Feb 5th, 2017
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  1. Eclipse phase
  2. Muse-ic To Your Ears+100 not the first time had a yes man , but it is annoying
  3. Black Mark: Hypercorps+200 my default is "destroy the necessity of economic systems" it was going to happen anyway.
  4. Black Mark: The Planetary Consortium +200 see above
  5. Black Mark: ultimates+200 don't you Dicks know you're supposed to use strength to help others?! I've been a mercenary but seriously, it's people like you who give mercenaries a bad name!
  6. paying 50 to choose, starting location. Exarchia-50
  7. uplift I'm secretly a monkey.
  8. Social package free get better with people
  9. Device Engineering Package free build anything
  10. Mega-Engineering Package -100 or anywhere
  11. biohacker package -100, or anyone
  12. Psychosurgeon Package free. Now I can heal all those poor twisted fools I've taken as enemies
  13. Forking – Free it's time to saddlebag the chorus
  14. Resleeving free
  15. Ook, ook! Can't really use this since my monkeyhood is a secret.
  16. Sleeve-Easy – 100 basically millennia as a shape shifter has given me this already, but it can't hurt and it'll help with morph dysphoria right?
  17. Multi-dexterity -200 I've got plans for this, big plans.
  18. Rep Networks:The @-List level 1
  19. Rep Networks:Research Network Affiliation (RNA) level 2
  20. Skill Plus:Device Engineering Package-100 and now
  21. Skill Plus: social package-100 I am
  22. Skill Plus: Mega-Engineering -100 the best
  23. Skill Plus: Psychosurgeon Package.-100 at all
  24. Skill Plus: biohacker Package.-100 of this.
  25. Infomorph free it's free, always take free stuff Unless you have a good reason not to.
  26. Neotenic -100 taken from stipend I always take these you know this, also This one stays cute
  27. Theseus -100, 50 taken from stipend
  28. Neo-Porpoise -100
  29. The Basics – Free
  30. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend ominous hammer + one of my indestructible items and we should be good.
  31. Bodymod Biomorph – Free all
  32. Cosmetic Alterations: living "cute anime character"big eyes, blonde,pert and skinny – 50 taken from stipend
  33. Aptitude Enhancement Mods :Intuition free for drop-in this will help, and can be reverse engineered.
  34. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: Social Package for Neotenic pod -100
  35. Morph storage chosen discount chosen as free 100 point item somewhere to keep the bodies.
  37. Monique ,­­­­­­­­­­mother box,Leonardo da Vinci,Saitama, TJ, Tina,RJ, painwheel-400
  38. All imported or created companions receive three free skill packages, the free Rep Network levels,600cp to spend on their morph/augmentations, the free gear and gear discounts, and 400cp to spend as they like.
  39. Monique,
  40. drop in free
  41. Forking – Free
  42. Resleeving free
  43. Expression Package: bodymod art. She's always been my tattooist
  44. Expression Package: pedal narratives and now she's my pusher lady
  45. nanotechnician package.
  46. Missing Time free for drop in
  47. Infomorph free
  48. Neotenic -100 taken from stipend
  49. Neo-Porpoise -100 taken from stipend
  50. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  51. Aptitude Enhancement Mods :Intuition free for drop-in
  52. Skill Plus: Expression Package: bodymod art -100
  53. Skill Plus: Expression Package:pedal narratives -100
  54. Utility Mods: cutting-edge:Expression Package: bodymod art-100
  55. skill plus nanotechnician -100
  56. Petal of Petals chosen discount ,chosen as free 100 point item
  58. mother box,
  59. drop-in
  60. black hat skill package
  61. white hat skill package
  62. hardhat skill package
  63. Resleeving free
  64. Forking – Free
  65. Missing Time free for drop in
  66. skill plus : black hat skill package -100
  67. skill plus: white hat skill package -100
  68. skill plus: hardhat skill package-100
  69. Infomorph free
  70. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  71. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: white hat -100 taken from stipend
  72. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: black hat -100 taken from stipend
  73. Utility Mods:cutting-edge: hardhat skill package-100
  74. Promethean Hacking Apps free chosen discountX2 chosen as free 100 point item
  76. Leonardo da Vinci
  77. uplift
  78. white hat skill package
  79. Device Engineering Package
  80. hardhat skill package
  81. Resleeving free
  82. Forking – Free
  83. skill plus: hardhat skill package -100
  84. Genetic Algorithms -300 discount uplift
  85. Infomorph free
  86. splicer -50 taken from stipend
  87. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  88. Cosmetic Alterations: somewhat more Rubenesk – 50 taken from stipend
  89. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: hardhat skill package -100 taken from stipend
  90. Rep Networks:Fame level 1
  91. Rep Networks:Research Network Affiliation (RNA) level 2
