Miranda's Inventory

Jan 26th, 2019
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  1. Equipment:
  3. Miranda's Jacket: [Intimidation +1/Plainness -1]:
  4. Third Eye Brooch (Otherworldly +3 / Hothead -3)
  5. Noble's Cape (Intimidation +2 / Plainness -2)
  6. Glowing Headband (Otherworldly +1 / Hothead -2)
  7. Amateur's Necklace (Plainness +1)
  8. Clear Sunglasses (Plainness +2 / Intimidation -2)
  9. Red Striped Sneakers (Hothead +1 / Otherworldy -1)
  10. Power Militant Armor (Intimidation +2 / Humor -2)
  11. Power Shell Legs (Intimidation +2 / Plainness -1)
  12. Power Soldier's AI Headwear (Intimidation +2 / Plainness -2)
  13. Ribbon Wings (Otherworldly +2/Humor +1)
  14. *Mastercrafted* Divine Shoes (Humor +2 / Intimidation +1 / Otherworldly +1) (+1500 Mana)
  15. Prim Gloves (Plainness +1 / Intimidation -1)
  16. Traveler's Backpack (Plainness +1 / Intimidation -1)
  17. Big n' Proper Bowtie (Plainness +2 / Humor +1 / Intimidation -3)
  23. Weapons:
  25. -Gravitic Flamebringer Sword
  26. -Base Weapon: Flamebringer
  27. >Intimidation +2
  28. >One of Miranda's first weapons, the Flamebringer is a sword gifted to magically powerful individuals of high repute in the dragon worshipping Empire of Horinth. This one was taken from the unconscious body of General Corbin, after he was found to be using an artifact to illegally influence soldiers under his command, putting the legitimacy of his title into question. It has served Miranda well, thanks to it's ability to set itself aflame with a little bit of mana.
  30. -Baron's Rapier
  31. >Otherworldly +1, Intimidation +1
  32. Miranda's second weapon gathered, this rapier was the prized weapon of Baron Voldin, an arrogant noble from Tenimbaum, city of mages. Taken as a prize from an unlucky adventurer when he had no way to pay back the loan he took from his father, using this rapier had unlocked Voldin's magical potential, which he squandered by slashing through townsfolk whenever they started to annoy him with their pleas. Imbued with the power to amplify magical attacks, including Miranda's magi-beam, magi-wave, and magi-blasts.
  34. -’Lorenzo’s Own’ Extreme Mana Condenser (+1000 Mana)
  36. -’Highball’ Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher
  37. A manual guidance only rocket launcher. Its explosive yield is rather impressive, and if anyone else has a Highball brand device, such as the Highball Seeker Mines, or another launcher, it’s standardized laser targeting system allows ‘double duty’ of sorts, allowing someone else to grab control of a launched rocket or other Highball device should an adjustment need to be made on the fly. -Current Ammo: 30 Rockets
  39. -’Moleworm’ Proximity Mines
  40. These mines are small, and capable of attaching to floors, walls, and the ceiling. Once locked in place, they can be primed to only detonate once someone gets within a specific radius- up to 10 meters away. Obviously, there’s a bit of a grace period when priming them. -Available Mines: 0
  42. -Manastone Shotgun
  43. A unique type of pistol common to the frontier world it hails from, the Manastone Revolver works by inserting a stone imbued with certain elements or spells into the ammo chamber, cocking the hammer, and pulling the trigger. It's single action only, requiring the user to pull the hammer back for each shot, but experienced users have been known to increase the fire rate by "fanning" the hammer. While otherwise unetched and unmarked, this revolver is well made enough to survive outside it's plane of origin. Six shots per stone.
  45. -Manastone Pistol
  46. Similar to the Manastone Revolver, this gun works by inserting an imbued elemental or spell stone into the chamber, closing it up and firing it, similar to a break action bouble barreled shotgun. It's more powerful then it's pistol counterpart, but this comes at the cost of an extremely small ammo capacity. It is unmarked and unetched much like the revolver, and similarly, it is sturdy enough to be used off of it's original plane. Two shots per stone.
