Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 18, A bell of hope

Mar 31st, 2018
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  1. >You stood in front of the filly that you had long given up hope on seeing again.
  2. >Sweetie Belle.
  3. >She didn't look that different, except for that silly blindfold and that odd balance around her neck.
  4. >Well... hopefully she doesn't hate you for this more than she probably does.
  5. >You galloped directly to her and touched her, activating the time stop spell for you two only.
  6. >And it did work, except that she was probably feeling violated for your sudden touch.
  7. >"Don't touch me!" Sweetie said, angrily taking your hoof off from her.
  8. "Calm down, I just want to talk without anypony bothering us." You pointed to the still flying changelings around the place. "See? Did you forget about this spell?"
  9. >Uh, weird, you don't remember your spell to stop time to be all yellow around the place. It was gray before, why did it change all of a sudden?
  10. >But Sweetie Belle didn't reply to your question.
  11. >"What do you want? You want to mock me, is that what it is?"
  12. "Wha? No! I just... didn't know you were here, actually." You scratched your head. "All of this was a mistake, you were supposed to be carried back to safety... that plan... uhm, yeah..."
  13. >You walk around still thinking about that day, Chrysalis took Sweetie Belle as a hostage and probably blamed you for everything.
  14. >And then there is the town rampage... ugh.
  15. >You sure did have fun, but you thought you were turning changelings, not ponies.
  16. >Even with all that has happened you still need to remember that you aim for chaos now, and your feelings relay in it, so you better go neutral or not care much about it...
  17. >The other thing that was interesting was Sweetie's blindfold. Despite you walking around her, somehow she moved her head and stared at where you were walking.
  18. >What is that blindfold just decoration, or is her hearing that incredibly accurate?
  19. "Can I ask what's the-"
  20. >But you were hushed when she began to talk.
  21. >"I trusted you. I thought Discord had controlled you, a colt that was so innocent... I had hoped that everything would have been finished and we would have defeated him! But you..." Her balance suddenly turned into a... golden sword?! What the hell! "You changed everything... betraying my town... betraying me!" She pointed her hoof to her chest.
  22. >You cringed a bit.
  23. "So... you know already."
  24. >You gulped.
  25. "W-Well, violence isn't going to solve anything, that's for sure! So point that sword away from me and..."
  26. >But she didn't... she actually swung it at you!
  27. "AY NO PERATE!" (Hold on wait!)
  28. >You closed your eyes, trying to summon a shield or any barrier! But you didn't hear the sword finish the swing.
  29. >You opened your eyes... and you didn't have any harm. You were actually in some kind of black crystal prison that wouldn't let your hooves move but only your head.
  30. "You got me there for a moment..."
  31. >"I don't want to solve things with violence..." Sweetie began speaking. "But I will find a way to make things the way they were, I may be a prisoner for this frozen empire, but somehow, someday I will stop him. Discord, Sombra, Chrysalis... anypony that has bad intentions for Equestria!"
  32. >Prisoner? She?
  33. "Uh, for a prisoner you look kinda good and all. N-Not that it was a compliment or anything Sweetie B-"
  34. >"Don't call me by that name." Sweetie's head was so near yours you blushed a bit despite not liking her anymore. "And yes, I am acting against my will here... that dumb evil unicorn even renamed me with a silly name... what does /Penumbra/ even mean?!"
  35. >Oh, Spanish! Alberto likes!
  36. "Well, Sombra means shadow in English and Penumbra could be translated to a bit of darkness, to make it simple to ya."
  37. >She couldn't see it, but your tail was moving under the black crystal for this. God, you should speak Spanish more often.
  38. >"Uh... that explains some-" Sweetie Belle nearly smiled but went back serious. "Gak! Don't distract me!"
  39. >Even when she was all serious about changing the way things are... she remained a filly. A child... in an evil world.
  40. >You should do something about this, about her at least. Why leave her here when you could...
  41. >God damn it you're starting to care! If you keep going like this you're gonna lose your strength.
