you but I think your map is broken, I don't have any friendships problem or something like this"
  304. >TS:"A-Are you sure? I mean, the map activated just a few day after your appearance and it bring us in this area, it can't be just a coincidence. You must be the one who need us"
  305. >You let out a sigh of annoyance
  306. >All of this starts to upset you
  307. "Listen princess, I don't need your help because dragons don't do friends. You can't help someone with their friendships problem if they don't have friends, right?"
  308. >You look at the alicorn who was struggling to find a response
  309. >But it didn't come from her
  310. >A pink horse jump in front of you and start shooting
  311. >PP:" SILLY! THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM! So now, you're staying with us and we will teach you how to have a lot of friends. But first I have to throw you a welcome party! I'm already late of four days!"
  312. >Fucking hell, she scared the shit of you
  313. >You completly forgot the other 5 pony
  314. >Well 4 now the pink one is already gone
  315. >TS:"Apparently, Pinkie find your problem. So what do you think? You let us help you with this. It's not the first I take someone under my wing"
  316. >You consider the offer
  317. >Why did you acted like this? They just want to help you
  318. >Don't need to be such a bitch
  319. "Can you give me some time to think about it?"
  321. >You are now sitting on the grass of the garden
  322. >The girls have been gone for awhile
  323. >"She just need some time"
  324. >You heard Fluttershy say that to the others
  325. >And she was right
  326. >You really don't know what you want right now
  327. >Three paths are offered to you
  328. >First you can return in your homeland
  329. >You can also resume your life of adventurer
  330. >And finally there is the offer of the Princess
  331. >Your attention get back to the stone in your hands
  332. >You found it earlier in the morning
  333. >It was the stone on which you fell few days ago
  334. >Some of your blood was still on it
  335. >A stone covered of blood...
  336. >It brings you back bad memories for sure
  337. >Not like you have good ones though...
  338. >Thunder...
  339. >This fucking dude
  340. >Even if he died a few years ago, you can perfectly remember his face
  341. >The memory of his lifeless eyes was enough to make you shiver
  342. >First option wasn't possible
  343. >You don't want to go back in your country
  344. >You're not welcome, and plus there was literally nothing to do back there
  345. >Dragonland was just an endless country of rock and lava
  346. >And nothing else
  347. >Sure lava bath was comfy as fuck but that's it
  348. >So no you aren't going to come back to your country
  349. >You glare at the forest in front of you
  351. >What about option 2?
  352. >The life of adventurer was amazing
  353. >Each day you saw new landscapes and animals
  354. >Even if the daily of a dragon is more, loot, eat and sleep
  355. >This way of life suits you perfectly
  356. >Also you had the chance to fought a lot of foes
  357. >For a warrior like you it was pretty cool
  358. >Wandering across the world was the first in your life you can tell you were happy
  359. >There was just one problem...
  360. >You nearly got yourself killed
  361. >Even if you have learned a lot about survival
  362. >You were very lucky to find Fluttershy's house
  363. >And the next time you will be in need of help, you're not sure if you'll have the same luck
  364. >Without Fluttershy, you will be dead by now...
  365. >Suddenly, you're in no hurry to go back to adventure
  366. >However you still have to go back in this jungle to get your armor
  367. >You miss it
  368. >Without the sensation of the steel and leather on your scales, you're feeling weak and vulnerable
  370. >Last option...
  371. >Do you really want to stay here?
  372. >Sure, life here is quiet and after all that happened to you, you need this
  373. >But you have this weird impression of being cut in two
  374. >When you spoke to Twilight earlier,a part of you wanted to act like a bitch, almost like you wanted to hurt her
  375. >But there was also something else
  376. >Since you are here, a new feeling has settled in your heart
  377. >And this feeling, you wanted to explore it
  378. >The fact that you can now rely on someone was unusual
  379. >You remember the moment when you hug Fluttershy
  380. >Why did you do this?
  381. >You never acted like this before
  382. >A moment of weakness perhaps?
  383. >But you wanted to do it...
  384. >You had to do it
  385. >Every time Fluttershy came to see you in your room...
  386. >That makes you feel so weird
  387. >And you liked it
  388. >You are lost in your thoughts until you feel a hoof touching your back
  389. >You already knew who it was
  390. >That sweet scent of lilac...
  391. >You turn your head towards your savior
  392. >She greeted you with a smile
  393. >You don't know pony standards but you could tell she looks beautiful
  394. >And the sun in her back gives her an angelic aspect
  395. >You force a weak smile
  396. "Hey Fluttershy"
  397. >"Come home, I didn't change your bandages today"
  398. "Sure, I'm coming"
  399. >She winks at you and head back to her house
  400. >You slowly get up and contemplate the yellow pony
  401. >Ahh Fluttershy
  402. >The embodiment of kindness
  403. >Always here to take care of your ungrateful ass
  404. >Speaking of, she has a nice rump
  405. >You stare at the stone who still remain in your hand
  406. >Maybe it was time for you to forget the past and move forward
  407. >Have a fresh start
  408. >You drop the stone and join your "friend"
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