Zombie Shenenigans in Equestria : Parasprites

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  1. >You are Fluttershy and you are gathering flowers for Princess Celestia's visit tomorrow.
  2. >While taking your basket back to where you have your lunch waiting, you hear a small warbly sound.
  3. >Your logical first reaction is to make an adorable squeak and drop your basket so you can hide behind your lunch.
  4. >Peeking out, you see a small blue ball shaped thing with bug wings and bright green eyes.
  5. "Oh my you are'nt you a cute one."
  6. >Coming out of hiding, you approach it, and it flys over by an apple that fell from the basket of them you brought for lunch.
  7. "Are you hungry? Here let me help."
  8. >Squishing the apple, you see the little thing fly up to the whole basket and devour them all.
  9. "You must have really been hungry little guy."
  10. >It flys over and snuggles into your mane contently.
  11. "I can't wait to show you to everyp0ny else!"
  12. >You run back to town, your new little friend in your mane.
  15. >You are Pinkie Pie, and you are testing the food to make sure it is fit for the royal tongue of Celestia.
  16. >Twilight is with you, and she seems kind of annoyed, but its probably just the stress.
  17. >Suddenly, Fluttershy come is, and she starts saying something, but pauses.
  18. >FS"I hope I'm not interrupting anything?"
  19. >TS"Not at all, Whats up Fluttershy?"
  20. >FS"Oh, you wont believe what I found out at the edge of the Everfree forest"
  21. >Three little balls fly out of her mane, and you immediately see a problem.
  22. >TS"I've never seen anything like this before."
  23. "A parasprite?! Eww, now I have to go and find a Trombone."
  24. >You run out the door and almost run into Anonymous.
  25. "OH Hi Anonymous, I'm REALY BUSY right now, do you think you can help me? I need to find atubaandcymbalsandaharmonicaandatromboneandadrumandakazooandanacordianandabowlofoatmealandasaxaphoneandatriangleandmaybeasquaretoo."
  26. >"GRUUUGHH"
  27. "Thank you soo much! Meet back here when you have some."
  28. >You shoot off, and go looking for some instruments.
  31. >You are Applejack, and Pinkie just stopped by to pick up a harmonica of all things.
  32. "Hey Anonymous, you know anythin bout Pinkie needin a harmonica?"
  34. "Can't rightly say I know either. Hope you are'nt nervous bout Princess Celestia comin and checkin you out."
  35. >He just continues on pulling the wagon of apples to Fluttershy's with you.
  36. >It took a while to harness him up, because he would knock it off if it wasn't quite right, but he pulls it along like its not even there.
  37. >As you arrive at Fluttershy's you see all yeor friends but Pinkie trying to contain a swarm of small things.
  38. >RD"Hey, Applejack, we could use a hoof corraling these things."
  39. "Alrighty, but ahm gonna need all you gal's help tah do it."
  40. >You and the girls begin clustering the things, Anonymous continues on with the wagon.
  43. >You are Pinkie pie, and you have been searching everywhere for an accordion, but nopony has one.
  44. >You are headed out to see if Fluttershy has one, when you come across Anonymous pulling a wagon of apples towards her house.
  45. "HEY ANONYMOUS! Have you found any yet?"
  46. >He stops for a moment, before changing directions and wandering into the woods near Fluttershy's place.
  47. "Where are you going? Oh, maybe Zecora has one. Thanks for the idea!"
  48. >As you are about to run off, you see him fall over with a loud "GUURRRAAAGGHHHH"
  49. "OH NO! Are you okay Anonymous?"
  50. >Running over, you see he tripped on a slightly rusted Tuba.
  51. "Wow, great find Anonymous, that was next on my list. Here lemme help you untangle."
  52. >You untangle Anonymous, before stowing the tuba in your mane, and running off.
  55. >You are Lyra, and all these cute little ball things just started raining from the sky.
  56. >Bon-Bon and you are just about to enjoy a pair of delicious sandwiches when one of the little ball things lands on your table.
  57. >It looks up at you with big green adorable eyes, and you both "Awwww"
  58. >Suddenly it eats both of your sandwiches and flys off, leaving you and her rather annoyed.
  59. >Swarms of them are everywhere, eating all the food in sight.
  60. >Everyp0ny is panicking, you included.
  61. >Twilight and her friends appear, and look around.
  62. >TS"What can we do? there's no way we can gather them in time!"
  63. >As these words leave her lips, the parasprites start all moving in one direction.
  64. >Everyp0ny looks over, and see's Anonymous pulling an apple cart along, and the ball things are all being attracted to him.
  65. >The wierd thing is, none of them get more than five feet away before stopping.
  66. >He just shuffles along through town, and soon the majority of the things are following him.
  69. >You are Twilight Sparkle, and you see Celestia's carriage coming, and Ponyville is a horrendous mess.
  70. >Most of the parasprites are following Anonymous and his apple cart, but there are still lots around and eating things.
  71. "We are doomed..."
  72. >You hear a strange noise, and its getting closer.
  73. >Pinkie Pie appears, walking down Mane street playing a half dozen or more instruments at once.
  74. "Pinkie, we don't have time for your games. We are in the middle of a crisis here!"
  75. >She ignores you, and keep on playing, following Anonymous.
  76. >The parasprites begin following her, and a number of the ones that were following Anonymous begin following her as well.
  77. "Pinkie, what in the world..."
  78. >The Princesses chariot comes in to land, and you run over and your friends follow.
  79. "Welcome Princess Celestia, did you have a good trip?"
  80. >She is about to reply, when a clang of cymbals comes from Pinkie, and she turns her attention to Pinkie and Anonymous, who is now shuffling alongside her.
  81. >PC"I apologize for putting you through all this trouble, you even put on a parade for me, but I have to go. Fillydelphia is in trouble, something about an infestation.?"
  82. "Its alright Princess, It was no trouble at all."
  83. >PC"Since I don't have time to examine him, could you five give me your opinions on Anonymous?"
  84. "Of course. He seems to be an Ancient human, but his Dialect matches none of the current known ones."
  85. >AJ"He's a mighty strong worker, and tireless ta boot."
  86. >FS"Ummm... He isn't afraid to... Umm... Put himself at risk to save others."
  87. >RT"While his mannerisms may be unusual, he is always finding unusual ways to help out."
  88. >RD"He is kinda slow though. I havn't seen him move any faster than that slow shuffling he always does."
  89. "Thats not exactly helpful Rainbow."
  90. >RD"What, its true."
  91. >PC"Thank you all, It seems like he is a good Citizen, and I see no problem with him staying here for now. Now, I must be off. Farewell."
  94. >You are Princess Celestia.
  95. >Something about Anonymous, doesn't seem right, Ancient humans were a much more mobile and vocal species, not to mention fast learners.
  96. >'Perhaps I Should do a little research back in the Canterlot Archives.'
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