  42. >Speaking of powers, this crystal was becoming weak. Is this because of the change of attitude of Sweetie Belle? Or, well, Penumbra.
  43. >Meh, that name is silly.
  44. "Can't help it, sorry. But I also can't help but notice this crystal of yours become fragile!"
  45. >You merely moved and all the black crystal went down.
  46. >So her powers worked like yours? Her emotions? Hoo, nice to notice.
  47. >She looked pissed at you as you moved from her... spell or attack.
  48. >Before she could try to swing her sword at you again, and put you in that black crystal prison, you used the body of Alberto Alpha to change bodies.
  49. >She didn't hit him though, and for some odd reason, she somehow spotted where you teleported.
  50. "Well... that was impressive."
  51. >"What? Noticing how you changed from spot to spot? Your yellow eye is a big giveaway that isn't that hard to miss, even with this blindfold on my face."
  52. >...Yellow what?
  53. "Whoa, what? Yellow eye?"
  54. >You made a hand mirror appear in front of you, it was levitating near your face so you could have a good look at your eye.
  55. >It was indeed, yellow.
  56. >Why didn't Discord told you about this? Why didn't your clones or anypony at El Dorado notice it?
  57. >Wait a moment.
  58. >That dream...
  59. >...That witch.
  60. >Did Sweetie Belle see her too?
  61. "Sweetie-"
  62. >"Penumbra."
  63. "Sweetie Belle."
  64. >She complained in reply.
  65. >"What do you want now?"
  66. "Take the blindfold off, I wanna see something."
  67. >Well that's a thing you'll never think you'd say to a kid.
  68. >She used her magic to remove the blindfold, and as you thought, her eyes were a beautiful golden color like yours.
  69. >If you remember correctly, her eyes were green, and now they are yellow.
  70. >A pure golden yellow like your [right] eye.
  71. "When did your eyes change color?"
  72. >"..." Sweetie Belle wouldn't reply.
  73. "Tell me! Did you talk to that weird witch too? I want to know."
  74. >"I don't know what you're talking about... I just felt I was... losing it, giving up on hope and then, then I remembered something." Her eyes began to shine. "When Sombra tried to use his powers on me... I did know at that moment I was going to be controlled... used again, over and over again. But I didn't want to give up, not that time and not now."
  75. >Sweetie Belle slowly moved towards you.
  76. >"Sombra wants me to become the future empress of this empire when something happens to him, he wants me to continue his torture and slavery across Equestria... with the power of the Crystal Heart and the dark magic that is within me now."
  77. "Sweetie..."
  78. >You didn't think she had this many problems.
  79. >You're quite feeling terrible now.
  80. >You like it.
  81. >You dislike it.
  82. >"I don't want to be an empress, that's not my business. I don't wanna rule or conquer anypony... I would like to help anypony if possible, griffons, changelings even... even if most of them are cruel."
  83. >Sweetie Belle's eyes started to water in tears as she continued speaking.
  84. >"Everypony wants to help, ponies are like that... history taught us that, the princesses always cared about us and taught us about friendship. Life can be so beautiful..."
  85. >Sweetie Belle used her hoof to remove the remaining tears near her eyes.
  86. >"But we have lost the way... but I won't despair. I trust that someday, us ponies will unite and turn things the way they were originally."
  87. >You remain quiet for a moment, analyzing everything Sweetie Belle said.
  88. >She obviously wants to somehow to un-do everything that Discord changed, unite forces and defeat your father.
  89. >You don't know at what extremes ponies can get, but if they are like some humans that never surrender, she could do it.
  90. >Not everything is eternal and for some reason Discord wanted you to be his inheritor.
  91. >Hell... you're the inheritor of Chaos, you should be telling this to Discord AND you will! But... Discord doesn't care about 90% of shit.
  92. >So either you make Sweetie Belle your ally... or she becomes your enemy.
  93. >Hopefully you're good in negotiations with a filly.
