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  1. -FAQ- (Updated 5/22)
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GENERAL QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. >What server should I play on?
  4. There are a few errant posters from SA, OCE and EU (probably) but almost everyone is NA. East and West both have /vg/ guilds capable of clearing all content but West is considerably more active in the thread.
  6. >Can the game run on toasters?
  8. If you get FPS drops in raids, hide other players and their pets
  10. >I played maplestory and (insert bullshit here)
  11. Maplestory and Maplestory 2 are related in name only. Maplestory 2 has some enemies, locations, and other references (such as meeting Andy the Time Traveler) lifted from the original. The lore used to be that ms2 was in the distant past of ms1, but that's seemingly been thrown out the window aside from these references.
  13. >Is the game P2W?
  14. That depends on what you define P2W. you can subscribe to a club that gives you some random bs as well as a daily dungeon that can be completed once per account for some goodies. There are also murmurs of there being a direct meso:meret currency exchange in the future, however most equipment is untradable.
  16. >Does this game force social interaction at any level?
  17. No, there are automatic dungeon queues for most dungeons, unless you choose to use the party finder for better quality teammates. Even then you don't have to "socialize" that much. The game will not hold your hand to force you into social interaction, and if you aren't being social then you are probably only playing 40% of the game.
  19. >Is there anything specific that I /should/ spend merets on?
  20. You should get an "airplane" type of air mount if you cannot get one for free by doing an event. These air mounts ascend slowly (only half a meter per second), but move very quickly (6.5 meters per second). They can be really useful for traversing the map. Some examples include the Paper Airplane, Snowflake, Drone, Eagle Familiar, and more. If you really do not want to pay for one however, you can get a free one by getting a high enough Prestige Rank. If you need to ascend quickly into the air, just use the Heavenbound Hog that you get for free by doing the epic quest (This mount expires a month after you get it though, so if it's expired then just use a default balloon or an event reskin of the Heavenbound Hog, such as the Floating Pumpkin Balloon).
  22. >Where can I find /ms2g/ anons? I don't want to be a part of the guilds!
  23. Refer to the meetups information in the OP. These change infrequently and are largely unused at this point in favor of hanging out in people's houses.
  25. >What are some good noob-friendly resources?
  26. Read the OP
  29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PvE Questions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. >How do I level?
  31. Fastest way to hit level 50 (when endgame dungeons become unlocked) is by following the yellow story quest. Alternatively you could grind, AFK fish, play music, or play minigames. You also get small chunks of exp for placing blocks in your home, and for harvesting items using life skills. All of these scale based on your level to give more exp, so they get better the higher your level.
  33. Once you hit level 50, the epic quest slows down quite a bit. You should do minigames and world bosses as they appear for faster levels, or do any of the other activities that are mentioned above. Ideally you should start farming for gear once you hit level 50, and just level up using the dungeon EXP. You'll naturally hit the level cap by just playing the game, so don't worry about it.
  35. >Do I /need/ to do the epic quest?
  36. No. You used to, but the attribute points and skill points you'd gain from the quest have been moved to trophies instead. It is still the fastest way to level to 50 however, and you can get some decent rewards from the quests such as UGC template vouchers.
  38. >What class should I play?
  40. Pick whatever you want, damage is 90% gear dependent. Some people like to shit on melee classes and say they're "bad", but you just need to git gud.
  42. >If I play as [class], will I be wanted?
  43. Most classes bring something to the table. The only ones that don't are Berserker, Thief, and Heavy Gunner. Berserker and Thief are greedy DPS classes and Heavy Gunner only has an emergency medkit that most people don't even build into.
  46. Striker is out as of 5/30/2019. Beginner is basically NEVER EVER right now.
  48. >70CAPWEN?
  49. Nobody knows. Probably during the Summer update, maybe sooner.
  51. >How many characters can I make?
  52. 7 free slots, pay for more
  54. >I died, why do I have this hour long debuff? What happened?
  55. If you die, you can be revived by either waiting for your pet to revive you automatically, or by having someone hit your tombstone a couple of times. When you revive, you get a debuff called "Tombshocked" that will make your next tombstone be a metal one. This means that other players cannot revive you, and you have to either pay mesos to revive in the same location, or be resurrected in a nearby safe location. This safe location is just a nearby spot in the same map that you are in, and it isn't a "Go back to town" button like in MS1. Anytime you die, the debuff is refreshed.
  57. >How do I remove this "Tombshocked" debuff?
