Detailed khfmhd notes for beginners (ps4)

Dec 13th, 2019
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  1. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Speed Run
  2. ------------------------------------------
  3. Notes
  4. ____________________________________________
  5. - Remember that you can use ▲ to go through text-boxes with X (English Version) or O (Japanese Version)
  6. It is helpful so you don't attack on accident after a text scene.
  8. - You can also press start to exit out of the menu faster, so it's good to memorize what to do each time you have to open the menu.
  10. - Since Sora will have a Potion in his inventory from Dive to the Heart, use it at some point after killing a boss!
  12. - Unless it is noted otherwise, always keep the default party!
  14. - These notes give a 2 more ethers than what we normally get. The only places you would want to use an extra ether would be during
  15. Halloween Town
  17. - PSA for new runners!: Leaf Bracer, which is obtained after defeating Dragon Maleficent in a run, stop enemies from breaking Cure ability on self. That basically means you cannot get hit by anything while casting and using Cure. Also it's most likely a good idea to learn how to fight Ansem II without dying, as I've seen most new runners die to Ansem II a lot.
  19. ------------------------------------------
  20. Dive to the Heart
  21. ------------------------------------------
  22. Snow White Platform: Move foward, then choose the Staff and sacrifice the Shield
  24. Cinderella Platform: After you skip some cutscenes, defeat a Shadow that's right next to you.
  25. Skip another cutscene, then defeat all Shadows.
  27. Alice Platform: Examine the Door
  28. Open the Chest
  29. Do an aerial combo on the box, then do an ground combo on the barrel
  30. Examine the Door again
  32. Destiny Islands: Talk to Selphie and choose the top option. (My prize possessions.)
  33. Talk to Tidus and choose the top option. (Being indecisive.)
  34. Talk to Wakka and choose the top option.
  36. Aurora Platform: Go straight, skip a cutscene, then fight all Shadows.
  37. Approach the save point. You want to be as close as possible to the save point when it appears.
  39. - MENU 1: Items -> Stock -> Use all Power Ups and all Defense Ups
  41. Go up to the Beauty and the Beast platform and fight Darkside I
  42. 5 full combos kills him, so just spam aerial combos after his initial hit.
  43. Video Link:
  45. ------------------------------------------
  46. Destiny Islands
  47. ------------------------------------------
  48. Seashore (Day 1): Go left and get the 1st Log
  49. Make your way up to the Cloth
  50. Tutorial on the "Toji Hop" by Bl00dyBizkitz:
  51. - This does still work on PS4, but it's much harder now due to 60 FPS. :/
  52. After getting the Cloth, jump on the tree, then jump to the path leading to the Rope
  53. Jump on the Seaside Shack roof, then cross the bridge to get the 2nd Log near Riku
  54. Go talk to Kairi to end Day 1
  56. Seashore (Day 2): Go into the water and get 3 Fishes
  57. Enter the Secret Place and get the Mushroom
  58. Go back outside and get the Seagull Egg on top of the tree
  59. Enter the door to the Cove where Kairi was on Day 1
  61. Cove (Day 2): Talk to Riku, then just press Start + X/O to name your ship.
  62. Race Riku
  63. Attack the trees that is in front of Kairi and get 2 Coconuts
  64. Talk to Kairi to get a Empty Bottle
  65. Push the Boulder and get the Mushroom
  66. Jump right of the bridge to get the Drinking Water
  67. Jump from the ramp and get the Mushroom left of the ladder
  68. Talk to Kairi twice to end Day 2
  70. Seashore (Heartless Attack): Approach Riku where he was on Day 1
  71. Enter the Secret Place, approach Kairi, and fight Darkside II
  73. Island Remains (Darkside II): Do a combo when you are able to attack his right hand
  74. Start spamming aerial combos once he puts his hands out.
  75. 7 combos kills him this time around
  76. Video Link:
  78. ------------------------------------------
  79. Traverse Town (1st Visit)
  80. ------------------------------------------
  81. 1st District: Go towards the entrance to the Accessory Shop
  82. Try to enter the 2nd District, go through two text boxes, then enter the 2nd District
  84. 2nd District: Defeat 5 Shadows, enter the Accessory Shop in the 1st District, then exit to fight Leon
  86. 1st District (Leon): He can start by either jumping towards you or by using Fire
  87. If he jumps at you, then do 2 hits, 2 hits, then a full combo
  88. Dodge his slash or get hit, then do 2 hits followed by full combo to finish him off.
  89. If he uses Fire, run and jump over it, then do above combos
  90. Video Link:
  92. Green Room: Talk to Yuffie once, then grab the chest on the table (Elixir), then talk to Leon, then go straight to the 3rd District to fight some Soldiers and Guard Armor
  93. After leaving the Green Room, kill 3 soldiers. This is so we get a level up right before Guard Armor that gives a strength increase
  95. 3rd District: Soldiers can be killed in 2 hits and press Triangle to order Donald and Goofy to attack
  96. Just spam aerial combos on Guard Armor until you start seeing his body parts break
  97. Break the other body parts, use a Potion, wait until Guard Armor starts spinning, then full combo + 1 hit to kill it
  98. A good fight is when he doesn't separate his body parts
  99. Video Link:
  101. MENU 2: Items -> Goofy -> Ether -> Exchange -> Sora -> Any Empty Slot
  102. Equipment -> Sora -> Ribbon -> Brave Warrior (Ribbon is the bottom Accessory on Japanese version)
  103. Abilities -> Sora -> Equip Dodge Roll
  106. ENGLISH VERSION ONLY: Go to 2nd District, jump down to enter Alleyway, approach the Red Trinity, then hold up to enter Secret Waterway
  107. Talk to Leon twice like normal, leave to Alleyway, go to 3rd District, open the lock to 1st District
  108. Leave through Accessory Shop
  110. Gummi Ship Menu: Mash X/O to skip the Tutorial and enter the Editor
  111. Press R1, Square, O (ENG); X (JPN), Left on D-Pad, then X (ENG); O (JPN) to erase your Gummi Ship
  112. Place your Cockpit (Cure-G), press R1, place your one of your two engines (Fire-G) and gun (Thunder-G) next to your Cockpit
