Rotwhite chapter 5

Dec 15th, 2014
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  1. >Ugh, would somepony just cut it out?
  2. >You swat away the hoof that’s poking you as the familiar headache makes itself known
  3. “Drinking huh? You personally said you would never touch the stuff again...”
  4. >You open your eyes and thankfully they are not greeted by the burning sunlight
  5. >Instead you see Barnacle’s stupid face and a small group of ponies behind him eying you
  6. >”I said what?”
  7. >Barnacle just nods as you collect yourself
  8. >Just who were you before loosing a chunk of your memories, not drinking? Heck it’s the only stuff that keeps you functioning
  9. >”What’s with the ponies?”
  10. >The ponies behind Barnacle all exchange glances before one of them takes a step forward
  11. “We heard from Barnacle that you lost your memory, but could you remember if you got the message out?”
  12. >Another one steps forward
  13. “There had to be something, like did you see the message bag when you woke up or-“
  14. >Another pony interrupts the other
  15. “Is it true you lost your memories?”
  16. >The ponies start to talk amongst each other while you feel like lashing out at them
  17. “Please calm down”
  18. >Barnacle steps between you and the ponies
  19. “Snow’s lost his memory so there’s really nothing else to tell all of you, and now that we do not know if help’s coming we really need to work together”
  20. >The small crowd of mothponies looks devastated and starts to question Barnacle on what they should do now
  21. >Barnacle glances at you and nudges his head towards upstairs
  22. >You take it as a sign of taking the chance to freshen up so you head upstairs
  23. >not that you feel like doing it, but the panicking ponies are making you feel irritated
  24. >As you climb up the stairs you see Honey Mug lying on a mattress on the floor, looking as depressed as a filly could
  25. >so you ignore her and just walk past her
  26. >but then she speaks and makes you pause
  27. “My parents are dead...”
  28. >You glance at the filly who’s just staring at the mattress, and then walk to the bathroom
  29. >That must be what that all was about yesterday
  30. >Not that it matters to you
  31. >You freshen up, but as you do so you can’t help but to feel a weird, annoying feeling that gnaws at you
  32. >You ignore it and walk out of the bathroom to find Barnacle walking towards you
  33. “I’m going to go out to look at the situation and search for supplies, want to tag along? We could talk more privately while at it”
  34. >You shrug
  35. >”Sure”
  36. >Barnacle seems to cheer up a bit and nods
  37. “Ok, I’ll go get my gear and a bag for you”
  38. >Before you can reply anything back Barnacle already disappears off to somewhere so you just rest against the wall
  39. >As you do you glance towards Honey Mug
  40. >She’s wiping her eyes
  41. >As the yellow mare returns to her you look away, and just in time Barnacle returns, wearing his filtration mask and with his vest on
  42. “Sorry, we’ve only got one mask so...”
  43. >”Yeah no problem”
  44. >You take the saddlebag he’s handing you and put it on as the two of you make your way to the attic and then to the rooftop
  45. >You look around, and find the air a bit chilly and foggy
  46. >But what strikes you as odd is how silent it is, well that and some sort of unknown monsters running around
  47. >There are no sounds of animals, no wind, nothing
  48. >Barnacle closes the hatch and walks carefully to the edge on the roof and looks around
  49. “No sight of our monsters”
  50. >You help him set up a few beams of wood so you can cross over to another roof
  51. >As the two of you cross over you notice one of the pony-like monsters slowly walking between the houses
  52. >It stops to stare at a lawn decoration and then stabs it with its tongue before passing on
  53. “That tongue is nasty do know what happens right?”
  54. >You look back at Barnacle and join him on the roof of the next house
  55. >”No, never seen it happen”
  56. “Count yourself lucky then, when they burst out from those cocoons of theirs near everypony, it was a nightmare”
  57. >Barnacle lifts his gaze back up and looks at you
  58. “If you get stabbed by that tongue, you turn into a cocoon”
  59. >That information does take you by surprise
  60. >”Is it game over then? Can’t the cocoon just be broken?”
  61. >Barnacle looks back down again
  62. “The cocoon is much tougher than it looks like, and...”
  63. >He shudders slightly
  64. “It’ shouldn’t do it, the transformation starts right away, you’ll only find-“
  65. >Barnacle stops talking and collects himself for a while
  66. “Let’s just go and carry some wooden beams over so we can explore, almost all the houses on this side are unexplored. We need to do this, for everypony”
  67. >Barnacle briefly gets up and you follow him, but you’re not feeling like he’s not keeping himself busy for the sake of others
  68. >You and Barnacle carry the planks over in silence while you ponder about this situation you’re in
  69. >It would be nice to just wait for rescue, but you were never optimistic enough to think things always go so well
  70. >You need to get these ponies into thinking of a way out of this vi-
  71. >Barnacle interrupts your inner monologue
  72. “You have changed so much...”
  73. >You set the planks down to the small pile that’s now forming on the roof and give him an odd stare
  74. >”What was I like then?”
  75. “You were more talkative and positive, and just...filled with more life I guess”
  76. >”Now I am really wondering what sort of memories I’ve missed, I sound like I’m...”
  77. >You stop talking and shake your head
  78. >”Let’s just go”
  79. >Barnacle agrees and the two of you connect the roof to another balcony
  80. >with a little tinkering Barnacle gets the door open and the two of you sneak in
  81. >The two of you are standing in a big bedroom
  82. >Barnacle goes straight for the night stand and points you towards the closet
  83. >You open it and look around, but as you find nothing of importance you walk over to Barnacle just as he turns around and suddenly jumps back, giving you a little jolt
  84. >You raise your eyebrow and Barnacle gives you a sheepish smile
  85. “Sorry, but you’re all white and...”
