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Nov 25th, 2010
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  2. From: James Logsdon <>
  3. Subject: Jail
  4. To:, "Colin Campbell" <>, "Rev Dr Thomas Darwin" <>, "Skuli Jakobsson" <>,, "J. W. Pagan" <>, "dave wheeler" <>
  5. Date: Tuesday, 6 October, 2009, 4:19 PM
  7. Ok rats before you cream yourselves with the chance to lie about why i am going to jail he is the story.
  9. Back in may i was going to the gas station to get a pack of cigarettes. It was 11pm an i had 4 beers. I pulled out of the alley turned right realized there was a headlight out on the car. I went around the block turned back in the alley because i was not gonna risk it beings i haven't had a license in 12 years. When i got 50 feet from my door a cop came flying up on my ass. I pulled into my parking space. He got out and approached the car soon as he did a flat bed trailer pulled up. I asked him WTF? He said he was "waiting" for me. I argued with him for awhile. We got to the station and he was booking me for driving on revoked when he asked me if i had anything to drink. I told him yea a couple when i figured i was still below the legal limit which is .08. I blew it came up .083. So i was arrested and had to post a 2500$ cash bond 3 days later. A few days later i was indicted on a felony DUI and a felony driving on revoked. When the case came up in court the dash cam video showed the cop waited around the corner for me for 3 hours. In a crime infested neighborhood he was waiting to get me for driving. When arguing with he admitted that the zion PD has recieved several calls that i drive the car every once in awhile. That i was a racist, blah, blah... I wonder who could of done such a thing? HMMM???
  10. Soon as my preliminary courts came up my beliefs was mentioned. Then my past criminal history was brought up. I was arrested in 97 for reckless homicide. I was driving very drunk missed a curve on a old country road and my best friend died. I was 17 he was older. Something i live with everyday. Yet ol randy here tells people that i jumped a curve and ran over four young white children. Real classy randolph. The jews and anti's wouldn't even go that low to lie about something like that.
  11. But after that my lawyer told me the best deal i would get was 18 months. So i took it.
  12. That's that. So go lie and twist it like i know you will randy.
  18. I did 4 years in illinois and know the prison system well. Joliet, sheridan, i got minnimum security for a month lol so i was at jacksonville, shawnee, menard and pickneyville. ( i went seg to seg transfer allot lol! )
  20. The northsiders once were a rightous group at one point in time. I know allot of former northsiders and have been accused of being one at one point in time. Back in the 70's in pontiac when they first popped up every white guy being led by the northsiders ran the niggers up the wall and rioted. That was when guys like jiimy poe was around with them. Rightous guy i knew. But in the mid late 90's a guy named fang in pc in menard took over. He was a rapist and used to tear off young small white kids in pc for thier initiation into northside. After that every other pro white group in IDOC stood against them. As far as the only pro white group. HA! Well, there is the gaylords, the AB, the jousters, the SCR's used to be pro white, most of the SD's are white kids, and not to mention all the biker groups that all run together. But he is right on one thing the northsiders now are nothing more then a PC pedophile gang that even has a couple half breeds and mexicans in it. When i was locked up we used to make them walk themselves ( refusing houising or get beat down) if they ever tried coming into population.
  22. As far as the AB in illinois. It is loosely organized but it has always been there. Where was this guy at in menard at stateville? When i was in pickneyville in 99 2000 they had the largest number of AB. Whcih was only 40 out of 2000 inmates there. So it has never been a huge group in illinois but the most rightous.
  24. A story allot of guys that know me know. In 99 i was waiting for them to call chow line off of A gallery so i could yell accross from D gallery where i was and ask my buddy if he was going to yard. While i was waiting. I was standing facing the core. All of a sudden i saw a yellow streak come accross my face then BLAM! I was hit, went down and they started kicking me. I had all my front teeth knocked out from the mop ringer (the yellow thing ) they commenced on stabbing me in the back twice and had full intentions on killing me. Then i noticed they stopped i rolled over and saw that my two AB buddies plus every white guy on the gallery was beating the shit out of these 5 nigger BD's ( black disciples ) they went to the hospital with me LOL! I found out later it was a hit on me from when i knocked out a young BD in the chow hall a month before. Point of the story is in IDOC if you carry yourself the right way you get the right backing.
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