  94. "Let's make a deal, Sweetie." You slowly back towards her, carefully making sure to not make a sudden move and make her attack with that golden sword of hers. "You want creatures to fight my father, that I don't mind, you can try as much as you want or can... but, wouldn't it be easier to join the winning side and forget all this?"
  95. >Sweetie Belle didn't react to your suggestion.
  96. "We can be allies, just look at it! You could be the princess of chaos and not an empress of an empire, you could be a big fish in the water! The water will be sugary and taste like orange, of course." You snicker a bit. "But the point is... I don't want you, a pony, to suffer like others! Even when my father told me to ignore what you ponies did..."
  97. >You stare back at Discord, he... wasn't moving. Everything was still as quiet and only Sweetie and your voice were heard in an echo style in this place.
  98. "Just think about it, okay? The offer is always open if you-"
  99. >"No." Sweetie Belle quickly replied. "I won't accept it, I will never. I don't want to live in a world filled with chaos and disorder when I could lend a hoof and help, as tiny as it might be. You're a pony, you should feel sorry about working for Discord!"
  100. >This filly...! You... agh! You want to help her! But she just... won't!
  101. "Okay! Okay..." Your right eye started to twitch a bit. "How about this, I just force you and we're done with it? I’ll just tell my father."
  102. >You cough while attempting an adorable colt voice.
  103. "Daddy! Why don't we bring this filly with us? We could teach her to be as cool as us two!" You end your fake attempt with a squeak.
  104. >Sweetie Belle decided to not reply this time.
  105. "Hoo? Did I scare you or offend you? Haha!" You focus your chaos magic in summoning a weapon, one that could give her a challenge but of course didn't hurt her. "I’ve got an idea to solve this..."
  106. >And so you summoned a chain and ball, the ball didn't have anything to harm and if your magic copied hers, this would just pass through her.
  107. "How about a battle? You win, you do whatever you want. But if I win."
  108. >Your chain and ball suddenly caught on fire.
  109. "Then I- HOLY MOLY I DIDN'T MEAN TO TURN THIS ON FIRE!" You yelp and quickly try to turn it off.
  110. >Well at least it did work.
  111. >You stare to Sweetie Belle for a bit, then at the chain and ball.
  112. "Yooooooou know what? Forget the chain and ball..." You pick up from your magic pockets® a tiny white feather. "There, less dangerous and probably easier to use."
  113. >You nod to yourself.
  114. "If I touch you once with this, I win! If you touch me with that golden sword of yours and put me in that black crystal prison, then you win! How about that?"
  115. >Sweetie Belle puts her blindfold back to her face.
  116. >"I won't do this to please your silly games..." She pointed her golden sword at you. "I'm doing this to show that I'm no longer a weakling!"
  117. >You started cracking on laughter.
  118. "Sure! But I won't lose or otherwise, my father won't ever shut up about it!"
  119. >You summon a black blindfold on your face with holes in it, just to mock Sweetie Belle and your feather turns into a peacock feather, resembling a sword.
  120. "En guarde!"
  121. >Sweetie Belle charges at you without thinking.
  122. >You don't move from your spot, just giggle.
  123. "Just a thing I forgot to tell you, Sweetie."
  124. >You stop your stop time spell, everypony in sight moved and you could feel the wind of the Frozen North on your fur.
  125. >Then you turned it back on again, instead of yellow, everything was a depressing gray color."
  126. "I don't play by the rules... hehe... hahahaha! AHAHAHAHA!" You laugh as her body doesn't move beyond your magic stop spell. "ONCE MORE, FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  128. >"Well what do we have here, son? I left you with your special somepony for a few seconds and you two are fighting already?" Discord wipes a tear from his eyes. "Kids sure do grow up so fast..."
  129. >You roll your eyes as you stand away from delivering the touch of your peacock feather against Sweetie Belle.
  130. "Oh ho, if isn't the father that can't tell his son has a weird yellow eye and is pretending to not move while talking to a lunatic filly with a sword!"
  131. >Discord stared at you confused for a moment, not knowing if you were acting randomly or being serious.