  58. You can either not die for an hour, or visit a doctor to remove it.
  60. >Is there a limit to how many times I can die?
  61. In normal dungeons you can die as many times as you want. In hard dungeons, you can only respawn 5 times for free, 6 if you are not affected by tombshock. In raids, you get 3 deaths, and up to 3 more insta-revived deaths, but insta-revive is per day. You can also use mesos to revive yourself up to 3 times per day, but you generally won't need all 5 lives in a single dungeon run. If you're dying that often then you need to either git gud or stop playing with shitters that don't know the mechanics.
  63. >What if I don't know how to run a dungeon/raid?
  64. Just say that you haven't run it before. Most people will gladly teach you what to avoid, especially since this is a "social game". The last thing that anyone wants is some faggot to botch the run because he didn't want people knowing he was "new". That's how you piss everyone off and get kicked from a party.
  66. >When do dungeons reset?
  67. Daily reset is at 7:00 PM CDT. Weekly Reset is on Thursday at 7:00 PM CDT. if you don't care for timezones then just look at the in-game clock. The reset is at midnight from Thursday-Friday.
  69. >I hit the level cap, what now?
  70. You should work on getting more gear score so that you can run harder dungeons. You should prioritize getting equipment with the following stats: Piercing > Physical/Magical Piercing > Accuracy > Critical Damage > Total Damage > Boss Damage.
  71. Work on getting Piercing to 30%, Phys/Mag Piercing at 10-15%, Accuracy at 100, and then as much crit damage as you can.
  72. You also get access to daily missions, which can give rewards such as mesos and voucher fragments (Get 10 to create a free voucher). You should also work on your life skills (mining, farming, etc.) if you haven't already.
  73. Another thing to work on is getting trophies that give you Skill Points and Attribute Points. More of those never hurt, especially if your class is starved for SP.
  75. >Why do people keep leaving the party before entering the dungeon?
  76. It's probably because the party doesn't have a priest. In some hard dungeons it's justified, but only shitters leave a normal dungeon because there isn't a priest. Just requeue or don't play with PUGs.
  78. >Why is the priest in my party running into a wall? Why won't they heal me?!?!
  79. It's probably a bot, just look at the character name. They've gotten quite advanced now, to the point where some of them are even doing the epic quest. If they don't respond to the party when talking, then just report them.
  81. >what dungeons should I be running?
  82. [updated as of December Patch]
  83. Run FD/Lab until you have a Hat, Gloves, and Boots. Come back later if you would rather get raw drops instead of reroll for better lines
  84. Run Balrog/Lubelisk until you have Weapons with good lines.
  85. Run Rune Temple/Tris for Top/Bottom and Value Rerolls.
  86. If you aren't sure about which weapon set to choose from (Murpagoth Warrior, MSL Onyx, or Ancient Rune) then ask the general.
  88. >I'm 30/30 on dungeon runs. Why are there dungeon limits? What do I do now?
  89. You can do many other things you can do in the game, such as make alts, farm treva in the LoD, farm rue, dark descent weeklies, cathy mart dailies (not tied to dungeon limit), daily missions for vouchers/mesos, exploration stars, trophy hunting (Especially if you haven't gotten every skill point/attribute point), daily life skills, play music, fishing, make UGC, playing minigames, and more.
  90. You could also just socialize with people.
  92. >Do I /need/ to have an alt? Are alts important?
  93. Yes but no. You can make one to farm for epics, or if your alt is geared enough then you can have it farm hard dungeons for materials. You shouldn't feel like you need to have an alt, but it can help since RNG is a fickle mistress.
  95. >How many alts should I have?
  96. As many as you want. While you can blow through 10 normal dungeons really quickly, keep in mind that hard dungeons can take much longer, especially if you aren't playing in a fully geared and committed group.
  98. >I don't know what to make as an alt!
  99. Use a spinner or that roll image that is floating around. if you ask nicely, someone should post it.
  101. >What is gear score? How do I get gear score?
  102. In general, most of your gear score will come from your weapon. As you may have noticed while doing the storyline quest, gear score is a bit of a bullshit stat, where worse gear might have a higher gear score.
  103. ---[Level 50 Dungeons] 1500 Gear Score
  104. ------just buy a blue weapon off of the black market, that will usually be enough. If you need more then get more blues.
  105. ---[Level 50 Hard Adventure Dungeons] 1800/2100/2800 Gear Score
  106. ------Use blue items from the Black Market or the Epic Quest, then run each dungeon in order.
