The legend of Pyyyour

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  1. Hello,
  3. So we’ve had some really good scrims. Across the board everyone should be happy with our results so far. Everyone is playing well and getting better every night.
  4. Community buzz is good, were a fan favorite. Everyone is having a good time.
  5. That being said we are pretty horrible at a number of things.
  6. You can trust that I know what I am talking about since I have been on a top 3 tf2 team for 4-5 years. Been at the top with a wide range of style teams. I just have seen it all.
  7. On Mixup we streamed quite frequently during the season. However 3 weeks prior to i46 and 3 weeks prior to LAN we did not stream and did not tell people how things were going.
  8. We simply worked on what we needed to work, address enemies strengths, and work on slmming down our weakness (harbleu deaths, ruwin getting focused, pyyyour getting meatgrinded)
  10. So where am I going with this?
  11. You guys want to make LAN. You guys want to know early on, man were going to make LAN!
  12. It is extremely important to come out strong. If you come out strong and nerd out you will get wins. You will catch people flat footed. Which at the end of the season makes a 50/50 team more like a 75/25 team in terms of W-L.
  13. If Lange and Sean want to stream consistently you guys need to have a mute mumble button.  There were 6 instances last night I wanted to correct our play but the fact I was fucking tired and didn’t want 300-600 people learning how to WIN at high levels of tf2.
  14. UGhG It doesn’t MAtTer iTS EaRLy iN THE SeASOn WHO CAREs
  15. Nah Niggi EVERYONE watches the stream, super nerds study it, and they take that knowledge and use it against us.
  16. There is such an advantage in making people think youre not smart. TRUST ME.
  17. So yeah, if you guys want my input on how to fix certain things you need to have no stream nights or have mute buttons. I am down with either.
  19. Our team dynamic is very interesting. It is the kind of thing where with the right massaging we can be a top3 team easily. Or with the wrong movement we can die.
  20. Seagull and myself are trying to figure out our role on the team. So it is best that we have constants on the team that keep things standard.
  21. I have a natural tendency to play for the team and not myself. Its always the way I am, so sometimes people will say OOOOo LOW DAMAGE OOOOOO NO KILLS OOOOO HES DEAD A LOT. When that happens is a trigger from something else going wrong on the team.
  22. That why bstar loved me on roamer, because he NEVER had to think about flank EVER. Because I would cover it or notice it was covered well and then I would suicide. I always made sure flank had eyes on it. So Ive been doing the same as demoman. Ohh, no one watching flank ill watch it.
  23. I noticed it when I rang for Tyrone’s team. I never had to watch flank. I still did occasionally. But I had limiteless opportunities to just get healed and hit targets. It was amazing. Just noticing the difference. And trust me, besides clockwork and blaze, they are worse than us. Which means in the long run, if we can shutdown clockwork over and over and time blaze, we will beat the 2nd best team in tf2. Think about that.
  24. Anyway
  25. My tf2 brain right now is at its peak in terms of strategy. As the season goes on It will get cluttered with useless information. So we need to act on this now and work on things now.
  26. Flank is an idea. A concept. Its not one person, relatively speaking everyone watches flank but the question is who is watching it at what time?
  27. PUSH NOW is also an idea. A concept. Just because I say “EVERYONE PUSH GO GO” it doesn’t literally mean EVERYONE DON’T LOOK AT LAST AND PUSH, it means one person stay at last, one person stay halfway between points for 5 seconds, everyone else cap. Etc etc
  28. Don’t take this offensively because its not meant to be that way. The people in your life who criticize you are often right. OFTEN.
  29. Lange and Sean are a great combo. Untested against the best, we will only go as far as lange stvs watching abilities and seans ability to become a great medic.
  30. Seagull and Justin are the wild cards. Bottomline come LAN time we wont have to worry about them.
  31. You don’t know it yet, but I know im one of the best demoman. I know my strengths and weaknesses and I do my best with my strengths. On t00l, when we would uber without me we alwaysssss failed, when we ubered with me, we would almost always win. This is because I could control the line in the sand and give my life to get our medic out if we had to. If you want to win against the best teams youre going to want to include me in the ubers. Not doing so just leaves it to chance, which at this moment is Lange and Sean’s ability to determine what to do.
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