  132. "Whatever the hell was that for? I've been talking to this filly for about a half chapter!" You blink twice and scratch your head. "Uh... now that's weird, I don't even know why I said that nor do I know where it came from."
  133. >"You get used to it, believe me, Anon."
  134. >Discord walked closer as your clones got a fuzzy feeling themselves.
  135. 'Dude... what I am doing over here? When did you change bodies with me? Did you get a new power that we didn't know about, or something?'
  136. >Alberto Alpha asked as he and Alberto Juan moved near you.
  137. >As much as you would like to explain...
  138. "Alpha, Juan, as confused as you two are... I don't care what you say but I'll explain everything once back in El Dorado. As for now, I'd like if you two moved a distance away from Sweetie Belle and closed your right eye while you two are at it."
  139. >They looked at each other and then back at you.
  140. 'Close our right eyes? Why?'
  141. >They both ask simultaneously.
  142. "Just obey, I don't have time to explain." You turn your head to Discord. "Discord... don't interfere in this fight, okay? The filly thinks she can 1 vs 1 me."
  143. >Discord snapped his talons and smirked at you.
  144. >"Got it, I disabled any help I could give you. You're on your own!" Discord teleported back to where he originally was at. "Just remember! Play with her and don't give her a chance until something odd happens and you start losing! Then do something ridiculously unexpected! It always works! Well, most of the time."
  145. >You raise your eyebrow at him, not knowing what that meant.
  146. >Your clones were away from Sweetie Belle and had their right eyes closed.
  147. >Good, let's see how far Sweetie Belle can go to actually land a hit on you with that sword.
  149. >You start walking away from where Sweetie Belle was heading to attack and let the time run as normal, of course, you close your right eye so she has no idea who is the real you.
  150. >She swings and obviously fails to land the hit.
  151. "I was saying that I don't play by the rules, just repeating that so you know what I said while you were frozen in time." You chuckled. "Better try something else!"
  152. >An audience consisting of changelings, Sombra and Chrysalis (you don't count your father of course) were watching while you two battled each other.
  153. >Discord was commenting something to Sombra, probably about this duel.
  154. >Or a really good joke that made Sombra have an evil grin in his expression, whatever it was he was certainly sure to watch and see what the results were.
  155. >Sweetie Belle ran trying to land a hit on you again, instead of your other two clones she went straight at you. Probably a wild guess from her.
  156. "Nice guess, but too slow!"
  157. >You move while pausing time, slowly stepping away from her as your clones chuckle about it.
  158. >Time resumes and Sweetie Belle fails to hit.
  159. >She had your two clones near her and you were at a half distance behind her, but instead of looking for your clones she looked behind and back again at you.
  160. "Hmmm..."
  161. >Or else she has a good tracking ability... or...
  162. "Oh, how silly of me!"
  163. >You stomp the crystal floor below you twice as if imitating Discord's snapping his talons but in your own way, and make your clones wear the same black blindfold you were using and, while you were at it, you changed their clothes to match with yours.
  164. >Both Alberto Alpha and Juan looked at their clothes and without you having to pause time to tell them, they understand they had to fool Sweetie Belle.
  165. >"You're just another training dummy to me!" Sweetie Belle bluffed, moments before charging a magic spell that went directly at Alberto Alpha.
  166. >This time you didn't stop time, Alberto Alpha did.
  167. >Yelping and rolling away from the spell, he stared at you angrily after standing in all four.
  168. 'Gee, thanks for the help!'
  169. >Alberto Alpha dusted himself off and stayed in battle stance.
  170. 'Y'know, I won't just sit here doing nothing. If this filly wants a fight, she will get it!'
  171. >And so a goose feather appeared in his mouth.
  172. 'Guess I'm joining too...'
  173. >Alberto Juan summoned a quill that had some ink on the tip, instead of having it in his mouth he was levitating it.
  174. >Welp, it is on.
  175. >As soon as Alberto Alpha's time spell wears off, your clones decided to attack at the same time as Sweetie Belle.