  86. >You give him an unimpressed look and then the two of you go over to the door
  87. >Barnacle slowly opens it and carefully looks around
  88. >After making sure the coast is clear the two of you do a quick check of the house and find that the door is locked and all the windows are intact
  89. >The two of you find some jars of honey and first aid supplies and after securing them in one of your saddlebags the two of you leave the house and start setting up the planks of wood so you can cross over to another house
  90. >As you place one down you take notice of something as two of those monsters walk below on the streets
  91. >”Hey Barnacle”
  92. >Barnacle comes over and looks down as well
  93. “Two monsters, luckily they are walking awa-“
  94. >”No, not that, those things on their backs, they’ve grown...”
  95. >The white sponge-like things have grown in size, and you’re not sure but the faces of them look a bit...different
  96. >Barnacle just shakes his head
  97. “I don’t know, they look the same to me...”
  98. >You decide to pay more attention if you see any more of those things
  99. “Want to go and take a look at the wall?”
  100. >Barnacles sudden suggestion almost makes you drop the plank you were carrying and thinking about those creatures
  101. >”What?”
  102. >Barnacle points at a house that’s roof sits higher than any other in the vicinity
  103. “I bet if we go there we might see the wall, and I am kind of worried if it’s growing...”
  104. >You just give Barnacle a nod and the two of you arrange a walkway from roof to roof until the two of you are on top of the tall building
  105. >You look around, taking in the whole village
  106. >And the ominous spongy white wall that surrounds some of it, disappearing into the woods on either side of the village
  107. “Not good, it’s spreading inwards...”
  108. >You look at the wall and spot a lot of Amnesia Blossoms growing near it
  109. >”Great, more bullshit flowers...”
  110. >Barnacle squints and looks towards them for a while
  111. “Great, now we can’t even get close to the wall”
  112. >”Not that it would matter, once you get near it you’re turned to a cocoon”
  113. >Barnacle looks surprised
  114. “You’ve seen it happen?”
  115. >You nod
  116. >Suddenly there’s the sound of screaming and panicking ponies and the two of you whip your heads towards the sounds
  117. >they’re coming from the direction of the safe house
  118. “Let’s go!”
  119. >You sprint after Barnacle as the two of you race towards the safe house
  120. “I won’t let another pony d-“
  121. >Suddenly the plank of wood Barnacle stepped on breaks in two and he falls down to the ground
  122. >Luckily you had just enough time to jump back because Barnacle was running before you
  123. >You quickly look down and find barnacle just getting up while holding his head
  124. >Bu there’s a monster approaching him from behind, and he does not seem to notice it
  125. >”Behind you!”
  126. >Barnacle quickly spins around a-
  127. >the javelin-like tongue of the creature pierces his chest
  128. >You stare in horror as Barnacle takes a final, frightened glance towards you as the white wax-like substance seems to pour out from within his coat and instantly cocoons him into a white, wax-like statue
  129. >The creature simply pulls its tongue back in and starts walking off somewhere
  130. >But the sounds of panic continue and you steel your mind and quickly fetch the other plank of wood to fix the broken one
  131. >You race towards the safe house, pushing away the thoughts in your head so you can focus on the situation at hand
  132. >You can see panicked ponies running away from the monsters and as you near the last roof between you and the safe house you see that the barricades are now broken down and the doors hang open
  133. >A panicked scream makes you look down, but all you see is a new white cocooned pony and a monster moving away from it
  134. >But as you stare you also take another notice
  135. >these things, not only are the white sponges larger, but they are more agile now
  136. >The safe house is no longer safe, you should find a new o-
  137. >You suddenly notice a familiar looking mothpony, the yellow mare you saw with Honey Mug
  138. >She’s being dragged away by a couple of ponies while struggling and crying
  139. >The ponies notice you and call out to you
  140. “We’re going over to the Library!”
  141. >”Which building is it?”
  142. >One of the ponies points towards a peculiar looking building but then quickly grabs the yellow mare who almost runs away
  143. >Suddenly she looks at you with her tearful eyes
  144. “Honey Mug! She’s still inside!”
  145. >two monsters suddenly sprint out from the building and the ponies run away quickly
  146. >The yellow mare just stands there, looking back and forth between the ruined safe house and the library building
  147. >As you see the monsters opening their mouths you do something that surprises even you
  148. >”Go! I’ll get her!”
  149. >The mare nods and sprints into a gallop just in time as one of the monsters tongue stabs the ground where she was standing, making a white patch of the frost-like rot to form on the ground
  150. >You look at the building while feeling annoyed
  151. >Why did you go and promise something like that? You should just look out for your own ass, not some strangers...
  152. >You shake your head
  153. >No, even you are not that much of a dick
  154. >The hatch suddenly flies open and a monster climbs out from it and stares right at you
  155. >And you finally place a finger on why the faces seemed more unnerving
  156. >They are starting to look more like the face of a pony instead of just a dull head-shaped form
  157. >The monster starts running towards you and time seems to slow down as your heat beats like crazy
  158. >But just then you notice Honey Mug running past one of the windows and an idea forms in your head, and before you have the time to think if it’s a good one the monster is already closing the distance alarmingly fast
  159. >so you start running towards the plank and the monster that is closing in on it as well
  160. >But at the last second you jump and dive right trough the window
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