Emergency Stairs - 11

Jun 17th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / Thought}


Scene Change / Flashback


English Hangul Pronunciation
Miss / Mr. / Mrs. ssi
Madam / Lady / Sir nim
Boy's Elder Brother hyeong
Boy's Elder Sister 누나 nuna
Girl's Elder Brother 오빠 oppa
Girl's Elder Sister 언니 eonni
Younger Brother / Sister 동생 dongsaeng

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
chairman 회장 hoejang
president 사장 sajang
executive director 전무 jeonmu
director 이사 isa
managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu
general manager 부장 bujang
chief [head] of a section 과장 gwajang
deputy (general) manager 차장 chajang
chief 계장 gyejang
team leader 팀장 timjang
assistant manager 대리 daeri
employee 사원 sawon

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Notable Characters:

Jang Hae-Jin (MC) Assistant Manager - Business Strategic Department Married
Na Shin Bi (FMC) Employee - Business Strategic Department Single
Yoo Sodam (FMC²) Intern Single
Jihyun Lee (Wife) Teacher Married
[N/A] (Chief) Head of the Business Strategic Department Married
Hong Ki Sun (Glasses) Team Leader - HR Department Single

(TN: The app's name is <Emergency Stairs>, but I will name it <Exit>)

Chapter - 11

TITLE DROP - Episode 11. A Woman with a Twisted Virtue

Business Strategic Department

Chief: ShinBi-ssi. You're done with the Excel file that I asked you to do yesterday.

FMC: I'll send it to you in half an hour. Gwajang-nim ~

She turns her head looking for something.

FMC: Hmm..

She notices that MC isn't at his desk.

FMC: {I was going to ask Daeri-nim to do me a favor if he was here..}

She plays with her pen and wonders what MC's doing.

FMC: {Have you already forgotten me and moved on..?}

She's feeling hot thinking about him.

FMC: {It was really a bad choice for me to taste it and finish it only with my mouth..}

She licks her fingers remembering her last afternoon with him.

FMC: {He's a surprising man. Jang Daerin-nim..}

Emergency Stairs - 2nd BSMT

There are strange noises that resonate in the stairwell.

It's the sounds of suction that Yoo Sodam made while giving head to Jang Hae-Jin.

MC: Ugh..

He looks at her sucking his dick with intensity.

MC: {This Yoo Sodam-ssi, I can't believe she was hiding such a vixen side behind her charming and cheerful appearance..}

She's focusing her attention only on his cock.

MC: {What am I supposed to do with her?}

FB - Emergency Stairs - 2nd BSMT

1 minute ago

MC: Sodam-sii. Wait a minute.

MC tries to push her away without giving his all.

MC: We shouldn't do this at work.

She removes his pants not caring about what he said.

FMC²: Do you think so?

She kneels in front of him.

FMC²: I still wish to try my luck.

MC is at a loss not knowing what to do with her.

FMC²: Give me 3 minutes Daeri-nim, after that if I can't make you change your mind, I'll give up.

She gives him a lascivious glance and plays with the head of his dick.

MC: Stop it now.. I'll not change my mind..
(TN: lmao)

Emergency Stairs - 2nd BSMT

Back to present

Moaning and suction noises mingle with each other in the stairwell.

FMC²: Wow..

She's on all fours looking at his penis with a mischievous expression on her face.

FMC²: I think the result is pretty obvious with in a single glance but you must've a clear look at it yourself.
Daeri-nim you seem to have truly changed your mind..

MC's out of breath, his whole body is hot, he looks at her without the same assurance as 3 minutes ago.

MC: {Was I always so weak to fellatio..?}

He remembers the amazing blow job of FMC.

MC: {It was the same thing with ShinBi-ssi..}

He looks at her wondering how to get out of this situation.

MC: {I can't possibly go back on what I said earlier..}

She stand up and faces the wall.

FMC²: Now..

She puts her hands on the wall.

FMC²: Answer me.

She leans her upper body against the wall offering him her dripping wet pussy.

FMC²: The decision that my Daeri-nim made.

He moves closer to her.

MC: {Ahh.. I'm so ashamed of myself, but I can't help it..}

He rubs his dick against her pussy.

FMC²: Kyaa!

She turns a bit her head to look at him, she has a flushed face

FMC²: It tickles..

MC: Yoo Sodam-ssi..

FMC²: Yes?

MC: I'm sorry..!

After saying that, he doesn't waste time and pushes his dick in her deepest part surprising her.

FMC²: !

*He moves his hips back and forth.

FMC²: Ah-Aaah!

MC: {It feels like..! It's amazingly soft and wet inside her..!}

FMC²: Uh-huh..!

MC: {As soon as I put it in, she started getting awfully wet..}

He grabs her by the hips and fucks her harder.

FMC²: Angh! Ah!

He stops fucking and asks if something goes wrong.

MC: Oh, is it hurting?

She turns his head a bit looking at him.

FMC²: It's..

She looks away in shame.

FMC²: It's because Daeri-nim is too big.. It hurts a bit if you do it that hard..

MC: {Am I really this big? Then with Shinbi-ssi..}

MC: I'll try to be gentle.

He resumed what they were doing but at a softer rhythm.

MC: Like this?

She gets on tiptoe and tries to adjust her position.

FMC²: Ugh..!

She moans louder enjoying the moment.

FMC²: Aaah! Good!

The pleasure invades her body, she can't take it and shouts his name. (rank..)


He startled by her shout and covers her mouth with his hand.

MC: Hey, you're a bit too loud.

FMC²: I'm sorry..

She removes his hand from her mouth and apologizes again

FMC²: It's so.. It's so lame, I was too stubborn..

MC: Wow, this is gonna be dangerous. Should we stop here?

She didn't answer him but his fingers in her mouth and sucks them intensely.

FMC²: Mm-hmm..

He is surprised again by her bold side.

FMC²: Well..

MC: Huck.. Gasp..!

MC: {This, I never thought.. Sodam-ssi, she's really..}

He grabs her dress and bangs her harder.

MC: {She's a woman with a twisted virtue!}

He puts his hand under her dress and gropes her breast.

FMC²: Haaaan!

He teases her tongue with his finger.

FMC²: Hayaang!

He pinches her nipple.

FMC²: Euuungh

She lays against the wall meanwhile he gives everything he has to fuck her brains out.

FMC²: Ha! Aah Yaah!

He keeps goings, her screams are echoing in the stairwell.

FMC²: Ahaah! Hahm! Aaah! Yeees!

She's straightening up and puts her hand on his head and looks at him.

FMC²: I like it so much..

He looks at her still groping her breast.

FMC²: What about Daeri-nim?
(TN: Fuck! They never use "YOU" or a fucking "NAME" in this country?!)

MC: Me, me too..


They are startled by the sudden sound of a door.

Both: ?

It's Hong Ki Sun who opened the door, he walks in wearing a pair of earphone and looking at his phone.

MC: {Omg.. Oh.. This can't be!!}

To be continued...

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