  176. >You, of course, tried to join in but for some odd reason, your left hind leg couldn't move! Almost felt like you were wearing on your hind leg a very heavy shoe made out of cement.
  177. >As for Sweetie Belle, she didn't move from where she was standing and went on the defensive.
  178. >The moment the feathers and golden sword touched with each other, they didn't pass each other as you thought they would... you mean, the golden sword transpassed you before and the dark magic from Sweetie Belle did work! Was it the collision between chaos and dark magic or some other aspect, you don't really know.
  179. >Your clones jumped back and were expecting another attack from Sweetie Belle.
  180. >You looked at your hind leg and tried to spot anything wrong with it, but nothing was wrong with it.
  181. >As you were looking at it, you spotted a tiny grin on Discord's face.
  182. >Were you doing something wrong? ...damn
  183. >As you look back at where your clones were fighting Sweetie Belle she... suddenly disappeared right in front of everypony.
  184. "What the?"
  185. >Of course, the only thing new from her powers wasn't just the sword...
  186. 'Anon! Look out!'
  187. >Alberto Juan called out pointing at you.
  188. >It was maybe too late to react, but as you turned you saw Sweetie Belle, emerging from the crystal floor like a stealth assassin ready to stab you in the back with her golden sword.
  189. "Oh no you won't!" You say, trying to freeze time once again.
  190. >But... something goes wrong and you can't stop time at the moment you want, you feel that your right hind leg feels as heavy as the left one now!
  191. >Sweetie Belle reached you but instead of attacking with her sword, she just tackled you at the same moment your chaotic magic replied to activate the time stop spell.
  192. >Sweetie was on top of you pointing her sword at you as the whole place was again golden instead of gray.
  193. "You touched me so the time stop spell would be shared between you and me? Clever girl..."
  194. >You were exhausted, not from the sudden tackle or anything, just by using the spell to stop time so many times in a row.
  195. >Guess you have a limit.
  196. >Question now is... does she have a limit too?
  197. >"Admit it, I'm stronger and capable of returning peace to Equestria."
  198. >You chuckle.
  199. "Yeah, you're strong... to defeat just a colt. Can you defeat a stallion? A monster? Or, well, the God of chaos himself?"
  200. >Sweetie Belle didn't react to your question but the way her sword was losing grip makes you think you hit a nerve.
  201. "You can't, you won't. This fight is nothing but a show for them, my father and Sombra... they are probably testing us. But tell me, what can you do? Besides swinging that sword... using fire against fire... do you think this will solve anything? You think everything will return to normal just by disguising your feelings and blindly going on and on?"
  202. >You now can't move your two hind legs and you were feeling exhausted, you should call in the "One for all" and have your clones be one with you and try to end this duel.
  203. >And you know that is the best way to end it.
  204. "You're just a filly, this is why I wanted you to come with me... be safe and forget this world is in chaos, this is a one in a million chance!" You tried to get your left hoof to her face but you couldn't, you were shaking a bit from the fatigue. "C-Come on Sweetie, come with me and join the fun side! The princesses are on our side... we would watch everything from above... as princess and prince."
  205. >She was slowly lowering her golden sword, your words doing effect on her.
  206. "Try some chaotic milkshakes... change Equestria's gravity... take over the world... become gods... be a whole new family, all of this together! You just need to forget about the dumb ideas you have! We can be something big! Haha! Hahahaha!"
  207. >Then a jingle bell could be heard between you two.
  208. >Sweetie's left ear twitched and her magic grip on her sword got again against you.
  209. >"No... no! I won't listen to you!"
  210. >She ignored your last words and decided to strike you down with all her mighty fury!
  211. >Oh god! You triggered her by accident! Mayday! Mayday! Change to any clone, quick!
  212. >"Gah!" Sweetie Belle roared as she landed the hit...
  213. >Before she could land the hit and end the duel, you changed bodies with a clone... although you had to hold your breath now.
  214. >The poor clone that was the result of your change of bodies was now imprisoned in black crystals.
