Aug 3rd, 2017
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  1. " it's me "
  2. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  4. NAME : Hamasaki Azusa (浜崎あずさ)
  5. NICKNAME(S) :
  6. — azúcar ; her dolls, one of her dolls happen to be a doll made from mexico, that was traveled all the way to asia. the doll mentioned how the nickname meant sugar, and how sweet azusa is when they spoke
  7. — ham ; her mother, because azusa liked ham so much, her mother made dinner having to do with ham almost every night, resulting in her mother dropping this nickname on her
  8. — witch ; neighbors & strangers, this nickname was given to her when the kids found out she couldn't see colors other than black and white. sooner or later the nickname got bigger because she was seen out on her yard talking to her doll that spoke back to her
  9. — poppy / almond poppy muffin ; mother & dolls, because she would usually ask her mother to buy her a specific muffin that she liked so much, earning the muffins name as a nickname.
  10. — zuzu ; her mother & acquaintances (or future friends?), a cuter way to say her name, used when she and everyone else is in a good mood though.
  12. AGE : 19
  13. BIRTHDAY : 9 / 9 / 1998
  15. NATIONALITY : japanese
  16. ETHNICITY : japanese
  18. HOMETOWN : osaka, japan
  19. BIRTHPLACE : tokyo, japan
  21. LANGUAGE :
  22. — japanese [ fluent ]
  23. — korean [ fluent ]
  24. — spanish [ basic ]
  26. " burh "
  29. due to the fact that azusa can only see two colors, black and white, she's always curiously wondering what color everything holds. she knows the difference between her black and white, black means it's a darker color while white means it's a lighter color, though that doesn't help her curiosity much. she wished she had someone that wasn't afraid or disgusted of her for she could at least ask them what color was in front of her. she wished she had someone close to her, that would immidiately just tell her what color is what, though she tends to just keep quiet and make the colors up herself. though it's hard for her to only see black and white, and having everybody up her butt about it, she's alright with who she is and sees her trying to figure out what color is what as an everyday challenge that she's ready to take on.
  32. azusa doesn't really have any type of emotions when at school or out to visit the market for groceries, she developed this as she was growing up and had to hear the ugly sneers from her neighbors and strangers on a daily. when someone literally beside her would start talking badly of her, azusa wouldn't even think about it as something to fret over. to her it's mainly people speaking their minds and people have that right, so she simply let it slide even if it could hurt her feelings. but her feelings would never be hurt just like they'd never showed, this made people even more scared of her and wondered if she was truly a witch. no one other than her parents and dolls seen her smile or laugh, nor cry and frown. it's always a blank face playing at her face or a very small gesture when she's thinking.
  35. though she holds a different face when she's out and about, when she gets home or when it's too much for her, she tends to break down and wonder if everything is actually worth it all. as easy as she can hide her feelings and feel nothing when she's being talked about in public, it's as easy for her to breakdown when she has her own time and her own space. azusa is actually very sensitive, breaking her scary and cool aura that she somehow gives off to neighbors and strangers, and though she's used to all the negative comments and sneers it is pretty easy for her to reach her limit till she ends up a sobbing mess. her dolls are the only thing that make it up to her, actually cheering her up and making defensive comments towards the rude neighbors.
  38. even before she started getting called a witch, before she was the towns scariest and oddest child, azusa was still very socially awkward and didn't dare talk to anyone first. right now, she talks to no one for the same thing, she just doesn't have that type of guts to talk to someone first or to even ask a small question. of course, the fact that she's supposedly a witch and terrified someone is another simple reason why she doesn't talk to anyone, but she's thought that even if things weren't the way they were, she still wouldn't be as social a girl her age should be. azusa can barely talk to her family without starting to shake in fear because what if she says something stupid? yes, they're her parents but she doesn't even feel close to them to the point where she can talk to them freely. azusa cant be in big crowds, because then she'll start to feel stuffy and as if she can't breathe, she can't look eye to eye with anyone, she can't even bow or give a small smile because that means she's being acknowledged by the other person / people and her point is to NOT be acknowledged by anyone. azusa would rather be at home with her dolls than be out and having to force herself to look like she wants to be there or force herself to even smile to a stranger.