  107. ---[Chaos Shadow Altar/Chaos Devorak] 4500 Gear Score
  108. ------You should get all of your gear score from your weapon to maximize your damage:gear score ratio. You should have a heavily upgraded weapon if you intend to PUG the raids.
  109. ---[Chaos Moonlight Fortress] 5900 Gear Score
  110. ------Enchant the loot that you got from CDev.
  111. ---[Chaos Ludibrium Clock Tower] 7800 Gear Score
  112. ------Enchant the loot that you got from CMoc.
  114. >how do I cheese my gear score? (more in-detail explanation)
  115. If you just want to skip to 2100 Gear Score for a new weapon, you can artificially boost your gear score so that you can enter the next set of dungeons. As mentioned above, you need to equip both a main hand weapon (scepter/longsword) and a sub-weapon (star/dagger). Just purchase any level 50 blue versions of these from the market. You can also buy the cheapest purple accessory that you can off of the market (ex. earrings), assuming that you do not already have one. After that, you should enchant these weapons until you hit the required 2100 Gear score. Keep in mind that the gear score gains from the sub-weapon will be halved. Some people like to do +5/+5, but others like to just dump all the materials into the main hand weapon because of this.
  117. >I got a new Shield/Codex, why didn't my gear score change?
  118. Read the stat. Shields and Codices do not affect your gear score. Never buy epic shields/codices from the market.
  120. >If I fail an enchantment on my gear, does it explode?
  121. Nope. Failing an enchantment just wastes the materials. In fact you get a charge that you can spend to make the next upgrade more likely to succeed. You can save these charges for later upgrades or use them right away.
  123. >Should I upgrade with Ophelia or Peachy?
  124. Peachy costs a lot of extra materials, so people generally go to Ophelia. You would have to fail an insane amount of enchantments for Ophelia to be worse than Peachy. Even then, since you get Fail Stacks with Ophelia, it's more worth it to just stick to using her.
  126. >Can world bosses drop epics?
  127. If they can it's extremely rare. Most of the time world bosses are killed to get materials for rerolling attributes.
  129. >Is there a way to reroll the bonus attributes on my gear?
  130. You can go to Nerman Forge, or just hit the "Change Attributes" button in your inventory.
  131. You cannot reroll weapon attributes without a special weapon reroll scroll, which you get from the level up chest or Rune Temple/Tris.
  132. You can also get Epic Value Rerolls from Rune Temple/Tris for your armor, and you can get Legendary Armor Value Rerolls from Sky Fortress.
  133. You can also get free Epic Armor and Accessory rerolls from Abandoned Mine B4. Read the items carefully however, since they only reroll the stats of the bonus but not the type of bonus.
  135. >How do I get keys for the Abandoned Mine?
  136. Find treasure chests. They're usually in gold chests, but people have found them in wooden chests too so it might just be the same rate. After that, go take the Rusted Keys to Tria and get them analyzed by Natalie. You have a chance to get B1 keys or B4 keys.
  138. >Do I need a key for every run of Abandoned Mine B4?
  139. Nope. Only one party member has to spend a key. You should still bring one so that your group can do 4 runs though, unless you're buying runs.
  141. >How do I run Abandoned Mine B4?
  142. Get a party of 4. The entire dungeon is similar to the pre-boss section of Rune Temple. At the start, your group should split 2:2 for each path. After that, the paths split again. At the end of these paths is a switch; pull the switch and then these groups will meet again to kill a boss. After that, the whole group meets up to kill the final boss.
  144. >What should I be putting my Attribute Points into?
  145. Read what the stats do, 90% of the time you'll want to just level your main stat. In some cases, people choose to level crit rate or health, but you'll generally just shove it into your main stat for most classes because of how the damage formula works.
  147. >Why am I randomly using basic attacks?
  148. Either the skill you are trying to use is on cooldown, or you don't have enough spirit to use the skill. You can prevent this by setting up a Macro with your starting attack and the attack that you want to use.
  150. >Should I be selling the gear that I get through doing the story or should I just be dismantling it all?
  151. Sell the early gear, dismantle once you're able to. You can make mesos easily enough.
  153. >Why is Piercing good? Why is it different from Physical Piercing and Magical Piercing?
