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  1. What is CS:GO Rivalry?
  3. CS:GO Rivalry is a new gambling site with a lot of games that are available to users, including: Coin Flip, Case Opening, Roulette, and Bingo.
  5. Coin Flip is a game where 2 players bet against one another by choosing a side of the coin. The winner is the one who picked the correct side.
  7. Case Opening is a simulated version of CS:GO's case opening where users, up to 4 players, pull out random items from cases. The user who pulled out the most expensive item wins.
  9. Roulette is a game where players may choose to place bets on a single color: Red, Black or Green. Black and Red will double (x2) users rivcoins, while Green will increase his stake eighteen (x18) times.
  11. Bingo is a game where players choose 7 out of 90 numbers, while the random number generator chooses 20 numbers out of 90.
  13. The odds for Bingo are as follows:
  15.     0/1/2 matches = x0 stake
  16.     3 matches = x1.2 stake
  17.     4 matches = x6.8 stake
  18.     5 matches = x35 stake
  19.     6 matches = x200 stake
  20.     7 matches = x1000 stake
  22. Example: If user hit 6 matches with 2.000 rivcoins stake, he wins 400,000 rivcoins.
  26. How much are Rivcoins worth?
  27. 1000 Rivcoins are worth roughly $1 in items.
  28. Example: With 15,000 rivcoins, the user is able to withdraw $15 worth of items from our shop.
  31. Items are not showing up?
  32. If items are not showing up when you try to deposit, first make sure that you added your personal trade url to your profile on CS:GO Rivalry, also make sure that your steam inventory privacy is set to public.
  34. We aware than some specific items are not showing up because of their unstable price.
  35. We do not allow:
  37.     Items with price less than $0.50 (500 rivcoins)
  38.     Stickers
  39.     Cases
  40.     Souvenir items
  43. What Happens if I decline trade offer?
  44. If the user declines the trade offer sent from our bots, the user will be refunded the same points.
  46. What Happens if I counter-offer a trade?
  47. If the user counter-offers the trade sent by our bots, the user will not be refunded and the trade offer will be automatically declined. We will not refund anyone in this case .
  49. Fees?
  50. We do not have any fees for skin deposits or withdrawals, but to be able to withdraw, you need to wager at least 30% of your deposit.
  52. Example: If user A, deposits 1,000 rivcoins, he is not able to withdraw without betting. If user A bets 10% of his total deposit (100 rivcoins) his available balance for withdraw is now 33,3% (333,3 rivcoins). If he bets 30% of his original deposit (300 rivcoins) instead of 100 rivcoins, the user has fulfilled the betting conditions, and is now able to withdraw all of his rivcoins.
  54. Coin Flip
  55. CS:GO Rivalry takes 5% of each pot to help keep the site running.
  56. Example: If 2 users bets 100 rivcoins each in round, the winner will take 190 rivcoins.
  58. Case Opening
  60. CS:GO Rivalry takes 5% of each pot to help keep the site running.
  61. Example: If 4 users bets 100 rivcoins each in round, winner will take 380 rivcoins.
  63. Roulette
  64. We do not have any fees here.
  66. Bingo
  67. We do not have any fees here.
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