  41. when azusa wants something or needs to do something, she makes sure to bring no one else into it. she likes doing things by herself and would rather have no one bother her at all. because of how she was treated at a small age, she couldn't ask for help from other students or bystanders, so she usually ended up figuring out what she needed to do and kept it in her mind for later causes. the girl doesn't even take help from her parents or family, letting them know and understand that she's strong and smart enough to do things on her own, she has been doing them since a very young age so why drop it now?
  44. though she doesn't show her feelings out in public, nor is she a people person, azusa is a very straightforward person when needed. let's say someone's talking about her in public, doesn't bother her, but when they start to talk about her family, that's when she's turning her head and giving the person / people a scary glare. at these times it's when people wondered why they even started talking about her right before her, it's when they're unbelievably scared that they're even shaking. though she doesn't do anything evil, like many would think she would because she's the towns 'witch', she immediately tells them what's on her mind and goes straight into it. azusa doesn't waste her time with people out of her house, on top of not liking the way they were speaking about her family and wanted to give them a piece of her mind, she wanted to get it done with because she was talking and staring at another person. soon afterwards, she'd start shaking and questioning why she even dared, but believed that people deserved what they were given. at times when she's annoyed, doesn't matter where she is, she'll simply give people straightforward remarks even if it wasn't towards her or her family. she'll just tell the person what she thinks and that's it.
  46. BRIGHT
  47. when by herself and with her dolls, azusa is the brightest of them all. she's all smiles and happiness, of course she isn't sure if she could be this happy with anyone else other than her dolls, but she quickly drops that and starts laughing along to her dolls again. she's honestly a very bright person, if all the negativity around her dropped, if everyone would at least give her a chance to talk freely and be herself, then she'd immediately be liked. but azusa doesn't see the point in talking to anyone or making any type of relationships with anyone, so even if she was given the chance to show how happy and bright she can be, she wouldn't take it because she just doesn't see any type of point.
  50. LONELY
  51. azusa was born as an only child, not really having anyone there for her when she was young. she would always wonder how it felt to have a younger or older sibling, low key disliking the neighbors or classmates that did have siblings because she would never understand them or that feeling. though she herself is very unsocial, doesn't really see the points in relationships and friendships, azusa believes that she'd be very open if she had a sibling. that she'd be the best older or younger sister, though she tends to drop that and just think in something else. her father was rarely home, azusa believed it was because of her fault, because she was different from many other children and received horrible comments. when her parents started fighting about the fact that he was never even there for azusa, the little girl put everything on her shoulda and believed that her fathers abscence all together was again yet her fault. her father soon left the house, leaving azusa and her mother all alone. though she did feel lonely, with no siblings or a father like all of her classmates or all the other kids, she was glad to see that her mother acted like normal and didn't let anything get to her heart in a negative way.
  54. growing up, azusa and her mother gained a lot of hate and negative comments. though the two females never let their hearts get torn apart, they were always there for each other no matter what. they always stayed positive and were like your average everyday family, just with the small fact that the daughter was different from everyone else in a positive way. azusa would always get called disgusting words, though she always went back home to talk happily to her dolls. same thing with her mother, though it was always about azusa being talked badly and how crazy she was for keeping a child like that around. though her mother would always get home with a huge smile, placing the groceries and clothing she bought around the house and started talking about almost anything with azusa. they both ignore the fact of how they both receive negativity from their neighbors and the town in general, and being up much more better things.
  57. even now, azusa is still very hard on herself when it comes to school or learning something new. she isn't the smartest of them all, but she works so hard to the point where she makes sure that she's one of the best, she works hard to make sure her future will be stable even if her present isn't. though she was blessed with having powers and being able to talk with dolls, azusa wasn't really blessed on brains. she easily gets confused and doesn't easily understand many thing, but she would always study study study till she understood the problem. she would always study and review her notes and class work, making sure she shoves as much as she could remember into her brain for she could beat everyone else and at least make it to the top 100 at her school. it didn't matter if she was 1 or 100, as long as she made it up on the board and had a dazzling smile on her mothers face. azusa always worked hard for her mother, seeing it as a way to thank her.