  215. >Was it the milkshakes that changed her mind?
  216. >You want to ask her but... you can't talk at the moment.
  217. >She stares at Alberto Alpha and Juan, deciding to attack them without a doubt.
  218. >You watched in awe as she disappeared in to her own shadow, then that shadow went directly at Alberto Alpha. She jumped back into her physical form and swung her golden sword at Alpha, instantly locking him in a prison of black crystals too.
  219. >Instead of going as a shadow to attack the remaining clone or running towards him, she threw her sword directly at Alberto Juan. The sword went through his body and the same prison of black crystals appeared on him, making him unable to move.
  220. >The golden sword turned back to a balance as it landed on the crystal floor.
  221. >Even though the battle wasn't that long still, Sweetie was heavily breathing.
  222. >She was naive enough to think she had won.
  223. >Sweetie Belle took the blindfold off of herself and threw it away.
  224. >You wanna wait a few seconds to fill in the drama and stuff... but you just can't hold any more breath!
  225. >Sticking a hoof out of the puddle, you grabbed on to the crystal floor and quickly stuck your head out of the puddle.
  226. >You start coughing the water out and start filling your lungs with fresh and sweet air.
  227. "Oooooh... that was dumb from my part, Discord would be proud. Hehe..." You say to yourself while coughing some more.
  228. >"W-What? Just how many... tricks do you have?!"
  229. "E-Ever heard of the surprise factor? Heh..." You tried to stand on your four legs, but you instantly slipped and fell on the floor.
  230. >The time around you two continued and everything went back to normal. "Agh!"
  231. >And now you couldn't feel your hind legs or your front left hoof... seems like you can't handle too much chaotic magic at the moment.
  232. >Sweetie Belle was just there, not moving and just staring at you with all the hate in the world.
  233. >And you stare back with a grin as you close your eyes.
  234. "Seems like your magic is alike to mine, I can't move while you can't use your sword haha... hah."
  235. >You found this funny, really funny.
  236. >"Stop laughing!"
  237. >Using her remaining magic, Sweetie Belle went directly at you and weakly prepared to shoot a magic missile at you.
  238. >You just... smiled.
  239. >She was just a filly.
  240. >She wouldn’t do it.
  241. >She was just a kid...
  242. >"WHAT'S SO FUNNY?"
  243. "The way you're pretending to be, you are just trying to act like a grown adult when you are just a filly. Kids like you should just leave problems to the adults!"
  244. >A red thunderbolt emerged from the sky, almost striking where you were standing at.
  245. "Oh my god!" That scared the living shit in you!
  246. >You got surprised but couldn't jump to evade even if it was going to hit you, all because of your three frozen legs.
  247. >"Shut up... shut up, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!"
  248. >Sweetie Belle's eyes shined for a moment with a pure scarlet color.
  249. "ALL FOR ONE!" You call on the rest of your clones that close their eyes and let their bodies disappear, they turned into little gay ass sparkles and flew directly at you.
  250. >A bit of strength was returning to you, but not all. Yes, you can move but there was now a filly with new inexperienced powers looking at you.
  251. >You should call it a tie and retire with Discord by now...
  252. "Sweetie, I- gah!"
  253. >Before you could speak any words of sense to her, Sweetie Belle grabs you with her magic and threw you without thinking towards the nearest wall in her sight.
  254. "This wasn't part of the ruuuuuuuuuuules!" You scream as you were about to hit a crystal wall.
  255. >Using your head to think and not strike a bad landing on your head, you decided to summon something from your chaos magic to make it a soft landing.
  256. "Haha! I'm a genius!"
  257. >You did create something before crashing against the crystal wall, but... your chaotic magic decided to create a brick wall.
  258. *SMASH*
  259. >Changelings around you cringed as they heard the smashing sound of your body against the bricks.
  260. >One by one the wall broke and each brick from the wall landed on top of your head.
  261. "UH! AH! EH! IH! OH!"
  262. >Even Chrysalis was cringing from your cartoonish way to protect yourself.