  113. Press Start to exit the editor, save and "Overwrite Excalibur file", exit the Gummi Ship Menu.
  115. ------------------------------------------
  116. Wonderland
  117. ------------------------------------------
  118. Rabbit Hole: Approach the door, skip a cutscene, and enter the Bizarre Room
  120. Bizarre Room: Approach the very small door, push the bed, drink the "bottle", and enter Queen's Castle
  122. Queen's Castle: Go left and enter Lotus Forest
  124. Lotus Forest: Go left and defeat the heartless here by using Fire and attacking them
  125. Enter the 1st small alcove to your right while hugging the wall
  126. Open the pink box for "Footprints" and return to the Queen
  127. Video Link:
  129. Queen's Castle: Talk to the closest Red Card Soldier and pay attention to what evidence box drops first
  130. The first box that drops is always yours while the last box that always drops is the Queen's
  131. Once you chose a evidence box, it's time to spam aerial combos on the Crank Tower
  132. When you destroyed the wheels, just try to lock onto the Crank Tower as best as possible
  133. Try to do slow air combos on the Cranks. Once they are destroyed, do fast combos on the Tower.
  134. Video Link:
  135. Go back into the Lotus Forest, follow the straight path to the Tea Party Garden, and enter a door
  137. Bizarre Room (Upside-Down): Grab onto the ledge so that way you won't spawn the heartless and light the candles.
  138. After lighting the candles, jump your way back to where you were
  139. Then as you head to the ledge on your right, jump towards the lock and mash ▲
  140. Head into the "normal" Bizarre Room from Queen's Castle
  142. Bizarre Room: Talk to the Cheshire Cat on the table to fight Trickmaster
  143. You should be able to do a combo on him from the table to stun him
  144. Once he is on the ground, jump and do 1 full air combo. Once you land on the ground, mash attack to get 2 more
  145. hits in before he stands back up. Once he stands up, Jump really high and do 2 hit air combos (Don't use the finisher)
  147. ------------------------------------------
  148. Deep Jungle
  149. ------------------------------------------
  150. Tree House: Just do 2-3 combos to Sabor I and he should be dead. Use Fire if he's too far away from you.
  151. Roll off the cliff where Sora is facing to enter Treetop
  153. MENU 3: Abilities -> Sora -> Equip Treasure Magnet
  154. Change Customization if you want to
  156. Treetop: Step on the save before you jump into the Jungle Slider mini-game, then immediately quit out to enter the Camp
  158. Camp: Get Slide 3 on the right next to a chalkboard
  159. Get Slide 4 on top of the boxes
  160. Get Slide 6 while getting on top of the Tent to get Slide 1
  161. Keep going to get Slide 5 and jump down to your right to get Slide 2
  162. Enter the Tent
  164. Tent: Talk to Jane, examine the Projector
  165. Leave the world thru the save point and dock at Treetop.
  166. Enter the loading zone directly above you the go straight to enter Climbing Trees.
  167. Go down the loading zone with the vine. and skip the cutscene that follows
  168. After the cutscene, climb the vine beside you and head to the Treehouse
  170. Treehouse: Just roll off to the same area as before, quit out of the Jungle Slider mini-game, and enter the Tent
  172. Camp: Exit the Tent to fight the 1st set of Powerwilds and 2 Blizzards kill them
  173. Using/spamming magic is faster while in the air than on ground
  174. Go to Vines 1, examine the fruit behind you, mash ▲ and X/O, quit out, then climb the vines to Climbing Trees
  175. (If you are out of mp after the first powerwilds fight, there is a save next to the fruit you can step on to get mp back)
  177. Climbing Trees: Use Blizzard whenever you can on the Powerwilds, use a Ether after the fight if you are out of mp, then enter Treehouse
  179. Tree House: If you didnt use your ether, use the rest of your mp here along with physical attacks.
  180. Always use your ether after this fight if you did not use it after teh Climbing Trees fight
  181. Afterwards, dodge roll to the back left, jump on some boxes, and grab the ledge above you
  182. Jump straight down into Jungle: Cliff to fight the 4th set of Powerwilds
  184. Jungle: Cliff: Spam Blizzard in the air on the 4th set of Powerwilds and they should die in a matter of seconds
  185. Enter Bamboo Thicket to fight the final set of Powerwilds
  187. Bamboo Thicket: These Powerwilds can be kinda annoying since they are spread out at the beginning
  188. Use Blizzard or Fire on them whenever possible and attack them
  189. Enter the Tent, touch the save point if you need to, and re-enter Bamboo Thicket to fight Sabor
  190. She can either start by walking slowly towards you or jump right at you and use her charge attack
  191. You can either use the fire strat or just jump and attack/pray. This fight can be kinda tough to get down.
  192. Once you kill Sabor for the final time, don't enter the Tent and go to Climbing Trees
  194. Climbing Trees: Press Triangle to get through 1 text box
  195. Once you lock-on, press L2 twice to lock onto the Black Fruit, then spam air combos
  196. Enter Treehouse and jump down to your left to fight Clayton
  198. Jungle: Cliff: Just do two aerial hits x3 to enter the 2nd phase of the fight
  199. You can either let Clayton shoot you and jump towards you to get in 3 combos or roll towards him
  200. Once the Stealth Sneak reveals itself, try to time your combo to stun him during his kick attack
  201. Then try to make it where your back is facing the entrance of the area/barrier
  202. After you stun it during the kick attack, it will always jump over you
  203. When it lands, do 2 more combos to get Clayton off of it
  204. For Clayton, you will probably want to just attack him. There are multiple strats you can do, I will link both of them down
  205. below. One thing to note for Clayton, do not spam attacks. if you do too much damage, the stealth sneak will wake up
  206. as soon as Clayton gets knocked off, meaning it will attack you. Try to follow 1 of the strats exactly as I do and it will
  207. make the fight easier.