  60. azusa was born not being able to see colors other than black and white, when she was a young girl, she thought it was something ordinary. she believed that everyone saw the same thing as her, everything black and white as if she was watching a very very old tape from back in the days. but when azusa would be asked simple questions like what was her favorite color, she would fall into confusion. "there's more than two colors?" and that's when kids slowly started to make fun of her, slowly not understand her, and they slowly started ignoring her. sooner or later her classmates told their parents, in which azusa soon became the towns number one gossip. she blamed everything on herself, believing she was a monster and the worst to put such pain and weight on we parents shoulders. when she thought of the question again, what was her favorite color, she thought that both of her colors were her favorite and that nothing was wrong with her. she was just different from the other kids and their words didn't mean anything as long as she kept them as nothing.
  62. DOLLS
  63. at a young age, like every other little girl, azusa was fond of dolls. she always told her mother to buy her one when they were out, before she knew that she could even make them talk. she just wanted to have one like every other little girl in her class, so, when her moth came home one day with a doll in her hands, azusa was excited and happy. she couldn't help but be happy and snatch the doll, running away with it to her room, but when a voice started speaking to her, azusa was everything but happy and excited. she was terrified for a few moments, scared and unsure what was happening. her doll was talking to her, being extra friendly and speaking as if they've known each other for years. azusa wasn't sure what to do. should she tell her mom or talk with the doll? and, well, noticing how she always wanted a friend to talk and play with, azusa took the ladder and started talking with the doll as if they were best friends. she questioned it, but it would always go over her head again and she'd go back to playing with her doll. though, an hour soon passed and the doll went back to its lifeless pose, azusa was confused and kept poking at the doll and calling the name she placed on it. "jefferey? are you okay? why aren't you speaking anymore?" after a few pokes, the doll came alive yet again. though, her parents had visitors and yet came in walking one of her classmate and her classmates mother. they had seen azusa poking at the doll, and even saw when the doll itself came to life. that scene triggered the guests, sooner or later azusa became and even bigger mention in the town and was even known as the neighborhoods child witch.
  66. now, azusa understands that she doesn't care what people think or that she shouldn't care. she's her own person and she's amazing the way she is, if others didn't see it then that's them. though she did have her breakdowns from time to time, she had her dolls with her and she would always talk to them even in her teenage years, heck, she still does even if she's an adult. she never saw them as weird, most kids would grow out of their dolls at their peak, but azusa never did. she would always go straight to her room after classes to speak with her dolls, telling them how her day went. the dolls themselves always questioned why se never went out or why she didn't have friends over like they've seen on dramas, but azusa would swat that away and mention how she rather be with her dolls than people. though azusa was a teenager, she didn't enjoy going out to dates or hanging with other students, she didn't like inviting people over or even talking to people at school. when she went to school, everything went by smoothly. it was the same daily routine. she'd get up early in the morning to get ready for school, have breakfast, walk to school, pay attention to her classes, have lunch, pay attention to more classes, and walked herself home after classes were over. it was a daily thing with kids ignoring her or speaking badly of her, nothing new. she was glad her teenage years weren't so difficult. no boy problems, no family problems, no academic problems– no problems in general. the only problems she had was figuring out where she left one of her dolls around in her room or where her mother had placed them when she cleaned her daughters slightly messy room.
