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May 28th, 2018
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  1. Alexis: 7/5
  2. >Glavo: Air Elemental / Sildo: Fruit/ Ilo: Speed Elemental +1
  3. Pain: 5/5
  4. >Glavo: Rhino / Sildo: Pugilist / Ilo: Swordsage
  5. Aether: 0/4
  6. >Glavo: Sand Elemental / Sildo: Troll / Ilo: Monk
  7. Castle: 8/6
  8. >Glavo: Bear / Sildo: Troll / Ilo: Ogre
  10. Last time on SoulQuest:
  11. After releasing Loune, the party had decided to continue forth into the woods. The recently saved quintet of competitors, led by a bear named Oar, was allowed to continue along with the party, until daybreak where they decided they would try to make a break for the edge of the woods. Ratton left to walk his own path alone, and the party had continued through the forest until the sounds of combat had arisen once more. Fearing that a large group would surely be detected, Raja recommended a scouting party go out first to investigate and then return, which consisted of Aether, Dead Tom, and the rabbit Pierre.
  13. Pain waited behind with the others, conversing with Raja and Lachoc as Aether's scouting party went ahead to find two more Fae, an elderly white knight and a green bear-like brute, having just defeated a group of competitors and about to take them away via plants in the earth. Aether had jumped out to confront them, joined by her compatriots, and a fight had broken out over the helpless competitors.
  15. Meanwhile, Alexis had bid farewell to Princess Brunnhilde in the finalists' hall, and was shown to her room by the Fae Peche wherein she took the time to rest by herself after the days' events.
  17. >>Insert Alexis' sheet here
  18. >>Insert Aether' sheet here
  19. You throw up your sphere in the nick of time as the weapon comes crashing down into it, however something goes wrong as the sparking tip of the lance starts to pierce its way through the magical barrier.
  20. "Magic, eh?!" The white Fae yells, "You're a rather resourceful sprout, but..." the lance starts to drill through the barrier, cracking through the upper layer. "No barrier shall stop Lord Quichotte de Blanc from protecting the innocent plants of the Woods!"
  21. Your shield pops with a violent burst, sending you sprawling away from the white Fae on the ground as shattered remains of the barrier loom all around you, helpless.
  22. >0/4
  24. However, Pierre's distraction proves successful, and with a flurry of sword swings he takes the bearded Fae's attention off of you and onto him. "G-get going! I'll hold them off and follow swiftly!"
  25. >Casting Bolster on Aether, may rise automatically
  26. The Fae's lance comes crashing down on top of Pierre next, "Begone, foul weed! You shall taint the beauty of this place no further!"
  27. [1d10-1: 8 - 1 = 7] Cheap Shot
  29. Dead Tom, seeing that you have fallen, swiftly runs over to you next with the pumpkin competitor secured beneath his fore-leg, grabbing at you to help you up as he prepares to flee. "There we are Miss Aether, up we go! No time to be laying abou- Hmm?"
  30. As he helps you up however, he pauses, turning behind to see a large shadow loom overhead, the green bear-like Fae having a newly acquired aura around him as he raises his dual-sided club up high. "HAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
  31. [1d10+2: 1 + 2 = 3] / [1d10+2: 10 + 2 = 12] Dual attack
  32. [1d10+3: 7 + 3 = 10] Tom for Dodging/running with Aether
  34. >Insert Pain's sheet here
  35. Raja's eyes raise up in uncertainty. "I... suppose I can see that, working with the bottom-back and the top-front. Still, it sounds like an odd choice of words. What's wrong with 'hero' and 'villain' in this context?"
  37. As Market clarifies, Raja shakes his head, "No, I already gathered that. I was just surprised. Given how effective Pain Train himself has proven to be a protagonist I'm surprised you'd settle for anything less."
  39. >Insert Castle's sheet here
  40. You had elected to stay behind along with Pain as Aether scouted ahead, and are still awaiting her return as Pain converses with some of your group nearby. Four of the five others you had brought on since rescuing them from Loune, the bear, two wolves, and a fox, have taken to resting by the side of the path.
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