  208. Easier Strat:
  209. Harder Strat (saves about 10-15 seconds):
  211. Waterfall Cavern: Pretty much stay at the left side of the room while climbing up
  212. Jump over to the middle platform, climb the vine, jump to the left, and enter Cavern of Hearts
  213. Video Link:
  214. Do not do the stupid jump at the end that this video does. Instead just climb the vine, hop off, then hop to the end.
  216. - Quickest route back to Traverse Town is the Wonderland Gummi Route, then enter 1st District
  218. ------------------------------------------
  219. Traverse Town (2nd Visit)
  220. ------------------------------------------
  221. ENGLISH VERSION ROUTE: If you did the clip for Secret Waterway Early earlier, enter 1st District and talk to Cid in Accessory Shop
  222. Sell 4 AP Boosts, Ribbon, Ifrit's Horn, Pretty Stone, 2 Hi-Potions, and a Elixir to get to 1,250 munny
  223. Leave the world & re-enter through Magician's Study, then talk to Merlin.
  225. 3rd District: After skipping a cutscene, open the lock to your left and enter the Vacant House upstairs
  227. Vacant House: Talk to Cid, then go to the 1st District from the door that you just unlocked
  229. 1st District: Talk to Cid twice, buy a Fira-G (250) and a Haste-G (1,000), then leave Traverse Town
  230. If you want controller inputs, it's "Down, Down, X, X, L1, L1, Down, Down, X, X".
  232. Gummi Ship Menu: Enter the editor, put your Fira-G and Haste-G somewhere, save your Gummi Ship, and exit.
  234. - Warping to Wonderland and to the Blue Warp saves 4 seconds from going there from Traverse Town
  236. ------------------------------------------
  237. Agrabah
  238. ------------------------------------------
  239. Plaza: Go straight into Main Street and left into the Alleyway to find Jasmine
  241. Alleyway: after the cutscene, go to Aladdin's Hosue
  243. Aladdin's House: Free the Carpet on your right and open the Megalixir chest next to the pathway to the Plaza
  244. Touch the save before leaving
  245. Head out to the Desert and talk to the Carpet to rescue Aladdin
  248. Cave: Entrance: Summon Simba immediately and hold ▲ to kill the Bandits
  249. - Make sure to pause for a second while starting up the summon animation to bring Simba out quicker
  251. Go into the Storage room and leave world. Land back in Aladdin's House
  253. MENU 3: Equipment -> Sora -> Kingdom Key -> Jungle King
  254. \-> EXP Necklace -> White Fang
  255. \-> Goofy -> Empty -> EXP Necklace
  256. Items -> Aladdin -> Take Ethers and put on Sora
  258. Step on save and put Aladdin in your party, replacing donald
  259. Go down hole next to save and make Sora look to the left (this is to get a consistent camera angle. yell at me if you don't know what I mean)
  260. Walk along the canopies and enter the Bazaar in the back right of the main street
  262. Bazaar: If Black Fungus spawned, then leave and re-enter the room
  263. Kill the two Bandits and Green Requiems without falling off
  264. Once the Command Menu turns blue, jump across some platforms and make your up to another lock
  265. Go back to main street, hop up going toward Aladdin's House, jump across the gap, then enter Palace Gates to fight Pot Centipede
  267. Palace Gates: Just spam air combos on Pot Centipede and stay behind his head when he breaks out
  268. Cure in the air if you need to
  269. Hopefully you should be able to kill him in Main Street
  270. Once it is dead, run towards the Desert as fast as possible
  271. Video Link:
  273. Plaza: Head into the Desert and fight the Cave of Wonders Guardian
  275. Cave: Entrance: Start by rolling towards the left side of the Tiger Head 5 times
  276. Jump 4 times to get on top of him, then only try to do single vertical attacks on his right eye
  277. When he puts his head down, try to spam full air combos
  278. Once the right eye is defeated, spam air combos on the left eye
  279. If you feel like he's about to get up, then spam Blizzard on his nose until he gets up
  280. Then you should be able to finish off his left eye within a few hits
  281. Video Link:
  282. Enter the Cave, jump down to your right, swim right into "Silent Chamber"
  283. As you are falling, if you make Sora look to the left (towards the ledge you dodge rolled off of) you will get a consistent
  284. camera angle which allows you to just hold forward as you are entire the Silent Chamber (again, yell at me if you dont know
  285. what I mean)
  287. Silent Chamber: Go up the waterfall, then go across the platform to enter the Hidden Chamber
  289. Hidden Chamber: Get up on the stairs and use Fire on the pillar
  290. Swim back to Silent Chamber and go upstairs towards the Treasure Room
  292. Treasure Room: Enter the Lamp Chamber to fight Jafar
  294. Lamp Chamber: Roll straight once, grab onto the platform, then roll to dodge Jafar's first attack
  295. Hit him once away from the ledge, then spam aerial combos on him while pressing ▲
  296. When Jafar is about to use his charged up attack, jump a bit away from him and attack him some more
  297. After he teleports, go to the center of the room and keep an eye on where Jafar is going
  298. Go where Jafar is gonna go as fast as possible, then time your hit before he starts flying away
  299. If you manage to hit him, do two aerial hits, then full air combos
  300. Pretty much do the same thing when he teleports again if you didn't kill him in 2-Cycles
  301. Video Link:
  303. If you want to kill him in 1-Cycle, then replace your 1st finisher with a Blizzard
  304. He will make a magic barrier and try to fly away
  305. Make sure you hit him to prevent him from flying away, then spam aerial combos while pressing ▲
  306. If he manages to fly away after creating his magic barrier, then go to the center of the room
  307. He should approach you and try to hit you, so keep hitting him until he disappears
  308. Video Link:
  310. This fight is very difficult to learn at first. You will mess it up a million times probably before you start to get it down.