  263. "Oww... d-don't you wanna add an anvil too? Hehe..." You say as you were dizzy as fuck and only seeing bricks.
  264. >You recover and look below you to spot the various bricks that were landing on your head.
  265. "Wait, did I say something wrong to add to the situation?" You stare up and spot a flying object that was falling directly at you. "I hate myself." You said unamused as an anvil fell from the sky and hit you on the head.
  266. >All you felt was the pain from the hit as you blackout for a few seconds.
  267. >...
  268. >Then you saw visions of Bill Cosby and- OH GOD!
  269. "AH! WAIT, I'M AWAKE!"
  271. >After the... quick recovery that looked like it didn't go past more than a whole minute, Sweetie Belle still looked like she wanted to end this duel without her sword.
  272. >She just won't give up, will she? Next time she is close to you... you will end it.
  273. >You just gotta make her think she is winning, it always works.
  274. "Oh noooes"
  275. >You fake as if you fell on the floor and put a flower on top of you while sticking your tongue.
  276. "I'm but a weak colt with no strength to continue the duel... if I take one more hit I'll be defeated for sure!"
  277. >You closed one eye and tried to keep the other open to stare back at Sweetie Belle and see if she felt for the bait.
  278. >She didn't.
  279. >She was just staring at you, her red scarlet eyes returning back to the golden color they were before.
  280. "Eh, we should see an oculist at this point." You say while lying tired. "What, you got bored too? I really don't care who wins at this point."
  281. >"You were right, Anon"
  282. >You were?
  283. "I was? I-I mean of course I was! ...In what?"
  284. >"I'm just a filly..." Sweetie Belle started walking close towards you. "I've been doing this wrong since the beginning and let the... dark powers get to my head."
  285. >Sweetie Belle stared back at Sombra for a moment and then back at you.
  286. >She slowly placed her hoof on yours, you almost forgot the marshmallow touch of this filly...
  287. >"Could you... stop time?"
  288. >...
  289. "N-Not like I want to, but I will this time."
  290. >You touch the crystal floor with your free hoof twice, turning the spell on.
  291. >Everything was golden again, nopony but you two could move.
  292. >"I didn't want Sombra or anypony else listening, but I just wanted to say... that you showed me I shouldn't be fighting."
  293. "You... shouldn't?"
  294. >"I should solve this problem without violence, that wasn't how I was before... and you're right on something." Sweetie Belle finally... smiled at you. "I'm just a filly."
  295. >...Damn, even adding the old squeak from her.
  296. >You just start laughing.
  297. >And laughing.
  298. "Hahahahaha! Oh my god, this adventure can't get any more random! Or is this how you ponies do all time? Heh, haha!"
  299. >Sweetie Belle tilted her head as he listened to your words, but decided to ignore to ask about that.
  300. >"I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't a colt too..." Sweetie Belle smile was gone for a moment. "Even if Discord is controlling you or isn't, I forgive you."
  301. "I could tell you what I really am, but for that, you would have to come with me." You wink at her.
  302. >Sweetie Belle just giggled.
  303. >"For me, you look like a colt so, that's what you are."
  304. >Yeah... you are a colt.
  305. >You tried to stand up, but your legs were shaking from the use of chaotic magic.
  306. >Damn it, and you had a good plan to end the battle and look like a dickhead.
  307. "I wanted you safe, I really did. That promise? It haunted me for days... and when I discovered that my chaotic powers were connected to my feelings, just like your dark powers, I just had to... forget about you, and move on onto the next page."
  308. >You took a long sigh.
  309. "You do realize after this is done, we are enemies, rivals and everything else on the list, right?"
  310. >"It's okay... that is the only way we can discover who will win in the end."
  311. >Confident filly.
  312. "Ah, If we continue talking we might as well be trapped in this time stop bubble... thingy. I'm gonna need to do some antics with my father to recover for a while..."
  313. >You used your hoof two times on the crystal floor to undo the time stop spell and make everything move again.
