GreentextSavant - Sunset in the Cabón

Oct 25th, 2016
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  1. >You have your back turned.
  2. >Sunset makes sure you can't hear what she's doing, but makes sure you can feel it quite well.
  3. >She waves her hands around.
  4. >"So how are you feeling?" She asks.
  5. "Can you just tell me why you wanted me to follow you here?"
  6. >"It's just my cabin."
  7. >That fact alone is enough reason for you to want to leave. Don't want to be around a girl for very long.
  8. >You must live up to your master's expectations.
  9. >You feel something warm wash over you.
  10. >What on earth was that.
  11. >"Anon~"
  12. "What the.."
  13. >Spin around to find Sunset suddenly wearing nothing but lingerie.
  14. >And you barely notice a fading light soon disappear from her... hands?
  15. >"Can you come here for a second?"
  16. >You already know what this is, already backing away and frantically looking for the door.
  17. "I-I gotta go."
  18. >"No you don't." She's already within arm's reach of you.
  19. >What is this you're feeling... to... step into her arms?
  20. >Turn away and try to dodge you way around her.
  21. >She's between you and the door.
  22. >A really strong part of you deliberately messes up in trying to get around Sunset.
  23. >This... this is mind control.
  24. "S-sorry, I'm not interested."
  25. >Sunset grabs your wrist. You know what this means.
  26. >But you can't shoo the thoughts away from your mind.
  27. >She smiles. "I saw that."
  28. >Out of all of the lewd things you pictured Sunset doing in that outfit, you're not even sure which one Sunset saw you imagine.
  29. "I can't do this."
  30. >"Yes you can." She lightly lunges at you.
  31. >Half of you tries to dodge again, and the other half of you stops the first half.
  32. >She's holding you now, freely seeing everything you're thinking.
  33. >You do everything you can to keep yourself from getting hard, but something happened to you.
  34. >More and more of you is wanting this by the second.
  35. >What did she do to you? You didn't feel this way five minutes ago.
  36. >Sunset pulls you in closer, trying to sneak a kiss in.
  37. >You become weak.
  38. >"Come on, Anon." She moans. "Why resist?"
  39. >She's leaning right up against you now; your hands move on their own around Sunset's torso to undo the back of her lingerie.
  40. "S-sunset..."
  41. >"Shh... let me teach you how love feels."
  42. "But... this is against my master's wishes. It's how he taught me."
  43. >"Just leave that whole thing he's doing. The guy's got plenty more students to brainwash anyway. He's not going to miss ya."
  44. "B-but... I was told not to let this happen to me!" All you can do is try everything in your power to try to convince her to spare you.
  45. >Sunset leans in to kiss you on the lips; turn your head to face your mouth away from hers.
  46. >But each time you turn away, your neck becomes weaker and weaker with desire to let this happen.
  47. >"Well I'm here to save you. If there's anyone worth saving it's you." Sunset chases your mouth in search for a kiss. "Now... let me show you what I taste like."
  48. >Your struggling nearly dwindles to nothing. The weakness and desire nearly completely overcomes you; you've already unhooked Sunset's bra.
  49. "S-sun...set..."
  50. >"Shhhhh, it's okay..."
  51. >You're completely hopeless for a split second.
  52. >Entirely unable to break free of this gentle grasp.
  53. >Entirely unwilling to break free of it as well.
  54. >Until something else accompanies the hot feeling that's been tingling all over your body.
  55. >A... growing absence of it. As though it's slowly starting to be drained out of you.
  56. >Sunset's lips haven't even met yours yet, but you can soon start to push away at her again.
  57. >"A-Anon?"
  58. "No..."
  59. >"Anon, it's going to be okay. It's okay to love another person." Sunset tries to convince you.
  60. "No... it's not..."
  61. >"Wh-what?"
  62. >Sunset tries to pull you back into full embrace once more, but her heart isn't as willing as it was before.
  63. >The warmth you've been feeling is now evidently being drained from you.
  64. >You expect Sunset to try and pull you in again, but all she does is re-hook her bra.
  65. >She looks confused and almost worried.
  66. >"Anon, what's wrong? Don't you like me?" Her question comes out in a way that sounds like it's not what she wanted to say.