  154. The damage formula lists Piercing as a "1/(1/x)" function, where X is your piercing. Piercing has a softcap at 30%. You can get a free 4% piercing buff that lasts an hour by placing "Scion of Light" inside of your house and interacting with it. Piercing lets you ignore a monster's actual defense stat, while Physical/Magical Piercing just lets you ignore their physical/magical resistance. Most monsters barely have any Phys/Mag resist, and it's mainly noticeable in chaos raids. That said, it's a tad overrated. If you want to know if your 3% piercing necklace is better than a 2% boss damage and 2% ranged damage necklace, just do some light math based on how much Piercing you already have.
  156. >How do world bosses work?
  157. Each world boss spawns at a specific time as mentioned in the map. They will spawn every hour at the same minute mark (Ex: Lernos always spawns in the same spot at Twilight Moon Castle when the game time is x:45)
  159. >How do world boss drops work? Is there a limit to how many times I can get stuff from a particular boss?
  160. As long as you damage a boss, you'll get drops and EXP. World bosses despawn after a set period of time. There is no such limit for world boss drops, so most people channel surf to maximize drops and exp.
  162. >I see a guy selling boss runs, should I buy runs? Are hard dungeons too hard? What about Raids?
  163. No. You should never buy runs, especially since dungeons are fairly easy once you know the mechanics. If you buy a dungeon run, then what's the point of even gearing up? If you can't even clear Fire Dragon, then how can you expect to clear dungeons/raids where your party actually relies on you?
  165. >What are Awakenings?
  166. They're basically 2nd job. you get another page of skills to play with, and it isn't a "path" like in ms1, so you can freely respec whenever. overall it makes all of the classes more balanced. some classes get some really fun toys to play with too. (runeblade 2nd tree basically gets Vergil's judgement cut)  if you want more info, here's a playlist of the skills:
  168. >What is Stellar Glass/What is Obsidian Essence used for?
  169. Go to the chest in the middle of Tria and you can make boxes that give you 200 gemstone dusts that are a color of your choice.
  171. >What is Fair Fight?
  172. It reduces the damage you deal in dungeons so that you cannot just steamroll old content in a minute. Plenty of other games have a similar system, and it used to affect you if you were above level 50. It also heavily affected passive skills and buff skills, so some classes like Priest and Thief were neutered by them.
  174. >Is there a point to upgrading my gear then?
  175. Yes, you'll still deal increased damage. There is still a somewhat noticeable difference in your damage, and Chaos Raids do not have the Fair Fight system in place.
  177. >Why am I getting yelled at for running away from the AoEs?
  178. Check
  179. If they look anything like these then you're running away from party skills that can save your life or give you more damage.
  181. >What are Gemstones? Are they Important?
  182. Gemstones can be socketed into your accessories and give you a stat boost. The three gemstone types that matter are your Main Stat, Bonus Attack, and Accuracy. Accuracy is slightly less important than the other two stats. Bonus Attack has better scaling when you're first adding gems, but high level main stat gems are much more powerful endgame. You can look around in the Gemstones menu by clicking the button in your inventory.
  184. >How do I get Gemstones?
  185. b1/b4 runs, treva farming, daily missions.
  187. >How do I get Gem Dust to upgrade Gemstones?
  188. Dismantle Gemstones, dungeons, dailies, b1/b4 runs. You can also spend mesos to buy Stellar Glass in Tria and craft Gem Dust daily by going to the nearby chest and using the glass and the Obsidian Essence that you can get from high level mobs.
  190. >How do I add a socket to my gear?
  191. You need to sacrifice a duplicate of the item to create a socket.
  193. >What is Sky Fortress?
  194. More daily missions for you to do. You can exchange the currency you get from these for Crystal Fragments, Colored Crystals, and Legendary Armor Value Rerolls, as well as some other items like fireworks.
  196. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PvP/Shadow World Questions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  197. >PVPGEARWEN? Is there PvP in this game?
  198. Get to level 50 and click on the Arena button when hovering over the World Map block.
  199. Open World PvP exists in the Shadow World, but most people only go there for dailies and Treva farming. If you try to start shit in those maps on a pure PvP character, expect to get attacked by someone in full Legendaries.
  201. >Why are people farming the Shadow world?
  202. Cosmetics, mounts, gemstone dust, daily missions, Blue/Green Crystals, shits 'n giggles.
  204. >How do I start farming in the Shadow World?
  205. Kill mobs in a map to make the elite mobs spawn. Then kill the elite mobs and hope that a portal appears. Take that portal, and successfully complete the challenge to get Treva, which is the currency that can be used to buy the shiny stuff mentioned above.
  207. >Where is the best place to farm Treva? Where should I avoid going if I want actual PvP?
