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Jun 22nd, 2020
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  1. Patch #18 Changelog - NOT FULL CHANGELOG, ONLY PARTIAL
  3. Gameplay
  4. Servers are now split into 48, 64 and 80 player servers. Players can now select their desired playercount via checkboxes in the matchmaker
  5. Duel mode no longer allows bandages, medkit and flesh wound. Disabled health regen in duel mode. From now on certain perks will be banned in ranked play and we recommend competitive players to copy these rules.
  6. You can now select loadouts with banned equipment/perks, those will be removed/disabled on spawn instead.
  7. Updated plugin
  8. Many fixes to mod downloads and subscriptions, should fix problems with joining modded servers
  9. Improvements to backend, improving the gold/xp situation and community server stability
  10. Bots can now use ladders
  11. Bots can now climb surfaces
  12. Added lots of new cosmetics ;)
  14. Combat
  15. Added new Miss detector 3000 - this is a new mechanic that will detect misses of enemies while the player is in the parry window and reduce the parry recovery by a huge amount, sending the player to idle much quicker. Plays a sound and faster animation when it triggers. Heavily nerfs missing on purpose in 1vX scenarios and fixes unparryable miss combos in 1v1.
  16. Added new glancing blow calculation based on who players parried - this will remove spinning with ripostes from duels and make those spins glance now, without affecting teamplay or target switching.
  17. Maximum lunge reduced by 15cm (15ms) - this makes 120cm the new maximum and means that every weapon shorter than 120cm had its lunge reduced very slightly
  18. Maximum strike release reduced 25ms, making 500ms the new max. This means weapons with 525ms strike release now have 500ms strike release. Only affects 525ms release weapons. Reduces float.
  19. Parry window reduced 25ms (recovery increased, same total time)
  20. Strike chamber window reduced 25ms
  21. Stab chamber window reduced 25ms
  22. Morph windows increased 25ms globally
  23. Strike riposte early release increased 1% (Makes riposte accels hit very slightly slower)
  24. Reduced knockback across the board
  25. Chase mechanic activation time increased 100ms (0.4 -> 0.5)
  26. Undercut glance reduced 5%
  27. Kicks now ignore hand hitboxes again, fixing “hand kicks” for good
  28. Slow kick timer is no longer bound to feint lockout and now uses a global 450ms timer instead across all weapons. This should fix very fast kicks right after a feint on slower weapons.
  29. Jump kick slowed down 35ms
  30. Jump kick can no longer be feinted
  31. Morph to kick slowed down 25ms
  32. Kicks now have bonus damage on headshots again (5)
  33. Disarms now force slow kick for a short time
  34. Third person camera changed to a centered view
  35. Better spawn invulnerability, fixes dying to trebuchets etc.
  36. Updated CombatTest - now has experimental buckler rework and two new prototype weapons, fix for backparries, experimental new chase mechanic & more
  37. Added second combat test map (CombatTest_Casual) with new, more fluid experimental combat based around timed parry with a very short recovery. Full description on the map.
  39. Weapons & Equipment
  40. Heather, Kite and Round shield now have a significantly bigger parry window compared to regular parry (125ms bigger), making them much stronger against drags etc. Stamina negation has been reduced.
  41. Shield wall turncap is now less strict, shield wall movement speed now faster
  42. Shields now cover less of the screen in first person
  43. Firepot fire now slightly bigger, covers a round area
  44. Firepot direct hit damage buffed to 20
  45. Firepot wood damage increased 50% (one pot will now fully destroy toolbox walls that are not being repaired instead of leaving them standing at low health)
  46. Firepot now starts damage 150ms faster (1.5s -> 1.35s)
  47. Maul raw damage to armored torsos (T2,T3) reduced by 10
  48. Maul miss recovery on strike and stab increased 100ms
  49. Halberd main mode combos 25ms faster
  50. Halberd alt mode strike damage increased by 2 across the board
  51. Halberd now cheaper
  52. Battle Axe main mode range increased 5cm
  53. Estoc chamber stamina cost raised to 15 (from 10)
  54. Estoc stab turncap now slightly more strict
  55. Rapier strike release reduced 25ms
  56. Shortspear range reduced 5cm
  57. Shortspear stab windup slowed down 25ms
  58. Shortspear stab stamina drain reduced by 1
  59. Reduced sledgehammer stamina drain slightly
  60. Smith perk repair bonus reduced to 33% from 50%
  61. Friendly perk reduced to 1 point cost
  62. Tenacious perk reduced to 1 point cost
  63. Wrecker perk cost reduced to 2 points
  64. Scavenger point cost increased to 2 points
  65. Flesh wound buffed, no longer sets stamina to 0
  66. Fixed shovel leg damage
  67. Toolbox can no longer build directly around players/vehicles
  69. Performance
  70. Lots of server CPU optimizations
  71. Lots of client CPU optimizations
  72. Added experimental new anim/code LOD bucketing system m.CharLODAnimNew 1 in console to enable, handles characters that are further away better by rescaling the buckets
  73. Added experimental character lod occlusion system m.characterLODOcclusion 1 to enable, reduces quality of heavily occluded characters, best combined with new anim LOD above
  74. Added several map optimizations
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