  67. >The heat continues to leave you until you're at normal temperature again.
  68. >After that, you start to feel... colder.
  69. >Only now do you realize.
  70. >Your master. He's nearby.
  71. >"Anon... please! Come back to me!" Sunset reaches her arms out towards you, now that the two of you aren't making any contact anymore.
  72. "No. I must obey my master."
  73. >Sunset steps over to you and holds onto your hands, trying the best she can to warm them. But you know that there are no lewd thought for her to see this time around.
  74. >Not only this, but Sunset's own hands have also started to get cold. Her own temperature is being affected, and she's just now realizing it.
  75. >"What... what on earth is going on?" Sunset quietly gasps as she sees nothing but an empty grass feild in your head. "Come on, please... let's just give love a chance..."
  76. >She is no longer enthusiastic about that statement. She voluntarily lets go of your hand.
  77. "I think you should leave."
  78. >"What the hell is your problem, you prick?" Sunset lashes out without second thought before promptly covering her mouth in surprise.
  79. >This was the last thing she expected to be feeling while she was in here with you.
  80. "You might want to get used to that." You tell her. "It happens when my master is around."
  81. >Sunset soon starts to get an increasingly convincing urge to slap you.
  82. >That imaginary slap turns into an imaginary punch.
  83. >The girl can't process what in this world is happening to her.
  84. >"What are you doing to me? How dare you!"
  85. "Oh, I'm not doing anything, 'Sunny Bunny'." You mock.
  86. >"DON'T CALL ME THAT!"
  87. >The only new heat that Sunset starts to feel is... rage?
  88. >It's almost as thought her past self has been reborn out of literally nowhere and nothing.
  89. >Sunset clenches her fists in unusual discomfort and begins to shake.
  90. >She can't stand to look at you as you bask in the hatred you're already used to.
  91. >Everything got needlessly edgy unrealistically fast.
  92. >There is nothing else that can make this happen other than the amulet your master possess.
  93. >"Why the hell did I ever let you into my cabin? I tried so hard to open up to you and you respond by being an ungrateful asshole!"
  94. "Don't you dare try to blame me on this. You tried to cast an arousal spell on me, didn't you?"
  95. >"It was the only way to get you to see the truth!" Sunset shouts.
  96. "You don't know what the truth is! You're too much of a bitch to realize it!"
  97. >"Shut your mouth! You always do this! You always pretend like you're the only one not in the dark! I can't believe I've been so nice to you for so long."
  98. >You just stand there and let the makeshift hatred consume her.
  99. >"It was for your own good! You've always been so closed minded, but you know what? I'm done with trying to get through to you. Fuck you, Anon. You're just an edgy jerk now."
  100. >There is a slow knock on the door.
  101. >It's obvious who it is.
  102. >"What do you want?!"
  103. >A low-toned voice replies through the door. "I'm here to pick up my subject. I heard him talking in here."
  104. >Sunset clenches her fists ever more tightly, then goes to fetch a robe to put on. She's freezing now anyway.
  105. >After Sunset opens the door, she only frowns more deeply as she comes face to face with an odd looking young man.
  106. >"Who are you?" Demands Sunset as she shivers inside of her robe.
  107. "He's my master."
  108. >He looks at you and groans. "I'm your mentor, not master." He reminds you. "Now go follow the rest of the group. They're near the campfire."
  109. >"The group? Of who?" Sunset steps towards you mentor.
  110. >He immediately steps out of arms reach from Sunset, holding tightly on to his amulet. "People." He takes another step back. "And don't touch me."
  111. >"What?"
  112. >"And it's 'whom', by the way."
  113. >You just walk past the two of them, soon seeing the other four or five people your mentor has saved from the mane 6's magic.
  114. >He steps back from as you move past him. He keeps an eye on where Sunset is standing.
  115. >Meanwhile, Sunset just stands at the doorway with a miserable expression plaguing her face.
  116. >Where on earth did the good vibes just go? Who is this guy?
  117. >...
  118. >You're soon let off of the bus.
  119. >Celestia and Luna wave goodbye to you.
  120. >Your mentor sits in the back seat as he is driven back to the camp with the two sisters. Apologizing for the "mix up" with the "other school district's field trip program".
  121. The End.
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