Ronpa Royale

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  1. A mysterious, anonymous group of ne'er-do-wells has kidnapped a mix of Hope’s Peak students in their sleep, and brought them to a deserted chain of islands. Their only recognizable goal seems to be creating a live, high-speed adaptation of the movie Battle Royale. Shortly after awakening with strange electronic devices clasped around their necks, the teenagers hear a cheerful announcer over speakers letting them know that they have 12 hours to murder each other until only one SHSL student is left standing. In case more than one of them is alive after time is up, the entire place is rigged to explode at the push of a button.
  3. Everyone in the group is given a backpack with a map, some provisions, and a weapon. In an effort to keep anyone from holing themselves up in one spot, the announcer also mentions that there will be temporary “danger zones” announced from time to time, with consequences for those who remain there.
  5. (Note: Long ago, this group of connected islands used to be known as Jabberwock, a popular tourist destination. It looks to have been left for a while to let nature take its course. The buildings seem mostly alright, but trees and other various plantlife have grown around them)
  7.     - No genderbends, betas, etc. Or characters from DR0. Or Monobear, Alter Ego, etc. Sorry if this seems limiting, but that still leaves over 30 students to choose from, right?
  9.     - Try to avoid spoilers from sdr2 past Oren’s translation! Consider this game as taking place in a pre-despair au.
  11.     - If descriptions of murder, blood, etc squicks you out, this rp probably isn’t suited for you. This is supposed to be fast-paced and only last a few hours, so I’m not sure how warning for triggers will go– so if you have any that are related to common violent acts, I’d suggest not joining for now. If this goes well and I make more chatzies like this in the future, I’ll figure out what to do regarding triggers so more folks can enjoy the game!
  13.     - Although it might be difficult when characters are supposed to drop like flies, there should still be an effort to avoid godmodding. I recommend chatzy’s /choose command to decide things like if a punch lands, if a bullet hits, if one character is able to sneak around another undetected, etc. Or you can utilize other options, like /flipcoin or /rolldie. I’ll explain how these things work to anyone unfamiliar with rping on chatzy when you join, dw.
  15.     - Speaking of /choose, let’s try to stick to our rolls, everyone. If you make your character dying an option and it’s chosen, no redos to decide if it REALLY ACTUALLY happened or not. The goal is for the game to last 2-4 hours, not 5+, and I’m hoping that this will shave a little time off. The more things get drawn out, the longer everyone stays up waiting for the game to finish, and a lot of rpers are still in school.
  17.     - Keep in mind the physical/mental weaknesses and advantages of both your character and anyone’s they get into a scuffle with. If a scrawny character gets into a brawl with Sakura Oogami, for example, the chance of success is going to be different than when wrestling with someone of their own stature.
  19.     - If your character is fighting to the death and it ends up going on for longer than 15-20 minutes, just use /choose to decide who comes out on top and go from there. This is a very fast-paced format, so if you end up in a duel for an hour, you’re going to miss out on a lot of what’s going on with the group as a whole!
  21.     - Don’t be a dick, ask the cutie b4 u touch the booty, etc
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