  311. Don't worry though, this is normal for everyone. This fight is all about feeling it out, especially if you go for 1 cycle
  312. because you have to stagger him. Depending on how fast or slow your air combos are, depends on how many hits you have to
  313. do.
  314. Just ask me about this fight and I will either help you learn 1 cycle, or I will make an easier strat for you
  316. Approach Jasmine, then jump into the crater to fight Genie Jafar
  318. Cave: Core: Target onto Genie Jafar, then jump and use 4-5 Blizzaras on him at the beginning of the fight
  319. During your 5th Blizzara, jump high to avoid his hand swipe while moving slightly to the right
  320. Start attacking Iago once he gets close enough with a full combo, then 2 hits
  321. Dodge Roll right where he's going, jump to his left and do another combo on him
  322. This should make Iago go back the other way and get stuck
  323. When he gets stuck, just spam air combos while mashing ▲
  324. Once Iago starts moving, he should be defeated after he starts moving for a bit
  325. If he doesn't die, then you should be able to kill Genie Jafar within a few Blizzaras
  326. Video Link:
  328. Try to get yourself killed while escaping the Cave of Wonders Guardian! This saves a few seconds as it skips you having to go thru
  329. the entire escape. If you dont die, its not the end of the world though. That comes up later..... get it? because end of the
  330. world is a world in this game. and it comes later, near the end..... god damn, I'm funny.
  333. Go towards Halloween Town until you get eaten up by Monstro
  335. ------------------------------------------
  336. Monstro
  337. ------------------------------------------
  338. Mouth: Approach the boat and enter Chamber 1
  340. Chamber 1: Go left to Chamber 2, right to Chamber 3, into Chamber 2 again, into Chamber 5, up to Chamber 6, right
  341. to Chamber 5, and left into Chamber 4
  343. Chamber 4: Enter the Bowels to fight Parasite Cage for the 1st time
  345. Bowels: Just spam full aerial combos on Parasite Cage, then jump down into the Mouth. That's it.
  346. Video Link:
  348. Mouth: Open the chest to get High Jump, menu then go to Parasite Cage 2 fight
  350. MENU 4: Sora: Sora: Equipment: Three Wishes
  351. Abilities: Scan, Hurricane Blast, and MP Haste (Bottom 3 abilities)
  352. Equip High Jump
  354. Throat: Again, just like the 1st fight, spam full aerial combos until he's dead. Cure if you need to.
  355. If you manage to stun it and get its mouth open, then just do 2 aerial hits, no finisher.
  356. Repeat this until it gets back up, then go back to spamming full aerial combos
  357. Video Link:
  359. Warp back to Monstro
  361. Mouth: Get on the platform with the Blue Trinity on the left, then jump your way to the Watergleam chest
  362. Leave the world from save point and go to Halloween Town
  364. ------------------------------------------
  365. Halloween Town
  366. ------------------------------------------
  367. Guillotine Gate: Enter Guillotine Square
  369. Guillotine Square: Get the Power Up chest on a platform northwest from you and west from the Lab door
  370. Approach the Lab Entryway door, enter the Research Lab, then go to the Graveyard
  372. MENU 6: Items -> Equi[ment -> Sora -> Ray of Light over White Fang (It doesnt matter which equipment you replace here as both give the
  373. the same strength increase)
  374. Jack -> Ether -> Stock
  375. \-> Ether -> Stock
  376. \-> Stock -> Power Up -> Use -> Sora
  377. \-> Sora -> Take Out -> Ether
  378. \-> Take Out -> Ether
  380. Graveyard: Roll once to make the Shadows appear, then jump and spam Blizzara
  381. Go next to the tomb to make the two Search Ghosts spawn and kill them in two Blizzaras
  382. Kill the three Wight Knights with three Blizzaras, then return to the Research Lab
  384. Research Lab: Talk to Dr. Finkelstein, then go find the Mayor in the Boneyard within the tomb in the Graveyard
  386. Graveyard: White Mushrooms: Physically hit all of them once to make them disappear
  387. Heartless: Kill a Wight Knight to the left, then use 3 Firas on the 2 Wight Knights from a distance
  388. Jump on 2 platforms and get close to the tomb and mash ▲ to avoid fighting 3 Wight Knights
  389. Video Link:
  391. Boneyard: Talk to the Mayor, press ▲ on the proper order of ghost statues, then open the chest (Jack-in-the-Box)
  392. If you didn't get White Mushrooms, then use a Ether while ghosts pops out of certain tombstones
  393. Go into the cat-looking statue to enter Moonlight Hill
  395. Moonlight Hill: Use Fira on the black platform up ahead, jump on it, and return to the Research Lab again.
  397. Research Lab: Talk to Dr. Finkelstein again, then go back to Moonlight Hill with the same black platform as before
  399. Moonlight Hill: If Black Fungus spawn, then use Fira on the black platform again to leave and re-enter
  400. If 3 Wight Knights and a Gargoyle spawn, then spam Blizzara on them until they die
  401. Head towards the switch on the hill when your Command Menu is blue and press ▲
  402. Use an Ether after this fight before pressing ▲ on the switch
  403. Enter through the gates to Oogie's Manor
  405. Oogie's Manor: Do this except the last two jumps:
  406. Instead of doing the last two jumps, just walk around and up to the door. The last two jumps are
  407. really hard and only save about 1 second. WR doesn't even go for this.
