Jun 24th, 2018
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  1. >Cantrip’s thoughts swirl about, before coming to a sudden clarity. She knows what she has to do. She stares pointedly at the book she had opened earlier, and a light blue glow flickers into existence around it, and book rising gracefully from the shelf. A moment later, and it's flung across the room, before it is set aflame by a red bolt of flames from her horn.
  2. >The book falls out of sight behind a shelf, and Cantrip hears shouts and the sounds of running. Another brief flash of her horn, and her hoofsteps are silenced, masking the sounds of her escape. Taking a deep breath, she sets off at a sprint, towards the exit, opposite where she threw the book.
  3. >Cantrip swiftly arrives at the door, and raises a hoof to push it open, only to have said appendage blocked in midair by a small circle of illegible writing. She hears a faint ping sound, and knows she's been caught.
  4. >There's a pop and a brief flash of light, and suddenly, a grey unicorn with piercing navy eyes stands before her, an angry glare visible across her features.
  5. “As you are no doubt aware, Miss Cantrip, the library is closed during the night, and you are not permitted to enter. In addition, destruction of academy property is frowned upon. Now, I suggest you return to your quarters now, before you burn any other books.”
  6. >The mare speaks swiftly and with a faint germane accent, and before Cantrip can react, she is grasped firmly in an aura of dark blue magical force, before being dumped unceremoniously into a small bedroom.
  7. >Groaning, she staggers back onto her hooves, and breathes a minor spell, dumping several books onto the bed next to her, the topmost of which is the book she supposedly “burnt”.
  8. >For the Professor of Illusion, False Vision sure is easily fooled by minor illusion spells. Of course, Cantrip reflects, she could be completely aware (she probably is), and simply pretending not to notice. Who knows how many layers that mare is playing?
  9. >Cantrip checks over her books, to ensure they are undamaged, before replacing them in her stash and climbing onto her bed. She lies limply, face down for a few minutes, before rolling over and turning off light.
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