  68. " who cares "
  69. FACE CLAIM : TWICE's jeongyeon
  70. BACKUP : PRISTIN's kyla
  72. SLOT : b&w
  73. BACKUP : manmade
  76. — her dolls
  77. — when people stay away from her and don't bother her
  78. — dolls made from foreign countries
  79. — being alone
  80. — being able to talk about her feelings and day
  81. — when her mother smiles
  82. — food that has to do with ham
  83. — guessing what color is what
  84. — when her mother doesn't force her out the house
  85. — when she's not being pestered to do anything with help
  86. — being able to do things herself
  87. — not having to worry about friendship or relationship problems
  88. — when a new, cute, doll is released
  89. — her and her mom talking about their days together
  91. DISLIKES :
  92. — when she's called a witch
  93. — being made fun of because of her sight
  94. — when feeling extremely alone, she dislikes seeing friends around town
  95. — having to waste her time on people
  96. — when her mother is being talked badly right before her
  97. — seeing her mother is a sad, desperate state
  98. — when she looses a doll
  99. — when she doesn't know where her mother placed her dolls at
  100. — when she's out with her mother because then they'll both get speaked about horribly
  101. — when someone actually does pay attention to her in a positive way
  102. — clingy people or people that stick around in general
  103. — when she's asked by a certain someone if she wants to be friends with him
  104. — her dolls being touched by anyone other than her or her mother
  105. — being forced to talk to someone or before a group of people
  107. FEARS :
  108. — getting home to see all of her dolls gone, meaning she has no one to talk to
  109. — suddenly being accepted by people because she thinks they're playing a game / prank on her
  110. — ever using her dolls to harm anyone, though she isn't sure if she's able to do so, but she hopes she never will no matter how angry she is
  112. TRIVIAS :
  113. — she doesn't only have a wide variety of dolls, but also a wide variety of plants that she likes to take care of
  114. — she likes visiting quiet places like the library or a bear flower shop or coffee shop
  115. — doesn't like going out because it soon gets crowded and she dislikes that with all her heart
  116. — thinks she has a social phobia because she can't be out in public and have someone start talking directly at her without shaking or losing her breath
  117. — believes that she has phobia of tight spaces
  118. — doesn't drink soda or very sugary juices, does enjoy cranberry juice though
  119. — is extremely afraid of insects and bugs like roaches or thick dark spiders
  120. — wants a pet dog but thinks she'll scare it away with her talkin dolls
  121. — really likes watching Toy Story because she can somewhat relate to the talking toys
  122. — though she doesn't pick up after herself in her room, she likes cleaning up the rest of them house to make her mothers life much more easier
  123. — was actually pretty simple minded when was younger, though she's very smart at the moment
  124. — when she's being scolded or talked badly of, she just ignores them and goes along her day as if them talking is just background noise
  125. — though when her mother is talked about badly, or if her father is brought into the conversation, she suddenly gets very angry and straightforward
  126. — doesn't like to seem like a pushover though she really doesn't, people are just scare of her because they believe she's a witch
  127. — when she goes out by herself, she take a doll with her and talks to the doll when walking around town through her bag
  128. — really likes the number 7 for no reason specifically
  130. " welcome to hell "
  131. — IN SKIE ACADEMY :
  133. HOW IS SHE IN THE ACADEMY : she understands that she's with others just like her, people that are different and would easily understand her much better than the people in her town, but azusa doesn't change much. due to the fact that she's very socially awkward and how unknown she is to having buddies, she doesn't try to talk to people or even look at them. she just simply goes to class, listens to the lectures and such, and goes to where she has to go afterwards. azusa doesn't make effort to be social or such because she still thinks it's a waste, though she does kind of want to make a change and talk to people because she's in a better place where she can lay back without being talked badly of.
  135. GRADES : grade 2 (or probably grade 3 since she tends to study and review what she does and doesn't do, so she'll do her best to be at the top)
  137. WHAT SHE DOES WITH HER POWER IN SCHOOL : she'll give the dolls life and control them to walk around with her at school, earning some looks but looks of awe. she'll speak with them as if they're her little group of friends, because they are, and she'll play around with them on the school campus but she won't do anything extreme or too far.
  139. " love you not "
  143. FIRST MEET : dokyeom had heard around his friends that there was a girl that couldn't see colors, that all she could see was black and white. instantly, he had asked who the girl was and when he found out, he dashed his way towards her class. he had found her there, getting ready to leave as if it was her usual routine, though he waited for her to make her way out of the classroom. he wanted to make sure if she really couldn't see colors. "hey! what cor is my hair?" he asked, too loudly and energetically for her though she answered. "black, that's the color I see, now, excuse me" and he instantly figured out that those were the only colors she could see, because his hair wasn't black but brown. "my hairs actually brown!" "that's nice, excuse me" she tried dodging him but he just wouldn't budge. "so you're color blind? only two colors is what you can see? that's so sad, colors are everythi–" she has pushed him away and he stumbled. "I don't need your thoughts, thank you" by this time azusa was walking fast, trying to ignore him because she just couldn't help it anymore. she didn't feel her hands and her heart was beating too fast, that's the closest she's ever been to anyone. "I can help you! whenever you want to know what color something is! just come to me!" though she walked even more quickly, if possible, and dokyeom sighed. "I just wanted to be friends"
  146. HIM
  147. he thought she looked like your everyday girl, she didn't even look like she had any type of powers or such. "maybe she's just a TA? do we even have teach assistants?" the words ran through his head, he thought she was pretty for a girl with short hair, "wuah, ive never seen a girl with short hair. she's really pretty though" and when she got closer, when he stood before her, he didn't understand why such beautiful eyes were sinned to not be able to see colors other than black and white. his heart started racing, even when she tried getting away from him and pushing him away, though he ignored it and talked to her. she was acting shyly, but he didn't notice it himself.