  409. Evil Playroom: At the start of the fight, lock onto one of the kids and start jumping and spamming blizzard. If you can
  410. try to move towards the door while spamming blizzard, this might take a bit of practice but I believe in you.
  411. Switch your lock on until you are locked onto Barrel, the one with the biggest health bar.
  412. Spam blizzard until you are out of mp. Ideally, you kill with blizzard, but a lot of times, you will have to
  413. do a few physical combos to clean up the last bit of the fight.
  416. Menu: Equipment -> Sora -> White Fang over Ray of Light
  417. Abilities -> Equip Air Combo Plus
  419. Oogie's Manor: Jump down to your left first, then just go straight down to get to Oogie's green door
  421. Torture Chamber: As soon as the fight starts, jump and use blizzard. Hopefully this will hit both gargoyles. Then just wait
  422. for them to come down and kill them both
  423. Try to roll onto the glowing switches that's in front of Oogie to where your allies won't help you
  424. Oogie can only take a maximum of 10 hits before he turns invincible and knocks you back down which is
  425. why you do not want your allies to be in the closed gates with you when you press the switch.
  426. When he knocks you down after landing 10 hits on him, jump and use Fira until he throws his red dice
  427. Keep at least 1 or 2 mp in case you need to use cure
  428. Try to hit his red dice back at him so you can automatically make the switches glowing again
  429. If you fail to deflect it, then Oogie will do one of the five things here:
  430. (1): Buzz Saw
  431. (2): Two Gargoyles spawn
  432. (3): Two Wight Knights spawn
  433. (4): Sith Wheel
  434. (5): Two Search Ghosts spawn
  435. (6): Healing Machine (Only tries to uses it if you fail to kill him in 2-Cycles)
  436. Once you get back up there again by yourself, 10 more hits should be able to finish him off
  437. If you don't kill him, then a couple more Firas should kill him
  438. Video Link:
  440. Oogie's Manor: Jump down, then jump up the leg and go right to defeat the 1st Shadow Glob
  441. Jump on top of the little shelter and go right to the 2nd Shadow Glob
  442. Jump down to the 3rd Shadow Glob, then grab onto the ledge on the left to get back up
  443. Jump over to the 4th Shadow Glob, then go straight to the 5th Shadow Glob
  444. The 6th Shadow Glob is up ahead, then go to the top and kill off the final Shadow Glob
  445. Video Link:
  447. Leave from Guillotine Gate and head towards Neverland
  449. If you miss Hook's Ship, then just go to Atlantica, don't Disembark, "Select World" and go back towards Neverland
  451. ------------------------------------------
  452. Neverland
  453. ------------------------------------------
  454. Ship: Hold: Enter the door to your right, climb up the ladder, enter the door to your right, then jump down
  456. Ship: Freezer: Climb up the ladder, then go left and jump through the right hole
  458. Ship: Cabin: Use the Green Trinity and hotkey Stop while climbing up the ladder to the Captain's Cabin
  460. Captain's Cabin: When the fight starts, do 4 empty hits (1 single attack 4 times) then do a full ground combo
  461. Anti-Sora will retaliate and hit you. This is good, you want this. Dodge his second attack then
  462. do 3 empty hits followed by a full ground combo. This will make him vanish. From here, just attack him the best you
  463. can
  464. After defeating Anti-Sora, open the hatch in front of you and jump down
  466. I would recommend just attacking Anti-Sora the best you can. Dont worry too much about trying to go fast here. The
  467. strats we use today are way too difficult. The important thing to learn is the opening here and it is consistent damage.
  469. MENU 7: Sora: Replace White Fang with Raven's Claw, Brave Warrior with Ray of Light,
  470. Donald: MP Haste, MP Rage, and Second Wind (2nd, 3rd, and 5th abilities)
  471. Goofy: Cheer
  472. Peter Pan: Remove Hummingbird and Time-Out (Top 2 abilities)
  473. Customize: Sora: Gravity to Triangle (JP); Square (English)
  474. Goofy: Support Actions from "Frequently" to "Constantly"
  475. Peter Pan: MP Items from "Occasionally" to "Constantly"
  477. Ship: Cabin: Go back to the Captain's Cabin and enter the door outside
  479. FORCED MENU: Donald -> Peter Pan
  481. Pirate Ship: Jump on the higher ground behind you and immediately summon Simba
  482. Hold ▲ until 3 charges and release ▲ for the 1st wave, then fully charge Simba for the last two waves
  483. Kill off the last Battleship
  484. When the fight with Hook starts, fly up to the right where he is and cast Stop on him
  485. You want to just do 3 hits and Stop over and over again until you're out of MP, then spam full combos
  486. You cannot use Stop on him when he uses his crazy spin attack and during his counterattack
  487. Once he is done trying to counterattack you, use Stop again and spam full combos until he's dead
  488. Use Cura if needed.
  489. Video Link:
  491. This fight can be difficult to learn at the start. It is one of the few fights I would say that you just need to learn this
  492. strat if you wanna have a good time. any other strat will be too much of a headache.