  208. Most people farm Treva in Obsidian Mount, but other common maps are Cozalita Graveyard, Sealed Forest, Gloomy Forest, and Melta Dam. These maps are popular due to being away from most PvP randoms, and having good centralized layouts. Ideally you should farm in Cozalita Graveyard or Obsidian Mount since the mobs there aren't as annoying as the other maps.
  210. >Should I farm Treva alone or in a party?
  211. Alone is always acceptable, especially if you are geared up. However, if you choose to party then you should do it in a duo. You'll split the 4 reward chests into 2 each, but the faster kill speed more than makes up for it, especially in rainbow slime pocket realms. You also might make a friend.
  213. >How do I buy stuff using my Treva?
  214. Talk to the shadow supply merchant in Queenstown, or go into one of the shelter maps within the Shadow World. These shelters also have dismantle machines if you need to make room for more useless equipment drops.
  217. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PET QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  218. >what do pets do
  219. Pets have a couple of uses. The main reason why some people want a pet is because if you level them up enough, they'll give you extra stats. They also passively give you 40% of their attack to your bonus attack stat while they are summoned. Other features of pets include: automatic potion usage, automatic resurrection (only if you aren't Tombshocked/Under a metal tombstone), and an extended autoloot range.
  221. >Are they free? Is this more P2W bullshit?
  222. Nope. Just get to level 50 and you can start taming pets.
  224. >how do I open the pet menu?
  225. Look for the little paw near your character's portrait at the bottom of the screen.
  227. >How do I name my pet?
  228. Go to the pet menu.
  230. >how do I get a boss pet? It lists them under the drops of the dungeon, but how do I tame them?
  231. They're a dungeon drop. Kill the boss and hope it drops.
  233. >how do I set up autopot?
  234. open up the pet menu and click on the gear by the auto potion icon. you can then drag potions from your inventory into 2 slots, and set what % of health you want the pet to use the potions
  236. >how do I level pets?
  237. pets get a bit of exp from general dungeons and other activities, but you mostly get pet exp by fusing them (aka sacrificing them to each other).
  239. >Should I level my pet?
  240. If it's a blue pet with good stats, do it. You can feed this pet to your purple pet once you get one.
  242. >Where can I get _____ as a pet?
  243. Open the pet menu and go to the "Album" tab. Hover over a pet and it will tell you where the pet can be found.
  245. >How do I do the pet capture tutorial if they're all taken?
  246. Try changing channels or try again later. Alternatively, you could just go to another map to tame a slime. They're in Ludibrium Crater, Sylvan Woods Trail, and Fairy Tree Lake.
  248. >How do I level my Pet Taming Skill?
  249. Catch pets and craft more snares.
  251. >How do I get Potion Solvents?
  252. Farm them. People commonly farm the high level maps such as Frozencrest or Cave of Eternity. Other maps like Red Wall and Spectrumwood are also popular. If you don't want to farm them, just buy them off the market.
  255. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UGC/FASHION QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  256. >where can I get UGC?
  257. make it using the button in the bottom right corner, or ask around the general.
  259. >how big can my UGC template be?
  260. 1024x1024. The default template that the game gives you is only 512x512, so make sure that you upscale it if you want your work to be high quality.
  262. >how do I make UGCs that match my skin color?
  263. use until proper transparency is added in a future update
  266. just grind a bit, you get a couple of vouchers for free. if you really want to, you can grind up a bunch of alts and then delete them after you get the free UGC vouchers.
  268. >Can I edit my UGC using a program? Having to check back and forth between the game and my art program is tedious!
  269. Most of the UGC meshes are in the file dumps pastebin.
  271. >Some guy stole my UGC!
  272. Report it, it will get taken down relatively quickly.
  274. >Is there a reason to report lewd/copyright infrigement/stolen UGC?
  275. Some people report that they get red merets for doing it, but otherwise it's good to report copied UGC so that the store isn't filled with 5 pages of the same naruto shit.
  277. >What happens if my UGC gets removed?
  278. Your item will be changed into a blank texture, and you'll get a mail saying what item was removed and why they removed it. If you used a voucher to make the UGC, you'll be refunded the voucher. You will also be refunded the licensing fee used to create the item, if you did not make it with a voucher. You will NOT get the listing fee that you paid to put it on the shop back. The same applies to the promotion fee if you paid for that. All of this also applies to UGC items that you've made yourself, even if you didn't list it on the Design Shop. You'll also get a debuff  for a short period of time [] that restricts you from certain features of the game such as making more UGC. [Note: the "Creating and Joining parties" line refers to using the party finder. You can still be invited to a party and you can still make parties, but you can't quickjoin a group or list your group on the finder.
