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  1. *** 13.11.2017
  2. <02:12:43> "Steve Adtur": Out of interest why did you try to make it look like I snaked?
  3. <02:38:01> "Eric Snow": What the heck are you on about
  4. <02:38:55> "Steve Adtur": well someone gave the someone else who then passed it onto the warriors and image from the other TS
  5. <02:39:07> "Eric Snow": Tell me how this concerns me
  6. <02:39:08> "Steve Adtur": and based on a number of things it could have been only 3 people
  7. <02:39:12> "Steve Adtur": you, me or justin
  8. <02:39:17> "Eric Snow": Then I'd go talk to one of the other 2
  9. <02:39:32> "Steve Adtur": well ive checked with myself and can say im fairly certain it wasn't me
  10. <02:39:37> "Eric Snow": If I wanted to do a Heisen, I'd do it correctly
  11. <02:39:48> "Steve Adtur": ive also checked those same things and it wasn't Justin
  12. <02:39:50> "Steve Adtur": which leaves you
  13. <02:40:06> "Eric Snow": Idc about this drama, you guys
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