  92. Science SolArchive free chosen discount X2 chosen as free 100 point item
  94. Saitama
  95. “Human”
  96. Resleeving free
  97. Forking – Free
  98. linguistics package
  99. Academics Package: prefall Western literature, prefall Eastern literature, philosophy
  100. Social Package
  101. Rep Networks:Fame level 4-100
  102. Rep Networks:Research Network Affiliation (RNA) level 1
  103. On The Low-Down free for human
  104. skill plus:Academics Package-100
  105. skill plus Social Package -100
  106. Splicer -50 taken from stipend
  107. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  108. Cosmetic Alterations : a big bear of a man – 50 taken from stipend
  109. Unique Look:still Hollywood handsome – 50 taken from stipend
  110. Utility Mods: professional: Academics Package-50 taken from stipend
  111. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: Social Package -100
  112. Morph Genetics Library free chosen discount X2 chosen as free 100 point item
  114. TJ
  115. “Human”
  116. Resleeving free
  117. Forking – Free
  118. Infomorph free
  119. Social Package
  120. Investigation Package
  121. Stealth Package
  122. skill plus Stealth Package-100
  123. On The Low-Down free for human
  124. Meme War-300 discount human
  125. Jenkin -100 taken from stipend
  126. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  127. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: Stealth Package-100 taken from stipend
  128. animal genetics Library free chosen discount X2 chosen as free 100 point item
  131. Tina
  132. Resleeving free
  133. Forking – Free
  134. Infomorph free
  135. social package
  136. Smart Animal Handler
  137. skill plus Social Package -100
  138. Sterilisation Package free chose discount X2 chosen as free 100 point item
  139. Hab-300 chosen discount
  140. step one install a dark star generator, . Modify each module with supcom fabrication emitter to make more modules out of blame megastructure material. Redo the inside with RWBY bigger on the inside technology, step three install manipulators and auto turrets while maintaining size and shape. Step four . Install dual layer void shields to make it a nice black mass. Step six exponentially expanding battle world! We will have it start off orbiting the pillbox.
  142. RJ
  143. drop in
  144. Resleeving free
  145. Forking – Free
  146. Smart Animal Handler:police baboon free . Don't worry he is better than to use Kong.
  147. Leadership Package free
  148. Pilot Package free.
  149. Missing Time free for drop in
  150. skill plus Smart Animal Handler-100
  151. Infomorph free
  152. Basic Pod -50 taken from stipend
  153. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  154. Utility Mods: Professional :Pilot Package-50 taken from stipend
  155. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: Smart Animal Handler-100 taken from stipend
  156. Nanodetector, Jumper-Grade , free chosen discount X2 chosen as free 100 point item
  157. Computronium -300 chosen discount. Thanks Roland, now let's go mass-produce and distribute it!
  159. painwheel
  160. human
  161. Pilot Package
  162. Smart Animal Handler: swarm cat
  163. Leadership Package
  164. On The Low-Down free for human
  165. skill plus:Pilot Package-100
  166. skill plus:Leadership Package-100
  167. skill plus:Smart Animal Handler-100
  168. Smart Swarm -100 taken from stipend
  169. Utility Mods: cutting-edge: leadership-100 taken from stipend
  170. Jumper-grade Cortical Stack - 400 taken from stipend
  171. Animal Genetics Library , free chosen discountX2 chosen as free 100 point item
  173. Step one eliminate the ultimates, that means LoT bombardments on Aspis and Xiphos backed up by the perks to make groups stay down and be affected by destruction of the property. From Metroid and black dynamite. Step two . Make a lot of LoTs, a lot of bodies and a lot of forks and mass teleport The citizens of the Hypercorps and planetary alliance aboard them and use my new psychosurgery skills to make them into functional anarchists and show them the error of choosing security and comfort over freedom. Have mother box cover as much of my trail as I can because I am a clear and present X-risk and if there's one thing the major players in this universe hate its X-risks , dump a lot of technology onto these folks , especially stuff like , bootstrapping them up to gem Empire warp pads, compound computation , reverse engineered with Amazo backup data. , supreme commander paragon resource generators, and just filling the gaps to make them actual post scarcity. I'm unable to enjoy anything as myself since most people are convinced I'm either a rogue TITAN that actually wants to help transhumanity/exhumanity or an agent of The TITANs assigned to give us enough rope to hang ourselves with. I make some capital by giving out zurg genetics for use as pods
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