  280. >What happens if an item I brought gets removed because it was reported?
  281. You'll get a meret refund in the mail. You won't know /exactly/ which item got deleted, but it will stay in your inventory with a blank texture. (ex. Buy a mount > it gets removed > you still have the mount, it's just textureless)
  283. >What should I spend my merets on if I want to look good? How does the transparency badge work?
  284. transparency badge is a good investment if you want to fashion. The badge has to be moved across characters if you intend to share it, but it can make everything except for weapons and subweapons transparent. Slutwear is also confirmed for a later update if that's your thing too.
  285. Another good investment to make would be to create UGC to sell on the market. You can list the first UGC for free, but subsequent listings have a fee of (10, 20, 40, etc) merets each.
  287. >This equipment looks good! Is there anything like the fusion anvil in ms1?
  288. It's called a glamour anvil in this game. You use it on an item, and it makes a genderless, classless copy of the item as an outfit. If you have an item with good stats, you don't have to worry about destroying it. If your berserker has a nice hat that you want to give to your assassin, this will let you do that.
  290. >Are there unlockable customization options?
  291. Yes, you can. Open up the trophy menu and click on the "Filter Rewards" button to look around. Most of the unlocks are dyes.
  293. >How do I dye my items? Is it free?
  294. Go in the bottom right menu under the Life Skills button and find the Dye Workshop option. If an item has a color in its description, then you can dye it. It's only 10,000 mesos to change the color of an item (aka free because that's dirt cheap).
  296. >How do I preview a dye? What if I don't own a dye?
  297. in the dye shop, just click on the dye while you have an equipment piece selected. You can preview dyes you don't own.
  299. >Any dye recommendations?
  300. Ask around in the general. Personally I like all of the dyes that have 1 main color with black as a secondary/bottom color, since it makes some armors look more metallic, but that's just me. They're also associated with some lazy world quests so they're easy to obtain.
  302. >How can I change my appearance?
  303. Go to the beauty salon or plastic surgery office under the life skills button in the bottom right corner.
  305. >How do I change how I wear my hat?
  306. To rotate your hat, interact with a mirror in the hair salon.
  308. >I want to change my hairstyle but I currently have a special style that isn't in the shop anymore! How can I change back?
  309. Before you change your hairstyle, talk to Mino in the right side of the Beauty Salon. He'll save your hairstyles for free, but it will cost you if you want to change back to any old styles.
  311. >I saw someone wearing something cool! How do I get that?
  312. If you right click a person and go to character, you can go to their outfits tab and take note of what items they have.
  313. You could also just ask them like a normal person.
  315. >Do I /need/ to spend merets to change my appearance?
  316. Nope, you can just use a voucher. You can get voucher fragments from doing daily missions, and when you get 10 you can combine them to make the voucher. Also, there are usually events that can give you completed vouchers. Another way to get vouchers is to create them using Alchemy if you have it at a high enough level.
  319. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FISHING/MUSIC/HOUSING QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  320. >How do I check my fishing level? What fish have I already caught?
  321. Click on the purple fish icon in the top left.
  323. >How do I grind fishing?
  324. Check the guide in the OP
  326. >Why am I not getting fishing exp?
  327. 1. Are you fishing in a map that matches your experience level?
  328. 2. The higher level your fishing gets, the slower it gets to level. You won't always get EXP for every fish. This is why most people recommend leveling fishing normally for the first couple of levels, and then you get the rest of your exp from discovering the rest of the fish.
  330. >How do I perform music?
  331. Get an instrument. You'll get a free Digital Piano from the maple guide quest, and a free Classic Timpani from the epic quest.
  332. after that, you can either free play by hitting buttons, or use a music score to play a composed song.
  334. >Where do I get music sheets?
  335. Talk to the musician in Tria. You can also get them from Daily Missions
  337. >How do I make composed songs?
  338. You need music sheets to make a music score. After that, you can either manually write out a song, convert a MIDI file, or just import someone else's song from one of many resources available. If you ask around the general, someone might give you some music too.
  340. >Why isn't my auto performance voucher working?
  341. You need to use the voucher, and then pull out an instrument and start playing with a score. You cannot use the voucher while you already have an instrument out.