  494. Clock Tower: Go to the upper-right corner of the pathway on the Clock Tower to get the Flare-G chest
  495. Go back to where you were, go down and hit the long hand of the clock
  496. Leave through the save point
  498. MENU 8: Equipment -> Sora -> Three Wishes -> Fairy Harp
  499. Abilities -> Sora -> Equip Guard and Ars Arcanum
  500. Goofy -> Equip Tornado
  501. \-> Shared Abilities -> Equip Glide
  503. ------------------------------------------
  504. Traverse Town (3rd Visit)
  505. ------------------------------------------
  506. Go to Magician's Study
  508. Magician's Study: Examine the green pumpkin with ▲, then talk to Fairy Godmother to receive Dumbo
  509. Warp out of Merlin's house and dock in Accessory shop. Head to 2nd district to fight Opposite Armor
  511. 2nd District: Take the right path and glide over some ledges
  512. Glide over to the right leading to the ladder on top of the Gizmo Shop where the bell is
  513. Once the 8 heartless spawn, use Ars Arcanum and mash ▲, then activate the Red Trinity
  514. Ring the bell three times, then approach the keyhole to fight Guard Armor
  515. Lock-on to Guard Armor, press L2 to target on the left arm, jump up, and hit the arm until Guard Armor is down
  516. When it turns into Opposite Armor, lock onto the main body immediately, guard, and use Ars Arcanum
  517. After partially using Ars Arcanum, attack it with aerial combos
  518. Once the main body's HP only has 1 bar of HP left, go after the body parts
  519. You need to kill off the body parts since the main body has a HP cap until they are destroyed
  520. You can also use Blizzara if you need to kill off some of the body parts
  521. Finish him off when you have destroyed all body parts
  522. Video Link:
  524. Go to the 1st District, talk to Cid, then leave the world
  526. Gummi Ship Menu: Enter the editor, replace the Fire-G with your Flare-G
  528. Warp to Neverland and Normal Drive towards Hollow Bastion
  530. ------------------------------------------
  531. Hollow Bastion (1st Visit)
  532. ------------------------------------------
  533. Rising Falls: Jump across the platforms, make your way up to where Riku and Beast are, and go to the Castle Gates
  535. Castle Gates: Hold the analog stick down and fall off when the room loads while hotkeying Gravity in the Magic menu
  537. Base Level: Enter the bubble that is closest to the wall
  539. Waterway: Press ▲ to make Beast break through the wall, then jump into the bubble
  540. Activate all of the switches once to get to the next bubble
  541. Press the next switch to ride the platform up
  542. Use 1 Gravity on the Defender while pressing Triangle to make Beast attack and activate the main switch
  543. Jump into the bubble to go back, then activate 3rd and 2nd switches in the 2nd part of the room
  544. Go back to Base Level
  546. Base Level: Roll all the way to the corner, press ▲ to call Beast over to you, then activate the blue switch
  548. Castle Gates: Approach the really big door and fight Riku
  550. Entrance Hall: Dodge roll to the back of the room, do 2 hits and use Ars Arcanum while mashing ▲.
  551. If Goofy deflects his attacks, then he will use his spin counterattack, then he'll jump in the air
  552. Pretty much you always want to do 2 hits and Ars Arcanum, full combo if you can't use Ars.
  553. You can also be like Cyber and spam aerial combos on him
  554. Video Link:
  555. Fight sucks donkey dick. have fun
  557. Once you defeat Riku, enter the door on the left into the Library
  559. Library: Pick up the red book at the left corner and put it in the shelf
  560. Go upstairs, get the book that's on a table, take the green book from the shelf and put another book in
  561. Press the red switch and go through the door to the upper level of Entrance Hall
  563. Entrance Hall: Immediately press R1, hold L1 and press ▲, press L2, and hold L1 + ▲ again for all candles
  564. Go left, break the pots, use the Red Trinity, and push the statue
  565. Once the fire is gone from the upper-middle of the room, glide over there for the 1st Emblem Piece
  566. Jump down and get the 2nd Emblem Piece on the floor, then the 3rd Emblem Piece in the water
  567. Open the chest to the right for the 4th Emblem Piece and insert all 4 Emblem Pieces into the Emblem Door
  568. After you skip a cutscene, hold the left analog stick "southeast", and go outside
  570. Castle Gates: Wait for the Wyvern in front of you to fully finish its spawning animation for 2 seconds, then move
  571. Dodge Roll twice, jump on the lift, then Glide your way straight to the Haste2-G chest on the left pillar
  572. After opening the Haste2-G chest, Glide your way back to the Switch to go to Great Crest
  573. Video Link:
  575. Great Crest: Activate the switch to enter the big Elevator
  576. Kill the three Wizards with full aerial combos, then activate the blue switch
  577. Before you get off, make sure you waste any Potions and make sure the camera is facing directly at the stairs
  578. Activate the Blue Trinity up ahead to get a Megalixir and 2 Cottages
  579. Enter the Lift Stop, activate the blue switch, ride the elevator up, and enter the upper level
