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  1. {
  2.     private _fnc_scriptNameParent = if (isNil '_fnc_scriptName') then {'RR_fnc_redgull'} else {_fnc_scriptName};
  3.     private _fnc_scriptName = 'RR_fnc_redgull';
  4.     scriptName _fnc_scriptName;
  6. #line 1 "RR_Functions\VInventory\items\fn_redgull.sqf [RR_fnc_redgull]"
  7. private _coef=0.1;private _item="redgull";if(getcustomAimCoef player isEqualTo 1) then{["Nothing better than a redgull.",true,"fast"]call RR_fnc_notificationSystem;player setCustomaimCoef 0.1;RR_thirst=100;[false,_item,1]call RR_fnc_handleInv;
  8. uisleep 50;while{_coef<1}do{_coef=_coef+0.1;player setcustomaimCoef _coef;uisleep 1;};player setcustomaimCoef 1;}else{["eugh, that's too much.... Maybe i should wait a minute between each drink...",true,"fast"]call RR_fnc_notificationSystem;};
  9. }
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