  148. HER
  149. azusa saw a boy pass by her classroom door, though she payed no mind to him, then she saw him peak his head through the door and she wasn't really sure if she should look or not. though she didn't because she didn't want to have to deal with him, what if he's there looking for the professor and she accidentally locks eyes with him, being forced to talk to him when he asks where the professor is? she's going to have a panic attack right then and there, just because she's in a better place she can't simply just be talkative and social. though when she walked out and his face was suddenly very close to hers, she felt like her heart was going to jump out of her chest. that was the closest she has ever been to anybody and she wasn't too happy nor sad with him being that close. Ashe was confused how she felt, but all she knew is that she wanted to get away. she thought he was charming, his smile making her melt, but she didn't know the feelings and thought of it as yet another feeling she gets when wanting to get away from anything social. though she thought he was charming and amazing, she ignored him and dashed far away because she simply couldn't breathe easily anymore.
  152. HIM
  153. BEGINNING : he's even more bright and happy when around her, she brings out the best of him and he just likes being with her. he's always happy and is always trying to make sure that she's happy, doing whatever he can with his powers to make her smile at least a tiny bit.
  154. MIDDLE : he thinks that her powers are cool, bringing life to something that doesn't have any to begin with. he thinks her powers are even cooler when they start to move and act like a regular human themselves. though his power is similar, he really wished his was like hers to make nothing out of something. all he does, in his point of view, is control people to do his work or chores.
  155. END : he likes being with her and telling her what color is what, telling her than colors mean everything to him and it saddened him when he found out she couldn't see colors other than black and white. he told her that he'll be there for her, he'll be her bright sun when she needs him and that he'll try his best to explain and teach her the colors and what emotion they bring towards people.
  156. HER
  157. BEGINNING : azusa is still very unsocial, but when it comes to him she's somewhat much more better. she does more conversation, and without noticing, she talks without shaking or losing her breath. azusa low key feels like he's her savior, helping her with her social skills and being there for her when she needed him. she believed she didn't deserve such nice person beside her, because all azusa really did was tell him to back off when he would get too clingy or touchy, no matter how close they had already gotten. but when she's with him, she understand what friendships and relationships are, and why people worked so hard to keep them strong. he made azusa realize the beauty in many things and she adored him for that.
  158. MIDDLE : she thinks his power is wicked, that if anyone else had such power they would use it to their pleasing advantage. though, because he's the one with such power, she also thinks it's very surprising and breathtaking. he can control people and see their feelings with their colors, she thinks it's really breathtaking because he can make them do his work and chores and he can even understand someone way more easier than ever will. she'd like to have his power because he can see colors, something she can't, and though their powers are similar, she thinks his is much more stronger because it goes towards already living things and making them do whatever he wants.
  159. END : though she likes being around him, her social awkwardness gets the best at her sometimes and she shoos him away because she feels a overwhelmed with how easily he can express himself and his feelings towards her. she feels as if she can't breathe when he's suddenly hinging her or shaking her with excitement in his veins. though, when she's no longer around him or when she sees him with his friends, she feels lonely again and realizes she would rather have him around, even if he's strong in the emotion department. azusa soon ends up looking for him, going to the point where she even talks to his friends to know where he is, telling him how she would rather see him beside her than with any of his friends. how she rather be with him than by herself.
  160. (sorry if this is everywhere, I wrote it down before noticing you put beginng ; middle ; end so I had just read it and put them where I think they best belonged. if it seems odd, please tell me and I'll fix it!!)
  162. " bitch please "
  163. PASSWORD : wei is lit ((:
  165. ANYTHING ELSE? : nope, everything is fine (:
  167. NOTES TO ME : hi! this is my first time applying for one of your apply fics, and tbh, I think this idea is very good and cool and lit and like wow you put so much work into it, when will I ever rite. but! I can see that you're really cool and I think this apply fic is hella lit, it'd be cool if I could be in it but even I'm not, I'll still be hella supportive!! my name is rachel btw <3
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