  580. Go right activate another blue switch to ride another elevator up to High Tower
  582. High Tower: Dodge roll towards the heartless, summon Dumbo, and fly to Castle Chapel
  583. To go higher with Dumbo, hold the Jump button and Dismiss when you're next to the ledge
  584. Video Link:
  586. Castle Chapel: Use a Ether before fighting Maleficent and make sure you don't accidentally use a Megalixir!
  587. Jump onto her platform, DON'T USE GRAVITY, immediately lock onto Maleficent
  588. You can either do 2 ground hits, then Ars Arcanum, or 3 aerial hits, then Ars Arcanum
  590. Once the ▲ button appears during Ars Arcanum, only do 5 hits and don't do the finisher of Ars
  591. Video Link:
  592. You can either put Stop on Customize or just hotkey Stop before entering the dark portal
  594. Castle Chapel 2: When she is about to land, making a big shockwave, jump and immediately use Stop
  595. You can either do a full aerial combo, then use Stop, or do an extra hit and Stop
  596. Repeat until out of MP, use a Megalixir, use Stop again, then repeat your combo until she's dead
  597. Video Link:
  599. Castle Chapel: Go through the new pathway, don't fall off the pathway, and enter Grand Hall to fight Riku/Ansem
  601. Grand Hall: Start by moving towards Riku to make him jump back
  602. Hit him once, wait a bit until right before he does his spin attack, then partially use Ars
  603. After partially using Ars Arcanum, hit him once again, then fully use Ars Arcanum
  604. While he's powering up, partially use Ars Arcanum again, then guard his next attack.
  605. If you guard his normal attack while you're right next to him, then he should do his spin counterattack
  606. It takes a total of 4 hits to make Riku/Ansem counterattack
  607. The timing of your 1st hit must be in the middle of the 3rd part of his laugh!
  608. Hold the analog stick towards Riku/Ansem, then when you see Sora move a bit, press X
  609. Do not use Ars Arcanum at all during this!
  610. You can also use full aerial combos as well, but it is riskier!
  611. Audio Cue: "Ha ha h---", press X once to do 1 hit, then do a full combo
  612. Visual Cue: Must see Sora move a bit, then do 1 hit and a full combo
  613. Repeat until he's dead and you should be able to get the Dark Aura DM Skip
  614. Video Link:
  615. Exit the Grand Hall as a Shadow, jump down and go left, and go straight down to Great Crest
  617. Great Crest: Jump to your right, then just go right towards the Entrance Hall and approach Kairi
  619. ------------------------------------------
  620. Traverse Town (4th Visit)
  621. ------------------------------------------
  622. Vacant House: Go to the 1st District, talk to Cid, then go into the accessory shop and warp to Merlin's
  623. Talk to Merlin and take the lift down to Secret Waterway
  624. Secret Waterway: Go all the way to the back wall, skip a cutscene, and approach Kairi
  625. Once you got Oathkeeper, go back to Merlin's and warp to the accessory shop.
  626. Go talk to Cid, then leave the world
  628. Gummi Ship Menu: Enter the editor, replace the Haste-G with the Haste2-G, save your Gummi Ship, and exit.
  630. - During the Gummi Mission through the Dark Warp to Hollow Bastion 2, pause and "Select World" during the 4th part
  631. of the Dark Warp as shown in this picture:
  633. - Then just Warp Drive to Hollow Bastion
  635. ------------------------------------------
  636. Hollow Bastion (2nd Visit)
  637. ------------------------------------------
  638. FORCED MENU: Donald -> Beast
  639. Rising Falls: Go straight to Castle Gates
  641. Castle Gates: Dodge roll foward twice, dodge roll backwards three times towards the back-right corner, then summon Dumbo
  642. Fly up to the top of the archway, dismiss Dumbo, then glide towards the back of the switch
  643. Video Link:
  645. MENU 9: Equipment -> Sora -> Fairy Harp -> Oathkeeper
  646. Abilities -> Sora -> Remove Treasure Magnet and Equip Leaf Bracer
  647. \->Beast -> Remove Ferocious Lunge and Equip Critical Plus
  648. \-> Goofy -> Remove Tornado; Equip bottom 4 (you might can only do bottom 3, I actually cant remember lol)
  649. \-> Donald -> Equip Leaf Bracer and Cheer
  650. Customization -> Sora -> Your customize here should be fire, gravity, and cure. put them however you like
  652. Great Crest: When heartless spawn, spam aerial combos while Beast hopefully spams Ferocious Bellow, then examine the switch
  654. High Tower: Do the same thing you did during the 1st Visit here with Dumbo, flying towards Castle Chapel
  656. Castle Chapel: Touch the save point, go to Grand Hall, then enter the big Heartless Emblem to fight a Behemoth
  658. Dark Depths: Just spam ground combos and Ars Arcanum when he's up, spam aerial combos when he is stunned
  659. Use Cura when you need to and use Aero if you want
  660. Video Link:
  662. MENU 10: Equipment -> Sora -> Ray of Light -> Omega Arts
  664. ------------------------------------------
  665. End of the World
  666. ------------------------------------------
  667. Gate to the Dark: Go outside
  669. Final Dimension: Use 3-4 Gravitys, then either Ars Arcanum or physical attacks on Invisibles, then kill remaining Invisibles