  48. -Small Caliber Ophelia "Svelte" Purse Pistol
  49. A relatively unremarkable semi-automatic pistol chambered in .32, the Svelte is a simple design for inexperienced users. Besides it's ease of use, it's small size allows it to be placed in purses, handbags, and even on the users person without it being noticed at a cursory glance or quick patdown. Other then that, there are better choices to use for self defense. Eight shots per magazine.
  51. >Red Sun Gauntlets
  52. (>Hothead +2, Otherworldly +1)
  54. A well made pair of bronze gauntlets painted with a vivid red sun on the back of the palms. The knuckles are solid enough to batter the teeth out of the most belligerent monster, as well as the backs of them for powerful backhands. Taken from a bandit infamous for waylaying his victims with nothing but his gauntlets, until he was finally captured and brought in by a bounty hunter. They languished in the back of an armory for years before being picked up by Miranda on a pro-bono job, where they languished further until they were imbued with the power of restoration by a group of druidic bearkin on another job, giving it sharper nails and green glowing thorns on the knuckles and armguards.
  56. MP-96 "Kestral" Multi-Use Rocket Launcher
  58. A multi purpose rocket launcher built by a long dead civilization, this is a single barreled explosive launcher typical of most advanced civilizations. Users load ammo by inserting the pre-loaded ammo tube into it's cradle and locking the launch tube into position. It can be upgraded into a multi-shot launcher relatively easily, although the explosives and ammo canisters will have to be custom made, thanks to the lack of manufacturer blueprints. Numerous aiming sights can also be installed, as well as a laser guidance system meant for tracking down flying enemies, with the use of the properly manufactured missile, of course...
  60. Knight's Halberd
  61. Intimidation +1, Plainness +1, Humor -1
  63. A well made halberd typical of most medieval style civilizations, typically given to guardsmen and newly minted bush knights. Plain, yet intimidating, numerous halberds have slashed, hooked, battered and stabbed their way through enemies, enough to make them ordered by the dozens in wartime. This one has no particular accouterments or embellishment to it, ensuring that it is up to Miranda to give it the wear and tear of battle that will distinguish it from its numerous iterations. This one has a spike on it's back, allowing Miranda to drag foes off of their mounts and feet to suffer more painful indignities.
  65. Shu-Rith, aka bladed yo-yo
  66. Otherworldly +1, Humor inverse with users skill
  68. A unique weapon used by the Blackweb Weaver clan, this is a sharp three bladed disk with a hole in its center, similar to a triangular throwing star, with a six-to-eight foot length of wire connecting it to a leather glove. It works similar to a bladed yo-yo, and can be used for deadly, devious tricks. Typically, Shu-Rith cords are made from the webbing of the Weaver who uses them, so to see a metal wire being used on one means that it was a weapon taken by a human, the Weaver using it wishes not to lose effectiveness against flames, or the Weaver cannot make it's own web, a humiliating disability indeed.
  70. Other:
  72. -Large 5-Crystal Pack (250 Mana * 5) Crystals Remaining: 3
  73. -Bag of Holding
  74. -Murmur Stones- These are simple, oval, cup looking rocks that fit in the palm of your hand, but are pair-bonded to each other. You talk by infusing mana into them actively, and ‘answer’ by doing the same when you feel it vibrating. You can’t help but imagine them as magical versions of a comm headset. They come in pairs, and work over 800 miles at last test- although she warns they can be fragile, and reception has a delay depending on the distance- max distance has a 5 second delay. What’s more, if one is broken, they’re both broken. (3 Pairs)
  75. -’Real Divinity’ Respirator- A respirator that requires an influx of mana, but can allow you to breathe in anything short of vacuum.
  76. -Pepper Manastone x2 (Fire Element)
  77. -Shock Manastone (Lightning Element)
  78. -Aqua Manastone (Water Element)
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