  343. >Are houses account based or character based? How can I make multiple houses?
  344. You get 1 house per account that all of your characters go home to. You can save up 3 different housing templates if you want to have "multiple" houses though.
  346. >Why do so many items cost zero mesos? Am I being tricked?
  347. Housing blocks used to cost meso, but a lot of it was made free. Another feature that was made 100% free is housing expansion, so you can increase your house for 0 mesos. Go nuts.
  349. >How big can I make my house? Can I make my house smaller?
  350. 25x25x15 is the max size. At the time of writing, you cannot make your house smaller after you expand it, so be careful!
  352. >Is there any advantage to having a big house? Why should I expand it a lot?
  353. Not really. You’ll have more space to build stuff like farmland for your life skills or map portals, but you don’t get much out of expanding your house. In fact, some people regret expanding their houses to the max because you need to build a lot more.
  355. >How do I set up a portal?
  356. Search for an “Interior Portal BETA” under furnishings. Place it down, and then hover over it and hit the default key “C”. After that you can decide to have the portal link to another portal within your home, or to another place in the world map. You cannot link to a place your character has not visited before.
  358. >How do I change where I appear in my house?
  359. Search for “Entry Portal” under furnishings. Place it where you want to enter your house from now on. If there are multiple, then you’ll appear at a random one when you enter your home.
  361. >How do I change the skybox? Can I also prevent people from doing certain things inside my house?
  362. Open the housing editor (default B) and go under “Home Settings”. You can also change the lighting of your house, and also disable skills, mounts, and potions if you want to make a jump quest or arena.
  364. >I want to build a house with friends! How do I do this? Can I share a house?
  365. Invite the person to your home, and then right click them and give them permissions. They can only edit the house while you are inside it. You cannot share houses, but giving each other permission to build is good enough.
  367. >Can you sell housing plots?
  368. Nope. You need to wait for the contract to expire
  370. >Are housing plots based on channel? Or are they server wide?
  371. Housing plots are server wide. If you buy a plot, your house will appear in that spot on every channel.
  373. >Can you sell houses you’ve built?
  374. Currently being worked on, you’ll be able to sell “housing blueprints”. No idea when this will come out though.
  376. >Can you change the music in your home?
  377. Nope, but you can play instruments to “mute” it.
  379. >What are apartments?
  380. An old feature that was in KMS. Back then, you needed to either own a plot of land or purchase an apartment room to even access the housing feature. Everyone has houses for free in GMS2.
  382. >How do I use the bank in my house? How do I visit a doctor in my house?
  383. Under the "Start Furnishing" menu (default right side of the screen), click on the Chest to access your bank. Clicking on the doctor will let you visit a doctor.
  385. >How do I make a ball appear in my house?
  386. Type /hostball #. The bigger the number, the bigger the ball. To remove it, type /hostball again. You can hit the ball with basic attacks and abilities.
  388. >What are some other housing commands?
  389. /hostgravity # - this changes the gravity
  390. /card – this lets you play cards. Has a bunch of other associated commands.
  391. /survey – lets you give out a survey to everyone inside of your home. Has a bunch of other associated commands.
  392. /hosttombstone [CharName] – kills the character. Fun to use on bots that you invite to your home.
  393. /hostrevive [CharName] – instantly revives the character.
  394. /hostkick [CharName] – kicks the character out of your home.
  395. /hostalarm [Message] - forces everyone in your home to see a pop up message.
  396. /randomuser – picks a random user in your home.
  397. /randomgroup # - sorts everyone in your home into a # of groups. This does not create parties out of these groups.
  400. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EXPLORATION AND TROPHY HUNTING QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  401. >I cant find (NPC)! Where can I find them?!?
  402. Click on the gear in the top right corner and turn on the show NPCs option on the minimap
  404. >Where are all the fucking chests? I went to where the chest should be!
  405. Golden chests have a long respawn time, and only one can appear at a time. Try changing channels. If you want to wait in one for a chest to spawn, make sure that it isn't already spawned in a different location.
  407. >Where can I find insects to murder? I need the Exterminator trophy!
  408. Go to Windsong Ravine and kill the Silver Lobpions. That map also has bushes that spawn 5 tiny bugs when interacted with. The epic quest will take you to this map so it's good to take care of it while you're there.
  410. >How the fuck do I fix Andy's Time Machine in Ludible Time Hall?
  411. At the start, go to Past Henesys. After that just complete the dungeon.
  413. >Where are the slaves that I need to free in Katramus Mine?