  670. Getting DM'd by a Invisible costs about 10 seconds if it's the only one left and you're sitting there
  671. Use a Gravity on each Angel Star, then do a full aerial combo to kill them
  672. Open the chest within the Angel Stars battle area for an Elixir
  673. Open menu and use a Cottage
  674. Go all the way to the end of the area to fight a Arch Behemoth
  675. Spam Gravity on the Arch Behemoth, then do ground combos once you're out of MP
  676. Use Ars Arcanum when you have 3 MP afterwards and aerial combos when it's stunned
  677. There is a 5% chance that this Arch Behemoth will drop a Omega Arts
  678. So if that happens, then replace Ray of Light with it before Final Battles
  679. Video Link:
  681. MENU 11: Equipment -> Sora -> Raven's Claw -> Ray of Light
  682. Put a Megalixir in your Item Inventory!
  684. Giant Crevasse: Go straight and jump on the save point to fully restore your HP and MP, then jump into the light
  686. World Terminus: Go into the little blue balls and enter the blue fire up ahead
  688. World Terminus (Olympus Coliseum): Summon Simba immediately and pause a bit while starting up the summon animation
  689. Hold ▲ until Simba's charge bar pasts the "4 MP-mark", then let go of ▲.
  690. Just in case you don't know what I mean by "4 MP-mark":
  691. In terms of the picture above, the 1st roar needs to be release right when you hear 2 ticks
  692. Now hold ▲ and use Simba's full power three times in a row
  693. Leave after you see the quick white flash on the screen
  694. Video Link:
  696. World Terminus: Keep moving foward into the little blue balls and enter the next blue fire
  698. World Terminus (Atlantica): Spam Firaga 5 times on each Sheltering Zone to kill them
  699. Use a Gravity on 2 Aquatanks, then spam Firaga to win
  700. Video Link:
  702. World Terminus: Move foward and enter the green fire
  704. World Terminus (100 Acre Wood): Open the chest next to you, touch the save point, and leave to enter the red fire
  706. World Terminus (Hollow Bastion): Spam Gravitys on the Invisibles, then spam aerial combos
  707. Examine the computer, use 2 Gravitys on both Invisibles and kill them
  708. Open the chest, leave, then jump into the next room to fight Chernabog
  710. Evil Grounds: Just spam aerial combos
  711. Spam Cura when he does his Fire Pillar attack
  712. Attack from behind his head when he does his flamethrower attack
  713. Also try to land on him or the volcano when you kill him
  714. Video Link:
  715. Go down through the volcano into Linked Worlds
  717. After Chernabog, equip superglide
  719. Linked Worlds: Spam Gravity on the Arch Behemoth until you're out of MP, then spam ground combos
  720. Use Ars Arcanum if Goofy gives you MP, make sure you hotkey Stop, and stand against the left wall
  721. Use a Megalixir and spam 2 Firagas on each Darkball until all of them die
  722. Use Aero just in case for safety when the Invisibles are spawning, then cast Stop in the middle
  723. Spam Gravity once you cast Stop on the Invisibles, then use a Megalixir
  724. If you manage to Stop all of them together, be careful!
  725. Use Gravity and aerial attacks on remaining Invisibles
  726. Once you kill the last Invisible, summon Simba immediately!
  727. Hold ▲ to charge Simba to full power and release ▲ when Simba has reached full power
  728. Keep doing this until Simba disappears, then enter Final Rest
  729. Video Link:
  731. Final Rest: Open the chest to the left to get a Megalixir, then examine the Door twice
  733. MENU 13: Items -> Stock -> All Megalixirs and Elixirs
  734. Equipment -> Sora -> Ray of Light -> Raven's Claw
  735. Abilities -> Sora -> Equip Air Combo Plus (2) and MP Rage
  736. Equip Ray of Light on Goofy
  738. If you got the 5% Omega Arts drop, then equip Omega Arts on Goofy
  740. Homecoming: Try to enter the Secret Place, then approach Riku/Ansem
  741. Ansem will either start with his Dark Swipe attack or his Shock Slash attack
  742. If he starts with his Dark Swipe attack, then you can easily attack him into the lower-right corner
  743. When his Guardian guards him, then use Ars Arcanum if you have enough MP or attack him in the back
  744. Only in this fight, he will give a very large visual cue when he is about to use Submit you
  745. Dodge Roll away from him when he approaches you to Submit you after the large visual cue
  746. If you, Donald, or Goofy gets Submitted, then use Ars Arcanum when he brings up his Energy Barrier
  747. Heal when you need to and use Aero if you want to
  748. Video Link:
  750. MENU 14: Items -> Stock -> Cottage -> Use
  751. Equip Tornado on Goofy
  753. Do four aerial hits to Darkside III, then use Ars Arcanum without the finisher
  754. Do two ground hits, then use Ars Arcanum without the finisher again
  755. Do three full aerial combos, then jump on its right arm and fully use Ars Arcanum
  756. Video Link: N/A
  758. Ansem II will start with either Dark Rush, Dark Swipe, or his vertical energy attack
  759. So wait to see what he starts out with and react to it
  760. If he uses Dark Rush ("Take this!"), you can either immediately Guard it or roll out of the way, then Guard it
  761. Again, use Ars Arcanum or attack him from the back when his Guardian guards him
  762. When he has under 2 bars of HP left, he will use his Dark Shadow DM ("My strength returns!")
  763. Hold up throughout the entire DM, dodge roll at the end of it, and quickly use a Elixir
  764. You can prevent him from using Dark Shadow if you attack him at the right time before he uses it
  765. After his Dark Shadow DM, his next attack will either be Dark Rush or he'll try to Submit you
  767. Video Link:
  769. The Void: Start the fight with using Aero, just spam aerial combos, try to heal before getting hit and when needed
  770. Video Link:
  772. Approach the Shadows and use Ars Arcanum, combo them until they die, then hit the 1st Room Core 3 times
  773. Use a Elixir afterwards
  774. Video Link:
  776. Go to the back of the big Artillery, use Ars Arcanum, go right and use Ars again, then finish them with aerial combos
  777. If you don't want to do that, just put Aero up and aerial combo all of them
  778. Video Link:
  780. Spam Firagas, Ars Arcanum when a lot of them gets close to you, and aerial combos on the Darkballs
  781. Video Link: N/A
  783. Make sure you start moving to the left or right before attacking to make sure you dodge the normal bolts
  784. Use Cura with Leaf Bracer's effect when he is about to do his lightning bolt attack
  785. His attack pattern is 1, 1, 2, special, normal, special
  786. Use Aero if you want to so that you won't die in three hits
  787. Use a Megalixir after defeating the World of Chaos Face, but during his death animation
  788. Video Link:
  790. Look back and spam Gravity until you have 3 MP left and either do a combo or Ars Arcanum if it lets you
  791. Take out the 3rd Room Core
  792. Video Link:
  794. Approach the Main Core to lock onto it, land, use 3 Gravitys in the air, and hit it a couple times
  795. Video Link:
  797. Use Aero at the beginning of the fight and spam aerial combos until his DM starts pulling you away
  798. When his DM is pulling you away, recast Aero and use a Megalixir once the DM ends
  799. Then just spam aerial combos until he's dead for good and heal when necessary
  800. Video Link:
  802. Congrats on finishing your first run. I hope you continue having fun with it. <3
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