  314. "Now where did I leave that..." You start searching your magic pockets® and find a clean chicken feather. "There we go."
  315. >You tickle your nose a bit and-
  317. >You teletransport back to your father.
  318. >Taking a big sniff you scratch your nose and yawn.
  319. "Dad, I'm tired, let's go home. I had my fun already."
  320. >"Whatever you say, son." Discord leaned next to Chrysalis and whispered to her. "Don't forget our deal, nanny."
  321. >You couldn't hear Discord, maybe your hearing was bad from using too much magic.
  322. >Meh, you just want to take a deep sleep in your sweet bed.
  323. >...
  324. "Oh, I almost forgot!"
  325. >With what little of your chaos magic that you had, you created a tiny flower that levitated next to Sombra.
  326. "Here, a present."
  327. >Sombra slowly started to inspect the little flower with curiosity, never have seen one before probably.
  328. >Seconds later, the flower let out a green smoke directly to his face.
  329. >Sombra was coughing as your little flower prank was doing effect and he slowly started to giggle… the giggle slowly starts turning into laugh.
  330. >"What kind of joke is... this..."
  331. >Ah, nothing like the old laughing gas to do something good to a pony more cold than the fucking ice itself.
  332. >Oh hey! You feel a bit of energy coming back from that prank!
  333. >...Until you saw the maniac laughter this pony had.
  334. "Oh god."
  335. >Sombra was laughing like the evilest villain you'd ever heard in your life and had the most demonic grin ever! Is that a pony?!
  336. >"Hmmm..." Discord was thinking while scratching his beard. "I was expecting water coming from the flower, but this is a good touch. Now that laugh... I'd rate it 7/10, too forced."
  337. "Discord, just get us out of here! It's starting to creep me out!"
  338. >"I don't know Anon, it's starting to get better! Don't you wanna stay when he explodes from anger?"
  339. "NO!"
  340. >Discord rolled his eyes and snapped his talons, it was music to your ears cause Sombra was about to blow you apart with a spell.
  341. >And so you two re-appeared back in El Dorado.
  343. "Well, I bet you're gonna say how good you were just with words, and how bad I am because I didn't even win that silly duel, right?"
  344. >"Bah I don't need to brag about it Anon, I'm the best and everypony knows it! As for you... I don't care what you do, as long as it is related to chaos, you can’ really do any damage to me. Besides… she is just a filly and you are just a colt! Well, a grown adult in a colt’s body, that’s it. What, do you think that if you won that you would think you were the best in all Equestria? Think again, boyo!"
  345. >Oh, good thing Discord doesn't give a flying fuck about the duel! Although that last bit did hurt.
  346. >Not like… you were going at her with everything you got.
  347. >Okay, you still need to improve and use your abilities a bit more.
  348. >"Just tell me... what IS that filly to you?"
  349. "Ah... well... I never thought about it. She is just a filly that... makes me feel good, that's it."
  350. >...
  351. >You lower your ears as you can't hide the truth from him, you are too loyal to even give fake news.
  352. "I just wanted to force her to come here... she is just a filly, y'know? It's wrong that..."
  353. >"Yes! Yes, it's wrong!" Discord holds you with both his claw and paw while shaking you in mid-air. "That means you feel remorse! Which you shouldn't! You are a prince! A prince of chaos! You should-"
  354. >Discord suddenly started to smell something in the air and dropped you straight to the ground.
  355. "Hey, what gives!
  356. >"Hush, Anon..." Discord changed clothes into a safari outfit and used some broken binoculars to look around. "It’s quiet... too quiet for my liking in here..."
  357. >Too quiet?
  358. "What do you mean it's too quiet?"
  359. >You looked around, El Dorado was peaceful and- oooooh okay you get it now.
  360. >The alicorn fillies.
  361. "Celestia and Luna, right?"
  362. >Discord nodded as he snapped his talons, making you wear a safari outfit too.
  363. >"Or else they're planning something or..."
  364. "Or...?"
  365. >"I... I don't know! I thought you would finish my sentence or something."
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