  414. Katramus Mine is the first map in Katramus Depths (the "Stealth" section). The slaves are all around the map, just walk up to one and interact with the slave. Some look like tiny children, and others look like chubby old men.
  416. >Where is the chalk graffiti in Tria?
  417. southeastern wall, see
  419. >Where is the Stranger's House? Where is Mushmom?
  420. Go to the top part of Henesys and interact with the orange tree.
  422. >I need to find an item for Daily Missions. Where can I get it?
  423. Abyssal DNA - undead mobs in Shadow Gate
  424. Baba Fruit - purple plants in Kabrium Basin
  425. Baba Powder - crates on the west side of Barrota Port
  426. Captured Stone Crabby - traps that are near the water in Beachway 111
  427. Combat Rations - mobs in North Royal Road
  428. Dubi Gummi - mobs in Woodward
  429. Evil Eye Poop - evil eyes in Ant Tunnel Plaza
  430. Experimental Potion - Terrohares in Goldus Pharm.
  431. Fairy Dew - tree sprites in Boulderwhite Mountains
  432. Glutamine Tablets - get the blue mushrooms in Shadow Gate, and then process them with the mixer inside the Shadow Research Center like you did in the epic quest
  433. Golden Apples - Logger's Hill
  434. Pot of Honey - steal honey from the pots near Urza's den in Crooked Canyon
  435. Slime Blobs/Slime Globs - kill slimes anywhere
  436. Sweet Leaf - orange crates in Ellbo's Hollow
  438. >Where is the Allicari Merchant Society?
  439. Center of Queenstown. They give daily quests to kill World Bosses.
  441. >Where is the shadow supply merchant?
  442. North side of Queenstown
  445. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SYSTEM/TECHNICAL/OTHER QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  446. >How do I link items in the chat?
  447. Shift+click the item while you have the chatbox active
  449. >why won't world chat shut the fuck up? I don't want to see this! How do I talk to people normally?
  450. just make a "Local" chat tab that has World, Channel, and Super chats muted. Another tab that would be good to make is a farming tab that has "Items Gained" disabled. As for chinese gold sellers, just block/report them.
  452. >How do I turn off trophy notifications from my guild?
  453. uncheck "Community Notifications" in the chat tab settings. Or just uncheck all of "Character Notifications"
  456. disable "System Voices" under sound options
  458. >How do I get rid of all this meret spam? I don’t want to pay for autofishing or autogathering! I accidentally spent merets on (thing)!
  459. Go into your options under "Status Text" and enable "Hide Convenience Features"
  461. >How do I see my Ping/FPS?
  462. Go into Options and check the "Display FPS" box under the Graphics tab.
  464. >How do I remove names? I can't see shit!
  465. go into game options > status text and uncheck "Show friendly player names"
  466. alternatively, if you only want to hide names for minigames, just bind a key to "Hide UI" under Controls > Misc. This way you can just hide everything when doing a round of dance dance stop or spring beach.
  468. >Why are mounts so slow?
  469. Hold down basic attack to make your mount sprint. This consumes stamina but it recharges relatively quickly.
  471. >How do I get a good mount?
  472. You get a free epic/purple tier mount from the level 60 reward box, and you can also farm for purple mounts using multiple methods, such as farming Treva in the Shadow Realm.
  473. As for air mounts, you should pay attention to events if you want an "airplane" mount. If you cannot get one however, you can get a superior version by grinding your prestige rank until you get the Maple Planet.
  475. >Is there a point to Life Skills?
  476. You can make some nick-nacks with them as well as some small buff items but they're basically just free exp. You might as well do them.
  478. >How do I get to Alkimi Island? How do I get to Berg Island? What are they?
  479. Hit level 5 in forging and mining respectively. You'll get a short quest that introduces the islands. You can access them by going to Lith Harbor, and they basically exist to let you do your daily mining/harvesting without having to travel to multiple maps.
  481. >Can I share [thing] with other characters?
  482. Name tags, outfits, mounts, badges, pretty much anything that does not say "Character Bound" on it can be shared. Most items can be transferred between characters using the bank.
  484. >How do I get _____ item?
  485. Ask around in the general or look at the wiki resources. They are pretty good.
  487. >I can't see anything during dungeons or raids! My game stutters during World Bosses/Raids/Hard Dungeons!
  488. Hide other characters in the options.
  490. >I want to link my account to STEAM (or other steam related questions)
  491. refer to nexon's FAQ here:
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